The Drop: Week of Aug 30th, 2010 New Releases

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This week’s The Drop tells the story of the Green Knight, Gray Knight, Conehead and Snakey when they discover a black magical box in the Animal Ark that plays Blu-Rays. Get your battle axes and animal orbs ready, The Pipistrello and the Frost King await your arrival on the PlayStation Network. Need a testosterone hit of big guns, mechs and explosions? Here’s your chance to save New York City (again.) Shinji Mikami replaces the undead of Resident Evil with the Augmented Reaction Suit, when the PSN demo for his new sci-fi action shooter drops on PSN.


Jeff has a death grip on his PSP this week with the arrival of Valkyria Chronicles II, and PlayStation minis get some love when Europe’s Metacritic PSP darling and Youtube viral sensation goes ‘crabbing for gold.’ The PlayStation Network has tons of love to give this week — get the bandages ready — your gaming thumbs are going need it.

Castle Crashers

PlayStation Network

Castle Crashers // PSN Demo — Dan Paladin is not only the co-founder of his very own independent studio and Art Director for Castle Crashers, he’s also amazing at wrapping gifts. Yes, August 31st may be a Tuesday, but it’s also the official day PlayStation fans can pull battle axes and volleyballs out of their closets and download Castle Crashers on the PlayStation Network.  If the whole hack’n’slash thing has got you down, there’s a happier alternative. The PS3 version of Castle Crashers adds an additional volleyball mini-game, where you can play locally or online. There’s also a demo on PSN if you want to dip your toes in before taking the plunge.

Sam & Max Episode 5: The City That Dares Not Sleep Debuting as a comic book in 1985, Sam & Max have their own episodic video game in its third season. Episode 5 of The Devil’s Playhouse grants Max the ability to shape shift, teleport and use future sight to fight an arcane scholar.


PlayStation Network Demos

VanquishIf the creator of Resident Evil, Shinji Mikami woke up from a dream one morning and wanted to create his very own third-person shooter (and destroy San Francisco) he’d named that dream Vanquish. In the distant future, Russians have captured a US space station which harnesses solar energy, and have used it to annihilate the Bay Area faster then you can say Nuclear Man.

Armed with the Augmented Reaction Suit (ARS) — you play as Sam Gideon — the last defense against the Russians. Your mission is to restore peace and recapture the space station before they reach their next target, New York City. Associate Community Manager for Vanquish, Julian Mehifeld posted a blog earlier this week, with more details on PlantiumGames‘ latest title.

R.U.S.E.Deception and intellect are the key ingredients behind this real-time strategy game. Play up to six different factions ranging from the US to the USSR, and change the tides of war using decoys and ruses to trick your enemies. Ubisoft and Eugen Systems deliver a demo this Tuesday and promise PlayStation Move support in the future.

PSone Classic: Theme Hospital

PSone Classics

Theme Hospital — The classic 1997 hospital simulator comes to PSone classics this week. Manage and build your very own hospital when Bullfrog Productions gives you everything you need to operate, resuscitate, deploy doctors and nurses in the thematic successor to Theme Park. I’ll be McSteamy, you be McDreamy.


PlayStation Portable

Valkyria Chronicles IIValkyria Chronicles II takes place two years after the conclusion of the original game on the PlayStation 3. Experience stories of friendship, love and growing pains when Gallian Military Academy cadets plunge into civil war against the Gallian Revolutionary Army.

It’s no secret that our very own Jeff Rubenstein is a huge fan of Valkyria Chronicles II. He frequently drives to SEGA to pay Aaron Webber a visit when he needs a VC multiplayer fix on his PSP — we have a new multiplayer video tour coming up this week. Stay tuned.

Ace Combat: Joint Assault Pilot over 40 fully licensed aircraft and control the skies in Ace Combat: Joint Assault. The second game in the franchise made for PSP, Joint Assault goes full throttle with fast-paced dogfights, real-world locations and robust multiplayer options

PlayStation minis

Coconut DodgeCoconut Dodge is an arcade-style mini that was released in Europe in May and quickly gained critical success with glowing reviews and a handful of perfect 10 out of 10 scores. It now sits at number 25 all time highest rated PSP games on Check out how addictive the game can be in the infamous One More Go video, which shows a player going through the highs, the lows and the ultimate joyous relief as he tackles Level 9 of Maze Master mode. Get ready to Crab some Gold!

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4 Author Replies

  • And here i wanted war of the lions ff tactics avaible @ $19,99 on the store.

  • I hope someday the gallery of retro games will include all the PS2 games that were taken from us by not including retro capability in the newest PS3.

  • Castle Crasher, Here i’ am!!!

  • @Dumad
    Really hope this to!
    but for real i prefer using my PS2 for playing PS2 games,
    cuz i have 6 old PS2 all working so if my lens defect i dont care.
    But i cant afford to break my PS3 laser lens for playing a PS2 games.

  • theme hospital~never heard of it. lmao @ McSteamy & McDreamy! No sale. how about, ohhh i don’t know…Legend of Dragoon, Crono Cross, I would even buy MK Mythologies~Sub Zero if I saw it available! Maybe I’ll just wait for God of War to come and just forget about these real classics to someday emerge digital.

  • I just watched a trailer for Theme Hospital. It doesn’t look terrible. It’s not what I would consider a “classic” game. It is old(classic)but not worth spending $5.99 on. I did grin when I saw Dr. Frank with a chainsaw. Some may find it to be a humorous game all the way, but in my opinion… not a game that players were hoping for, and will anxiously run to their system to download. PSP Needs Something Spectacular to Happen and Pronto!!

  • PSPgo whiners, from what I understand it’s Disney’s fault that BBS isn’t going to be up for download.

    So swing the hatred toward them.

  • This is all news to me!

    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep is not going to be downloadable!!!!!!

    Quote: “All games made after the release of the PSP Go will be downloadable from Day 1”

    I swear I remember getting that quote directly from Sony!!!

    Why do I get this feeling that a class action lawsuit needs to be put in place to enforce their own words, especially for PSP Go owners who purchased for this reason!

  • I can’t wait to DL Castle Crashers!

  • It’s funny because I haven’t seen an OFFICIAL statement anywhere about Kingdom Hearts BBS being released on PSN or not.
    Surely if it was Sony would have said so to stop the complaining.
    The absolute silence on this matter makes me think that it won’t be appearing and the topic will be completely ignored and never mentioned by them.
    This is also terrible business as Sony/Disney will drive millions of potential purchasers to seek ways to play it by illegal methods. I want to buy this game but why they won’t let me??? God only knows.

  • When will Valkyria Chronicles be available for PSPGo? I checked the Playstation Store a few times this morning and it’s not there.

  • The store hasnt updated yet thats why its not there also im glad i ddnt buy a psp go cuz i want to play BBS

  • When is blacklight tango down coming out

  • i was also wondering does the canadian psn store update at the same time the us one does?

  • This is the first time I’ve waited for a PSP game to come out. How long does it take for them to update the store? iTunes updates at 12:00AM EST every Tuesday.

  • Can you put prices on The Drop.

  • Eh in my opinion another dull update for psp users.

    I mean i know people were waiting for VC2 in my opinion the first one was ok, but the demo for 2 was really slow and i just couldnt get into it.

    hopefully next weeks update is good but i doubt it.

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