The Drop: Week of Aug 30th, 2010 New Releases

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This week’s The Drop tells the story of the Green Knight, Gray Knight, Conehead and Snakey when they discover a black magical box in the Animal Ark that plays Blu-Rays. Get your battle axes and animal orbs ready, The Pipistrello and the Frost King await your arrival on the PlayStation Network. Need a testosterone hit of big guns, mechs and explosions? Here’s your chance to save New York City (again.) Shinji Mikami replaces the undead of Resident Evil with the Augmented Reaction Suit, when the PSN demo for his new sci-fi action shooter drops on PSN.


Jeff has a death grip on his PSP this week with the arrival of Valkyria Chronicles II, and PlayStation minis get some love when Europe’s Metacritic PSP darling and Youtube viral sensation goes ‘crabbing for gold.’ The PlayStation Network has tons of love to give this week — get the bandages ready — your gaming thumbs are going need it.

Castle Crashers

PlayStation Network

Castle Crashers // PSN Demo — Dan Paladin is not only the co-founder of his very own independent studio and Art Director for Castle Crashers, he’s also amazing at wrapping gifts. Yes, August 31st may be a Tuesday, but it’s also the official day PlayStation fans can pull battle axes and volleyballs out of their closets and download Castle Crashers on the PlayStation Network.  If the whole hack’n’slash thing has got you down, there’s a happier alternative. The PS3 version of Castle Crashers adds an additional volleyball mini-game, where you can play locally or online. There’s also a demo on PSN if you want to dip your toes in before taking the plunge.

Sam & Max Episode 5: The City That Dares Not Sleep Debuting as a comic book in 1985, Sam & Max have their own episodic video game in its third season. Episode 5 of The Devil’s Playhouse grants Max the ability to shape shift, teleport and use future sight to fight an arcane scholar.


PlayStation Network Demos

VanquishIf the creator of Resident Evil, Shinji Mikami woke up from a dream one morning and wanted to create his very own third-person shooter (and destroy San Francisco) he’d named that dream Vanquish. In the distant future, Russians have captured a US space station which harnesses solar energy, and have used it to annihilate the Bay Area faster then you can say Nuclear Man.

Armed with the Augmented Reaction Suit (ARS) — you play as Sam Gideon — the last defense against the Russians. Your mission is to restore peace and recapture the space station before they reach their next target, New York City. Associate Community Manager for Vanquish, Julian Mehifeld posted a blog earlier this week, with more details on PlantiumGames‘ latest title.

R.U.S.E.Deception and intellect are the key ingredients behind this real-time strategy game. Play up to six different factions ranging from the US to the USSR, and change the tides of war using decoys and ruses to trick your enemies. Ubisoft and Eugen Systems deliver a demo this Tuesday and promise PlayStation Move support in the future.

PSone Classic: Theme Hospital

PSone Classics

Theme Hospital — The classic 1997 hospital simulator comes to PSone classics this week. Manage and build your very own hospital when Bullfrog Productions gives you everything you need to operate, resuscitate, deploy doctors and nurses in the thematic successor to Theme Park. I’ll be McSteamy, you be McDreamy.


PlayStation Portable

Valkyria Chronicles IIValkyria Chronicles II takes place two years after the conclusion of the original game on the PlayStation 3. Experience stories of friendship, love and growing pains when Gallian Military Academy cadets plunge into civil war against the Gallian Revolutionary Army.

It’s no secret that our very own Jeff Rubenstein is a huge fan of Valkyria Chronicles II. He frequently drives to SEGA to pay Aaron Webber a visit when he needs a VC multiplayer fix on his PSP — we have a new multiplayer video tour coming up this week. Stay tuned.

Ace Combat: Joint Assault Pilot over 40 fully licensed aircraft and control the skies in Ace Combat: Joint Assault. The second game in the franchise made for PSP, Joint Assault goes full throttle with fast-paced dogfights, real-world locations and robust multiplayer options

PlayStation minis

Coconut DodgeCoconut Dodge is an arcade-style mini that was released in Europe in May and quickly gained critical success with glowing reviews and a handful of perfect 10 out of 10 scores. It now sits at number 25 all time highest rated PSP games on Check out how addictive the game can be in the infamous One More Go video, which shows a player going through the highs, the lows and the ultimate joyous relief as he tackles Level 9 of Maze Master mode. Get ready to Crab some Gold!

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4 Author Replies

  • Valkyria Chronicles II is finally here! Yes, yes, 1000x yes!!

  • What about kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep for us PSP GO owners?

  • Wish I hadn’t broken my PSP. I Just actually beat Valkyria Chronicles a few hours ago. Love the heck out of that game.

  • castle crashers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Why don’t you post the PSOne “classic” you’re releasing (if you’re even releasing one at all)? This week is Theme Hospital allegedly.

  • Oh man, if Theme Hospital was released, as well as Castle Crashers, that would make my day!

  • maybe ill get zuma

  • I’m not going to drop this KH PSP GO issue. Make SE put it in the store, you have the power to do it. You made trophies manditory, I think PSP GO games is a little more important then trophies.

  • I can’t wait for the R.U.S.E demo! Woop woop.

    You guys know if it has co-op or multiplayer in it? It would be awesome to play with a friend.

  • Small update. I’d like to know about upcoming demos. What demos are coming next week?

  • The Drop is awesome. I get to prepare what to buy b4 release day.

    By the way, is Ace Combat Joint Assault releasing on PSN this coming Tuesday?

    I’ve planned to buy it & want it downloaded, but if it comes out in stores 1st, i wont buy it from the PSN store.

  • A great week for demos. Whatever happened to that Alien Breed demo or whatever it was that was mentioned here last week?

  • Is the US going to get the same limited promotional price EU had on Coconut Dodge when it was released for them?

  • haha coconut dodge…whats that?

  • so guys have u like forgotten/givin up ps1 classics and i mean real classics

  • I agree with vcheese. Why aren’t we getting Kingdom Hearts for the GO? So glad I wasted my money on a system that is better yet not treated equally… Do us a favor… Don’t ever release a PSP 2, I’m tired of being screwed by your horrible company!

  • Finally Castle Crashers!

  • Alright didn’t know there would be a demo for castle crashers, now there’s three game demos to keep me occupied (aswell as Midnight Club) until Kingdom Hearts BBS comes out next week.

  • What we really need is a new VC on PS3. or more dlc/patches for the previous one.

  • Hey Rey,
    Love the new videos that you’ve been posting here on the blog. Very professional…keep them coming.

    @UNCyrus – I was looking at your profile and noticed you have 42 Platinums…that’s crazy!!!

  • No mention of Ace Combat Joint Assault? Anyway, I’m getting Valkyria Chronicles II, and Ace Combat.

    Also, this news about Kingdom Hearts makes me very disappointed in both Sony and Square. Is this how you treat your loyal fans? Arguably one of the biggest releases of the year and you shut the door on a digital release? First and foremost this move alienates all Go owners, it also affects those who prefer digital copies of software. I for one was looking forward to the PSN version of the game.. Make this right, even if it means releases a digital version a few months down the line… I’m sure you guys won’t hear the end of this, it’s too big of an issue to sweep under the rug.

  • Spread the Word-We want Ratchet and Clank All 4 One DLC for PSP

  • Yes! Everything I’ve been waiting for all this week. Castle Crashers, Ruse and Vanquish demo. And for the cherry on top, Valkyria Chronicles 2.

    I wish it was Tuesday.

  • This is gonna be a demo week for me. Will pick u VC2 eventually after I am finished with Birth By Sleep.

  • @20 … that is why he is The Tester.

  • Seriously, i was just counting the days to get Kingdom Hearts BBS from the store on day 1… What a dissapointment. I still believe in you guys and hope you can bring it for all of us who supported Sony with the PSP GO, i think its a great portable (even better than the normal PSP) and you shouldn’t let down customers like that. DO SOMETHING!!!

  • RUSE looks cool!!!

  • Coconut Dodge is perfect to get before my road trip!

  • Cannot wait for Vanquish!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That game is going to rock. We’re talkin’ GOTY candidate people!
    Oh, and I’ll be picking up Castle Crashers too………….

  • If you can afford it, consider buying Coconut Dodge. The creators used a big chunk of the money they made from their EU release to get it ESRB rated in NA.

    So hopefully they at least get their money back. But the NA market is tough on the PSP (and Minis apparently) so it’s pretty doubtful.

  • Sony you really need to stop that reputation you have about lieing. But KH BBS on the GO

  • kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep for PSP GO owners?????? HAHA Sony said damn you Go! buyers. You wont be getting it.


  • Do we have any news regarding whether any NeoGeo or PCEngine games are going to be released for the PSP? Would be nice to have something to put into the folders that were created in the last PSP firmware update :)

    PS – It’s good to see that Castle Crashers is coming to the PS3. However, it’s been two years since it was released on the other system (August 27, 2008 to be exact). Wouldn’t most people already have this?

  • WOOOO!!! Coconut Dodge!!

  • Very happy RUSE is giving us a demo after that LONG delay. I hope it’s worth the wait!!!

  • Video not working, using Internet Explorer…

  • Vanquish + Castle Crashers… AWESOME!

  • Valkyria Chronicles II is gonna be awesome! Can’t wait!

  • Castle Crashers is the best game to hit PSN in 2010. Can’t wait for that. I’d be interested in Coconut Dodge too, but my guess is they’ll release it as the free PS+ mini some month after everyone who cares has already bought it. Oh yeah, and I preordered Valk Chronicles a while ago. Great week.

  • looking foward to vanquish demo as i seen the trailer on this blog and i was blown away by the graphics :)

  • Demos.

    VCII. PAX Is right around the corner. I know what to bring for the Handheld Lounge/Freeplay.

  • When is Sony going to add cross-game voice chat to the PS3 that does ‘Everything’? Just asking….. but seriously, will we ever get it? I mean the PS3 has been out for 4 years now…. jeesh.

  • Pumped for coconut dodge, and might get Castle Crashers.

    P.S. @43 X-game chat sucks anyways, Sony just needs to allow voice mail and/or faster ways of reading messages.

  • Sim Hospital ?????

    Why even bother with “Classics” if its going to be garbage like that, par for the course I guess.

    Heres an idea….convert some games that more than 2 people want to play. So much good stuff out there for the PSX and so far we mostly get crap that wouldn’t sell in a bargain bin. What a joke !

  • I can’t wait for Valkyria Chronicles II though i wish the original had trophies. Castle crashers should be fun if there’s something new on psn version. Vanquish should be great as platinum made it.

  • Hah, so you watch Grey’s Anatomy? It’s a great series, but its quality is only decreasing as the seasons pass.
    Wish I had time to download and play the Valkyria Chronicles II demo.

  • Valkyria Chronicles II, Vanquish demo, and Castle Crashers demo. Pretty nice week for me.

  • Rey,

    What is the status of the Alien Breed Demo that was supposed to ‘drop’ last week? Looking forward to it. Thanks.

  • @#2: That is not going to happen! Square-Enix, said “Hell No to the PSP-Go!”

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