PlayStation Network Regular Scheduled Maintenance

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PlayStation Network will undergo maintenance tomorrow, August 30th.

Maintenance is expected to start at just after midnight Pacific and will last for several hours, until approximately 12:30pm Pacific. During this time, users won’t be able to access the PlayStation Store or Account Management, and may encounter difficulty while signing in to PSN.

Please stay tuned to the PlayStation Twitter feed for updates and a notice when PSN is fully back online.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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  • come on sony kill those pirates!!

  • Dear PlayStation dudes,

    Thanks for the heads up… I just came on here to check out if there were any problems, and it’s nice to see this post at the top. PSN being down isn’t a problem as long as we know about it.

    But, can I make one simple but BIG suggestion… please please please sort out the error messages on the PS3. When I just tried to go to PS Store, it didn’t say “PS Store is down for maintenance”, it said “This service is not available in your country/region”. Half the time we just get 800#### error codes. The thing is we never know if it’s our problem or PSN’s problem, and have to go and search for blog posts.

    Could somebody just add a link to the bottom of the messages that jumps to a PSN status page? It would be even better if there was an indicator on all PlayStation websites that told us the PSN status. Again, thanks for the blog post, but the changes I’ve suggested would really make my PlayStation life easier. Don’t know how everybody else feels…

  • PS: I’d love to see you guys remotely brick those modded consoles… but please be careful not to brick any innocents :D

  • What’s the bet that there’ll be a lovely new Move section on PS Store where we can download all the demos from the Starter Disc?

    I’d love it if our PS3s wake up tomorrow with a major upgrade like Cross Game Chat hidden under a submenu, and Sony don’t even mention it, just waiting for someone to find it

  • Guys this is just maintenance. I do this sort of thing all the time were I work (a data center). They could just be swapping out bad drives, optimizing databases (we don’t do this often, but it does add a load to the system), rebuilding RAID array’s, etc. Preventative maintenance is the best form of vigilance in data center administration. They could also be doing upgrades both in software and in hardware (if they are using linux this process could take 12 hours to accomplish like with our CentOS servers).

  • they wont kill usb ports, how would u sync a new remote to the system?

  • @cyb3fr34k-iso
    and air compressor blow it out every week Right nothing will go wrong there. I would do that but my systems are all under warranty so they fixed for FREE.

  • You should tell us before it happens. I noticed that was offline when I turned my console on.

  • And we’re back! At least in Hong Kong

    I just logged in to PS Store, and to my amazement…

    Nothing had changed

    Perhaps they were just doing boring stuff behind the scenes

  • They need to give PSN users the ability to create custom content and share it on Home. Localization of features and content found in other regions. Example: Audi Apartment. Another thing I want to see, is the “option” to control your avatar with the Move controller. Mini-games in Home that have been optimized to make use of the Move. Example: The games at the Midway space. More portable items! Example: A bike or skateboard to ride. (Walking and running gets boring and repetitive at times.) The camera: Add the ability to capture video and save it to your HDD, just like you currently do with photos. New animations, PLEASE! And since everything else has gone 3D, give Home the TRUE 3D look it deserves. I already bought a 3D TV and glasses. Another thing they need to fix, is the furniture limit. Having a limit diminishes my creativity and makes my spaces look sparse and empty, like a ghost town! I’ll be posting more suggestions at a later time.

  • The PlayStation Store and everything else is back up and running, except Home. Home was probably the main focus of the upgrade.

  • Man talk of mod chips make me miss the days of the Game Shark : ) It would nice if Sony would let Datel engineer a new one. Sony You Suck !

  • @candycabngfl

    Problem is that cheat devices like Game Shark can potentially be used to run pirated games or to cheat in multiplayer games… And both of these are things that Sony does not want on its’ console.

    Also, there are very few legitimate benefits to such a device to make it worth the risk for Sony… No-one NEEDS to cheat or to run homebrew… Sure it might be enjoyable but it’s not needed.

    Finally, I’m sure Sony aren’t in any mood to cosy up to Datel after Datel released a device for the PSP that allowed PSP homebrew and/or piracy a while back. As far as Sony is concerned, Datel is no better than the people behind the PS3 Jailbreak, or those people working on custom firmwares for the PSP.

  • Great Move Sony – Kill that JailBreak hack once and for all.
    I already feel bad for those who wasted their money on that USB stick

  • wut? Almost 12 hour of maintenance? That’s crazyness.

  • How nice. Maybe when you guys are done doing the maintenance, the PSN update will be done. LOL! Doubtful!

  • I’m pretty sure it’s done now…

  • PS Store update after the maintenance to the store i dont think so…the store it’s already up and there is nothing new in it.

  • 2:30 central time? Dang. Oh well, I don’t have to do online stuffs that day. It’s cool. This mean update?

  • it says maintenance is done, but i still cant sign in to psn?

  • Need to change voting to like on XBLA because the way it is now is lame.

  • I really hope this is prep for eliminating the whole PS3Jailbreak thing. The last thing I want to see is the PS3 being hacked and destroyed like the other systems are continually.

  • lol@55:

    “I do this sort of thing all the time were I work”
    “They could just be swapping out bad drives, optimizing databases”
    “They could also be doing upgrades both in software and in hardware”

    Thanks for using your expertise to narrow it down dude! haha…

    Anyway, I wish this goddam 3D blu ray update would come. I sold the 3D player that came with my TV cos sony suggested the capability would be here sooner rather than later.

    I’m not updating til you guys help me use my £1700 TV the way it was intended!

  • Hopefully we get a firmware update that has some new features before Gran Turismo 5.

  • I agree with those hoping it has something to do with the “jailbreak”. When I heard about that I was quite upset. Don’t let this happen Sony! Not like the PSP. :(

  • i wish they make US pshome as goog as japanese account..US PShome sux *sigh*

  • good*

  • @riclucas

    Whats need got to do with anything ? Its called fun.

    Sony could easily develop or contract out a Game Shark type device with full control over any security issues online or off especially considering most of the buying public aren’t looking to hack a console.

    They can spin it anyway they want but I think the reality is they see devices like this as not being worth the effort to design and sell and use “Security/Piracy” issues as an easy excuse not to. I’m sure there is a risk here but when isn’t there ?

    Also if they did this they or developers may not be able to make money selling us cheats and at the end of the day all Sony is really after is our cash.

    Good point about Datel and the PSP bye the way, I hadn’t thought of that :)

    Not directed at riculas or anyone else but I think its important to remember not everyone in the mod/Home brew communities wants to Pirate or run Pirated software. Be it good or bad [matter of opinion] these consoles will be hacked no matter what Sony does.

    Personally I find the Home brew stuff intriguing.

  • SONY needs to be more open about whats going on. Its clear this was not “regularly scheduled” but was a snap decision and therefore not announced until the last minute. This will stifle a lot of the blinding nonsense being posted by the fanboy trolls.

  • Get the pirate scum Sony you got my support.

  • @candycabngfl

    Thank you for your reply.

    Upon re-reading my earlier comment, I have noticed an unintended anti-homebrew vibe.

    For the record, I am amazed and impressed by some of the stuff that the homebrew community creates. I would love to see this kind of creativity encouraged by Sony. Unfortunately, you only have to look at the PSP homebrew community to see that some people just seek to abuse the ability to run unsigned code so they can enable piracy.

    In my opinion, the only safe way to allow homebrew is within the confines of a game like LBP, or to create a limited SDK that restricts access to features that could be abused for piracy (Like Blu-Ray drive access)Ironically, Sony allowed the latter from launch (In the form of Linux support) but had to remove it when someone threatened to abuse it to allow access to the core operating system.

    For now, I am happy to see what people can create despite the restrictions in LBP2 and hope that Sony reinstate Linux support when/if they can find a way to do so safely.

  • @candycabngfl

    The anti-homebrew vibe was completely unintended… For the record, I am amazed and impressed by some of the games and applications created by the homebrew community.

    I would love to see Sony encourage more creativity on it’s consoles, but I’m sure Sony is feeling a little burned by the experience of allowing homebrew within Linux, only for it to become a potential entry point for people looking to alter aspects of the core OS (Potentially paving the way for piracy)

    For now, LBP2 is probably as close as we are going to get to a homebrew SDK!

  • Dang it… Double post!
    I thought the first one was lost.

    Oh well!

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