PlayStation Network Regular Scheduled Maintenance

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PlayStation Network will undergo maintenance tomorrow, August 30th.

Maintenance is expected to start at just after midnight Pacific and will last for several hours, until approximately 12:30pm Pacific. During this time, users won’t be able to access the PlayStation Store or Account Management, and may encounter difficulty while signing in to PSN.

Please stay tuned to the PlayStation Twitter feed for updates and a notice when PSN is fully back online.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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  • Maybe an awesome update on it’s way?

  • First!!! And…thanks for the heads up before instead of during :)

  • Danrnit…second and third

  • Please give us the 3D Blu-Ray firmware update!! Or else I will have to buy a Samsung 3D Blu-Ray player!

  • Not an awesome update. It’s probably their implementation of more security features to combat the PS3 mod chip currently being held from sale until September 1st, Australia.

  • @MattyPHATy

    Highly doubt it, though I’m pretty sure there will be one by october. I agree with LumarQQ, I think this is to combat that obnoxious mod chip people made. Hopefully they can find those that are using it and give them the swift kick they deserve.

  • Good. I hope Sony can stop those PS Jailbreak guys with a Firmware Update. Take your time and stop those pirates!

  • Maybe this is a sign that PS Plus has some good things to come…….NOT!

  • @LumarQQ I hope they stop that new mod chip, and if not an big update would always be nice. Although I have no clue what they would add.

  • what mod chip? lol….no seriously

  • in before people expecting a major feature being added.

  • Come time to reinforce those prison bars I reckon

  • must be prep for a firmware update.

  • Oh God. I was shopping and it said some error occurred. Thought I had just bought something that asploded my PS3.

  • darn on my day off too :(

  • PSN Update: Ability to delete trophies so I can finally get all these stupid games my little cousin plays off my compare trophies list?

  • Sooooooooooooooo anything good coming on the 31st?

  • OHhhhhhh nevermind, the jailbreak ships on tuesday….Well dont worry sony I didnt spend all this money to brick my ps3

  • I hope whenever the anti-mod-dongle firmware comes out, that there are some new features for everyone. And I really, really hope the firmware doesn’t just disable USB ports entirely, like when they disabled OtherOS support. I actually use my USB ports.

  • If anyone moans about this then they should really get a LIFE :D

  • Thanks for the heads up Sony! I hope you can tell us what this is for soon.

  • cleaning up servers dont need a bazillion copies of critter crunch for sale now that they gave it away on PS+ probably reorganizing server farms

  • Hopefully this will stabilize PSN as I’ve been getting an unusually high amount of connection errors. Normally I rarely have issues.


    (but please don’t kill our USB ports, mmmkay?)

  • @22 AGREED!!!

    Im all for homebrew stuff but as long as its used in a legal manner.

  • Put KH on the GO…:/

  • I hope they find a way to combat those pirates with their PSJailBreak…also, glad you guys are doing this maintenance now cause tomorrow is Castle Crashers and I need to play that online coop, been waiting for a year and half for that to release on the PSN!

  • They can’t kill the usb ports because some of ps3 systems require the use of the ports. Also, it is the only way that some people are charging their controllers.

  • Yeah I agree with you guys this has to be a security update to the network. Also I really hope they can put an end to jailbreak.

  • thanks for nothing… how about steal our offshore bank accounts too while your at it okay!!!

  • i hope they fix HOME I havent benn able to login since JUNE!

  • If they kill USB ports then I can’t recharge my controller anymore. >.>;

  • @CDubyahS i hope they fix HOME I havent benn able to login since JUNE…
    what you have too do is delete you home icon then pick bigger hdd cache 12gb it should work or delete some junk off you drives

  • LOL, I was just kidding about the USB ports, SONY would never do that, right SONY??? XO

    OtherOS being removed because of that GeoF*g**t dude was enough I guess.

  • Is this supposed to happen at 12:01 AM Monday the 30th or 12:01 AM Tuesday the 31st? It’s hard to tell with this post because if it was the 30th, the network should be down right now…

  • @23


    In fact, It would be awesome if Sony release a framework or a Lite version of the PS3 SDK for Indie Devs and the general public, something like XNA.

    ScummVM is welcome.

    And by doing that, the: “it’s all for the homebrew” talk of the likes of PS Jailbreak will fail miserably.

  • lol im not adding a 12 gig cache i got a 250 gb drive with 40 gb free it should work better out of the box. thanks for the suggestion, but that baloney. they got a big bug to fix here losing money on their own substandard software

  • PS jailbreak VS SONY, Round 2, FIGHT!

  • CDubyahS if your not gonna listen to me well you can play the cry baby games on Wii dumb it down for you kid…. noobs never learn so i dont help them anymore bite the hand that feeds!!!

  • If it helps then i dont give a crap.

  • As long as a fix for the download speed of game updates in on their list of things to fix… Other than that I’m good.

  • Sweet I’m down to my PS3 is broken!!! I have went threw 4 of them since 06. :(

  • @zombie9
    go buy yourself a air compressor to clean your PS3 every week.
    i have 3 PS3, 40gb, 80gb, 160gb and they all work perfectly by cleaning them weekly.
    you’ll save your investment and solve alot of problem like PS3 freezing.
    just need 100 lbs compressor and a blower.

    No, they are not “fixing” or “improving” any speed issues.
    they are fighting agains PS jailbreak “PS3 hacking”

  • I don’t think they are fighting the JailBreak. They do routine maintenance like this all the time. They do it before Firmware updates and when they add feature to the PSN.

    It’s likely for Home to add content. And to load the new games into the store for tomorrow.

  • @TwinDad
    they dont do “maintenance” just for game update.
    The 2 last “maintenance” was to counter proxy connection bypass (3.40) and deleting OtherOS feature on (3.30) for preventing people to “hack” PS3.
    so we lost a feature and the PS3 is STILL HACKABLE.
    so now SONY is looking on WHAT they can remove to US now.
    i’ll not argue if yes or no they are fighting or not Jailbreak,
    but i have a Bad Feeling about this…

  • @TwinDad

    Maybe… But this update is a little, say, suspicious to say the least. Reasons:

    1- The last lengthy update was due to the PS+ (a major update)
    2- PS Jailbreak ships “officially” today.


    My guess is that SONY is testing the water first, to check users with ID LAUN12345 (PS Jailbreak ID).

    And ultimately, they’ll release 3.42 Firmware update (AKA: The Penitentiary Sniper), rendering the Jailbreak useless and BAN!!

  • @PhilRiverBR
    Exactly what i think!
    lol, “The Penitentiary Sniper” should be the Official name for this firmware update! XD

  • Bang! Head Shot! XD

  • Doesn’t seem very “regular scheduled” to me, but whatever, as long as I can play me some Castle Crashers I’m happy.

  • @48

    Lol, I’d rather stay in my CELL(tm).

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