LittleBigPlanet Community Update: PAX Preview, 3 Million User Levels

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First off, thanks to all our LittleBigPlanet Creators! We’ve officially reached 3 million levels online. LBP fans FTW!

Packin’ for PAX

We’re neck deep in preparing for next week’s PAX (aka Penny Arcade Expo), a big gaming event in Seattle. While we’re at it, we wanted to send an early invite for you to come out and hang with us at PAX. We’ll have tons of activities, including:

  • PLAY new Story mode levels
  • CREATE in our hands-on Community Corner
  • SHARE Central: Ask us any question and we’ll answer it!
  • Sackboy PLUSHIES for sale!
  • Photo ops with our larger-than-life Sackboy
  • …and T-shirt GIVEAWAYS throughout the day.

LittleBigPlanet 2 at PAX: t-shirt

Drop by during PAX (September 3 – 5) and look for us at booth #112. You can’t miss us!

LittleBigPlanet 2 at PAX: Booth concept image

Sackboy on the Web

  • We owe our thanks to EatMyDst and SackRacer77, sorry we didn’t give you the props you deserved on the last post for the awesome cardboard POD!
  • At the beach (by Rhyfelwr):

Sackboy sand sculpture

Keep a safe hold on your coffee…good stuff, Sarah!

Sackboy cup holder

Community Corner

Lots of community goodness from our ever-loving fans and fan sites.

  • MUST-PLAY community level (seriously, this is amazing) = Dragon Slayer by Jaeyden and Centurion24
  • More awesome LittleBigPlanet Contraptions from our EU sister community forum challenge…

And finally…

Let’s see YOUR drawings! Include a link in the comments below. Who knows? You might get some goodies from us…

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3 Author Replies

  • I WANT THAT T-SHIRT!!!!!!! To bad I’m in Puerto Rico… Dang It! Can Dreams come true?

  • Four questions.
    1)Will there be a way to split screens in LBP2, it sucks when you die on a survival or racing level because you fell behind.
    2)Like LBP1 will there be a week 1 or launch shirt for sackboy?
    3)Will the Ice Hazard be in LBP2?
    4)When will there be a LBP2 Demo?

    If there’s space in the beta, I really want to test out create mode, sackbots, creating levels online with other sackboys/girls, and have fun of course!

  • Guys, I can’t wait till you release little big planet 2! I already paid in full for the Collectors Edition! I plan on giving the plush to my little cousin who loves sackboy!

  • i want that t-shirt can you just buy it i know im not gonna win.

  • LBP2 = Insta-Preorder

  • Hi, I didn’t really follow the video in order to create these, but I hope you will enjoy these =)



    PS: The Pineapple costume was made before the Fruits DLC for LBP PSP ;)

    PPS: I have a few more if you would like to see =)

    PPPS: Take the stars out to see the pics.

  • Please Bring the Collectors edition for Australians, i want the CE so bad and im sure a lot of australians do too, soooo please!! this is going to be GAME OF THE YEAR. good work media molecule.

  • anything about the CE in Mexico?? D:

  • Has anyone seen this? Its on PS Blog Japan. Theres a countdown clock set to go off on wednesday, and a guy sitting in a chair knitting SackBoy! Its his chest(with zipper) and left leg. Heres the link. (REMOVE ASTERTISK)


    It might be for the LBP 2 Beta release in Japan!

  • So is it true that the E3 Remix Challenge has been cancelled?

    If it has been, then I made my remix video for nothing…
    Here’s the link, just because I want to know….

  • the american collector’s edition dlc will work for canadians right? because i already pre-ordered the game through to make sure i would get all the dlc and the sackboy doll.

  • Spread the Word-We want Ratchet and Clank All 4 One DLC for PSP

  • PAX will be awesome.

    Will LBP2 be playable in some form?

  • ‘very soon’… D:

  • I’m hoping these things could be in the final product of LBP 2.

    1. A Cinema Moon/Planet- Where you can load all your favorite photos and videos into a libary ’cause I ran out of space for my photos.
    2. Video Recording- It’d be great to record some of your favorite moments in LBP like a dance you do with your friends or anything fun.
    3. Some weapons- Some custom weapons that you can use against your friends for fun but when they get hit they explode in a cool way.
    4. A little chat box- You can press L3 so it could pop up ’cause some times it could be hard to view the things your friend say.
    5. PlaySation Move body recognition- Like let’s say you have your eye toy set up, it’d be cool so that your sack recognize your body moments.
    6. Trophies for every level kit pack- I would’ve bought every pack but I kinda focused on the ones that had trophies plus i’m glad I got 100%
    7. Give OxE_l0WxO a beta code so he can enjoy the best game of 2010. Hope you guys win the Game of the Year award, you deserve it.

  • lbp ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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