SOCOM 4 gamescom Floor Demo: Video tour

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It’s a proud week for us here at Zipper Interactive as tomorrow marks the 8th birthday of our first-ever PS2 game and the title that started a huge multimillion-selling franchise, SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs. To celebrate the eight-year mark, we’ve put together a special video for our fans.

In it, you’ll experience the gamescom 2010 SOCOM 4 demo in its entirety with commentary by lead designer, Travis Steiner. This is the first time anywhere that you’ll see the gamescom demo played all the way through and in high-definition, making it a “must watch” for anyone even remotely interested in what we have in store for 2011.

Let us know what you think below, and please accept our sincerest thanks for making the first eight years of SOCOM as great as they have been. Here’s to many more to come!

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  • Hope this gets a reply.

    I’ve been really concerned while watching all the demo gameplay as I really don’t see many stealth elements. That was my favorite part about previous iterations and I feel like this game is taking a turn for more action-packed gameplay. Can you confirm that there are stealth mission or stealth aspects? I mean, they are still Navy Seals so guns are usually their last resort. Thanks.

  • WoW i love this game, please realease a demo for us to play :)

  • Looking amazing and can not wait to get my hands on this to really start commanding the troops while enjoying a more cinematic adventure through the best game one playstation.
    Thank you Zipper for creating this next title after Slant 6 butchered Confrontation.

    Great work and keep it up please.

  • Looks good Zipper…. Just dont mess up the guns like the MAG developers did, their snipers have too much range, their assault class cant kill past 20 feet, their shot guns are ok but over all that game is just a mess! I think these graphics are a good indication that this will not be another MAG.

  • The more I see of this game, the less I like it. Poor Socom :0


  • its looking really good. way better than what was shown at E3.


  • Yeah i agree with Yaghi007. it will be cool if a demo was release for we can try the game out. I was just thinking if the game has some cars that we are able to drive to there destination just like socom 3: U.S Navy Seals for PlayStation 2. I thought that was pretty cool in the game. Another question I’ve been thinking was that if Socom 4, if u can have a 1st person look when you look into the Gun. Ex: looking into the red dot in a M4A1 gun. Where you can see the red dot in the scope and some parts of the gun.I also enjoy the sleath too but i love the extreme action too. But good Work with Socom 4. I Can’t wait to play the game. I’m a huge fan.


  • I think it looks great but….

    1. Please do something about the jagged shadows. you can see them clearly in the opening sequence.

    2. Too much blood splatter on screen when you get hit.

    3. Lip syncing needs work.

    4. The eyes on the characters look a little weird.

    Other wise, looks ace and i can’t wait to try it out with Move!

  • i’ve never been a big fan of Socom. this looks good, though.

  • if theres co op illl by it fo sho yo!

  • Wow, this may actually be my first SOCOM game. Love how you guys took cover just to have it blown away immediately. Can’t feel 100% invulnerable behind your cover like is more games with a cover system.

  • This game looks really good. I can’t wait to play it .

  • O and i would just like to add that if this game had co-op then the game would be more than awesome. Co-op would be cool to add to the game and couple of add-ons.


  • I’ve been a Socom fan from the first days it came out. I bought my ps3 because of it. It seems like the online multiplayer is where the fan base is at. I’ve got a few question for the dev team.

    1. Will online multiplayer have download support with constant updates?
    2. How fast can map packs be given out to the fans?
    3. Is it possible for the first time to put a level editor in this game? As a game designer myself I’ve always wanted to make my own levels in a Socom world.


  • So I take it you aren’t using Move in this video?

    The game looks awesome. Can’t wait.

  • Will Socom 4 have voice commands like previous socoms did?

  • Looks epic……great demo!

  • Is it just going to be over the shoulder camera? or do we get a choice to go to classic?

  • I always wanted a true Socom 4 with PS3. Then Confrontation came and ruined my dreams of a PS3 Socom… Now with games like Bad Company 2, and Killzone 3, and Black Ops on the horizon… It would take something awesome to bring me back to Socom.

    It needs the graphics of Uncharted 2 and Killzone 3, with HD audio (like Bad Company 2), a great cover system, and awesome multiplayer features. I dunno… here’s to hoping it delivers.

  • I feel bad that Dunham has to respond to all the rage from Socom 2 vets (including me, as i’ve typed essays of rage on the forums). As a Socom 2 vet, this game is just not for me and I don’t consider it Socom so i’m not getting it. I won’t be writing anymore rage comments about it though. It’s sad that we can’t have another game like Socom 2 this-gen, but oh well.

    Dunham you’ve been a nice guy and very patient and atleast you respond to all the vets who rage and so on. Thanks for that, even though we’re disappointed with Socom 4 we do appreciate that you respond to us and the podcasts are informative as well.

    I’ll be sticking to Team Fortress 2 on PC and Twisted Metal when that comes out as far as multiplayer goes. If an HD version of Socom 2 came out though, that would be my main multiplayer game without question. We don’t want a full-blown HD remake with new textures, models etc., we just want you to up the resolution, fix the lag/glitches and add trophies like they did for the God of War collection and the vets would be 100% satisfied. But I don’t know if you guys will ever do that, so i’ll just say good luck with Socom 4 with the demographic you’re going for.

  • Clap clap Bravo bravo

  • Hey Dunham, do you know if you can still order your teammates to go to a place in different ways? Like i can order a teammate to stealth to a certain place or fire at will,etc

  • I love the face modeling and animation it’s very believable!

  • Any chance Zipper Will put this up on PSN as a demo for us to try and hold us over until it releases similar to Sony Santa Monica and the E3 Gow3 demo?

  • SOCOM 4..wouldve bin on my top 3 most wanted games list..but since there are no VEHICLES in the MULTIPLAYER MODE..then Im just not interested in it anymore.My fav socom game will forever be SOCOM COMBINED ASSAULT..although it was alil hectic at felt like a real battle was going on.and for those whiny socom 2 sure there will be an OPTION to NOT HAVE ANY VEHICLES IN THE MAP YOU WANT TO PLAY.For some reason they dont get it in their thick skulls.>:/..SO pretty sure your mind is made up on this whole VEHICLE hows about ATLEAST adding CO-OP CAMPAIGN..the technology is there PLEASE TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT..if not for the LOYAL FAN BASE then for the SOCOM FRANCHISES SAKE :/

  • This game looks great, but it bugs me that your character doesn’t place the butt of his gun against his shoulder, realistically he cant handle the recoil of that gun otherwise.

  • I hate to say this, but the game is looking better than it did before. I’m still hell bent on salvaging more of the Socom 2 style of gameplay/mechanics etc… without a doubt. The lack of a lean, jump to climb and a few other things changes the game more than I care to mention. It would be nice to know more inside details of MP for sure..For instance, how will the vault feature work with walls that are higher than your waist? Will there be a prone roll? ( great feature ) Will there be time after a round is over to change your loadout? Will there be claymores available?

    For crying out loud, throw us a bone here fellas…I understand that a lot of things are hush hush, but damn, the waiting game is lame…

  • can you bring SOCOM 4 for sale on the PSN. Pleeeaaaasssseee ^^.
    I have SOCOM Confrontation in MY PS3 XMB, i want SOCOM 4 in my XMB to! :D

  • Amazing graphics, keep it up zipper blow slant 6 out of the water
    cause slant 6 really fricked up socom confrontation.

  • Make it the best. Bring Thongkon back in single player and multiplayer. Glad to see SP back in SOCOM. I miss the SEALS vs. Terrorists… Bring back all old maps at least from SOCOM 1 and 2. Happy birthday SOCOM. Bring back that SOCOM feeling.

  • Wow that looked so freakin good. I’m astonished at the way the game is presented. Simply beautiful. Makes CoD games look so lame and generic. Mechanics, sound, everything looked top notch. I hope the campaign is 12 hours and the multiplayer lasts us until the next Socom.

    My only question is, will there be a way to tactically position your individual troops at specific points in the battlefield? that would be so BA

  • Yeay portuguese army =DD My country, now that’s a cool feature :p
    The game is looking good, want to see more :)

  • campaign co-op?

  • I am really excited for this game. It will be a day one buy for me. I also know a lot of my clan mates who are interested in this. But I have a question. Is that Nolan North I hear as the Intelligence Officer?

  • Woah, this look better than i expected.

  • Game looks great. One question.

    Will there be voice command?

  • Looks excellent but guys, I really hope regenerating health is not going to be part of the game! I hate how developers feel like every shooter has to be made with regenerating health these days! Dammit, Halo!

  • Is there going to be a 4 player online co-op?
    That was one thing that I loved about Socom CA.

  • Never played Socom before, so this would be a first!

  • Great,I hope it is good for multiplayer too xD

  • Sweet!

  • If they make like socom 2 then i will buy it

  • Any chance this demo will be on the PSN :D

  • This is just screaming 4-man online co-op! please do it justice…

  • I’m guessing there won’t be 4 player campaign co-op then? Shame, as that would be a strong selling point for people like me who haven’t played SOCOM games. I really hope Zipper consider adding this to the game. Game looks really good anyway.

  • looks better than i thought

  • do you plan to support socom like mag , cause you actually give an awesome support to mag and it would be epic if you can do the same with socom

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