SOCOM 4 gamescom Floor Demo: Video tour

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It’s a proud week for us here at Zipper Interactive as tomorrow marks the 8th birthday of our first-ever PS2 game and the title that started a huge multimillion-selling franchise, SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs. To celebrate the eight-year mark, we’ve put together a special video for our fans.

In it, you’ll experience the gamescom 2010 SOCOM 4 demo in its entirety with commentary by lead designer, Travis Steiner. This is the first time anywhere that you’ll see the gamescom demo played all the way through and in high-definition, making it a “must watch” for anyone even remotely interested in what we have in store for 2011.

Let us know what you think below, and please accept our sincerest thanks for making the first eight years of SOCOM as great as they have been. Here’s to many more to come!

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  • first!
    yep i’ve got nothing to say

  • How about multiplayer footage?

  • MAG will ownes this game 256 times till the get the new beta fixed with the wiistation controller thing i want to play the new maps escalation

  • @jimfear


  • wat the hell is a wiistation???

  • great game guys gonna definitely pick it up

  • I know the game isn’t planned for a while, Q1, but any word on coop. 5 Player Coop would be awesome but it seems like it wouldn’t be feasable. The game looks amazing and I cannot wait for it to release!

  • Whoa i might actually buy this game

  • lol who lets the noob shoot?

  • Looks good so far!

  • Looks good, welcome back Zipper

  • wiistation is the move thing wii copyed controller now for ps3

  • Liked the stage demo, looking forward to seeing some new levels and of course hearing about the MP.

  • This looks like a cool game. Unfortunately, it does not look like a Socom game and looks rather easy. I find it amusing how with each new Socom that comes out, the devs claim how they keep improving AI more and more. If I recall, Socom II’s AI was the most challenging.

    • It’s a demo — demo versions are made easier so people can check the content out without too much interruption. Final game will be more difficult.

  • The Facial Animations are really well done and realistic. ;)

  • Very impressive looking cinematic’s and player animation. the quick command seems impressive, but i would still really like to see the good old Socom command list from all the other games, with add headset support… but im sure you guys won’t dissapoint us lol

    Keep up the great work and i can’t wait to play this when it comes out!

  • I want this. Hope it’s not M.

  • Are there any stealth missions in Socom 4? Like the first Socom 2 mission and the nightmission in the suburbs in brasil if im right?

  • I would rather see and hear more about the online play. I know its still way to early for it though.

    Chances are I wont bother with the missions just like in the past games.

  • Are we still able to play it with the classic socom 2 camera mode?

  • looks really good looking forward to this game.

  • Great video, single player looks great.

    Any word though if I can play in classic view while using the Move as well as the DS3?

  • i feel like crying tears of sorrow when i think or look at socom 4.

  • 0% aim skills try zooming in with scopes

  • The game is looking awesome. Keep up the good work guys.

  • Wow, this looks so good. Everything looks great. Can’t wait for multiplayer details. Hope this game comes out early 2011.

  • Thanks for the response Dunham, that cleared a few things up. I wonder if whoever is calling the shots over there realizes that a Socom II remake is a gold mine. I truly don’t think its fair to us oldschool fans that Zipper won’t bring back that experience we all loved. I miss talking [DELETED] and breaking hardware. It’s not Zipper’s fault that Slant Six tried and failed.

    Vote for S2 HD people!


  • two questions and two comments…

    1. i notice that R3 is used to zoom in this demo. in past SOCOM games, R3 was used to reload. will there be a ‘classic’ control setting?
    2. i read in the comment above about multiplayer info, ‘later this year.’ can you be any more specific than that?


    1. the game looks gorgeous.
    2. i miss Specter and Jester already. :(

  • Looks like a fairly impressive shooter. I can’t wait

  • Is this still a Navy seal based game? I feel like it should be more stealthy although that would be boring for us gamers to watch as a teaser. Another thing, objects in the background were noticeably appearing late.. Will that be fixed?

  • I am happy this got delayed because Fall 2010 has TOO many good releases. So, then i’ll have to time to save up for Killzone, twisted metal, Socom 4, & Resistance 3.

  • Will there be unlockables for the multiplayer like the gillie suit?

  • the move??the move was under development b4 the wii came besides the moves gonna b way better 4 starters u can play this awesome game with the move

  • cool,please make online like SOCOM 2. Make sure the maps have only one version and modes should be specific to a map.

  • Is it gonna be super stealthy like the others? Because this video looked similar to MW2, as much as it kills me to say that.
    I owned Socom 1 and then got an Xbox 360, sold that, got a PS3 almost a year ago, and I want to experience that fear and slow moving gaming again.

  • Very cool im lookin forward to the release :)

  • Socom 4 wasn’t really on my radar until I saw this gameplay demo.
    There are some really cool features there and my interest is definitely peaked. I look forward to seeing more about the game.
    Single Player and Co-op are what are most important for me. I’m keeping Killzone 3 as my multi-player Game of Choice in 2011.

  • The game looks great! I can not wait for it! Dont listen to people who say you need to have 256 players. SOCOM 2 only had 8v8 and was probably the best shooter online. Keep doing what ya doin.

  • Looking really good. I think I can speak for everyone when I say, I cannot wait to see multiplayer.

  • I never played a Socom game but I getting this…Can you tell us if we are getting a beta this year…please say yes..

  • As long as the MP plays like Socom 2, I will be happy. Every single person who loves Socom wants a Socom 2 MP remake, pleaseeeee just do that… update the graphics and stuff but dont get too fancy.. Cant wait to see more MP details

  • this game is gonna be awesome, but it would make it so much better if it had co op campaign.

  • Too quick reloading and grenades throwing.

  • It really looks great, I noticed how realistic the faces look and the animations, It’s pretty impressive I gotta say. You guys should make more videos of it using the Move controller though, and I was wondering as far as Move goes, will there be an option to have no dead zone with move and have it move the camera an not just the reticle?

  • …weapong changing also too fast. Too arcade style 4me.

  • Great to see that ;) Thanks Jeremy
    Is it possible to realease this demo on Playstation Store for playing please … You can take that for the Socom Birthday ;) Please please

  • is there a campaign co-op?

  • My top wanted games
    1) Gran turismo 5
    2) Killzone 3
    3) LBP2
    4) Socom 4

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