Joe Danger – The People’s Patch

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It’s great to be back on the PlayStation.Blog!

When my three friends and I first got together as Hello Games and started work on Joe Danger, we could only dream of the success it’s already achieved.

More important than any of that is the amazingly supportive response we’ve had from the PlayStation community. That’s why, for the last couple of months, we’ve been trying to cater to as many requests from the community as we can. Lots of people asked for a trial, so we put a huge one together with hours of gameplay, for those people who still can’t decide if Joe Danger is awesome or not. As of Tuesday, it’s now available worldwide.

Yesterday we also released something we call the “People’s Patch”. It answers pretty much every piece of feedback we’ve had from the community. It’s something for fans to get really excited about, and if you haven’t played the game before, you’re in for a treat. It’s totally free, and all you have to do is boot Joe Danger up to get all this new cool stuff.

Joe Danger

For instance, now you can save, playback and upload your greatest stunt spectaculars to YouTube. After all, what’s the point of being the world’s greatest stuntman if you can’t show your friends?

Here’s something else we’re really excited about – we’re going to be showcasing the very best user created levels at Go there now to find out more and enter our level building competition.

Joe Danger

Also, there is a totally new, free level made by Hello Games available for download right now.

Here’s some of the key new features:

  • Level sharing and more Levels
  • Replays and YouTube support
  • Custom soundtracks
  • More multiplayer levels
  • New level editing props
  • Costumes
  • Downloadable tours
  • Hidden stuff!
  • Lots more

Hello Games wants to genuinely thank the community again for their amazing support. We really hope you enjoy the new features or just take the time to try out the trial! Go and spread the word :)

You can keep up to date with Hello Games and Joe Danger on our blog, follow us on Twitter or even just send us a e-mail!

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5 Author Replies

  • I love that game, even my 2year old is playing it once in a while! I load up the first level which he can do almost only by pressing the gas button. Its a lot of fun watching him!.

  • Great patch! Good to see you guys supporting this game so loyally. Your fans really seem to love it. As for me, I have $10 sitting in my account waiting patiently for a sale. Keep up the good work!

  • And with custom soundtracks available My next game off PSN will be Joe Danger

  • The demo is gigantic. It has a lot more gameplay than I would have expected. I didn’t think I’d be interested in this game, but I think you may have won me over. 10 to 15 dollars is a very reasonable price for a great game.

  • Great game, my daughter loves it. My son does too but he has no idea what he’s doing as he is only two. :)

  • Wow, amazing update! Is the custom soundtrack option via the game or XMB?

  • Thanks for the patch. Is the item limit in the track editor still insanely restrictive?

    Honestly, it’s way too limiting. There are levels in the single player game with more stars then the total number of items that can be used in a user created level.

    Not to mention only one of each loop is available and other limiting factors. The total item limit should be equal to the sum of the individual item limits.

  • Does this patch fix some of the unsightly aliasing artifacts in the beginning of the game? My husband and I absolutely loved the game, but we both had an initially bad feeling about the graphics because of those aliasing issues. That actual in-game graphics look FANTASTIC.

    This game was a great purchase, and very well balanced difficulty-wise. Great job!

  • Thanks for the Patch. Is the track editor still insanely restrictive? That was a really really big downer and I’m not even the create type.

    I think there are levels in the single player game with more stars alone then the total item limit in the track editor.

    That’s way too limiting. Not to mention some of the individual item limits being to small as well(only one of each loop for example).

    The overall item limit should be equal to the sum of the individual item limits.

    Please tell me this is fixed. It would really be nice if it was possible for users to create levels similar in size and scope as the ones you guys created.

  • How about patching in 1080i support? On older HDTV’s it drops down to 480p and looks pretty horrible.

  • wow its like a totally new game now!

    I was wondering why there was a level editor without any means of sharing.. But I am glad you have asserted this issue.

    I would like to take this time to thank every body on the Joe danger team for being so awesome and crazy that they make me want to just run outside and scream “OMG I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo” then I run out of breathe and cant finish my sentence :(

  • Whoops on that double post.

  • Congratulations on your guy’s well-deserved success with Joe Danger! I love stories like you all’s.

  • I love Joe Danger, it’s an amazing game. Easily worth $15. The patch is also fantastic. The only thing I want is online races. 4 people going at it one against another would friggin-awesome. Any chance we get online play or would servers be too expensive to maintain?

  • You want that 10% completion stat to go up? You just did it. Custom soundtracks. Now that annoying carny music can be replaced by something of my own accord.

  • Doesn’t seem to matter how many times I boot up the game, the update never starts on either of the PS3’s I use. Pretty frustrating.

  • Best PSN game in ages.

    Thanks for the great work HelloGames (cute splash screen in the game intro btw).
    Looking forward to this patch and your next project.

  • Anybody still on the fence about picking this up, buy it immediately. Joe Danger was far and away the best money I ever spent on the PSN. Fun, challenging, and extremely addictive. Highly recommended.

  • As someone else mentioned, no matter how many times I boot the game, no patch, still version 1.0. So what is up with that? Perhaps this is affecting those of us that bought the game from the demo?

  • you guys are awesome

  • I can’t seem to find the new levels. Where are they located?

  • Awesome update guys……and it’s free, can’t beat that.

  • I got the game on day one and I am very glad I did. I’m surprised you charged only 15 dollars; as there is a ton of value in the game.

    Im glad there are more levels comming.


  • This is great. I love the game. Spent more time on this than a lot of discs I have bought. Looking forward to future games from you.

  • If this is the Peoples Patch, can I say I smell what Hello Games is updating?

  • Thanks for doing such a neat job supporting your game, I’m sure the consumers really appreciate it. Can’t wait for your next game, and hope you’re prosperous as a studio. :)

  • Hi, I’ve the same problem reported by some people before.

    Doesn’t seem to matter how many times I boot up the game, the update never starts.

    Could you help us out ?
    Thanks in advance !!!

  • I also cannot get update to kick in, maybe playstation plus will pick it up while im in bed :S

  • I bought Joe danger a few days ago but I don’t think I ever got this patch. I see no option to save replays, upload vids to youtube, change costumes or anything else in this patch. Any ideas?

  • Sorry for the double post, I see I’m not the only one with this issue. As yourluvryourzero suggested, maybe it’s people who bought through the demo. I did. Anyone not have this issue who bought through the demo?

  • I want a rocket-powered deer.

  • For all you people having problems with the patch, are you on the US store? I think the patch might not be available elsewhere yet.

  • @GiHubb
    The patch shouldn’t be territory specific. Seeing as how this is the U.S. Playstation blog it would be counterproductive to announce that a patch for a game is live when it won’t work in our territory.

    As best I can figure out it has something to do with the way the server authenticates which version of the game you have. Those of us who installed the demo and the full game unlock don’t seem to be able to get the patch.

    I tried deleting the game and going back into the store to download it again, but still had to download the demo and unlock as opposed to the full game. Needless to say I still had the same problem. Hopefully this gets fixed soon.

  • This was posted from hello games on their forum
    “Hey there,

    We’re just looking into this now. It seems like there is a delay in deploying the patch for people who have upgraded from the Trial version (rather than those who just bought the original, before the Trial). We hope to get this sorted in the next few days.

    Sincere apologies for the delay, it’s slightly out of our hands, but we’ll try everything we can to make sure it’s fixed as quickly as possible.


  • Is is true that only 4 people made the game?

  • @SuperGumby
    I stand corrected! I was just theorizing in any case…
    However, I still would like to see online 4 player races though! :) But again, not sure if this is a possible option with servers to maintain.

  • Any though on button remapping for disabled gamers? glad your game is rocking it.

  • My only issue with the game is the recent “Cheats” and “glitches” being used to raise the leaderboard scores. I’ve worked VERY hard to get alot of the top scores and would gladly record videos of me playing to show my scores are authentic, but if you look at the first level, the high score was 3 billion and now 8 billion, because there are a few glitches that enables people to jump the finish line (creating a VERY long stretch of road) and I’ve hit a glitch on a jump that caused screen to go blank and score to sky rocket. I DID NOT let that be my score because it was unfair, but my score would have been 10 billion.

    Please fix the problem if you can, it’s very disheartening. I dn’t mind people being my highscores, as long as it is legitimate. It takes away the fun if people cheat or use enhancers.

    The other thing that people use, which isn’t fun is that in some of the edit levels, you can move the starting line FAR FAR back. Which allows you to build up combos before the game begins.

    All in all I LOVE the game. And hope people beat my records to make it more fun.

  • the people’s patch was my idea!

  • The people’s patch now works for those who bought when the demo came out

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