Joe Danger – The People’s Patch

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It’s great to be back on the PlayStation.Blog!

When my three friends and I first got together as Hello Games and started work on Joe Danger, we could only dream of the success it’s already achieved.

More important than any of that is the amazingly supportive response we’ve had from the PlayStation community. That’s why, for the last couple of months, we’ve been trying to cater to as many requests from the community as we can. Lots of people asked for a trial, so we put a huge one together with hours of gameplay, for those people who still can’t decide if Joe Danger is awesome or not. As of Tuesday, it’s now available worldwide.

Yesterday we also released something we call the “People’s Patch”. It answers pretty much every piece of feedback we’ve had from the community. It’s something for fans to get really excited about, and if you haven’t played the game before, you’re in for a treat. It’s totally free, and all you have to do is boot Joe Danger up to get all this new cool stuff.

Joe Danger

For instance, now you can save, playback and upload your greatest stunt spectaculars to YouTube. After all, what’s the point of being the world’s greatest stuntman if you can’t show your friends?

Here’s something else we’re really excited about – we’re going to be showcasing the very best user created levels at Go there now to find out more and enter our level building competition.

Joe Danger

Also, there is a totally new, free level made by Hello Games available for download right now.

Here’s some of the key new features:

  • Level sharing and more Levels
  • Replays and YouTube support
  • Custom soundtracks
  • More multiplayer levels
  • New level editing props
  • Costumes
  • Downloadable tours
  • Hidden stuff!
  • Lots more

Hello Games wants to genuinely thank the community again for their amazing support. We really hope you enjoy the new features or just take the time to try out the trial! Go and spread the word :)

You can keep up to date with Hello Games and Joe Danger on our blog, follow us on Twitter or even just send us a e-mail!

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5 Author Replies

  • This update sounds great. I can’t wait for it go to live.

  • Thank you for all the updates on this game. Will there be an online co-op/multiplayer patch in the future? Is that possible?

  • Wow that’s a lot of stuff, can’t wait to try it out later!

  • I might get this game by this weekend

  • You guys are the greatest!

  • Thanks guys love the game bought it on day one thanks for support. Hoping for some more levels from you guys.

    • Thanks! We’ve got some awesome new levels on the way. I’m literally working on one right now :)

      We’ve kind of put some super hard levels out for download first and hoping that we’ll get a wide range from everyone else.

      We’re also working on much larger packs with new props and game modes. So keep an eye out for those…

  • Thanks for the update. I didn’t enjoy Joe Danger as much as I would have liked> This was partly do to the fact that I played co-op with my friends and it was way way way way better than playing alone. Any chance of adding online co-op?

    This update will be a welcome and most likely push me to finish the game by myself.

  • That´s great!!! I´ll come play this game back.

  • Sony needs to buy these guys out, 1st Party worrthy developer

  • You guys really love that 3nd pic, huh?

    • Yeah, we can’t seem to escape from that 3nd image, it follows us everywhere. I like that the blog have used it twice :)

  • So, to import a level I need to call it Export.bin and put it in the root directory of my pen drive?

    So, if this is correct to import 10 levels I’ll have to do one by one? That sounds a lot of work.

  • I’m really on the edge about this game. I loved the demo. guess ill buy it right now.

  • That’s pretty cool I might get it.

  • Custom Soundtracks? Playing right now.

  • custom soundtracks. thanks hello games.

  • Fun game, very addictive! It was a day 1 for me!
    Update looks good thanks!

  • I’d give almost anything for you guys to have tons and tons of success with this game and beyond. I’ve been telling my friends about Joe Danger hoping they will support you too! Thanks for a great update!!

  • Hooray for soundtracks. There have been WAY too many games without them this year (Scott Pilgrim and Shank, looking at you). SHould be standard and should be day one…

  • Hi HelloGames and all!

    I didn’t buy it so far but I’m pretty close to doing it. :)

    I just have ONE QUESTION, can we compete with our friends in the leaderboards for each track in the game? Because I had a lot of fun in the demo but didn’t see this feature, when I pressed the “Leaderboards” button in the single player part of the game all the scores I could see are my local ones? Can I see the scores of my PSN friends in the complete game? Thanks in advance and GREAT work with this patch! :)

    • Yup! Online leaderboards are a huge part of Joe Danger. We can’t feature them in the Demo unfortunately, but you probably noticed the Tony Hawks style Combo system. It adds a lot of replayability, and some of the scores out there are pretty huge!

      Actually for the patch we tweaked a few things in the leaderboard system, so now it’s much easier to see your friends scores and who’s on the top of the world.

  • Pretty amazing guys, looking forward to it

  • just did a video recording using your recording tool. I have to say that the quality of the video is bad. Its low quality and the video slows down at times. It it just me, or does anyone else notice this?

    • The video recording is actually HD quality, which not many other games do. Everything I’ve seen so far has been really smooth, but if you upload it to youtube, it sometimes takes a couple of hours before processing completes and the video runs super smoothly.

      Hope that helps.

  • Alright, more Joooeeee Danger!

    I happen to have a review this week on my blog if your interested:

    Keep up the great work Hello Games is an inspiration!

  • WOW what an unbelievable patch. You guys are Hello Games have far exceeded my wildest expectations for this game. What a masterpiece. LOVE LOVE LOVE all the new updates. Can’t wait to go home and play some more. Keep up the amazing work Hello Games and I hope everyone buys this amazing game.


  • Love the game. Thanks for the updates!!

    I guess I am greedy jerk for asking for more but custom soundtracks would be awesome. The 70’s jam rock gets old when playing the 20th hour of the game.

  • this game is amazing. I bought it day 1 but it didn’t keep my attention for long, this patch made me go back and give it another shot and I don’t know what was wrong with me the first time

  • the demo caught me totally off guard, its a great demo. I’d buy this game if it were cheaper, if PSN has a sale for it for $10 or less, I’ll pick it up.

  • This game would have slayed in the arcades. It’s the kind of game that’s conducive to a few quarters worth of play and walking away. Whether it’s worth 40 quarters, I’m not entirely sure. The track editor probably provides a lot more depth than my simplistic analysis is giving credit for. I’m keeping my eye out for when it’s a few quarters less.

    In the meantime, I will contribute my hope of it’s success. It is definitely a fun little throw-back.

  • This should have had a demo from the start. I’ve never understood why PS3 devs are so lazy.

  • in the demo all i had to do was hold square, right, and r2, and i could keep a combo going without even looking. i even managed to play an entire level of the demo with my eyes closed and got over 1.5 million points. after about 5 min of practice, i could go though virtually any level while stringing together a single gigantic combo. Until you fix these bugs that make the game far too easy to win (or more accurately too easy to imbalance the points system), i have no plans to purchase the game.

    • Putting together demos that caters to everyone is really difficult.

      Our demo is the first ten or so tutorial levels.

      Each level has a set of achievements, or Stars, which even on those easy levels can be pretty tricky to earn…

      As you can see from the video above though, just finishing a level gets pretty tricky :)

      With the online leaderboards in the full game you’d see that 1.5 million score for a level is a pretty low score, most of the first levels have highscores in the billions, but that takes a lot of skill :o

  • Demo was fun… but $15?

    If it eventually goes on sale for a week, I’ll def pick it up.

  • Excellent! Can’t wait to try out the new features. Saw a video on your YouTube channel yesterday showing the video capture and wondered what that was about. Thought it might have just been a dev feature. And custom soundtracks too! That’s a relief! As cool as the Joe Danger music is, any Song starts to get irritating after the 50th or 60th play! :)

  • This game looks awesome, I think I might pick it up tomorrow. It looks like it will be a lot of fun. keep up the great work guys. I am loving how smaller developers are able to get there games out to the masses on the psn

  • @Sean Murray
    Thanks for the response Sean Murray
    I played it first on my PS3 and haven’t upload it up to youtube as yet

  • Custom Soundtracks! YES! :D After buying Joe Danger and playing for about an hour listening to music on my Macbook, i got annoyed, so i wen’t to my brothers house and got his surround sound system that he wasn’t using and hooked it up specifically for custom soundtracks. lol. Right now i have my 7.1 surround sound receiver for the PS3, and a 5.1 surround sound receiver for custom soundtracks. Yes, 12 speakers. xD

    Anyway, point is, i quite love this update even if it just had that feature. :D THANK YOU!

  • This game look more and more attractive.
    Joe Danger is my Next one, count me on!

  • The demo was an absolute blast. Will definitely be making Joe Danger my next PSN purchase when I get more money.

  • love this game, I bought it day 1 and I will definitely start playing it again when the patch drops

  • LOVE THIS GAME! I’m going to be playing this tonight.

  • Is the patch live now? or is it coming later on?

  • Hi all at Hello Games. I must say that I love your game and bought on day one. But my brother-in-law LOVES the game and has a #1 ranking on several boards(Taternutbag), which leads to my question. Do you plan on fixing the finish line jump glitch or is this an intentional part of your scoring system? I would LOVE to hear from you guys on this!!! Hope your next project is as outstanding as JA JA JA JOE DANGER!

  • I played the demo, I must say I can’t believe I overlooked this game, I’ll have to buy it next time I get a PSN card.

  • Is The Rock a secret character? Do you get to drop the People’s Elbow or do the People’s Eyebrow? Is it possible to become the People’s Champion?

    This game is great! Keep up the work!

  • After playing the demo I decided this game was a definite sale-buy. However, after reading about this additional support you have given it, I am going to purchase this game as soon as I get home. You deserve every penny of the price for this game!

  • Custom soundtracks. Thank you very much for all of it, but I love this one.

  • I love Joe Danger. My name is actually Joe so when people come over and they see I’m playing it they laugh. I get them involved and then they love it too. such a great game and full of value which is what I appreciate out of the games I have. Easily one of the top psn games of all time!

  • Biz is right, I own at this game!! Check the!

  • I enjoyed the demo. With this free content patch I will probably buy the game.

  • Damn, Hello Games… you may be small, but you have more heart for those who buy your games than most of the big guys. You make wicked awesome stuff too! Joe Danger ranks up as one of the best PSN titles around.

  • My goodness this patch is full of win! My brothers level will shock and awe you guys when I submit it.

  • Thanks @Sean M. for the reply, I appreciate it, if the game contains leaderboards with an easy way to compare scores with friends…then, I’ll buy it in a week or so… …maybe tomorrow! lol

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