DC Universe Online: “Savior or Destroyer” Trailer from gamescom

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Just in time for gamescom in Cologne, here’s a new trailer for SOE’s upcoming PS3 action MMO, DC Universe Online. This trailer reveals some of the over-the-top combat, as well as the powers and movement sets that players can choose from in making themselves the next great legend in the DC Universe — either as its savior or its destroyer.

DC Universe Online is scheduled to launch November 2 for the PlayStation 3. To preorder the game and get some killer in-game items, click the pre-order link at www.dcuniverseonline.com.

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  • @juggulator
    I’ve played MAG and its in my PS3 atm. MAG is somewhat of an MMO, but not really. Its like saying RDR and COD are MMOs for having prestige and new perks (after completing challenges) or weapons/mounts as you level. Also, with the new beta coming out, being able to buy things with money you earn is similar UC2 and other games.

    As for people complaining about the subscription fee, PC gamers who play MMOs pay fees one way or another. There are a few F2P games, but most are filled with online shops where you can buy items for real money (somewhat unbalances the playing field when people that spend a fortune on the game get a huge boost over others).

  • As for Guild Wars, I played the original game before the expansions, and while it was fun, I didn’t find too much sense of community when in a city or in an area where you can get quests, you could change between like 25 different instances of it at any time, never see the same people all the time as progress through the game (easy to rip people off / ditch groups since there is no consequences). Also looking at PC MMOs, WoW is $15 a month and besides the expansions, the fees help create a bunch of new instances/raids/quests/factions in between the expansions. FFXIV is gonna be like what, $13 to $15 a month on the PC and PS3 when it comes out.

  • Also, $15 a month (and you get at least one month free with the game) is like 1 game every 4 months, and when people will pay $100 or more for collectors editions or buy several games in a month (I know I’m getting at least 3 in Nov and 2 in Oct, as well as Move), the price isn’t too bad. Lastly, when people are willing to pay $15 for a map pack or pay for DLC that was already on the disc in the first place, why complain when the standard MMO fee will bring continuous updates as the game goes.

    Subscription fees help with servers and to bring continuous updates throughout the game. They’ll probably create new areas and quests as the game goes for free (what most MMOs use fees towards besides server maintenance / filling publisher pockets).

  • The movie-like trailer look awesome…this game-play trailer..not so much. COD is free to play online..many games are free online.. Sure $15 might not be much..but if you are one of those MMO geeks that love to pay to play , how many games can you afford to do that with? Three ? Four? 5 subscription fee games under your belt..? Make the math….I guess this will be one just 2 rent, if that is even an option with like a 1st time user trial period. No crying here..just saying I will not waste my $ in this game…am sure I will survive.

  • weird machines are heros or villains

  • Is there a subscription fee yes/no? they have not say there was one. everone want to know i do not want to wast my time if there is.

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