DC Universe Online: “Savior or Destroyer” Trailer from gamescom

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Just in time for gamescom in Cologne, here’s a new trailer for SOE’s upcoming PS3 action MMO, DC Universe Online. This trailer reveals some of the over-the-top combat, as well as the powers and movement sets that players can choose from in making themselves the next great legend in the DC Universe — either as its savior or its destroyer.

DC Universe Online is scheduled to launch November 2 for the PlayStation 3. To preorder the game and get some killer in-game items, click the pre-order link at www.dcuniverseonline.com.

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  • looks like a good game but what’s the subscription fee?

  • No cross-platform play will really hurt this game unfortunatly. FFXIV is pulling it off, I don’t know wny DCUO can’t.

    It’s great to start seeing MMO’s make their way to the PS3 though, I hope to see many more!

  • ah more and more seems like a fun experience wonder how much I will have to pay tho

  • 15$, I’m not Bruce Wayne!

  • Should be about $14 a month, which is a good price, It will keep the online kiddies out and also keep the in game content coming. Fingers crossed its a decent game.

  • I see no video….

    • What browser/OS are you using? The video’s been viewed over 5K times so far… so any info you can give to help us isolate the problem is a big help.


  • I won’t buy this if there’s a monthly fee. Monthly fees are stupid and should be kept away from console games completely.

  • I hope they make it 10$..
    Because I’m still going to get FFXIV :( and I don’t want to be paying 30$ a month!!

  • Is that by chance PS3 footage of the game?

  • It sucks the monthly fee is going to be 15 bucks…that’s just….a lot of money

  • Yea the subscription thing is a bit scary, but has that been confirmed for the PS3? I hope not.

    Great trailer. I’m taking the evil route.

    Also when is the beta going to kick off?

  • Wheres the video

  • The fees where announced back at E3, and everyone pays the same, pc and ps3.

    No one knows when the Beta is starting.
    Keep informed;


  • If theres free subscription for PSN plus users, i would consider. Sorry but I am not a fan of Online only games.

  • $60 for the game?
    $15 a month?

    $240 to play the game for the first year?

    If that is true then I would never consider buying this game.

  • they should of used the F2P for may like many other mmo’s are doing.

  • video not working via ps3.

  • This game isn’t going to do good as P2P. It’s just not gonna happen.

    Console gamers are not going to spend 60 bucks on a game that they’re going to have to keep paying for every month.

  • If Plus members got the sub covered in their sub for plus it would be a major win.

  • How well does the game control on the PS3, I already have a copy reserved for the PC version, but wouldn’t mind picking up a copy on the PS3 so my daughter or wife could play as well.

  • looks like a good game that i will never play because subscription fee will hold me back

  • Where is the video ?

  • So why should I drop 60 on this game and then 15 a month on it?

    Guild Wars is high quality and still the best pvp around. Then with GW2 coming which is still buy2play….what besides it includes DC is wroth it?

    Why should I pay when I get high quality MMO for just buying a game and its expansions.

    I don’t understand why no one goes the Guild Wars route. Its been highly successful for them.

    Fee = do not buy in my book. Its shame since I enjoyed COH for the short time I played it. But I rather save that 15 a month for other games. So I stopped playing it.

    But I always kept coming back to GW. I’ve tried most of NCsofts collection because of that game. Do you get what I’m saying?

    Buy2Play+expansions+non game breaking micro = win for everyone. Either that or enjoy making the switch to f2P down the road like all the rest. Not even the Lord of the Rings could save middle earth ya know.

    DC vs New WoW, Jedi and sith. And a looming buy2play fantasy. *not even taking into account the amount of F2P out there* Its not like your a tiny company, you got Sony behind you.

    I wish you luck and hope the game is good. I just think its silly not to try the GW clone. Considering what the market has planned.

  • Hmmm. I guess the trailer has been pulled?

    Anyways, I would like to get into that beta to determine what steps are being taken to ensure the gameplay is constantly fresh and is at least on par with City of X/Champions Online.

  • What’s going on with the beta?

    Also is there going to be a demo? Because right now, I won’t drop $60 on a game I can only play for a month and unless I pay more afterwards…

    At least have a PS+ discount or something.

  • How on earth did Sony authorize this game with its horrible animations and graphics??! HOW?!?!

    This is the main reason I won’t be getting this – I didn’t buy a PS3 to play a PS2 game!

  • thanks for fixing the video.

  • Do you have to pay extra for a 2nd character?

  • Beta announcement kthnxbai.

  • Sad to say that this little MMO on a console experience will become the Matrix MMO of its time. It will blow up with awesomeness and creativity and then dwindle away as fast as it appeared. Personally if i did play I’m sure i would just customize my charter for hours and hours like we all did in The Sims on our houses and then only had enough care in the game to burn our little Sims when the fire alarm came on. This whole creating the charterer will be a blast I’m sure of it but then what a few battles and it will fizzle out. I’m also skeptical of the guns.

  • I have no interest in this game but I just wanted to say, you really should consider tying this game into PS Plus somehow. Maybe offer a discount on the monthly fee to Plus users. I’m baffled by how there is no real current feature to Plus beyond just being a simple discount service on old PSN games. Nothing about Plus is exciting or “must have”. I dunno, just trying to give you some ideas! :)

  • And now we learn why consoles don’t really have MMO’s, too many crying over a monthly fee.

    Look, you’ll drop $60 for a game with 60 hours of gameplay (typical RPG).

    $60 is two months of an MMO’s fee. How many hours will you get out of that MMO in two months? A hell of a lot more than 60.

    People who play MMO’s play them almost exclusivly. They don’t pop it in for a week or two then stop. In a week or two you won’t even be close to end game unless you play all day long every day.

    Calculate out your money spent per hour of gameplay and you’ll see MMO’s are far, far cheaper than stand alone games. Even with the initial $60 for the game.

    If I play an MMO for 20 hours week, with 52 weeks a year, that’s 1040 hours of gameplay (not at all unusual for MMO players). Take your cost ($60 game + $180 monthly fees for one year) of $240 divided by 1040 is about 23 cents per hour versus the roughly $1 per hour of the standalone RPG. Looks like that MMO is 4 times cheaper…

  • I have an Soe account because i play everquest am i going to be able to link my soe account to my ps3 account? also is there going to be a pc beta

  • does anyone know how fix this problem i have? when i turn on my pse. the only thing that shows is a colored screen but no menu pops up. freezing during start up

  • This game went from Day One Purchase to Won’t Even Consider Picking Up Off The Bargain Bin the moment they announced the monthly subscription fee. You can’t have it both ways. Either charge me $60 for the game and that is that or make the game a free download off of the PSN (with like 14 days free to play) THEN charge the monthly subscription fee.

  • I don’t know if there are multiple types of Viddler players, but this one with smaller buttons works on this site and the player with bigger buttons never works. It works if I manually go to the viddler site and find the Sony profile, so it has to be something in the process of bringing it over here that is causing issues.

  • Guys as of right now there will be no cross plat play but who knows they might be able to fix that in the remaining months

  • To the whinners about monthly fees… GET A DAMN JOB or ask mommy an daddy… DAMN!!!!

  • I’m very much hoping that PS Plus subscribers will receive a discount off the subscription fee, Mr. Yanagi. Also, I have yet to see any mention of a multi-month subscription (3,6, 12 months) which most other MMO games offer to their subscribers. Please reply with some details.

  • @32: Thank you very much for that calculation regarding the value of MMO subscription fees when compared to RPGs. I am currently playing Star Trek Online and Champions Online and strongly believe that the subscription fees are well worth the investment.

    One very important point about MMO subscription fees: Both Star Trek Online & Champions Online offer players the option to sign up for a multi-month subscription (3 months, 6 months, etc.) which results in a lower price than $15 per month. I take advantage of these multi-month subscriptions and I’m able to save quite a bit of hard-earned money. I’ll be very upset if DC Universe Online fails to offer a similar multi-month subscription.

  • Man there sure are ALOT of people COMPLAINING about the monthly subscription fee. If you look at the history of cancelled console MMOs you can pretty much bet that this is the reason they get cancelled. However I can relate. My suggestions are.

    1.Make it free-to-play.MAGs doing it(yes MAG is an MMO) so why can’t DCUOnline.
    2. Make the fee under $10. (possibly 7.99, 5.99 for PS+)
    3. Make it to where we can use PSN cards to pay for the subscription.
    The first option is obviously the best, but a combination of 2 and 3 would be enough to make it a day on purchase for me.

  • I like how everyone seems to think they can speak for the rest of the world.
    Personally, paying monthly isn’t that big a deal for me. It’s 15 dollars a month, it keeps the servers running and it keeps the content coming. I see nothing wrong with paying.

    Mag isn’t an MMO to anyone who thinks it is, it’s just a massive action game, as the name suggests.

    PS+ members getting a discount would be cool, but I don’t see it happening.

    Also, before someone goes on a rant that Guild Wars is F2P, GW is made by a company with a LOT of P2P games. They’re getting their money from other things.

  • This game is going to flop hard on PS3, due to the subscription fee. I do not know a SINGLE person willing to spend $15 a month on any game.

    What’s interesting, though, is that the general consensus is that if you waived the subscription fee for PS+ subscribers, almost EVERYONE I have asked, myself included, would not only buy the game, we’d get Playstation Plus subscriptions, on the assumption that we’d be free of future subscription fees for individual games.

    Expecting people to pay $240 a year for a single game is going to kill the MMO genre on consoles before it even gets a chance to take hold.

  • @26

    First of all its made by Sony. Second of all the not so good graphics is a result of it being an mmo where you can roam anywhere. There will probably be maybe 100 people in one map at a time.

    This monthly fee is holding me back too. :/

  • To the person who wrote: “I do not know a SINGLE person willing to spend $15 a month on any game.”

    The PS2 and 360 FF11 players say hello to you.

    The market exists. Not everyone is afraid of subscription fees; despite what the comments here would have you think.

  • I know the reason for the fee, and I have no real issue with the pricing, but I hardly ever play MMO’s that charge a fee because I feel that I can’t play any other game, I’m bound to it and feels like I’m wasting money when I play some other game. If Sony where to have it so we can put in how many hours we play then just charge for that, I’d definitely play more pay to play MMO’s.

  • woah great games coming this fall

  • We better not have to pay a subscription fee if we are Playstation Plus members

  • @42 Horizon Shadow
    Don’t open your mouth about a game genre unless you know what your talking about. MAG is an MMOFPS as the number of players it supports suggests.

  • First time poster on the boards, so here goes. I have DC Universe on pre-order and I have a few questions. Fisrt will the subscription fee include anything like possible discounts on, or even free, DLC? Second will you be able to have more than one character per account and if so can they be a mix of heroes & villians?

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