Available This Fall: New PS3 System Models Featuring 160GB & 320GB Hard Drives

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Hi everyone! If you’re like me and use your PS3 to store all your favorite digital content, larger storage capacity is a must. This fall, we’re introducing two new models of the PS3 system– a 320GB PS3 system, which will be included in the PS3 Sports Champions Move bundle; as well as a 160GB PS3 system, which will be available as a standalone. These new higher capacity models will continue to offer the same advanced features and functions of the current models, but with approximately 33 percent more capacity and at compelling price points.

PlayStation 3 - 160GB Model

The 160GB PS3 system brings you more storage for the same price as the previous model — $299.99 (MSRP) — and is shipping to retailers nationwide now. The 320GB PS3 system will hit store shelves on September 19, in conjunction with the launch of PlayStation Move. It will be part of the PS3 Sports Champions Move bundle, which includes one PlayStation Move motion controller, PlayStation Eye camera, a copy of Sports Champions on Blu-ray disc, and bonus Blu-ray game demo disc– all in one complete package for $399.99 (MSRP). The value included in this bundle is incredible and we know this will further add to the exceptionally high demand for the new platform.

PlayStation 3 - 320GB Move Bundle

These new, larger hard drives mean more room for storing all the great content that PlayStation offers: thousands of games, movies, TV shows, as well as your personal photos, videos, music and so much more. There’s never been a more convenient, cost effective way to join the PlayStation family and bring the future of entertainment into your living room.

Next month is set to be a historic one for us here at PlayStation – you’ll be able to pick up high capacity PS3 systems and come September 19, you’ll be able to purchase PlayStation Move, the new and innovative motion gaming experience for the PS3 system that delivers the most realistic and immersive high-definition gaming experience ever created. The future of gaming has arrived and PlayStation is the force behind these innovations.


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  • Sony needs to stop bringing out new consoles with different HD sizes and just allow the systems to be “upgraded” with just new HD’s, release kits or something.

    And its a shame looking at all the new consoles released recently and still the most requested feature is left out, the PS2 backwards compatability.

  • No No No No.


  • Great, I was going to get a Slim for my computer but was waiting for the Move Bundle, so this is great news!

  • The Netflix logo is on the box.

    Does that mean it will be a stand-alone app when the new SKUs ship or does it come with the disc?

  • they should make a different model that looks different i love how the PS3 but i would lake it 2 look like a PS2

  • How about you bring back backwards compatibility.That would be nice for people with dozens of PS1 and PS2.

    While I do have a fat PS3 with backwards compatibility and also still have a PS2 not everyone does and it is annoying that Sony seemly won’t recognize the fact alot of people still love playing their older games.

  • This is a nice system, Im going to buy one prolly by next year or sooner. I got a 80 bc one and a 120gig slim and this will be all i need forever. Im going to use the 80 for movies and games that dont have trophies and the 120 for music games and stuff rockband and the 320 for all the action packed games with trophies.

  • I agree with one of the previous comments: it’d be nice if the price point started sinking back toward earth. Maybe someday get a PS3 with a “crazy” $200 price-point like with the PS2. That’s a magical price-point I tells ya.

  • Ahhhhhhhh, I wanted to be a person with the biggest PS3 HDD at 250 Gigs. (EXCLUDING UPGRADED ONES)

  • If someone wants the bundle that’s one thing, but if you just want a PS3 with a large hard drive it will be best to pick up a discounted 120gb while they last (if Sony doesn’t do it, the retailers will) and a 500gb hard drive online for $80 or less and upgrade it yourself (read up first!).

    Then you have a large amount of internal storage, a decent size external drive to use as you wish and you are $20 or more richer. That’s the good deal to be had here.

  • Seriously Sony? No wireless N update yet?? Wow, someone please wake me when Sony decides to join modern times. My phone has wireless N on it.

    The PS3 is awesome…blu-ray, big hard drive, cell processor…and, wait for it, wireless G. :(

  • @54

    The Netflix logo is on the box now too. That means nothing other than the console can play Netflix (with a disc for now).

  • Awesome Can’t wait!

  • I just bought the PS3 in November of last year…& now the are having a newer & bigger one coming out soon…looks like I’m gonna have 2 PS3’s in the house by next year…lol!!! :3

  • if you want a bigger hard drive then you can get a 640gb or 500gb hard drive just make sure that they are laptop hard drives that is what I did I had an 80gb & now I have a 500gb & you dont void the warrenty by upgrading the hard drive as from what I found out that is the only thing you can without voiding the warrenty. you can pick up a drive for $80USD off ebay or tigerdirect.com i bought mine off ebay brand new…with free shipping. I am just curious if the new move controllers fully work with the older ps3’s

  • I am glad that I got a PS3 with backwards compatible for ps1 and ps2 games they all seem to work on mine i love it

  • For people complaining about Sony upgrading the hard drives, you can upgrade the hard drive in the PS3 system without buying a new system. All you need to do is buy a notebook SATA hard drive with more space then the current hard drive (TigerDirect, NewEgg).

  • Also, make sure you back up your data! You don’t want to be miserable knowing that after upgrading, you lost all of your valuable files.

  • back up is a must that5 is true i lost mine but that was because the ps3 did not recognized the ext HDD I had connected but I did not really lose4 the files as I still have my old hard drive & i just need to connect it and back it up you know…

  • lol i paid $600 for my PS3 and lack PS2 compatibility =/

  • Now we just need a trade in deal…

  • awesome. my fuc’up 250 gig i bough last christmas that’s always randomly restarting and freezing can take a seat on the back burner while i upgrade to the new and hopefully improved 320 gig. yup. all mine.

  • oh yeah. i cans transfer everything from old ps3 to new ps3, right right?

  • anyone having trouble with Madden 11 online???
    I purchased the online pass and now its telling me I have no access and I must pay AGAIN???

  • I really get annoyed by whoever responds to people comments when it is just good comments…when it has people’s opinions that are not to their liking there is no comments…ever wonder why? Cause they do not want the drama. and deal with it attitude. Thanks to the person who likes to leave comments for the nice ones.

  • NICE might have to get it

  • I was hoping for a white PS3. :(

  • Why cant they just sell a seperate hard drive so I dont have to buy a WHOLE NEW ONE!!! I just got my PS3 8 months ago and not even a year later they have a bigger HDD!?

  • Although I’m excited to see the product development continue, I’m saddened by the Sony policy on movie downloads which only allows you to download items once. I had an issue with a previous PS3, bought a new one like a good consumer only to find out Sony would not honor my previous movie purchases. Thankfully I saved a handful of movies on my PSP which I could transfer, but not the HD Extended Release Version of King Kong. Nope, lost forever. I even called CS for help, no help, just a guy who could “put in a request.” Anyway, long story short I learned my lesson not to buy video content from the playstation store because it’s only specific to that device unless you use the buggy backup/data transfer utility (which according to the message boards is hit or miss.)

  • slim ps3 = cheap matte overheating piece of [DELETED].
    classic fat ps3s = sony masterpiece and best system out there

  • ps3 is horrible i bought a 250 gig and it doesnt even have 250 gigs it has 220 where the hell did the other 30gigs go i hateps2 now

  • when do we get the flash 10 upgrade and how about some more backwards compatibility? if my 60gb dies im screwed

  • “The value included in this bundle is incredible and we know this will further add to the exceptionally high demand for the new platform.”

    “purchase PlayStation Move, the new and innovative motion gaming experience for the PS3 system that delivers the most realistic and immersive high-definition gaming experience ever created.”

    keep the bs coming sony. seriously, it costs only around $75 to get a 500gb internal hdd, and arround $100 to get a TB external hdd. the slim sold well from a price drop; not from an increase in value. why do you people think the Wii is selling so well 4 years later? price. why don’t you release a $200-$250 ps3 slim model that has 20-60gb included?? and calling the move “innovative” is digging the move’s future grave(right next to the eyetoy for ps2.)

  • The new bundles seem interesting, and yet as a long time Sony customer, I’m at somewhat of a loss. For one, why not take advantage of the latest technology of using solid state drives? For two, if not for some reason, why not include at least a 1TB hard drive instead of drives that are still tiny compared to what is available for PCs? Will we ever get back 2nd OS capability again? If not, then why not refund all of the purchases of things for it like wireless keyboards that we wasted money on? Will we ever get at least software based emulation for PS2 titles? I purchased, and own a original 60GB model, but wish I could get the best of both worlds, i.e. a fully updated firmware, in a PS3 slim style case, that can both make use of on-line uses, a 2nd OS, and a fully Divx capable of playing .mvk video? I guess I’m just dreaming.. but lacking those features, I’ll never buy another PS3, much less PS4 or any other Sony product in the future….

  • My 60 gig got YLOD two days ago. I like the sound of this bundle, but if the hardware sucks and gets YLOD even though I don’t even exceed an hour each day, it isn’t worth it.

  • This makes me wonder how i survive with my 20GB

  • Will those have the 802.11n standard? If I remember correctly, not long after Microsoft unveiled the 360 slim, Sony said that we should expect future PS3s to have said standard.


  • OK, Really Why 500gbs are like 90 bucks.. buy one holy [DELETED]…

  • Now we need some new (always great) Kevin Butler ads!!!

  • @AndyRew #3

    Why shouldn’t they? Sony allows you to upgrade to an aftermarket hard drive without voiding the warranty, so adding bigger hard drives with new models makes good business sense.

    If you have an older PS3, you can buy a 2.5″ HDD – I bought a 500GB for $60 at Newegg – and swap it yourself. If you are buying your first PS3, not having to immediately upgrade from a 20GB drive saves you money.

  • i think thats koo cuz i was bout 2 buy a 250gb from a friend for $250 but now im juz goin wait 4 da 320gb one… u kno i juz gotta pay da diference, i think dats a kick [DELETED] price with all dat s include…..its gona be a big hit gooooooooo soooooooonyyyyy yeaaa!!!!!!!

  • great now how about letting me play my ps2 games on this damn system

  • Great bundle. I already got 500gb for in my PS3. PS Move Bundle package is all i need. Resistance 3 better deliver.

  • My 3-year-old PS3 has a 500GB hard drive, so I’m getting a kick out of these replies…

  • PS3 should release a 40 gig ps3 for 250 or less to compete with other counsels that are much cheaper…. there is no need to keep upgrading HARD DRIVES MOST PEOPLE DONT CARE! they would much rather see a cheaper PS3!

  • sdmf4ever and anyone else who wants more storage without a bundle. If you have an old model large PS3 you can upgrade the harddrive yourself with any 2.5″ SATA Laptop style Harddrive, sony even provides instructions for how to do it on their website. I have a 320 GB Sata HD in my original 60GB (The very first) PS3 Model. You can do this with any of the “fat” style PS3s. The slims however are not upgradable. Details and links to instructions can be found on this help page


    All you need is a screw driver, an Ipod or FAT32 Format external Hard Drive to back up your data using the built in back up tool on the PS3 and a high capacity (I think you can get 500GB for a reasonable price now) 2.5″ Serial ATA or SATA Hard Drive.

  • Also for everyone complaining about price points, the reason the Wii is so cheap is because hardware wise its basically a gamecube with a cooler controller. As for the Xbox, its just a compact 2005 mid range gaming computer with no Operating System, and the $199 model doesn’t come with any storage at all, why would you expect Sony, who has a proprietary cell processor that still is being produced at a loss for the price points their selling it at, to sell a $250 dollar model which has storage, Hell, the Wii doesn’t even come with storage, just an expansion slot for SD cards.

  • I am getting that PS3 for sure 320GB HDD, PS Move, PS Eye and Sport Champions I am getting that for Christmas if it last that long :)


    Stop Bashing on the PS3 if you Don’t like the PS Move Bundle then Buy the 160GB Version and Buy a New Hard Drive and Insert it into the PS3 its SIMPLE EASY Upgrade Process and if you need help ask a friend or your parents for HELP in Inserting and Buying one! “PRO TIP” buy at newegg.com

    The Only Thing I’d Like to See is New Colors besides Black.. But im sure that will come down the pipe lines. I currectly dont need another PS3 because i have the Orginal 60Gb and now the 120GB Slim which I Slamed down a 500Gb in it :D

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