Available This Fall: New PS3 System Models Featuring 160GB & 320GB Hard Drives

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Hi everyone! If you’re like me and use your PS3 to store all your favorite digital content, larger storage capacity is a must. This fall, we’re introducing two new models of the PS3 system– a 320GB PS3 system, which will be included in the PS3 Sports Champions Move bundle; as well as a 160GB PS3 system, which will be available as a standalone. These new higher capacity models will continue to offer the same advanced features and functions of the current models, but with approximately 33 percent more capacity and at compelling price points.

PlayStation 3 - 160GB Model

The 160GB PS3 system brings you more storage for the same price as the previous model — $299.99 (MSRP) — and is shipping to retailers nationwide now. The 320GB PS3 system will hit store shelves on September 19, in conjunction with the launch of PlayStation Move. It will be part of the PS3 Sports Champions Move bundle, which includes one PlayStation Move motion controller, PlayStation Eye camera, a copy of Sports Champions on Blu-ray disc, and bonus Blu-ray game demo disc– all in one complete package for $399.99 (MSRP). The value included in this bundle is incredible and we know this will further add to the exceptionally high demand for the new platform.

PlayStation 3 - 320GB Move Bundle

These new, larger hard drives mean more room for storing all the great content that PlayStation offers: thousands of games, movies, TV shows, as well as your personal photos, videos, music and so much more. There’s never been a more convenient, cost effective way to join the PlayStation family and bring the future of entertainment into your living room.

Next month is set to be a historic one for us here at PlayStation – you’ll be able to pick up high capacity PS3 systems and come September 19, you’ll be able to purchase PlayStation Move, the new and innovative motion gaming experience for the PS3 system that delivers the most realistic and immersive high-definition gaming experience ever created. The future of gaming has arrived and PlayStation is the force behind these innovations.


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  • what about a 320 GB without the bundle? I am not sold on Move just yet and am still wanting a bigger hard drive and upgrade?

  • its os beautiful… i want ps3 !!! :D

  • Seriously?! Why does Sony keep changing HDD sizes? It’s insane how often this happens!!

  • Great news. John I noticed the box actually denotes the color of the console. Was this always the case? Does this in any way indicate a White model coming to the US?

  • So does this mean no Classic White PS2 for the USA? :(

  • I probably will never run out, if I do, I will delete Home XD

  • I want to be happy but I can’t. My 40GB PS3 died almost 3 weeks ago and I decided to sent to sony for repairs. That was a mistake. Due to Sony’s shipping department, my ps3 hasn’t left my house yet. Frist they sent me a psp box (even though the label on the psp box said ps3), then they sent me a second box, the correct one but with an expired Fed Ex shipping label hence Fed Ex couldn’t enter it on their system and I wasn’t able to send it to sony. I called again on Monday the 16th of August and they told me they’d sent another box. 3! attempts just to send my console for repairs. Had I known about this sooner I’d probably would have bought or waited to buy a newer one (320GB model).

  • …Also Resistance 3? I guess everyone wins! Go Insomniac!

  • Good stuff, can’t wait for MOVE. I already have 2 PS3 slims so I will be going for the bundle pack and use the extra PSEYE for my second PS3.

    @ andyrew sony will keep doing it it’s only logical to do so, HDD get cheaper and people always need more space also to keep up to competition.

  • The Move Bundle will be mine Sept. 19 !!!

  • Next: playstation 4 :D

  • I have the PS3 Move bundle pre-ordered at Best Buy. Will I get it with 320 GB? or should I cancel my pre-order and do it again?

  • Also, please, for future Move games, it would be better if you make the new Move logo (at the right of the title) in Sport Champions, a sticker. The message will still be out there, but it would be removable.

    Thanks! Everyone at Sony is doing an excellent job!

  • So does this mean that the older models (120 and 250) will be cheaper? or will they be replaced?

  • @colonel007 There’s only one Move Bundle. At E3 they didn’t announce the Hard Drive capacity and now you know you’re getting a 320GB HDD.

  • They change the HD size over time because of costs. People don’t want smaller drives as times go on so demand is low. In time the costs go higher for smaller drives as the demand is for big drives. So Sony saves money by going with a 160GB rather then a 80gb drive.

  • And I thought $450 for my MGS4 80GB PS3 bundle was a great deal!

  • Wow, you guys got these announcements up quick.

    Great work on the new bundle, but why nmust there always be a $400 price point system for both you and Microsoft? Can’t we keep it at the sub-300 price point going forward?

  • @Jerel
    Thanks for the info. I didn’t know that!

  • I already have a 320gb hdd in my PS3…replaced the old tiny 40gb it came with….only cost me $50 for the hdd from newegg.com….so hah!….(just keep in mind if you want to upgrade your hdd, watch alot of youtube videos on it so you can know what your doing)

  • White PS3 is only for Japan Guys.

  • Needs more colours.

  • Price drop on the 120 gig?????

  • Sony just need to start selling bigger harddrives instead of coming out with new ps3 every so often and not changing nothin eles its easy to upgrade. I installed a 500gb. from day one and not worried about running out of room got tons of s@#$% on it!

  • I have 2 more questions! Sorry

    1) Is the Move bundle a permanent one, or a limited offer?

    2) Is there a reason why Japan is the only control to get colored consoles? I know America and Europe would like them too


  • Why not just by a 500GB hard drive at a store that sells it and put it in your PS3.

  • i already got the move preordered months ago (2 motion controlers, 1 nav, and sports champions. already have camera) . I CCAANNOOTTT WAAIITT 32 DAYS 10 DAYS AND 17 HOURS!!

  • i want to see price drop with 120gb.. make it $250

  • where are the new Motorstorm Apocalypse and Resistance 3 trailers?

  • @ ADR143 yeah not a bad idea i think there is a strong chance it might get a price drop soon it would sell alot at 250

  • Epic, I probably won’t get a Move yet. I wanted it with SOCOM 4 , but then it was delayed…


  • I don’t think I’ll buy that playstation move, this reminds me the Wii… a little bit too much

  • for 1 you can buy a 500 GB harddrive for less than a hundred dollars off ebay and slap it in your ps3 pretty quickly.but alot of people arent to savy so they think its hard. its one bolt. and for backwards compatiblity i have an old 80 gig and the emulation for ps2 is horrible so ps3 did away with it and its a good idea..it looks better with my ps2 and component cords than the ps3 n a HDMI cable. the bundle with the move is a good deal tho. i dont plan on gettin it but if i was and u get the extra GB plus the move for only a hundred beans its a good deal. ill keep fixing my old ps3 and ill have a 1 terabyte HD in soon. 500 GB just isnt cuttin it

  • @32 I can’t go along with this when i first got my 60 gig i never played ps2 games on it i was never interested in that. I have the ps3 slim have had it for months the 250 gig and i get next gen games and blu-ray movies for it and rent movies and buy games on psn store and i havent once missed the backward compatibility. If you wanna play your ps2 games get used ps2 for about 50 dollars enough with the whining and [DELETED]

  • @Eastwick You can pick up a used PS2 pretty cheaply for $50 at Gamestop. The reason why they took out the PS2 parts was to cut costs so they could make the PS3 cheaper. (I bought mine at launch for $599.99 Target)

    I still have my PSOne and I have two PS2 Slims to play games on and I never use the backwards capability features on my 60GB PS3.

    I don’t really think they need to make the PS3 more expensive. I bought my PS3 to play PS3 games.

  • Wow… 320GB that ridiculas! hell my 40 gig has lasted me 3 years and its still not full… I got like 10 or so games lots of video’s pictures PS home a PS eye + the program for it and like 7 full lenght albums on their.

  • Wireless N (802.11n)?

  • That Move bundle is looking like quite a deal. Right now, the 250GB’s are $350(?) For $50 more, an extra 70GB plus a Move bundle priced at $100 on its own. Late adopters winning again. I’ve spent $500 on a 20GB, then $300 on a 120GB, plus a small fortune on the upcoming Move stuff. Can I get a Trophy for my troubles or something?

    The “I Can’t Wait for Price Drops” Trophy?

  • agree with # 38… wats sup with that.. :(

  • 320gb……excuse me *slaps self in the face* yup its still there

  • …But still no backwards compatability with the PS2. I’d rather have that than an overpriced hard drive add-on. Good thing I bought the 60 gig and then just put a 500 gig hard drive in.

  • i been looking around and their few things i read that werent talk about here.. we can chat while having on playtv.. snce when do we have playtv in the states.. and what is “mubi” ????? i did sum diggn and found this.. ” MUBI is a web site making great films from prominent festivals around the world accessible to anyone through high-definition video streaming”

    found this info from a 3rd party site but wat to know wat sony is planning…. and when is their gon be interactions between the ps3 and ps3 forums.. ??? but in overrall.. great press confrence and more excited to chosen sony.. :)

  • I put money down on all the move controllers this is going to be the best last months of the year GO SONY.

  • This gives me another reason to wait to get a slim ps3 (since mine cant play blu-ray discs and that i own a fat version). I’ll wait and see how the playstation move turns out.

    @luciFOUR there most likely gonna do both sell the older models for cheap and discontinue them, thats how they’ve been doing things.

    @burntchicken you can get a wireless N adapter for $75 which works for anything that is ethernet-equipped at amazon.com

  • Cool, but I don’t need more space, 120gigs is plenty. A $249 price point (which will obviously come eventually) woulda been better. Or a firmware update with actual new features people have been asking for.

  • @7.. if you didnt ship your ps3 to Sony yet, im not sure what your issue/complaint is about lol.

    @32.. Seriously? Seriously… why did you sell your ps2 to buy a ps3 to play ps2 games on? what is with you people? Do you also complain that your mp3 player wont play your cd’s? lol

  • nice but PS3 needs a price drop BAD.

  • This is sweet for people who were planing on buying the Move bundle before but were turned off by the price. 320 GB w/ Move is indeed an incredible deal.

    This will definitely improve sales of Move. Good Job Sony.

  • I was looking forward to the white one. I would have reserved it asap if it was the white version like Japan is getting.
    It would make sense since so far PS3 is the only system without more than one color in America. :(

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