Dead Nation: New Zombie Survival Guide Trailer

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With zombies coming at you from every angle in Dead Nation, you’ll need to know the basics of surviving the zombie apocalypse! Watch the Zombie Survival Guide below:

Dead Nation offers up a variety of weapons to tackle the different zombie types that are after your brains. The combination of the Rifle’s power and accuracy is effective for taking out the big zombies coming at you from a distance. Use your Shotgun when entering tight alleyways and crossing bridges to ensure you stop anything coming at you. Surrounded by a horde of zombies? Whip out that SMG and spray those bullets all directions. And of course there’s my personal favorite: light ‘em up with the flamethrower and watch as a single burning zombie turns into a walking forest fire!

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Now don’t forget to use the environment and your secondary weapons as distractions. You can fire at vending machines and watch the zombies run towards the spitting cans dispensing from the machine making themselves easy targets for you and your SMG. Now imagine laying a mine down in front of that machine before setting it off: Zombies will rush right up to it and then BOOM!

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There will be droves of zombies coming after you in Dead Nation. Use the strategies mentioned above in your arsenal but remember: How you take out the zombie apocalypse in your quest for the cure is up to you. Stay alive and happy hunting!

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  • It’s about time we hear more of Dead Nation. I hope there is a demo for everyone, not just PS+ owners…

  • Really want this. Been waiting so flippin’ long for it.. you guys should really work on such early reveals..

  • do you think that playstation plus could get an exclusive beta to this playstation exclusive? or how about an exclusive demo… i just love the word exclusive since i switched to the exclusive ps3 of epicness…

  • Here’s hoping for a release just before Halloween!

  • Dead Nation’s going to be a lot of people’s favourite PSN game. :)

  • Hey Housemarque, I purchased Super Stardust HD when it came out. The day of. And I bought all the expansions you did for it. I loved that game and still do. It’s an essential PSN title in my opinion. I thought very highly of you guys and still do for the most part. But let me make this clear to you: If there isn’t online co-op in a game like this, I am not purchasing it. I don’t care how good it actually is. This is the kind of title that NEEDS co-op. I am dumbfounded as to how it’s been in development this long, and actually HAS a co-op mode that isn’t online. This is a no-brainer. So unless online co-op is included, no sale.

  • This looks fun. I love zombies :D

  • that zombie picking up the flare & putting it in his mouth was funny, can’t wait for this game to come out

  • Laying out those mines reminded me alot of SSHD lol. I’ll buy buying this the day it’s out.

  • this game better have new game +, I dont care even if it disable the trophies.

  • great trailer. hopefully there will will be a release date soon.

  • Awesome cant wait! Better hurry and release it before Dead Rising 2 comes out!

  • Very pleased to read that it isn’t arena-based, that formula grows old extremely quickly. Will buy this on day 1 if it has online co-op.

  • Demo?

  • Man, I hope this supports 3D. If 3D was added to SSD, it seems a no brainer…right.

  • i can tell this game would be fun but trust me you will get way more buys if you price it right.. at $10 you will see a lot more people buying it rather than $15

    i think it would be wiser to get 2 people buying this game and making $20 rather than just one and make 15, all these little games are being overpriced and after 1 or 2 weeks nobody cares anymore..

    sell them at a good price while they’re hot fellas.. it would work out way better for you.. anything above $10 for these type of games i never buy cause i know i will only play them for a total of 3 to 5 hours.. they get too repetitive way too fast

  • awesommeeeee. Can’t wait to get it.

  • There is no Japanese version?

  • Gameplay looks just like the online flash game Boxhead which was really addicting. Love it – this might just have to be my first ever PSN purchase…

  • I agree that this game needs a demo. Stardust is an awesome title. Will this support custom soundtracks?

    Once custom soundtracks came out, that gave me the mind set (listening to metallica’s black album) to get the Gold Trophy for 15x multiplyer or whatever. At the time, that was my first gold trophy. Long Live Stardust!

  • d1p (day 1 purchase) for me!!

  • Cannot wait! I’ve wanted this since I first saw it!

  • will there be a demo?

  • Dead Nation is going to be awesome!!!Can’t wait, Fist day buy for me Keep it comming PSN

  • This is looking more amazing every update. I’m excited for a release date! Between this and Dead Rising 2 it looks like we can all finish off 2010 mowing down zombies!

    there’s also a rumour that Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 will be coming out on the PS3… but that’s just a rumour right now.

  • David you answered a question i’ve been asking for ages!! Is this an arena style game. But now that I know there is a story i am DEFINATELY going to buy

  • any chance you can tell us what you mean by they’re looking into more than just 2 player co-op offline?

    anyways, it’s really hard for me to wait for this game, i’ve been waiting since the first trailer for it.. thanks for all the info, and i can’t wait to hear more info about this one..

  • As great as this game looks..

    Online co-op is a NECESSITY, not just a possibility or option.

    Many people will be put off from buying this game if it doesn’t have online co-op upon launch. Especially for a top-down Zombie shooter, the online portion needs to be a lot more robust than other games.

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