Dead Nation: New Zombie Survival Guide Trailer

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With zombies coming at you from every angle in Dead Nation, you’ll need to know the basics of surviving the zombie apocalypse! Watch the Zombie Survival Guide below:

Dead Nation offers up a variety of weapons to tackle the different zombie types that are after your brains. The combination of the Rifle’s power and accuracy is effective for taking out the big zombies coming at you from a distance. Use your Shotgun when entering tight alleyways and crossing bridges to ensure you stop anything coming at you. Surrounded by a horde of zombies? Whip out that SMG and spray those bullets all directions. And of course there’s my personal favorite: light ‘em up with the flamethrower and watch as a single burning zombie turns into a walking forest fire!

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Now don’t forget to use the environment and your secondary weapons as distractions. You can fire at vending machines and watch the zombies run towards the spitting cans dispensing from the machine making themselves easy targets for you and your SMG. Now imagine laying a mine down in front of that machine before setting it off: Zombies will rush right up to it and then BOOM!

PSN: Dead Nation - Gameplay

There will be droves of zombies coming after you in Dead Nation. Use the strategies mentioned above in your arsenal but remember: How you take out the zombie apocalypse in your quest for the cure is up to you. Stay alive and happy hunting!

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  • Is this coming out soon?

  • Looks pretty cool but a lot like that other zombie game that came out a while ago on PSN.
    Apocolyptic Something or something like that.

    • Other zombie games previously released on PSN were arena-based but Dead Nation has a story-driven campaign, lots of weapon upgrades and many zombie types. It’s a very beefy game with a ton of depth.

  • release date?

  • Wow another zombie game to go with the 10 already on psn –

  • I only need to be told when.This game looks great and I cant wait to get my hands on it.I just hope its this year

  • Would love to know when this is coming out. >.>

  • Release date? Local and online co-op? How much?

    Need answers for these!

  • I definitely think this article should include information like, “This game will be available on the PSN”, etc etc.

    Unless they haven’t decided that yet.
    … Or something.

  • Also, just checked out the reviews.
    And to people whining that this game sounds like every other Zombie game out there — uhm, DUH??? Zombie games have been chewed up and regurgitated in different forms for years now. Just chill out and enjoy the gameplay, rather than the story.

    It looks like it’s gonna be an original game to me! I definitely haven’t seen anything like this. Not with those graphics, anyways. And that diversion (like shooting the car to distract the zombies) seemed like an interesting tactic.

    But it’s just a trailer!
    The actual video game will probably (or hopefully, really) have more!

  • Typical Sony, just like teasing us! With no street date, or price!!

  • Dead Nation has one of the the best looking flame-throwers I’ve seen in any recent game!

  • maybe this game would be out already if this company wasnt making more than one game. way to make us wait for everything sony

  • “… another zombie game to go with the 10 already on psn -”

    Yes, but this time, this one looks like one I will actually buy.

  • Give us a damn release date, its been too long. I want to play it now. Thank you

  • any idea how much is it?

  • Whats that secret number 4 at 1:17??

  • Has this game got status updates? Don’t know if that’s the right word but what i mean is like Modern warfare 2, it tells you what levels your friends are playing, different modes etc..
    example (DEAD NATION playing co-op in New york) If not please add this feature its very useful.

  • These graphics make this zombie chaos quite sweet. And then watching one newb zombie put a rocket in its mouth before it explodes is something I didn’t expect, but enjoyed immensely.

  • he said beefy game! you that means its $14.99. time to charge my psn account for castle crashers and zombie nation!

  • I just wan’t to know the price range and length… btw, is there online and offline multiplayer?

  • Man the PSN network just decided to shoot out games I want to buy this fall. I’ve already decided to skip Scott Pilgrim for now, Shank is coming soon, then Castle Crashers is getting close, then Dead Nation. Thats a lot of $20 PSN cards I need to buy.

  • Looking good, I have been waiting too long for this. SuperStar Dust HD was awesome, hoping this will drop early fall and not late fall. Please before the October onslaught of games.

    You said story based but is the game more like an arcade game with lives and score, or more like an RPG with one life and some stats or loot?

    • Yes, we’re also very excited for the final version of Housemarque’s latest masterpiece.

      The game will lean further on the arcade side with lives and score but will also include stats and loot.

  • Sounds like something I’d take for a spin. Demo please.

  • A question about the rendering: why don’t the flaming zombies emit light on the ground underneath them? Everything else looks great, including the muzzle flashes on the gun, but that missing detail stand out to me.

    What’s the load you guys are putting on the SPUs right now? Are they all active?

    Can we look forward to 24-bit HD audio for the explosions, collisions, and things?

  • NOT AReNA BAsed???


  • This is the first trailer that really peaked my interest about this game. Housemarque really needs to show off more gameplay in these trailers. I hope that it will be 9.99. Will there be a demo?

  • If any of the magic that’s in Super Stardust finds it’s way into Dead Nation this could be the definitive zombie game for the PSN. I’m excited to see what these guys have been spending their time on.

  • tell housemarque they need better anti aliasing…..

  • Definitely buying this day one just because SSHD was that awesome… & because the game look like endless fun!

  • The graphics look great, but so far it too closely resembles the other multiple twin stick zombie shooters I already own on PSN… I am going to need a demo to convince me this game is different enough for me to purchase. Zombie stuff, especially in video games lately, is becoming so passe. They fail to excite or shock me much anymore. Just sayin’.

  • i love the vending machine distractions. can you release details on how one would obtain a new weapon in the game? whether it be a pickup found or an upgrade gained?

    any multiplayer confirmed yet?

    • There are weapon shops at every checkpoint where you can purchase new weapons and upgrade the ones already in your arsenal. Different types of armor can be purchased and upgraded here too.

      Currently there is two-player offline co-op but the team is looking into what else is possible.

  • been waiting forever for this, cannot wait…..BRAINSSSSSSSSSSS

  • Game looks awesome, I’m always up for more zombie killing, will be a day one purchase for me.

    …Now if only I didn’t have to wait until sometime in the fall to do so :(

  • I can’t wait! why is the wait killing me >_<

  • This game looks fantastic! If it has online multiplayer me and all of my friends will buy this.

    Please, please, please include online mp. Perfect scenario would be a team of 4 (you and 3 online friends).

  • Thanks David for the response. I like that kinda arcadey but with stats and loot too!!!!

    What about in-game music? Nothing better than wasting zombies to some good death metal or psuedo slamdancing blue-grass.

    Either way it sounds like a day-one purchase for me.

  • the trailer doesn’t work to me, do it need flash upgrade?

  • saw the post and was like nahh, decided let me READ and Watch the video… WOW THIS IS MINE!

  • I Wish For A Survival Mode….To Add Replay Because once u do the story twice its boring……And Add Online to this Game!!!!!.. Or I Cant Purchase It For My Reasons


  • Played this at E3 with a member of the development team at Sony’s meeting room/lounge. The lighting was really impressive, as was the stability of the engine. The framerate didn’t dip even with hundreds of enemies on screen. You could definitely see the SSHD influence in the control scheme, it handled very nicely! Can’t wait to review this.

  • S-s-s-old! Now give us two player ONLINE co-op and I’ll name my next child Housemarque.

  • It´s kinda like Age of Zombies but in 1080p and some improvements

  • Can’t wait! It’s looking even better than before! I want it now!

  • Huge mistake not having online coop. I can’t understand how soo many of these games are built perfectly for it but don’t include it. This looks so much better than Zombie Apocalypse, and that game had 4 player coop. This might get passed on by a lot of people.

  • Online Coop Please!

  • 3D-ready?

  • Ummmm…. way to kill with anticipation there. That looked so freakin rad that I can’t wait for this to come out. Day 1 buy for me. Thanks Housemarquee!

    Off topic
    btw: to everyone!

    I know that its a crappy port but i just bought Bayonetta for $19.99 brand new at Best Buy. They’re having a special on it this week. Just got a copy of it. hope its good
    *fingers crossed*

  • I hope there is a halloween mode or something, pumpkin heads, something… I want a game to finally use holiday themes again…

  • looks GREAT!…we need a demo :)

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