DanceDanceRevolution: Comes to PS3 with Move Support – Demo it Today in LA

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My name is Naoki Maeda, and I’m the Music Composer and one of the creators of DanceDanceRevolution! If you’re not familiar with DanceDanceRevolution, it’s the cult favorite arcade game and pioneering dance game that started it all!

DanceDance Revolution: PS3 & Move

If you followed the franchise, you know that we’ve been a part of the PlayStation family for years now. In fact, we recently teamed with the SCEA and the state of West Virginia to bring DanceDanceRevolution with the PlayStation 2, to all of the public schools in the state of West Virginia. This program, designed to combat childhood obesity, was a big hit — with Governor Joe Manchin praising it and Michelle Obama even stating President Obama has DanceDanceRevolution.

With each year and each iteration of DanceDanceRevolution, we work to bring new and fun challenges to players — which leads us to today, where I’m happy to announce DanceDanceRevolution is coming to the PlayStation 3! The PlayStation 3 is a console that we’ve been developing on for over a year and now that we’re ready to show the game, we wanted to come on the PlayStation.Blog to tell you how excited we are!

In DanceDanceRevolution for PS3, players can expect the same high-energy fun that you’ve been accustomed to. Players can look forward to hearing licensed music from today’s top artists and also music from our team here at Bemani. And since players will be able to access DanceDanceRevolution on the PlayStation Network, you can be assured; there will be a lot of downloadable content coming down the line.

DanceDance Revolution: PS3 & Move

The best thing about bringing DanceDanceRevolution to the PS3 is that we can use the AWESOME PlayStation MOVE motion controller. This awesome new peripheral allows us to bring some really cool new aesthetics and challenges to the game. We took out the avatars to allow the camera and the MOVE controller to put the focus on the player.

As we speak, I’m on a plane coming to the US from Japan! That’s because today (Thursday, August 12), we’re hosting the very first ever DanceDanceRevolution community event. This event is the official launch party for our PS3 sku! I’ll be there, along with some of the other good folks from Bemani and KONAMI. And since the PlayStation.Blog is my family too, I’ve given them 25 invites! So if you’re in the LA area, let us know if you would like to come! For more information, head to our Facebook page! I hope to meet a few of you there!

We have a lot more news to tell you about DanceDanceRevolution PS3 in the future, but we wanted to come here first and give you a little taste! So look out for DanceDanceRevolution PS3 this holiday season!

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  • At 19… I LOVE THAT SONG!!!!

  • I know what game I’ll be playing for a long time. :D
    I can’t wait.

  • I dont mean to be a critic but i miss how ddr used to be. i lost interest once the americanized songs started appearing. there are still alot of good songs though. cant wait to see whats in stored. congradulations naoki. your music is very good. ^u^

  • I made it to the event, it was packed and fun. I didn’t know any of the songs being played by the three DJs, or even the DJs themselves…But I haven’t been in the DDR scene for years now. I did end up winning Supernova 2 though, so that was cool! Also adding that Move controller brings a new level of difficulty haha.

  • I dont know, the ddr franchise has been in decline after the extreme series. When ever i need a ddr fix i play stepmania since i like making songs. I was looking forward to this game but after looking at some of the tracks (lady gaga come on) i am very dissapointed. The only music game i play now thag cares for the fans is djmax.

  • FINALLY A DDR GAME FOR PS3!!!! What took so long though?

  • @informer
    “Welcome to the dark black forest. I hope this revolution is televised.”

    Thanks, this just made my day :)

  • I thought it was gonna be 8 steps ? lol

  • FINALLY available for PS3, I’m not sure I care now, I wanted it about 2 years ago. great you are releasing it though

  • It reminds me about the great souvenirs I had on my PS2 :)

  • I really hope you bring back songs from every version/mix of the DDR music catologue. I need me some Be For You, Dynamite Rave and Dive.

  • Hey Konami, Can you make sure we get some quality dance pads please? As a long time PS1/PS2 DDR player I can say that the plastic pads that shipped with the older games are terrible. I had to go to some 3rd party website to purchase a 40 dollar foam pad in order to play on higher difficulties.

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