DanceDanceRevolution: Comes to PS3 with Move Support – Demo it Today in LA

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My name is Naoki Maeda, and I’m the Music Composer and one of the creators of DanceDanceRevolution! If you’re not familiar with DanceDanceRevolution, it’s the cult favorite arcade game and pioneering dance game that started it all!

DanceDance Revolution: PS3 & Move

If you followed the franchise, you know that we’ve been a part of the PlayStation family for years now. In fact, we recently teamed with the SCEA and the state of West Virginia to bring DanceDanceRevolution with the PlayStation 2, to all of the public schools in the state of West Virginia. This program, designed to combat childhood obesity, was a big hit — with Governor Joe Manchin praising it and Michelle Obama even stating President Obama has DanceDanceRevolution.

With each year and each iteration of DanceDanceRevolution, we work to bring new and fun challenges to players — which leads us to today, where I’m happy to announce DanceDanceRevolution is coming to the PlayStation 3! The PlayStation 3 is a console that we’ve been developing on for over a year and now that we’re ready to show the game, we wanted to come on the PlayStation.Blog to tell you how excited we are!

In DanceDanceRevolution for PS3, players can expect the same high-energy fun that you’ve been accustomed to. Players can look forward to hearing licensed music from today’s top artists and also music from our team here at Bemani. And since players will be able to access DanceDanceRevolution on the PlayStation Network, you can be assured; there will be a lot of downloadable content coming down the line.

DanceDance Revolution: PS3 & Move

The best thing about bringing DanceDanceRevolution to the PS3 is that we can use the AWESOME PlayStation MOVE motion controller. This awesome new peripheral allows us to bring some really cool new aesthetics and challenges to the game. We took out the avatars to allow the camera and the MOVE controller to put the focus on the player.

As we speak, I’m on a plane coming to the US from Japan! That’s because today (Thursday, August 12), we’re hosting the very first ever DanceDanceRevolution community event. This event is the official launch party for our PS3 sku! I’ll be there, along with some of the other good folks from Bemani and KONAMI. And since the PlayStation.Blog is my family too, I’ve given them 25 invites! So if you’re in the LA area, let us know if you would like to come! For more information, head to our Facebook page! I hope to meet a few of you there!

We have a lot more news to tell you about DanceDanceRevolution PS3 in the future, but we wanted to come here first and give you a little taste! So look out for DanceDanceRevolution PS3 this holiday season!

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  • Will you need both the Foot Pad and Move peripheral to play?

  • Nice I loved it for the PS2 now for the PS3 briliant. Is the game any different tho? What I mean is will it build on what is already there or its just a port of the PS2 to the PS3??

  • Very Very Excercise

  • I love DDR, so I’m VERY happy to hear the news. I’ve been wanting DDR on PS3 for a VERY long time. For sure I’ll buy this. I’m curious as to what the pricing for downloadable music will be, and I hope the music keeps coming (something like 100-200+ songs from previous DDR games, arcade DDRs, etc.). It would be nice if Konami could have a song request line, where fans mention what music they would like to see as download content, and if Konami can get it licensed, it appears (I’m talking about music from previous DDR games at least).

    Thank you so much Konami. :D I’m also curious as to which studio is developing it, whether its KCET, KCES, or KCEH.

  • Sounds fantastic!! All I need is a promise that this will get more support than SingStar and I’m in. Got any prices for the game and/or bundles?

  • Will there be a plastic dance pad for old-school gamers?

  • Will their be an announcement on the new songs and or full track list and for konami/sony will their be an announcement for a dance pad game bundle? If there is one pleaae do not be cheap and pack it in with those terrible pad that is easily rips

  • Looking forward to hear more on how Move is integrated into this franchise.

  • THANKS. :D

    About time lol

  • hey will this work with a PS2/USB adaptor by the way? Just curious, cause my DDR pad was like 150 dollars and i dont really feel like buying another one/using the cheap plastic pads… D:

  • Yay. My huge, expensive, metal dance pad doesn’t plug into the slim PS3.

    I love this series to death but I’m going to have to pass. I’m sure you guys will bog the North American release with crappy American pop songs just like you always do instead of the songs we actually want from overseas.

  • I’m not good at DDR at all but its still fun to here how i’m a failure every time I play so I can’t wait for this one to come out! is there an approximate time for release?

  • Cool! Move support should be interesting.

  • Same question than “Krolak”
    “Will you need both the Foot Pad and Move peripheral to play?”
    I hope you can use both, I think for newbies having just the Move controllers will be easier.

  • Can we expect some vintage tracks on disc as well? Or even the ability to make edits and upload them online for everyone to play?

    Very excited to see you posting here by the way.

  • That’s great, I’ve been waiting a long time for a PS3 DDR. But… you didn’t completely take out the avatars, did you? It’s just in whatever the Move mode is, right?

  • Are their real hard top dance pads for the PS3 out there?

  • The Move inclusion saddens me. As much as I love DDR anyone playing it does look pretty spectacularly silly 95% of the time. Hats off to Sony for the Move. I didn’t think there was a way to make the act of playing DDR look worse but you guys found a way.

  • Oh how i missed DDR….

    Looking forward to the new selection of music

  • Welcome to the dark black forest. I hope this revolution is televised.

  • Move support for DDR sounds good, but I’d prefer to see a re-release of the arcade/PS2 game ParaParaParadise (パラパラパラダイス) with PS Move support

    This game was really popular in the arcades of Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan back in the day… and I think it’d be really well suited to PS Move with two controllers.

    DDR sounds good too, but a Move version of PPP could be played without the mat.

  • @Naoki Maeda

    Ok 3 questions:

    1) Will we have the opportunity to download the music from the PS2 games or at least get a license to install our discs to the PS3 for use with the PS3 version?

    2)Will be getting DLC for additional tracks? Perhaps even stuff that was only released in the PS3 version? or Cross over stuff like music from other games?


  • Aaaah, but I wanted avatars… Will it come with a dance pad?

  • Sony come on…when Dance Central comes out on Xbox…u need to come up wit something better….Since putting out the eyetoy on the ps3 Ive yet to see any exclusive Sony style games….

  • lol Zoh-May-GAHD! This is awesome!

    I would go just to see NAOKI!!!! lol.

    I cant wait to preorder!!! Ive been waiting so long for it!

  • Nice i might check this out

  • Any chance of more the european or even K-Pop tracks making it in? LEE JUNG HYUN PLEASE!

  • One request:

    Can you guys add Bye Bye Baby Balloon to this one? It was featured only in DDRMAX Arcade, and that machine is VERY rare.

    Please please I love BBBB! XD

  • I just realised that you’re ‘the’ Naoki san – 前田尚紀 :D

    You’re a legend! Will you be bringing any of that DDR community love to Hong Kong any time soon?

    More importantly… what’s your NEXT music game going to be????

  • I would think that they would have focused on the PS3 Eye for more control in the game. The PS2 had it and PS3 can do it better. It has a better CPU and better camera. The Move is not needed for this game but if they are saying Move to mean that the camera is the primary method and the controller for menu navigation then we need more information on how they incorporate the “MOVE” technology in-game.

  • If that plastic dancepad thing has been removed from the mix, I may very well be getting in on this. Due to some unfortunate past events, me dancing in public has been declared a warcrime. XD

    Plus, Konami’s always good in my book.

  • -_-… you guys better continue your hardcore game support… just cause more people like this stuff doesn’t mean there are no people who want hardcore stuff to not be pulled down by this (like Killzone 3, not much people have 3d tv, and nobody will use move in it, so let the developers spend more time making the game fun.)

  • YAY can’t wait !! They Should Make Pump it up too. other than this. :)

  • About time, been looking for this for a year now, what happend to the ddr game announced last year?, Move might sound intresting, but I really hope it’s optional, and will there be 8 way pad (optional) as in the original announcement last year?
    I think I would also miss the avatars!, any way adding them when you do not use the move? (wich I hope is optional..)
    It will be a definitive buy for me, as I bought lot’s of you’re games for ps1-ps2-and XBox, I really hope you keep the formula and not ruins it with forcing move usage on all game modes.
    Also looking forward for lot’s of dlc addons, I hope you price them reasonable (less than 1 US dollar/song)
    And finally I hope it will have a us/eu released simular time, so I do not need to wait even longer as I lives in Europe (Norway) – Can’t belive it took you so long to release a ps3 version thought, I hope next will come faster! as it’s my fovourite game wich I spend definetly most time on!

  • @XxNo0b_H8rxX (31)
    I always thought of DDR (and Bemani) as appealing to hardcore audiences when you compare it to other franchises. The numerous video game soundtracks they’ve incorporated into DDR tracklists is evidence of that.

    Anyway, I’m really excited for a new DDR game! After having played so many versions on PS2, I’m ready for a PS3 version.

  • is this really THE NAOKI MAEDA? if so,then wow the man is a legend back in japan. i listened to some of his music on youtube and its pretty those who dont know.he is so famous in japan that he has his own band! XD

    i never xpected you,naoki to be on the ps3 since nothing was announced back there at konami’s press conference.i really dont know what say anymore but thank you for making awesome music XD

    great great news for those that are in to party dances! XD

  • It’s been in the making for a while…
    Now bring us IIDX for the PS3.

  • I’m assuming there won’t be any pad? I really hope not, since Dance Central doesn’t need one.

    Can we count on 1080p visuals and HD audio that takes advantage of bluray’s capacity?

    Some aspect of Play Create Share, as well?

  • This can be a buy for me, as long as i can only use mats and dont have to use move.

  • Yay! Surely gonna buy.

    Hope other Bemani games make their way to the PS3 as well (especially to the west). I love asian musical games (Beatmania, DJ Max, Pump it Up and so on). It’s sad they’re absent from the PS3 and western market.

  • Its about time… I hope the pad is wireless.

  • verry verry exercise?

  • YAY

  • PLEASE make metal DDR Pads that are compatible with both the PS3 AND PS2!

  • This isn’t Naoki Maeda. Anyone who watched Konami’s E3 conference knows this guy’s Engrish is terrible.

  • nice, I’ll be able to sell my xbox 360 now. I only kept it because of the dance dance games I bought for my sisters on it. Now I’ll be able to sell my xbox 360 and buy two new dance pad on the PS3!! =D

  • @31 XxNo0b_H8rxX

    What are you talking about? I’m a big Killzone 2 fan and I’m excited about using my PS Move with Killzone 3 among other titles. I love that Sony is pushing this so hard as that was one of my biggest regrets with the PS Eye, Eye Toy, PS2 Hard Drive, PS2 Network Adapter, pressure sensitive buttons (Dual Shock 2), and Sixaxis. It’s the kind of support that all of the aforementioned items didn’t get. Now we have a real chance at seeing this technology grow and be fully utilized. The kind of support the Dual Shock 1 got back in the day when it released Post PSX launch.

    So don’t say no one will use it or Sony should refocus developers on the Dual Shock 3. That just isn’t fair to the rest of us who are looking forward to these new implementations. Even if I don’t use the PS Move more than a few times on KZ3, I’d like to take solace in Sony at least giving it the old college try; before flat out abandoning it by tossing it into the lake and seeing if it can float on its own.

  • Naoki FTW! I have worked my legs very hard thanks to you.

  • I’m a huge fan of DDR… the only thing is, I’m kinda not liking the new things added to this game.

    The removal of the avatars is a huge let down for me… I loved the characters in past DDR games, and unlocking new ones was always fun! Plus, having the move be a central focus kinda lets me down as well, mostly because, I think I’d personally prefer to play without the move…

    Also, this is more of a personal opinion, but having the “popular” music from “top artists” doesn’t appeal to me at all! One of the things I really like about a lot of music games is hearing some unique music I’ve never heard before from some lesser-known artists… I love the original music created specifically for DDR, but the idea of dancing to a Lady GaGa song makes me sick to my stomach. Now, if there were songs by The Knife, or Infected Mushroom on the disc, that would be an entirely different story…

    I just really enjoy unique, original music, and I prefer a more customizable experience with avatars and such in DDR… Being a huge DDR fan though, I will most likely be purchasing this, but I have high expectations for a game that’s raised my standards for the music genre in the past.

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