PlayStation Move Event Hits PlayStation Home + Top Gun, Star Wars & More!!!

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This Thursday, August 12th, the gates to the Presentation Podium re-open to celebrate the release of the upcoming PlayStation Move motion-sensor controller. And we are inviting you all to take part in this exclusive community event, only available in PlayStation Home.

Playstation Home: Move Space PlayStation Home: Move Mini Game

Kicking off first thing tomorrow morning, visitors to the PlayStation Move event space will automatically be granted a unique PlayStation Move controller outfit that will serve as your key to access the full event experience. Don your outfit, grab three of your friends, and commence the team challenge: Coordinate with your team to earn new versions of the controller outfit (denoted by the color variants) until you unlock the ultimate prize, a PlayStation Move outfit complete with the iconic fully animated multi-colored orb. Also available within the space is a limited-edition multi-color PlayStation Move controller outfit that is packed with all-new emotes for your avatar!

Week two of the Empire Strikes Back 30th anniversary celebration continues with more Star Wars costumes – including the Boba Fett Mandalorian outfit (along with Han Solo and Luke Skywalker costumes). While you are in-world eating up all that special Star Wars content, be sure to visit the Central Plaza kiosk and pick up the Yoda Ears (available for free for one week only) and, of course, head to the recently-released Star Wars Cantina and experience one of the franchise’s most famous scenes PlayStation Home-style.

PlayStation Home: Star Wars PlayStation Home: Star Wars

And for those of you who are lucky enough to be attending Star Wars Celebration V this weekend in Orlando, FL, be sure to say “hi” to our friend GlassWalls, who will be hanging out at the PlayStation Home booth (he’s easy to identify – just look for the bright pink hair!)

Paramount Digital Entertainment has just announced that Top Gun – the video game based on the 80’s iconic hypersonic film – will be making its debut on PlayStation Network on Tuesday, August 17. It’s a free-flying combat shooter featuring Maverick, Iceman & the rest of the Top Gun fliers, scripted with new dialogue and combat scenarios by the film’s screenwriter, Jack Epps, Jr., and features two single player & five multiplayer modes (Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Top Gun, Bombing Run & Capture the Flag).

PlayStation Home: Top Gun PlayStation Home: Top Gun

Those of you who purchase Top Gun before August 24 will receive a free limited-edition flight suit for your PlayStation Home avatar. And that’s not all – on Monday, August 16th, at 5:00pm PDT (8:00pm EST), Top Gun screenwriter Jack Epps Jr. will be on-hand in Central Plaza to celebrate and chat with you, the PlayStation Home community! To participate, simply wear your new Top Gun avatar t-shirt, available when you watch the exciting new game trailer in the PlayStation Home Theater this Thursday, August 12th.

PlayStation Home: Sneak Attack PlayStation Home: Sneak Attack

Also releasing this week into the wide world of PlayStation Home is a brand-new game for your personal space (Solitaire), a host of art (Patient Zero, Vlad the Impaler, and Blackbeard artwork from our friends at LOOT! and Sideshow Collectibles), clothing and furniture items from the soon-to-be-released Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days (download the demo now from the PlayStation Network), the new Ocean Bubble aquarium, clocks (courtesy of Mass Media), and the hilarious new “Sneak Attack” items (free “traps” that you can place in your personal space that can be used to trick your friends – upgrade these with sound banks that change the gags and also come with special virtual items).

See you in Home!

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4 Author Replies

  • Why would they release a PSPhone? Wasn’t the PSPGo enough of a failure?


  • When are we getting the buggalo riding range? And when is the dance off with Slurms McKenzie. I’m old. I can’t wait around forever. And with this Move thing I’m only gonna end up breaking my hip again.

  • How early is “first thing in the morning”? 12:00am?

  • Looking good. The new costumes sound awesome. Definitely like the sound of the new personal items for our spaces. One question: As the clocks are from Mass Media, will they actually tell time?

    I may be getting a fish tank. I grew up with them in our home. Thank you for the good news.

  • ^ thats what i want to know. lol and what time zone? Oh well i’ll just log on tomorrow. ^

  • Sony stop waisting time developing crap for Home and get your PS3 that is supposed to do ‘Everything’ able to do cross game voice chat.

  • Good news everyone! The move event was cancelled for North America! Now my hip won’t have to be replaced with titanium or that fancy looking carbon fiber. Unless I get kidnapped by Europeans in my sleep. Oh my……

  • So that’s a “No” on getting those E3 Move controllers and shirt. Oh well, I will try for these, but really hate that I missed out on those.

  • Is it possible that Sony stops developing stuff that people don’t want and develop games instead? There hasn’t been a big PS3 game in months now.

  • @58 oh so you decide what everybody wants huh,well i think i can decide for myself thanks and i happen to enjoy spending time in ps Home.And what kind of games do you like playing,let me guess those games that involve guns,fighting,war i bet.well your country needs you so go sign up.

  • It would be awesome if you added some of Danny Choo’s dance moves to the avatars in Home! And even more awesome if you had the cantina band play Ai No Corrida every once in a while!

  • Another Lame update..

  • Am glad i stop buying anything else on this crappy boring place call Home.. home is a piece of garbage,,

  • Hey, Theres a PlayStation Home Booth at Celebration V? I’m Going on Friday. Any more info so I don’t walk up to the wrong guy? lol

  • tiger, dude with bright pink hair is the one you want

    Im in Home right now and where is the move event? Not there and its first thing in the morning

  • Hey everyone,

    I’ve just received word that the PlayStation Move event space, as previously announced in today’s blog post, will not be releasing in SCEA tomorrow morning (Thursday, August 12th). I will update you with more details as I receive them.

    Please accept our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you. We are sure that you’ll enjoy the rest of the content that we are releasing tomorrow (the “Sneak Attack” items are personal faves of mine – check ’em out!)


    duh read the forums

  • why do you keep giving us games to put in our personal spaces yet we can only have two active items in a place at once are there any spaces where we can have more or are you going to fix this

  • what time was it supposed to be at

  • @ 57

    Get over it.

  • The Top Gun trailer is in the Pitoyama theater. There was no T-shirt rewarded:-(

  • *Piyotama..sorry.

  • Why was the move event canceled?

  • @57 ur a idiot w/o a ps3! trust me the ps3 CAN do cross game chat, its logistics fool not capabilities… believe that!

  • @73 i dont kno but i kno Eu seems to have it, all my friends are there, not on NA servers.. my boy look like a big controller… i guess they want u to make a Eu account to get what we do have, anyone saw the karate suit that he can do like 4 differents.. WE DONT HAVE IT THO!

  • i wish i can change my vote for this week… i will NOT vote about a blog post till i see the final product, i gave this week a 5 then the main item was canceled

  • I want know why usa not getting squat clothes wise for girls im getting pissed off bc yall seem not care… Look at japan home omg i wnt those clothes on usa why cant yall do tht.? hmmm

  • OK this article was complete BULL…. how do you give the Move event Headline status? Then within 24 hours cancel the event and on top of that not even acknowledge that it has been canceled. Once again a TOTAL WIN for the PlayStation Home. Some one just tell us something. Maybe some of the people that plan this stuff need to be reallocated.

  • I was wondering where the Move event was, not surprised we`re missing out on things the other servers get though. Seriously, Home should have a global shopping lounge where we could buy things from other server stores. I don`t know why they won`t, they`d make loads of money. Then again, I don`t get why Home gets different content on the other servers anyway. Shouldn`t it be all the same, and, you know, equal?

    Ashley_cutie, I`ve been saying that for months. There`s proof right there that they don`t listen to or care about the girls. All they want to put us in are bikinis and extremely short skirts, and the only things we get in an update are different colored versions of the exact same item every week. Guys, on the other hand, get loads of new clothes and costumes(a shame, considering despite getting better stuff than the girls they ignore it all and walk around as a girl in a bikini…Home needs to focus on making cool stuff for the girls now cos their talents are being lost on these guys). I mean come on, when we complain enough they give us what? Costumes of guys? Ex: Just for Cause, Boba Fett, CHEWBACCA?! I`m not a feminist, most of my friends are guys, and I hate having to complain, but this is too much.

  • dammit the presentation podium is the best thing about this whole update

    i mean i can still enjoy it in my european account but i wanted to add the move controller costume to my true clothing collection in my main account in america

    whatever the problem is fix and it doesnt matter when you finally get it online

  • Any word on when the Move even will occur? I will be pretty busy after the 15th and I don’t want to miss out. Very stoked for Move.

  • This needs to be renamed unless the PlayStation Move event is starting today as I have not yet seen since I am unable to log in due to a network error. It would be nice to see this event but am still waiting for it now.

  • Shame we dont have Home here in Brazil =/
    We have money tooooooo ><

  • What happened to this? (on Monday, August 16th, at 5:00pm PDT (8:00pm EST), Top Gun screenwriter Jack Epps Jr. will be on-hand in Central Plaza to celebrate and chat with you, the PlayStation Home community! To participate, simply wear your new Top Gun avatar t-shirt) I was there and so were several other and nothing. We stayed there for almost 2 hours waiting for this thing to happen.
    Anyone have any Idea what happened?

  • when do you get the flight suit if you buy topgun? and how?

  • What are these emotes we are getting with using the PS Move?

  • okay how do i know i got the flight suit i bought it earlier today still the 23rd and i recieved nothing so how do i know i even have the thing?

  • I love star wars

  • 3 weeks late and still no sign of this. but no great loss its just another worthless promo for a worthless third rate nintendo copycat.

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