PlayStation Move Event Hits PlayStation Home + Top Gun, Star Wars & More!!!

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This Thursday, August 12th, the gates to the Presentation Podium re-open to celebrate the release of the upcoming PlayStation Move motion-sensor controller. And we are inviting you all to take part in this exclusive community event, only available in PlayStation Home.

Playstation Home: Move Space PlayStation Home: Move Mini Game

Kicking off first thing tomorrow morning, visitors to the PlayStation Move event space will automatically be granted a unique PlayStation Move controller outfit that will serve as your key to access the full event experience. Don your outfit, grab three of your friends, and commence the team challenge: Coordinate with your team to earn new versions of the controller outfit (denoted by the color variants) until you unlock the ultimate prize, a PlayStation Move outfit complete with the iconic fully animated multi-colored orb. Also available within the space is a limited-edition multi-color PlayStation Move controller outfit that is packed with all-new emotes for your avatar!

Week two of the Empire Strikes Back 30th anniversary celebration continues with more Star Wars costumes – including the Boba Fett Mandalorian outfit (along with Han Solo and Luke Skywalker costumes). While you are in-world eating up all that special Star Wars content, be sure to visit the Central Plaza kiosk and pick up the Yoda Ears (available for free for one week only) and, of course, head to the recently-released Star Wars Cantina and experience one of the franchise’s most famous scenes PlayStation Home-style.

PlayStation Home: Star Wars PlayStation Home: Star Wars

And for those of you who are lucky enough to be attending Star Wars Celebration V this weekend in Orlando, FL, be sure to say “hi” to our friend GlassWalls, who will be hanging out at the PlayStation Home booth (he’s easy to identify – just look for the bright pink hair!)

Paramount Digital Entertainment has just announced that Top Gun – the video game based on the 80’s iconic hypersonic film – will be making its debut on PlayStation Network on Tuesday, August 17. It’s a free-flying combat shooter featuring Maverick, Iceman & the rest of the Top Gun fliers, scripted with new dialogue and combat scenarios by the film’s screenwriter, Jack Epps, Jr., and features two single player & five multiplayer modes (Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Top Gun, Bombing Run & Capture the Flag).

PlayStation Home: Top Gun PlayStation Home: Top Gun

Those of you who purchase Top Gun before August 24 will receive a free limited-edition flight suit for your PlayStation Home avatar. And that’s not all – on Monday, August 16th, at 5:00pm PDT (8:00pm EST), Top Gun screenwriter Jack Epps Jr. will be on-hand in Central Plaza to celebrate and chat with you, the PlayStation Home community! To participate, simply wear your new Top Gun avatar t-shirt, available when you watch the exciting new game trailer in the PlayStation Home Theater this Thursday, August 12th.

PlayStation Home: Sneak Attack PlayStation Home: Sneak Attack

Also releasing this week into the wide world of PlayStation Home is a brand-new game for your personal space (Solitaire), a host of art (Patient Zero, Vlad the Impaler, and Blackbeard artwork from our friends at LOOT! and Sideshow Collectibles), clothing and furniture items from the soon-to-be-released Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days (download the demo now from the PlayStation Network), the new Ocean Bubble aquarium, clocks (courtesy of Mass Media), and the hilarious new “Sneak Attack” items (free “traps” that you can place in your personal space that can be used to trick your friends – upgrade these with sound banks that change the gags and also come with special virtual items).

See you in Home!

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4 Author Replies

  • Very nice and im loving the Starwars Space’s Band!! Home Is Great!

  • I Like To Move It Move It
    I Like To Move It Move It
    I Like To Move It Move It
    Ya Like To (MOVE IT!)

  • Very Nice update Home Team! Solitaire for apartments is awesome and looking forward to the Boba Fett Suit. Are we going to get a Darth Vader one by any chance?

  • Locust!
    consider linking home avatars with PSN account someway please!!!!!!

  • Continuous solid weeks of Home content. Nice

  • has the last set of code been displayed in the Central Plaza?

  • I cant wait for Move, and I cant wait to use it with LBP2!

  • awesome update getting the star wars stuff are we going to see anything from star trek other than the costume you got with the movie or game from the latest one when those where available im both a star trek & star wars fan

  • Why does Lucas Art have to charge so much for their costumes? :( Isn’t Lucas one of the most richest men in america? He should pay his developers more, not make us. I’m not buying anymore Lucas art until they decide that $10.00 CAN for a light saber is too much :(

  • Very nice update indeed.

  • cant wait to see the new e-notes,.. but new notes without an update, humm thats good to see. Real nice update this week.

  • Darn it! how long do i have before this goes away? I’m on vacation and i really want to be part of an event. I always have something come up when something cool happens on home. sorry for rambling.

  • I wonder how the personal Solitaire game will work with a boombox and a pooltable and a trigger happy game all in one space active item limits hurt!

  • Any chase we will ever get the Demon’s Souls content Japans home has?

  • @12
    You’re on vacation and still visiting the PS Blog? My guess is that you’re with you’re family. (*cue high-pitched laugh*)


  • …I meant: with YOUR family.

  • Any PS Move functionality planned for Home?

  • Just realized what’s missing in Home: Blasters. Blaster in hand as well as holstered or over a shoulder. Racks in personal spaces.

    Could also do with some $2 instead of $5 lightesabers, a rack collection at $1 each if you’re going to ask for $5, but that’s just me.

  • Awesome!!! Ive been waiting for the return of the presentation podium for a long time. Its one of my favorite places. I’m wondering about these new emotes… will they be a prize or can we buy them? Also, do the new emotes only work while we wear the Move costume?

    • The emotes only work with the Move costume. This particular version of the costume is a paid-for item. All the other versions (including a fully animated version) are rewards.

  • The Home update saga continues.. This is a wicked one.. a 11 out of 10.. THE FAZEONES LOUNGE..

  • Boba Fett costume= Massive Costume SALES!

  • no no no I do not believe wat ma eyes be seein dats so sweet is like his hair be on fire I gotsta get me dat hair how much it be do u kno star mon? is lyke his head be dipped in da fire O_O and lyke dats so cool but it kinda reminds me wen ma gurl ms. brit spears has gotted her hair removed u kno everyone be thinkin she shaved her head but no no she has lighted it on fire so yeah stop da rumors dats what her hair looked lyke for a minute man I want dat fire hair how much it be locust mon


  • i dont get it isnt star wars supposed to be about saving the galaxy (key word=wars)

  • This is all very cool stuff indeed, loving the flame hair and hope thats for both the guys and the gals. That Move space looks awfully familiar, think I seen it int he UK. Well Home looks alot better than it did a year ago, i just wish you could do something about the LAG that happens in Central Plaza, makes it hard to do fast combos of dance Moves. Come to RnC if you want to see what I mean. I’m there nightly.

    p.s. when are the micro r/c hovercrafts/cars coming? and party voice chat.

  • Update is overall win.

    How much will Top Gun (and thus the flight suit) cost?

  • pretty sweet dude. I predict everyone that buys something will be wearing a boba fett costume. lol

  • Is that Move costumes going to be a freebie outfit? Also, will there be anything related to the Move there that we can purchase?

  • How much will Top Gun be? I’ll most likely buy it. :)

    Great update btw!

  • Thank You Sony, Finally the PS3 is officially supported in Brazil!

    The Price is great, for US$1130.00 you can the newest model PS3 Slim 120gb

    Good price ahn!? American people should visit Brazil and get this bargain

  • Make a God of War III space

  • got my move already having fun with . we got it thru and getting ready for are move party

  • To think the money for this could have been spent on a PS2 emulator. What a waste.

  • Looks like another awesum update LS

  • Hey Locust_star , look its cool that you and your team are giving people so much fun with the star wars, move, Disgae, Uncharted, Indiana Johns outfits ETC ETC, BUT! you guys have to think that not everyone (including me) enjoy some of those outfits, take this as constructive criticism, I WOULD LOVE IT if you update for example the THREADS STORE with some cool nice outfits for people like me and others to wear, or maybe how about the DIESEL store? its been there without any changes since Home opened, thats kinda sad lol , but like i said just take this in consideration and as constructive criticism, i love the job that all of you guys are doing in Home, making it fun and enjoyable, thank for your time! =)

  • @ 26 The suit is free if you buy the top gun psn game before aug.24th you get it as free limited edition outfit

  • @ 26 Id like to know how much Top Gun will cost i cant find out anywhere im guessing 9.99

  • Hey Locust. I’m glad we are finally getting an official Luke costume (I mocked up my own using a Blue Light Saber, Lockwood Hair and the Snow Speeder Suit). As usual, I will also be looking forward to Solitaire as I try to get my hands on any type of game possible. BTW, I didn’t get to message last week but the Cantina is quickly becoming my favorite hangout. The music is ambient and I feel like I am in the movie.

    Ok, so here is my questions for the week: Can you ask Santa Monica to give us some Fat Princess Costumes and Statues for our Personal Spaces. I need more stuff to go with my throne for a future project and I purchased Fat Princess last week during the Summer Sale. The game is so awesome, that I picked up the PSP version as well. Also, if they make these costumes, can we please have more portable weapons. I like the lightsabers but they don’t fit with every costume. I would like to see simple stuff like swords, axes, sheilds, bows, whips and morning stars that can be held in your hand (not sheathed.)

    Thanks for the update. I can see you guy are really working your tails off. I’ll be sure to pick up some more Star Wars stuff and the Solitaire game this week. Keep up the good work :-)

  • Boba Fett? BOBA FETT?

    Oh, my inner nerd just went absolutely insane. PlayStation Home, I have returned.

  • This is a great update!

  • Boba Fett is cool, and guys also get Luke, so what`s for girls?

    I think Jawa and Ewok costumes would be hilarious, especially if they made your avatars small when you put the costumes on. I would love to see a bunch of short Jawas and Ewoks wandering about Home! Especially if they walked like in the movie too.

    I want a JAWA COSTUME! *pouts*

    They`re my fave things in Star Wars since I was a kid, them and Darth Vader. Adorable Jawas in their ginormous Sandcrawler bein all shady and selling robots and making cute sounds xD

  • will there be move mini games and stuff in Home once the move launches? its probably yeah just looking for it to confirmed

  • Look at all those limited-time only freebies to collect in Home! How exciting, see you all in home tomorrow!

  • and the hilarious new “Sneak Attack” items (free “traps” that you can place in your personal space that can be used to trick your friends – upgrade these with sound banks that change the gags and also come with special virtual items).

    yes! you are invited Locust_Star.

    great update again. thank you

  • I love the cantina but the place laggs too much!!!!!
    I WARN ALL STAR WARS FANS DON’T GO TO WARDROBE section while in the star wars cantina You will be trapped longer than Han solo was in the “Empire strikes back” LOL
    but seriously someone should fix this problem.
    Will there be the old ben kenobi outfit????

  • I always wanted a Jaster Mareel costume on Home. YAY! We getting it Tomarrow. YAY!

  • you should have held an event like this for playstation plus

  • i going to be pissed if the boba fett costume is 1 piece but ill still buy if it is

  • OOh. Another reason to get Move. Might actually buy it now.


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