TerRover Demo Comes to Qore Tomorrow

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Hello, PlayStation World! I’m back to share our most exciting news of the year. We’re thrilled to let you know about our upcoming PlayStation Network exclusive, TerRover. We’ve been working hard on this one for a while, and we’re eager to let you get your hands on it and discover the engaging gameplay for yourselves.


You can do just that with the free demo of TerRover available with both versions of Qore tomorrow. Plus, you can watch the (hopefully not-embarrassing) interview with me at E3, chatting it up with Veronica about why the game is so much fun.

The TerRover is a cute little robot buggy with a big smile and warm heart in need of your help to find a new planetary home for him and his friends. The TerRover’s controls aren’t quite like anything else out there. His head slides back and forth across his body as you change direction. One button press places his head under his body to turn him over. And most importantly, the left stick lets you pivot your TerRover up and down from either end. You’ll need to master this skill in order to save the TerRover population!



You get weapons and tools, too. Choose from various chassis equipped with rocket launchers, magnet cables and more. They’ll come in handy in tight spots, and assist in collecting all the mechanical parts scattered about and discovering the numerous secret areas and hidden passages. You’ll find yourself aching to come back and explore every inch of every level.
We’re very eager here at Creat Studios to find out what you all think of our newest game. Sony Online Entertainment has been incredibly supportive, and they’ve helped us make the best game we can. As always… a big, big thank you to all of our fans out there. We simply could not what we love without you. Please drop by our website, check us out on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter, as we want to know what you think.


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  • I really like the art style, it really distinguishes this from other games. cannot wait to try it out!

  • This actually looks really cool. D: By the way, Scott, Hamsterball is pretty much the best game ever. :D
    Um. Right. I read all the comments here, and your replies. I’ve gotta give you mad props for sticking around this long and replying to comments. I love when devs to that… really makes me consider buying the game a lot more just because it shows they care. I dunno, i think its cool lol.

    Anyway i’ll be sure to download the demo! …and then play it. and like it… :D

    • So glad you enjoy Hamsterball, Axecution. I have a son who frequently wakes me up at 6:00am with “Daddy, let’s play the hamster game!” I’m right there with you.

      I’ll keep responding to posts as long as they come. What’s the point of making games for a living if you don’t get to chat with the people who play them?

  • Scott Hyman: “As for Mushroom Wars, your request is shared by many, many fans. While I can’t discuss exactly what’s coming, I can tell you that you will be very pleased.”

    Hell Yeah! I love Mushroom Wars. DLC or a sequel would be great.

    Can you please release a public demo for TerRover when the game does launch. Thanks.

  • Plaztikstyle, thanks for the questions! Great stuff.

    I’ll have to check with the dev team about the audio and the lighting choices. And I’ll be sure to pass the suggestions along to the Mushroom Wars team.

  • Does Lord Green Skin make a cameo appearance in TerRover?
    Some how he just pops up in front of stuff my bacon…

    Oh, how big is the demo?

    • Not sure of the demo size, Jetup. And no, Lord Green Skin, the Boston studio mascot, does not make an appearance. He’s far too vain to play second position to a robot that’s cuter than him.

  • Scott, does Creat Studios have any plans to venture into the retail space by releasing disc-based games? Perhaps a Creat compilation on Blu-ray? Looking forward to the TerRover demo.

    • It has been discussed for future titles, JetSetFuture. We have done disc-based games in the past for PlayStation 2 and other platforms. But even if we do, we’ll maintain our devotion to digital download.

  • Looks cool. Another one of those PS3 Gems!

  • hey scott i would like to know if i can play own custom music on this game ? it would be a big + in my purchasing decision . ty

    • Not sure, but I believe so. Usually all our titles allow you to do this through the XMB. I’ll see what I can find out.

  • The pictures don’t do the controls justice, thanks Scott for the gametrailers link. Those little dead black faces everywhere was just about the saddest thing I’ve ever seen in a video game.

    TerRover looks like he inhabits the same universe as Wubbzy –

    Mushroom Wars is by far my most played and favorite PSN game, looking forward to this one.

  • Love the look of the game, would love to see some video (but with a Demo tomorrow, even better).

    Also, way to set the bar for comment replies!

  • I hope there is some cuteness involved! ;)

  • Definitely big big props for being this interactive with the users here. Seeing someone this active with the community makes me take notice and I’ll def check your game out!

    • Thanks, jimmyfoxhound. We love chatting with our fans, and we’re thrilled that you appreciate it. Enjoy the demo!

  • Wow, looks good, can’t wait. Finally, something nice for Qore users.

  • you are amazing. 68 comments and 50 replies.

  • sorry 64 comments ;)

  • this demo look great!
    btw i Love Magic Ball! :D

  • I’m lovin all the replies. I was gonna get this game anyways, because it looks very cool, but now I’m gonna tell my frinds to buy it as wee. Great stuff Creat

    • Thanks, Maverick10! We’re so happy to know that TerRover was on so many people’s radar. Enjoy the demo, and the game.

  • This game looks like a 2d version of a level someone would create on LittleBigPlanet…haha…now that I’ve said that someone probably will create a level like that…maybe I’ll even try myself..haha. Looking forward to giving it a try.

    • And yet another compliment by comparison! Thanks, Redikol, we’re very, very big fans of the amazing work by the folks at Media Molecule. Please let us know your thoughts about TerRover after you play the demo.

  • I’m sure going to try it out… this looks cool. You seem to really care for your fans… its awesome. Keep up the great work.

  • Sorry I don’t read too many comments because I can’t stand the negativity we sometimes get on here. Is there a full game release date yet? It reminds me of loco roco 1 and 2 but totally different at the same time. Can’t wait for demo and buying full game soon, hopefully. Peace.

    • No, marlyt, we don’t have a full game release date just yet. Once we know, we’ll be sure to spread the word far and wide.

  • Game looks wonderful. Good to see someone reply to all our comments. Thank You

  • Love all the great PSN games out there. Creat Studios, that game company, and PixelJunk have collectively put a huge dent in my wallet. Please tell me there will be more DLC for Magic Orbzzzzzzz. Great game to play with my gf :)

    • That’s some fine company you put us with, UDFYLER20. That Game Company and Q-Games are some of our favorites. As for Magic Orbz… stay tuned!

  • Hahaha! It’s like you’re competing with the commenters!

    I love the aesthetic style you went with; while technology has certainly allowed for it, a heavy polygon count isn’t necessary for a fun game. Creat has actually proven that numerous times already.

    By the way, while I certainly would like Mushroom Wars co-op, I think it’s great as it is. I certainly don’t know what all the complaining is about the audio.

    • Thanks for your comments about the art style. Our art team tested a lot of different styles to find one that truly worked, fitting both the gameplay and eye.

      Glad that you’re enjoying Mushroom Wars! But you know us… if something is good, we keep trying to make it better.

  • Oh, hey, that’s actually a good idea, Mushroom Wars DLC. My vote goes for that- that way everybody wins.

  • Scott, It’s GREAT that you’re replying to our comments. Can’t wait to check this game out tomorrow! Also, more people on this blog need to answer our questions :)

    • I can’t speak for any other bloggers, sk8ordi44. We just like to take the opportunity to connect with our fans, and reach out to possible new ones. While making games may be the best job ever, it can still get a little isolating. It’s important to chat with those who play the games we make.

  • I agree with @46 @59 @63/64 @70 @74

    and I especially agree with @52 and @13 =)

    I’m really excited for this game now!

  • If SOE was involved with this does this mean it supports the features that all their recent games have? I’m mainly interested in remote play

  • Legit! Can’t wait! For Qore. And TerRover. And Mafia II demo:) Wowzers. Hope it’s posted before i have to go to work in the morning.

  • I want to know is there any chance for a PSP version of TerRover? I do not are if the graphics have to be a lot worse the game looks great & I would like to take the game on the go.

  • I like seeing a developer active in the comments.

    Is there a trailer for this game available anywhere?

    • Dark-Miguelink, you are welcome. However, I think I’m well shy of the record. I believe that the folks from DICE went into triple digits in a post for Battlefield 1943.

  • Scott I wanted to let you know this post caught my attention because of how much you were responding to comments.

    Reading through them made me feel like you really care about the gamers, and it made me really interested in TerRover and your some of your other games.

    Anyways I was just wanted to say that you single-handedly gained a customer for your past and future games, and thanks for being awesome =)

    • undeadlegion, thank you for taking the time to read through everything. I’m honored that you’ve chosen to take a look at TerRover and the other Creat titles.

      Please let us know what you think of the TerRover demo and any of the other Creat games you get a chance to play. We’re always eager to find out what you like, and what else you want to see.

  • I played this demo last night and it’s AMAZING. D1P (day one purchase) AWESOME! Price and release date?

    • Thank you, jbsmooth7! The entire TerRover development team is very, very happy that you are enjoying it.

      No set launch date or price yet. When we know, you’ll know.

  • Scott, I feel the exact same as @82. Played the demo last night and it was AWESOME. I definitely did not expect it to be THAT much fun controlling a Ter Rover.

    I really liked how easy the control system is to pick up, and how difficult it is to master.

    You can get by the easier parts by stopping switching directions accelerating then jumping… etc, but then on the more difficult parts you have to coordinate all those movements with each other.

    The physics for the Ter Rover are very well done, and the controls are tuned to them very well too. There’s a really nice balance between them so it feels like your Ter Rover is under control and yet out of control at the same time.

    This game is SO much fun. Can’t wait for it to come out!!!

    • Thanks, undeadlegion. As I stated @82, the whole team is thrilled to know that you’re liking it. Thanks for the detailed feedback. I’m passing it along to the team.

  • I read that some people enjoyed playing Magic Orbz with their girlfriends so I bought it to try it out. It turned out that it is a fun game to play with her.

    I haven’t tried the multiplayer for Ter Rover yet, but I have high hopes for it being really fun.

    To me co-op is one of the most important aspects because a large portion of the time I’m playing with somebody else in the room, and it’s really awesome when they can jump in and play with me too.

    • Multiplayer on TerRover is rather different. It’s competitive, but it has co-op elements, too. Sometimes you have to help each other even when trying to win the race.

      Right now, it’s being played by 4 employees in our Boston office should *should* be working on something else. Yes, we waste our own time on our own games! :-P

  • I played through the demo yesterday and lawdy that was difficult lol. Pretty steep learning curve but crazy fun. My brother and I kept loling at my little tanking flipping around because I couldn’t control it.. then it making funny faces at me.

    I can’t wait for the full version to try and master the art of…flipping around the little tank in style.

    Very nice work.

  • Haha I think there’s something productive we could all be working on instead of playing games.

    That’s awesome lol You know you made a fun game when you find your own team wasting their time playing it =)

  • Wow! Sold!! Played the demo last night and this game is perfect. I need more!!!!

    Kudos to the devs on a solid, excellent game. Day one purchase for me.

  • Fun demo, and it’s nice to see you’ve taken time to respond to all the comments.

  • Awesome game demo, very much looking forward to the full title coming.

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