TerRover Demo Comes to Qore Tomorrow

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Hello, PlayStation World! I’m back to share our most exciting news of the year. We’re thrilled to let you know about our upcoming PlayStation Network exclusive, TerRover. We’ve been working hard on this one for a while, and we’re eager to let you get your hands on it and discover the engaging gameplay for yourselves.


You can do just that with the free demo of TerRover available with both versions of Qore tomorrow. Plus, you can watch the (hopefully not-embarrassing) interview with me at E3, chatting it up with Veronica about why the game is so much fun.

The TerRover is a cute little robot buggy with a big smile and warm heart in need of your help to find a new planetary home for him and his friends. The TerRover’s controls aren’t quite like anything else out there. His head slides back and forth across his body as you change direction. One button press places his head under his body to turn him over. And most importantly, the left stick lets you pivot your TerRover up and down from either end. You’ll need to master this skill in order to save the TerRover population!



You get weapons and tools, too. Choose from various chassis equipped with rocket launchers, magnet cables and more. They’ll come in handy in tight spots, and assist in collecting all the mechanical parts scattered about and discovering the numerous secret areas and hidden passages. You’ll find yourself aching to come back and explore every inch of every level.
We’re very eager here at Creat Studios to find out what you all think of our newest game. Sony Online Entertainment has been incredibly supportive, and they’ve helped us make the best game we can. As always… a big, big thank you to all of our fans out there. We simply could not what we love without you. Please drop by our website, check us out on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter, as we want to know what you think.


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  • Lots of stuff to download tomorrow…

    Mafia 2 demo, TerRover demo, Scott Pilgrim, Pixeljunk Racers 2nd lap….

    This is going to be a good Tuesday!

    • Indeed it is, BO22. I’m excited about Scott Pilgrim, too. Please let us know what you think of TerRover!

  • Sweet can’t wait to download all these goodies tomorrow :D

  • can’t wait for tomorrow!

  • TerRover is a full game or just a demo?

  • I know this is the US blog, but, any info on UK/EU offerings? Maybe in PS+ or FirstPlay?

    Thanks and game looks great :D

    • Thanks for the kind words, addyjones1234. I’m not sure about the timing of the demo’s availability in Europe. But the demo and game will be launched there when the game is ready.

  • Will the demo be on the European store tomorrow as well ?

  • LOL.. Sorry you answered my question in your comment above my bad :/

  • Hmm Madden comes out tomorrow so I’ll probably have my hands pretty full… but it looks like I might have to make some extra room if this is as good as it sounds.

    • Maybe I’m a bit biased, ihatereading369, but yes… it is as good as it sounds. Maybe better, in fact!

      OK, I am biased. But the demo is free and we’re all eager to know what you think. Please drop us a line after you check it out.

  • What’s the price?

  • So this is available in the single episode too? I’m a Plus member and hoping to get this demo

  • Tomorrow seems like a fun day to be a PS3 owner! Color me happy! :)

    • Consider yourself colored, DZORMAGEN. Pick a color from the images above. Do you want Mechanica blue, Acor yellow or Volcanus red?

  • Does this game come with awesomeness?


    • We’ll take that PixelJunk comparison as a compliment, Dirtman11. We’re big fans of the folks over at Q-Games. Please let us know how you like our demo.

  • I like the art direction and control scheme. I wonder what features will be available in the game?

    On a side note: Creat Studios, put some avatars in the store and allow users to show support for your great games.

    • Thanks, FORMIK. We’ll be detailing all of the features of the game when we get closer to release.

      I’ll let our teams know that you want some avatars. We’re always happy to show our fans some love, especially if they want to send it right back.

  • Thanks for answering everyones questions Scott you kick ass :)

    • Thank you, Capin. I’m just thrilled to be able to chat directly with you all. And we love Sony for helping us do just that.

  • itz look a funny game

    • Awww, TheMissingLink… you’re too kind. But thank you! All of our greatness comes from our fans’ support. So our greatness is your greatness.

  • Hell yeah this game is gonna rock! It has a cool look to it. I cant get enough of these 2D’ish games. Gonna buy this and any other games you fellas create. Thanks

    • Thank you, Trieloth. We’re thrilled that you like what you see. Please let us know how you enjoy the demo.

  • I’m definitely going to try this out.

  • The art in the bottom screenshot actually sort of reminds me of the really abstract style of the backgrounds in Super Paper Mario.

    I’ll give this a trial run. If it’s good; hopefully it won’t get overlooked amid the other things being released tomorrow.

    • Cool observation, PuppetShoJustice. I’ll pass your comments on to the team. Have fun with the demo, and pass along your impressions.

  • How do we let you know what we think…do you want us to just post our comments in this blog?

    • Sweet question, DrApollo. There’s a whole bunch of ways to do it. Indeed, you can post right here. Or, you can go to our website (www.creatstudios.com), our Facebook page (facebook.com/CreatStudios) or Twitter (@CreatStudios). We like to be accessible, and we’re always eager to know what our fans think and what else you would like to see. We take our feedback very seriously.

  • This looks so pretty. Watching the videos of it right now!

  • And today is the last day to get the Other Games by these guys on the PSN so check em out while that sale is on!

    • Very true, polo55. A whole bunch of our titles are still discounted on PS+, and Wakeboarding HD is 50% off for everyone! Thanks for the support.

  • Having a wide variety of “it reminds me of…” comments is probably a good thing. For me, it looks like Gravity Crash. Which is also a good thing. I’ll definitely try out the demo when it becomes available outside of Qore. :)

    • Another compliment by comparison. Everyone here loves Gravity Crash. We hope you enjoy the demo, with our without Qore.

  • Game looks great, can’t wait to try the demo. BTW would love to see Interpol DLC, some more dynamic themes like Cuboid and MagicOrbz and some premium avatars. The avatar you use now should be sold.

    • Thanks, SpyDudeFX. Please let us know what you think of the demo.

      I’ll pass the suggestions along to our teams. We seem to have some demand for avatars today. This will give our folks plenty to think about for the week.

  • Looked up some gameplay videos. I don’t feel quite right commenting on gameplay that I haven’t touched myself but I will say this: The art is interesting enough that I think it warrants the creation of themes/dynamic themes. Having a couple of the little guys roving (rovering…?) about my PS3 desktop would be pretty slick.

  • Very cool idea, PSJ. I cannot comment on what else our team has in store, but I’m sure they’re thinking of something like this. Stay tuned!

  • thank goodness that ps plus includes QORE!

    this demo looks great

  • Yeah Scott, it’s kinda sad that a year later we have avatars from just six or so different games. You have many great IPs to work with, Mushroom Wars would make some nice avatars and a dynamic theme. So I look forward to seeing some! Thx

  • whooaa just found out that i own 6 of your games. did not know you had a hand in hamster ball, digger HD, smash cars (love the dlc)mahjong tales.. stil playing the hell out of magic ba.. orbz and cuboid(thanks for making us make levels).

    ohh why dident Mushroom Wars have online multiplayer. this is one of the best games on psn. make a sequel.

    now do i give you more of my money ;)

    • Rytteren, you’re a regular hardcore fan, and didn’t even know it! Welcome to the wonderful world of Creat Studios. Thank you for all of your support. We are very happy that you have been enjoying our games, including Hamsterball.

      As for Mushroom Wars, your request is shared by many, many fans. While I can’t discuss exactly what’s coming, I can tell you that you will be very pleased.

  • Looks awesome.

    And Hello!

  • Oh yeah on Mushroom Wars, the Comrade trophy is a major no no lol Please do not do offline multiplayer trophies especially ones that require 100 plays.

    • I’ll pass it along to the Mushroom Wars development team. They’re always eager for player feedback.

  • Those of you looking for some gameplay videos of TerRover, here’s a link to some vids on gametrailers.com http://www.gametrailers.com/game/terrover/13255

  • wow… thanks allot… please stop making awesome games, I can’t afford it :D

    • Oh no… XxNo0b_H8rxX has figured out of secret plan to bankrupt you all!!! At least if you’re gonna go down, we want you going down with a PS3 controller clutched in your hand.

  • It’s so rare for official replies on the US Blog, that I have to ask: What about PS Home content? You have so many great titles, you should have your own space in Home. Check out the PixelJunk Museum space for an idea and content too. Shirts, posters, etc.

  • I cant wait to take this game/demo for a spin tomorrow, but
    i think we have some bigger fish to fry at the moment…

    Whats for lunch? & Who’s buying?

    • Please let us know what you think when you do try it, F-minus. As for lunch, I’m hoping for sushi, and you’re buying.

  • This looks cool – just wich your post would have a video. Guess we’ll have to wait.

  • So we annual Qore subscribers don’t get anything extra over Plus members?

  • Can’t wait to try it :D

    Creat, you continue to be the awesomest people in the world :)

    • Maybe we should frame that in our office:

      “Awesomest People In The World”

      Then again, it will give our developers big heads. Let’s keep that our little secret, ok?

      And thanks again, almighty-slayer.

  • You all have big heads anyway.

    Where’s the bacon game? :D

  • Uh oh… the bacon game has leaked! ;-)

  • Eh doesn’t qore cost money? If it does it means I won’t be trying the demo, but It’ll be a day one purchase for me regardless when it finally does come out. Looks tight. Any kind of loose date and or price set for it yet?

  • Will the demo become available to everyone else around whenever the game is released? Thanks.

  • Yes, nerdmanwhippy, Qore is a subscription-based download.

    I can’t comment on a set price or launch date yet, but we’ll let you know very soon.

    Thanks for your interest and the kind words. We’re very glad to know that you’re planning on purchasing the game. Our team has been working very hard for a while, and everyone is very excited.

  • Hell of a birthday month for me you guys give me more gifts and discounts than my entire family(via PS+) thanks for making my birthday month super awesome now if that dang ps3 remote would fast forward me to tomorrow i would be even happier FYI if you don’t have PS+ go get it it comes with a subscription to Qore plus if you buy a year you get three free

  • So by “both versions” of Qore, do you mean Annual Subscribers and Plus Subscribers? Or do you mean Annual and single episode purchases?

  • I love you guys (CreatStudios)
    Now we all demand a game centered around bacon :D

  • Woot, glad i’m a Plus member, free Qore with a demo! :)
    Can’t wait!!

  • Thanks for replying to so many comments, would be nice if others on the US blog followed your lead.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow, TerRover looks like a nice download.

    • Thanks so much for reading all the way down here. I can’t speak for the others, but we love to chat with our fans and customers. How else can we know what you wand and like?

  • Does the game have 24-bit HD audio? This is PS3, after all :) Creat seems to make their audio levels really loud, both in-game and XMB to compensate for lower quality. We want the dynamic range 24-bit HD audio gets us, not just the loudness :)

    In the screenshots, the glow from the eyes doesn’t appear to have any lighting effect on the surrounding graphics. Was a lack of lighting and shader effects a conscious choice?

    Glad to hear about local co-op! Let me put in another vote for local co-op for Mushroom Wars, and another vote higher quality audio when Mushroom Wars gets patched!

    • Plaztikstyle, thanks for the questions! Great stuff.
      I’ll have to check with the dev team about the audio and the lighting choices. And I’ll be sure to pass the suggestions along to the Mushroom Wars team.

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