The Drop: Week of August 9, 2010 New Releases

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This week’s The Drop delivers a variety of options for all your gaming needs. Apparently, there’s a big NFL licensed game dropping this week — I’m sure you may of heard of it. The PlayStation Network has an offer you can’t refuse, a PlayStation fan favorite kart racer returns this week as a PSOne Classic, and finally — you take on the world, when a comic book series transforms into a side-scrolling beat-em up brawler.


I think I hear our very own Jeff Rubenstein chanting “Fly Eagles, Fly” outside our office window. Hit the jump and catch up on this week’s new releases, as I run out and join Jeff’s one-man wave in the parking lot.

The Drop: NFL Madden 11

PlayStation 3

Madden NFL 11 — Twenty-Two years in the making, Madden NFL 11 promises to deliver a list of new features and improvements, according to the EA Tiburon team. They promise an authentic approach to situational game planning, one play at a time with GameFlow. Also, faster game times, a new locomotion animation system, a new audible system, and a brand new kick meter, just to name a few. EA Tiburon is determined to deliver a genuine NFL experience with Madden NFL 11. But, let’s not forget my personal favorite; official NFL team fights songs — hear that? “Miami Dolphins #1!”

The Drop: Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game

PlayStation Network

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game — Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim series turns its comic-book pages into a side-scrolling beat’em up, coinciding with this summer’s Scott Pilgrim vs. the World film. Play as Scott Pilgrim, Ramona Flowers, Stephen Stills or Kim Pine and defeat Ramona’s seven evil exes. There’s also a demo you can download for sneak peek.

Mafia II Demo — The sequel to Mafia: The City of Lost Heavens; Mafia II, is nearly upon us (read our impression on the exclusive PlayStation 3 DLC, The Betreyal of Jimmy,) 2K Games is giving you early access to Empire Bay when the demo drops this week.

The Drop: Crash Team Racing

PSOne Classics

Crash Team Racing — When classic kart racers are brought up, PlayStation fans think Crash Team Racing. The 1999 ragtag team racer returns as a PSOne Classic title this week. Race against the Nitrous Oxide villains by using fifteen Crash-series characters to save their planet from disaster.

Madden NFL 11 PSP Bundle

PlayStation Portable

Madden NFL 11 — Take Madden NFL 11 with you wherever you go this football season. Gus Johnson and Cris Collinsworth call the action on the field as you fight for fumbles, design your own plays and rock out like an NFL star, all packaged on your PSP. Don’t have a PlayStation Portable? We have you covered when we unveiled a new Madden NFL PSP bundle earlier this week.

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2 Author Replies

  • Finally an actually ps1 classic, lol not this Disney games bull.

  • I must get Scott Pilgrim !! !! !!

  • is there any word on Blacklight Tango Down? I havnet heard much from the game coming to the ps3 in a while. Or will that be appearing next week

  • Already pre-ordered Scott Pilgrim from Ubisoft store weeks ago!!!!

  • Now this sounds like an exciting week of updates! :D
    Mafia II demo!

  • Gotta say, I’m really liking The Drop.

  • I don’t need to demo Scott Pilgrim, it’s a sure hit. I been saving 10 bucks since E3 to get this. Tell Sony not to release Castle Crashers (if they will…) yet since I will have fun with this beat’em up for a while, at least until Shank comes later on the month.

  • OMG i have been asking for CTR forever… FINALLY!!!

  • Definitely buying Scott Pilgrim and can’t wait to try out Mafia II.

    So…Castle Crashers next week? Hm? Come on…please?

  • Scott Pilgrim will hold me till Kane And Lynch 2 which blows the first one out of the water with it’s grittiness and solid punchy gunplay. I hope they add an option to remove that white X when you shoot people though.

    Huge releases coming… Time to save up.

  • CTR is an Epic Win!!!! It would have been cool if it had online support for 8 plyers!!! The battle modes would be soooooo fun!! Good Times!!!

  • i’m looking forward to the mafia 2 and scott pilgrim demo

  • Im really liking this, thanks guys, i might get the scott game. sounds fun o and im hoping for a game that is like DeathSpank, the game was epic

  • CTR!! Yes, finally on the U.S. store! Can’t wait to play this on my PSP!

  • will there be any thropies for the scott pilgrim game?

  • Looking forward to CTR.

    Rey, is there any chance of getting some more details on the PSN update with The Drop beyond just one or two major releases? It would be nice to get a more fleshed out look at the upcoming releases than we usually get. Thanks.

  • @59 brainfreezing

    Yes, there will be about 12 trophies for Scott Pilgrim vs the World The Game! :)

  • scott pilgrim, this week, august 10!?! WOO! it’s coming out on my birthday!

    … do i get it free? :P

  • Does Crash Team Racing have working multiplayer?

  • Mafia 2 & Scott Pilgrim demos will be mine come Tuesday.
    Unless Scott Pilgrim is up for purchase, then I’ll be buying it sometime early September. If I have some spare mula, I’ll buy it release day.

  • Yes for Mafia 2 demo and Crash Team Racing and also The Drop is a wonderful addition to the PS Blog.

  • Bring Back NFL GameDay Sony!

  • Yes, I really like The Drop blog!

    I’m still concerned about Superstars V8 Racing… Will this game come out here for US audiences??? I would like to get this game!

  • Been waiting so long for Scott Pilgrim! Only slightly less excited for the movie. Can’t wait to play it… :)

    And, I like the column a lot. Good addition.

  • I’m glad CTR is coming to psn, but i have a question that just needs answering. Why aren’t you realesing certain ps1 games that one would think would be a no brainer to have released by now? I keep seeing games that either no one has heard about or care about, or didn’t really sell that well when they first came out. There are a ton of games that have a larger fan base and have sold way more units than most of what’s in the ps1 classic section. These are the true classics, not most that are already in the psn.

  • Scott Pilgrim!!! YUS!!!!!!!!! Extremely excited about the movie and this game. go PS3 users getting this game earlier than you know who eh Jeff? :P

  • what time will the mafia 2 demo be in yhe playstation store?

  • I really hope Castle Crashers still gets green lit and released someday. The complete and total lack of news on how that’s coming along on Sony’s part is really depressing.

    I guess Scott Pilgrim will have to tide me over until its release even though I know nothing of the comics. /shrug

  • Sony should contact Vivarium and get a remake of Seaman on the psn store. game was innovative for its time and it is really hard to find a copy these days. hoping the eye can do the voice recognition required to play it.

  • cant wait 4 SPvSw ! castle crashers meh? imo scott pilgrim wins

  • Definitely looking forward to the Mafia II demo. And Crash Team Racing I’ll probably pick up so i can play it on my PSP Go. What a nice week:)

  • how much will it be Scott Pilgrim vs the world?
    CTR = awesome
    btw when are we gonna hear more news about Castle Crashers???
    it’s taking to long to come out :(

  • Ah finally a reason to buy Madden this year.

  • Does Crash team racing have 4 player simultaneous??

  • @82 you might want to save your money, the graphics for the ps1s are horrible. you shold buy monsters probably stole my princess.

  • Naruto Heroes 3

  • when is Xenogears gonna be released for in the PSone classics?

  • ESYHJFHKGHKGH KURAAAAAASH TEEAAAAAAAAM RACINGGGGGGGGGGG YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS THANK YOU SOOO MUCH. To be able to play it on my PSP would be the best thing in the world – I’m tired of playing just the demo from the Spyro Ripto’s Rampage game :D

  • I pre-ordered Scott Pilgrim from a few weeks ago. I hope more PSN publishers allow for online pre-orders and bonuses!

    I’m going to keep playing PS1 games in open source emulators until Sony improves the upscaling and filtering of their emulator to match. PS1 games on my PS3 displayed on a 50″ HDTV look absolutely awful, and not in a cool retro way. If part-time open source developers can make PS1 emulators with great compatibility *AND* great upscaling, why can’t Sony?

  • Yes, finally Scott Pilgrim.

  • Crash Team racing is awesome. I just found my PSone copy the other day and rekindled some memories. I think I’ll still get it for the Ps3.

  • MADDEN 11!!! I hope it gets Move support soon.

  • When did Sony steal Rey from Destructoid?

  • I’m looking forward to trying the Mafia II demo; the old PC game was pretty good.

    I like this new feature (The Drop).

  • Hahaha, I still own Crash Team Racing on Disc. One of my favorite old games, still play it today.

  • guess what ? if u still had ur other os you can download ps1 emulator onto ur ps3 and play all the ps1 titles with better quality than ps store and free . other os rulez ftw!!!!

  • can’t wait!, look like a Tuesday to look forward too, But i have been wondering, Any news on White knight Chronicles 2? I’ve been waiting for something….I hope it does take as long as the first one. Cause the 2nd one looks like it blows the first WKC out of the water

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