The Drop: Week of August 9, 2010 New Releases

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This week’s The Drop delivers a variety of options for all your gaming needs. Apparently, there’s a big NFL licensed game dropping this week — I’m sure you may of heard of it. The PlayStation Network has an offer you can’t refuse, a PlayStation fan favorite kart racer returns this week as a PSOne Classic, and finally — you take on the world, when a comic book series transforms into a side-scrolling beat-em up brawler.


I think I hear our very own Jeff Rubenstein chanting “Fly Eagles, Fly” outside our office window. Hit the jump and catch up on this week’s new releases, as I run out and join Jeff’s one-man wave in the parking lot.

The Drop: NFL Madden 11

PlayStation 3

Madden NFL 11 — Twenty-Two years in the making, Madden NFL 11 promises to deliver a list of new features and improvements, according to the EA Tiburon team. They promise an authentic approach to situational game planning, one play at a time with GameFlow. Also, faster game times, a new locomotion animation system, a new audible system, and a brand new kick meter, just to name a few. EA Tiburon is determined to deliver a genuine NFL experience with Madden NFL 11. But, let’s not forget my personal favorite; official NFL team fights songs — hear that? “Miami Dolphins #1!”

The Drop: Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game

PlayStation Network

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game — Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim series turns its comic-book pages into a side-scrolling beat’em up, coinciding with this summer’s Scott Pilgrim vs. the World film. Play as Scott Pilgrim, Ramona Flowers, Stephen Stills or Kim Pine and defeat Ramona’s seven evil exes. There’s also a demo you can download for sneak peek.

Mafia II Demo — The sequel to Mafia: The City of Lost Heavens; Mafia II, is nearly upon us (read our impression on the exclusive PlayStation 3 DLC, The Betreyal of Jimmy,) 2K Games is giving you early access to Empire Bay when the demo drops this week.

The Drop: Crash Team Racing

PSOne Classics

Crash Team Racing — When classic kart racers are brought up, PlayStation fans think Crash Team Racing. The 1999 ragtag team racer returns as a PSOne Classic title this week. Race against the Nitrous Oxide villains by using fifteen Crash-series characters to save their planet from disaster.

Madden NFL 11 PSP Bundle

PlayStation Portable

Madden NFL 11 — Take Madden NFL 11 with you wherever you go this football season. Gus Johnson and Cris Collinsworth call the action on the field as you fight for fumbles, design your own plays and rock out like an NFL star, all packaged on your PSP. Don’t have a PlayStation Portable? We have you covered when we unveiled a new Madden NFL PSP bundle earlier this week.

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2 Author Replies

  • BEYOND!!!

  • Madden NFL 11! Yess Go Dolphins (=

  • Nice write up, R3Y. I miss your outstanding video production skills at DTOID. Maybe we’ll see a video version of “The Drop” coming soon?

    Anyway, Scott Pilgrim for me this week. Game looks insanely fun.

    • Expect more videos in the near future. Some of Jeff’s recent interviews were cut and/or shot by me as well.

  • I heard crash team racing was amazing

  • Scott Pilgrim.

    Yyyyyeeeessssssssssssssssssss. I honestly think it looks better than the movie.

  • Scott Pilgrim is this week? I was thinking it was a September title. That’s great.

  • Epic week!

    Mafia II demo, Crash Team Racing, and Scott Pilgrim for me.

  • Hey Rey,

    What the hell happened to Superstars V8 Racing? It didn’t come out last week like you said! Did something happened, or did you lie to us?

  • Crash Team Racing is awesome! Can’t wait to play it on my PS3.

  • crash looks good!!!

  • yes, CTR! But why the delay?

    Also, Vagrant Story please.

  • NICE! I’m so happy about CTR! I already have it for PS1, but it’s great that it’s gonna be on PSN. Can’t wait to play Mafia II btw!

  • Dolphins? DOLPHINS?!?!……. every football Sunday Ill be at my dads place and hear him rant about his dolphins =/ Go Chargers! :D btw, when are we going to get “the drop” on Resistance 3? :P

  • I hope that Madden NFL 11 comes out on PSN. If that doesnt happen its kinda leaving PSPgo owners (like me, proudly) in the dark.

  • CTR nice, but what about Vagrant Story? Final Fantasy Chronicles/Anthology/Origins? Tekken 3? Chrono Cross? Xenogears? Arc the Lad Collection? Wing Commander 3 Heart of the Tiger? Legend of Legaia?

    While we’re at it, how about a straight PS Move port of Elemental Gearbolt? I’m sure you guys can get your game back from fully localized from Working Designs :-P Can’t play the game with a Guncon anymore because my HDTV is not compatible with it.

  • You, and me! Booyah, gramma! Booyah!

  • cant wait for the mafia ii demo; and this madden psp bundle is lame. metal gear bundle rocks, baby! :D

  • Woohoo Crash Team Racing, I still can’t believe anomalously referred to me in their article about CTR. I was the person who asked Grace Chen about the game’s release, and it said”When asked, she said……”,cool huh?

  • Thanks for the heads up Rey

  • Looking forwards to the Mafia 2 demo.

  • why isn’t PixelJunk Racers: 2nd lap in here? isn’t that confirmed to be coming on this weeks PSN update?

  • CRASH TEAM RACING FTW!!!!!111!!!!!!1!!

  • Can’t wait to play the new River City Ransom (aka Scott Pilgrim vs. The World)!

  • Scott Pilgrim! First time I ever pre-ordered a digital game! :D

  • finaly CTR is coming to PSN

  • Where’s Superstars V8 Racing??? It was on the drop last week and no one can find it anywhere.. I’ve checked Gamestop, Best Buy, Target, and Hastings and no one even has it in their computer system…

  • What happened to Threads of Fate? It was supposed to be coming, and it was announced at the same time as FFIX back in May!!

  • Scott Pilgrim looks weird to me… Gonna have to try the demo or read some reviews.

    Wish we could hear about Castle Crashers, that I know I’ll get, if it ever comes.

  • alright sony whats goin on with megaman legends ive bugged the crap out of capcom now its sony’s turn blahahaha also will we be seeing a discount of god of war chains of olypmise soon? i hope?

  • mafia 2 demo is for the ps+ member or everybody?

  • @28 For everyone I’m pretty sure.

  • people need to stop putting scammed chainmail playstion. if u share my views add me as a friend and we will discuss

  • Any word on Castle Crashers?

  • madden gras and scot pilgrim SPAM are driving me nuts. release the game or goodness sakes and shut up!

  • Any deals or PSN+ deals coming this week that you can tell us?

  • wen should we expect the CTR

  • I am getting Madden 11 (Played a retail version of it, it looks a little better than last years), and I got my code ready for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World The Game (pre-ordered), which reminds me I should go read the last Vol. right now!!

  • CTR? lol awsome!

  • My brother and I had a bit of a nostalgia freak out over CTR finally making it’s way to the store. =D

  • Haha, I still own the original CTR for my PSOne.

  • CTR is great, glad to see it on PSN. Sony needs to “step up its game” and more GOOD PSOne titles to PSN. I still don’t understand why they haven’t brought Vagrant Story to the NA store and ported other games like Legend of Mana, Valkyrie Profile, Einhander Parasite Eve, Brave Fencer Musashi, the Ace Combat series and many many more.

    Also, Sony stop being backwards and bring back backwards compatibility for PS2 games!

  • I wonder if there gonna have a crash bandicoot collection???

  • Ok, I’ve waited for a long time now and I can’t hold this in anymore. Where in GOD’s name is LEGEND OF DRAGOON?! Its a Sony game and a pretty well made RPG. What is going on here? Are you guys working on something and keeping it under wraps or did you totally forget about this? Square-Enix isn’t getting the RPGs we want on there, so whats the deal with Sony not putting that 1 on PSN?

  • @19: I think the early Pixeljunk Racers: 2nd Lap is only for Plus subscribers. And it’s discounted too, apparently! They haven’t said how much; hopefully, it won’t be so small it’s not worth it.

    See here @ top:

    I’m glad CTR is on PSN! One of my favorite racing games ever! Starring one of my favorite masoots/gaming characters ever! I’ll have to borrow this from my uncle so I can play this again! And maybe some of his other PS1 games as well!

  • Hey, Jeff. What’s coming for PS+ this week? Or will that be in another post?

  • Finally CTR! OMG it took so long for that.

  • CRASH TEAM RACING!!! YESS! Crash Team Racing was My Very First PlayStation Game! I still have the Disc, and the Memory Card with 100% Completed. Too Bad I have no way to transfer it, but I really wouldn’t mind starting the Game all over! :D! Thank you Playstation, Thank You!

  • Is there any chance of expanding the PSN part of this post to show more of the confirmed content that will be out on the update this week? New PSN games, PS1 Classics, PSP Games, PSP Minis, Demos, Add-ons, and whatever else that is at least nailed down for the current week would be great to see just so the update isn’t a complete surprise.

    The Sony EU blog ( has a great weekly post that does something similar, so any extra information you can give on the PSN update would be great to see for the future of this feature. Thanks.

  • Finally a real PS1 classic. CTR is a great kart racer. My favorite cart racer. Now we need Vagrant Story, Einhander, Silent Bomber,Colony Wars,Tomba 1 & 2 and Tobal no. 2. That is my wish list.

  • the dude on the raven’s team arm looks deformed what realistic move is that the arm breaker???

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