The Drop: Week of August 2, 2010 New Releases

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It’s an honor and a pleasure to inaugurate our newest weekend feature — a little something I like to call “The Drop.” The video gaming scene can be quite a riot at times, making it difficult to keep track of the latest releases for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable. Fear not, I’ve been given the weekly duty to keep you up-to-date and well informed with the week’s new releases.


Before I school you with the PlayStation goodness, let me introduce myself. You may (or may not) recognize me from Destructoid, where I managed and hosted all their video pieces and features as the Editor-In-Chief of video. After an amazing two years with Dtoid I am happy and honored to call SCEA and the PlayStation.Blog my new home. If you follow our Twitter (which you should — @PlayStation) you may also recognize my PlayStation ink that I proudly wear on my left arm.

My goal is to enhance your PlayStation.Blog experience with all things video, and showcase the amazing talent and work that goes on behind the scenes with brilliant first-party and third-party titles, and even hardware.

Let’s hug it out now, my fellow PlayStation brothers and sisters, as you hit the jump and check out this week’s new releases.

Superstars V8 Racing

PlayStation 3

Superstars V8 RacingThe last time Milestone dabbled in the arts of racing games was back in 2006’s Corvette Evolution GT. Based on the Italy-based Superstar Series, this is the first game to feature car racing at the Portimao and Magione race tracks.

Disney Sing It: FamilyIf anyone is going to have a guilty pleasure when it comes to singing Disney tunes in the shower, it’s going to be this guy. Designed for up to eight players and one microphone, Disney Sing It: Family has a healthy collection of songs from films like Toy Story, Mary Poppins and Aladdin.

PlayStation Network: Earthworm Jim HD

PlayStation Network

Earthworm Jim HD — Dude, it’s Earthworm Jim! What more do I need to say? If you’re not familiar with the classic 16-bit title, then you’ve been missing out. But don’t take my word for it: Senior Media Editor for Gameloft Jen Kye schooled us all earlier this week when she announced its August 3rd debut on PSN. Earthworm Jim in HD? Sold.

PSP: Warriors of the Lost Empire

PlayStation Portable

Warriors of the Lost Empire — The fine folks of UFO Interactive Games deliver a simple but yet addictive RPG title. Warriors of the Lost Empire isn’t short of dungeons, NPCs and quick load times to boot (according to UFO Interactive Games). Your diverse taste in heroes will be rewarded when given the choice to be a Highlander, the Dark Seeker, the Amazon, or the Gladiator.

minis: Widgets Odyssey 2

PlayStation minis

Widgets Odyssey 2 — Aboard the S-Pace, our five heroes must once again thwart Yagor’s diabolical plans. Visit new planets, meet new creatures and play more mini-games as you guide our friends in their quest to save the cosmos.

Arctic Adventures: Polar’s Puzzles — Play as Polar in 50 brand new brain-freezing puzzles from the icy north on the Icetruck to the explosive Oil Rig. Will you solve them all and prove to be smarter then the average bear?

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  • How do you already have a title that includes ‘senior’ in it…who the heck are the juniors then? Or did KB give you the title?

  • Welcome to the blog Rey. Can’t wait to see many posts about upcoming new releases from you.

  • Thank You for the weekly post. This will help me plan my purchases better. Keep up the good work!

  • I read Jeff respond saying that a PS Podcast is also coming, all I can say is Awesome Sauce. I really hope you all know that there are people out here who genuinely appreciate the work you all put in. Thanks for enhancing our experience with this great console.

  • This is great news! Just what the blog needed too. By all means, please Rey, GIVE US The Drop!

  • Why are all the links in PSBlog posts misaligned for me? They totally jump out of the sentences.


  • I have a better idea, instead of doing a blog like this, why don’t you do a blog every week, or even month on what PS + members are getting (things that we be FREE and so on)? I think Plus members are loyal fans of Sony (not saying people that don’t have Plus are not), but we invested in something, that to me is a crap shoot! I want to know weather I should buy games on the PSN store or not! I spent $50.00 for one year, I don’t want to buy a game that PSN does not offer for Plus members, and then a few months or years later find out it is FREE for Plus subscribers. Plus can be a HUGE HIT if it is done right! Come one I love Sony, and I love this site, my favorite site for anything Sony gaming, but Plus needs to be much more improved! I know we are in the early stages, but still something needs to be done, or I definitely wont re-subscribe!! I know other won’t either!

  • awesome-sause! love to see some new faces around here, and i hope we will see it a lot more in the future! welcome aboard!

  • Can we please get an update on castle crashers. Sony its in your hands and lots of people want this game

  • Welcome to the blog Rey! So “The Drop” is going to be posted every Sunday? i like it so far, its nice to have another blog post on the weekends! keep up the good work! (btw nice video editing from what i’ve seen so far!)

  • Awesome. I really like the idea of The Drop.

  • lol nice name bro, couldnt represent spanish ppl more whoooo!!

  • I am extremely happy to hear the early info on psn releases, is it possible to also get info on common weekly DLC as well. Specifically GH & RB Songs. I am following!

  • the link of your tatoo doesnt work dude.
    Also, Welcome!

  • nevermind the link work now haha

  • The family just keeps on expanding. Perhaps we could get a family photo sometime?

  • i’m very pleased with this nice feauture.btw,rey welcome to the blog!
    i’m wondering if the “drop” could be added to the ps3 itself in form of a channel or app.where you just would click and get the info on all the upcoming games for the ps platforms?just an idea :0

  • When can we expect Castle Crashers?

  • Awesome! Look at lil’ Rey from Destructoid…movin up…just awesome. From a fellow Dtoider, nice to have you onboard.

  • Great job. I’m going to really like knowing what is going to come out.

  • Is Crash Team Racing coming out this week on PSN? Please say it is! I’ve been holding the money just to get that!

  • welcome to the Sony Puppets club

  • Maybe it’s just me but isn’t Warriors of the Lost Empire an old game?

  • Great idea for the blog. Feels like its gettin life now. Plus, one blog post for all new releases for the week is a time saver.

  • Glad to have someone as skilled as you on here. Jeff and Sid are already great enough and having one extra is SUPER!!! Are you going to do some video work on top of “The DROP” stuff??? So this is my welcome Mr. Gutierrez.

  • wow this is really cool. i like knowing whats coming up. cool. very nice thanks.

  • This is very helpful, glad to have you aboard! I especially like the pictures for each game. I’m a visual person.

  • Awesome. Great idea, and it’ll be really nice having you around to join Jeff and Sid!

  • too bad i wont be able to enjoy any of this games now, my ps3 has died a third time just yesterday , this sucks,im pretty mad now.

  • well i will keep playing Halo 3 in my 360 till Reach comes out

  • MAN. I loving this feature already. Welcome to Playstation Nation!!!
    I look forward to this.

  • Will the new zen pinball table be coming out???

  • just good luck and u might want to stay away when the psn updates r crappy (disney ps1 classics they shouldnt be called “classics” ) but apart from that u should be fine just try not to get in the line of fire from people well doin there normal tuesday thing and u should be fine lol

  • I really like this addition to the blog. It seems like it’ll end up being a good source for information.

    Any updates concerning the back catalog of the psp being uploaded to the psn. There are psp go owners like myself who want to give sony our money but you won’t allow us. We can’t buy psp games if they aren’t available. Did someone at sony forget this?

  • Welcome!
    Are you guys from the US blog also heading over to Gamescom or do you leave that one to your Euro colleagues? The more, the merrier is my opinion.

  • Wow, “the drop” seems like such a no-brainer it’s amazing it hasn’t been here before, but like many others glad it is now.

    Also, many many thanks for the many replies, a rarity on here these days (i.e. last weeks Store Update blog, 324 comments, ZERO replies)

  • Cool to have you on the blog, Rey.

  • Will there be a GT5 demo any time soon and i lost the new post keep up the good work Sony…..please bring back the backwards compatible with Playstation 2 titles. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE


    Was sad to see you leave the ‘toid, but I’m relieved that you’re on the “front lines” with Sony where we can all keep up with you, rather than locked away in a secret office!

    Yay for Dtoid mentality spreading through the world!
    Give kevin Butler a big bromantic bro-hug for me (no [DELETED]) and have a killer time living the dream at Playstation you lucky SOB.

    I’m so going to copy your PlayStation tattoo.

    props, Sexualchocolate. x x x

  • We got Sid, Jeff, and Rey. That means I can be your fourth Member! you have 2 guys with three letters and now you can have 2 guys with 4 letters in their name!

    Anyway Welcome, Christiano Reynaldo. I hope you have a great experience here on the blog. And also, Podcast is inbound just made my day today… And it’s still morning!

  • Welcome aboard Rey!!!!

    We’ll miss you on Dtoid, but I’m glad you are here!!!

    Keep the good work!!

  • All I can say is…woooooo nelly

  • Castle Crashers release date ????

  • Rey I have a question for you man. When are the psone classic rpgs like legend of mana xenogears star oceand and such coming out? I need my fix

  • Crash Team Racing ???? When????

  • Great idea, now people will know when to load up on psn cards. I just want to know when Blade Kitten is coming out lol

  • asome but are we going to be seeinng naruto this week or next week because im a fan and iwont the game so bad bc im a pspgo user thanks for update

  • Welcome R3y

    I was also sad to see you leave the ‘toid. Keep up the awesome videos.

    Great Idea for the blog. been wanting this forever.

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