The Drop: Week of August 2, 2010 New Releases

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It’s an honor and a pleasure to inaugurate our newest weekend feature — a little something I like to call “The Drop.” The video gaming scene can be quite a riot at times, making it difficult to keep track of the latest releases for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable. Fear not, I’ve been given the weekly duty to keep you up-to-date and well informed with the week’s new releases.


Before I school you with the PlayStation goodness, let me introduce myself. You may (or may not) recognize me from Destructoid, where I managed and hosted all their video pieces and features as the Editor-In-Chief of video. After an amazing two years with Dtoid I am happy and honored to call SCEA and the PlayStation.Blog my new home. If you follow our Twitter (which you should — @PlayStation) you may also recognize my PlayStation ink that I proudly wear on my left arm.

My goal is to enhance your PlayStation.Blog experience with all things video, and showcase the amazing talent and work that goes on behind the scenes with brilliant first-party and third-party titles, and even hardware.

Let’s hug it out now, my fellow PlayStation brothers and sisters, as you hit the jump and check out this week’s new releases.

Superstars V8 Racing

PlayStation 3

Superstars V8 RacingThe last time Milestone dabbled in the arts of racing games was back in 2006’s Corvette Evolution GT. Based on the Italy-based Superstar Series, this is the first game to feature car racing at the Portimao and Magione race tracks.

Disney Sing It: FamilyIf anyone is going to have a guilty pleasure when it comes to singing Disney tunes in the shower, it’s going to be this guy. Designed for up to eight players and one microphone, Disney Sing It: Family has a healthy collection of songs from films like Toy Story, Mary Poppins and Aladdin.

PlayStation Network: Earthworm Jim HD

PlayStation Network

Earthworm Jim HD — Dude, it’s Earthworm Jim! What more do I need to say? If you’re not familiar with the classic 16-bit title, then you’ve been missing out. But don’t take my word for it: Senior Media Editor for Gameloft Jen Kye schooled us all earlier this week when she announced its August 3rd debut on PSN. Earthworm Jim in HD? Sold.

PSP: Warriors of the Lost Empire

PlayStation Portable

Warriors of the Lost Empire — The fine folks of UFO Interactive Games deliver a simple but yet addictive RPG title. Warriors of the Lost Empire isn’t short of dungeons, NPCs and quick load times to boot (according to UFO Interactive Games). Your diverse taste in heroes will be rewarded when given the choice to be a Highlander, the Dark Seeker, the Amazon, or the Gladiator.

minis: Widgets Odyssey 2

PlayStation minis

Widgets Odyssey 2 — Aboard the S-Pace, our five heroes must once again thwart Yagor’s diabolical plans. Visit new planets, meet new creatures and play more mini-games as you guide our friends in their quest to save the cosmos.

Arctic Adventures: Polar’s Puzzles — Play as Polar in 50 brand new brain-freezing puzzles from the icy north on the Icetruck to the explosive Oil Rig. Will you solve them all and prove to be smarter then the average bear?

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  • Hey Rey nice to have you on board.
    I read the blog all the time and yes with great titles releasing all year round this helps a lot!

  • This is a great new feature, and I will be looking forward to it every week. I will assume this does not include games that the developers choose to reveal on a Monday, or a Tuesday before or on the day of new PSN releases?

  • welcome to the blog and get ready to deal with the complainers

  • Nice blog, I’ll be looking forward to it every week from now. And welcome to you of course =D

  • love psp goodness!

  • pretty sweet new feature! i’m surprised there hasn’t been one like this before.

  • Definitely a new and welcomed feature. I’m all for it!

  • Good article, I like this new segment to the blog. The tattoo is amazing, I want one.

  • This is nice to know what we’r getting for the week. thanks for news

  • Like it already “The Drop” Welcome Rey.

  • good job

  • please Add me

  • welcome to the blog

  • Hey Rey! Nice to see a Dtoider moving up (well, sideways anyway!)

    … and if you can handle the comments at Dtoid, then this should be no problem for you! Just keep your sense of humour and it’s nice to see that Sony is broadening the scope of!

  • hey rey, do you know if the cod black ops demo or the force unleashed demo will be coming out with all these AMAZING demos?

  • This is EXACTLY what we needed! Holy Magicarp! Thanks Ray. :)

    Also, nice tattoo. I never thought of how well that would work as one.

  • When will lego indy 2 come out for psn on psp go?

  • Nice ink.

  • Fantastic! I have some weekend reading now! :D

  • They’re FINALLY bringing Superstars V8 Racing Over here? ’bout time! (although, quite frankly, it’s a year too late IMHO)

    One quick question tho, Rey: is this game the same game that people in Australia get, or is it a different game?

    Thanks, and welcome to the Blog!

  • ps3 id : cherild add me !! im a awesome gamers

  • This is a great new addition to the blog.

  • I asked for this on Twitter and low and behold, here you are. Rey thank you for coming to the Blog and keeping us regular gamers up to date with the releases on a weekly basis. As others have stated this helps us that are too busy during the week to get a heads up on what is coming. Again THANK YOU!
    P.S. Nice PS ink!

  • w00t! so this is where one of my fave dtoid bloggers went. well i’ll be! Cool awesome info, i guess i can be expecting “the drop” from now on! yeehaw!

  • While I like this feature, I think it would also be helpful if you could point out what items are coming up for Playstation Plus users. It’s a guessing game each week wondering what’s going to be available for PS+ users.

  • its about time they did something like this to let people know what to be looking forward too.

    also that tattoo is nice. i had wanted to get one myself, just not sure where i wanted it on me or even how big.

    Just wondering how much did it cost you?

  • Hey, could The Drop possibly include info on what playstation plus will offer that week?????? I would love it even that much more if we had this info weekly, at least tease us on what’s to come if you are able :)

  • It’s been mentioned twice now and I would like to third the vote for including PS+ offers for the upcoming week on “The Drop”.

    Also, this is fantastic, good work!

  • this is a legitimate nice change that i can honestly look forward to in the future. i just commented about this yesterday in hopes that we would be able to know what is coming in advance. i like everybody else hate to have to play the guessing game for this system.
    thank you for atleast hearing something of what we have said and actually following through on a request i am sure many people have made during the last year or two.

  • “The Drop” is a great idea. Nice job.

  • Please DO NOT make it a video. I’m so tired of having to watch a video containing a lot of info I don’t want or need just to get to one item of information.

  • welcome to the blog

  • This is nice because the weekend doesn’t get too much game news traffic on this blog. So i’ll be happy to see this each week! :D

  • That snapshot of Earthworm Jim’s Hell level looks drool-worthy. I can’t wait to play it.

    I like this “Drop” thing. Keep up the good work!

  • Nice! Another thing to look forward to on the Blog! &Welcome aboard Rey! :)

  • so is the PS Podcast on the way now?

    • He’s the one that’ll be producing it. Let’s let him get all settled and then we can *all* bug him about it ;)

  • Nice of you to “Drop” by….

    okay that joke is lame xD

  • Looks like a great new feature!

    Sony brings in a ringer. Nice.. Someone up there is paying attention. Always had faith in you, lords of the Sony world.

  • Finally an AWESOME weekend update by an AWESOME Editor! looking forward to the great weekend updates! welcome to PS Blog Rey!

  • Funny, My PS Home Club is also named “The Drop” and I’ve had that up for months now… Hmmmm…

  • Whoa this is like ZOH-My-GAHD awesome! I hope to see more of these in the coming weeks!!!

    Definitely look into doing the video!

  • Rey, welcome to the PlayStation.Blog! I like the concept of a weekly feature to alert the PlayStationers (PlayStationites? PlayStationistas? PlayStationaires?) of the upcoming new releases for the week.

  • this is a great idea actually. :D It’d be cool if we could get EvErY PS3 and, especially, PSN game listed for the week though. :O
    Just a suggestion that may not even be possible. >.>

  • Oh also, the game screenshots should be under the console title, not above it. lol. it confused me for a second. D:

  • actually , i kind of like not knowing whats up for ps+ members . its like having christmas every week.

  • This is great news for ps bloggers. Cant belive its not rated a 5 out of 5.

  • i have to agree with Axecution. not so much for the PS3 games. i usually find that out from gamestop or someplace like that. i am talking more the psn games though. its one thing i wish all 3 companies would have for their download service is announcing games that are coming out the week before so we all have an idea on how much to stock our wallets up to. :D

  • great post…ill eat this stuff up every week!

  • Holy [DELETED] it is Rey from Dtoid! I thought that was you posting a red comment the other day…had me all confused. Glad to have you on the blog, look forward to seeing more from you. Hopefully they’ll let you bring a bit of that Dtoid flavor over.

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