Valkyria Chronicles II Coming to PSP Later this Summer

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Valkyria Chronicles is one of those hidden gems from the early-ish days of the PS3; a strategy-RPG with third-person shooter controls and stunning anime styling. If you’re into any of those genres (or World War II, for that matter), I highly recommend you procure a copy.

While Valkyria Chronicles didn’t top the sales charts, it inspired intense fandom among many who played it (be prepared to open your wallet wide if you want to get ahold of the detailed Valkyria figurines coming out of Japan). Like many of these fans, I’m particularly excited about the prospect of carrying the game’s sequel with me for most of the 2nd half of this year.

So I took the short trip to Sega’s US HQ to play an English build of Valkyria Chronicles 2 for PSP, and report back to you. VC2 may be shrunk down to portability, but there are significant advancements in this sequel, including multiplayer.

We’ll have more details on Valkyria Chronicles II soon.

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  • Looking forward to this game a lot, although I want a non-UMD digital version.

    I also want a trophy patch for the first game :p

  • TROPHIES Patch for Valkyria chronicles 1 PLEASE! EARNING those VC 1 trophies would be a Badge of Honor on them Psn id cards 8) Thank you

  • Disappointing it isn’t on PS3 but that didn’t stop me from having this pre-ordered since forever :D

  • Ya mod nation racers is the best

  • Yester day I got socom fireteambravo for my psp and it is so cool I could by all of them

  • say on the Playstation network how do u update you psp? I all ready have it on version 6.31 but I was just wondering

  • Hey dose any one else have call of duty roads to victory out there because I am a big COD fan but the psp game of COD sucks!!!!!!!

  • I will buy this to make sure that we get the 3rd one on PS3 :)

  • YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! Cannot wait for this!! Hurry up & release it Sega!! :D

  • I hope everyone goes out and supports VC2. I wanna see more of this awesome series on PlayStation platforms!


  • @2 TorgoTime
    lol, how the hell can it be your “game of the year” when you only completed 15% of the game?

  • Will there be a japanese voice track option? I’ll buy it regardless, but I would prefer it.

  • Thanks for an awesome interview Jeff, way to know already that this is a game deserving of an interview.

    How much will this cost? Will it have voice actors for characters like in PS3 or will all the speech be in text only? How many episodes are in this PSP version? Is there any movies/animes/toys/collectibles/comics based off the first game? If so, will they come out to the US? Thanks for any info Jeff, Sega?.

  • Any idea if there will be a bundle [for Europe], looking to buy another PSP and a VCII bundle would be great.

  • VC1 is still the best game on PS3, along with Yakuza 3 and Demon’s Souls. 2 out of the 3 are Sega games. Sega, if anyone from your staff is reading this… thanks for all of the great games you’ve brought to the PS3 and PSP. If it weren’t for you guys, I probably would have sold my PS3 by now, as I am highly disappointed with the lack of good Japanese games this generation.

    This reminds me of why I still own a factory sealed Dreamcast, just to reminisce over Sega’s glory days every time I look at it. You guys are still the best! VC2 will probably be the only reason I buy a PSP again.

  • How about a trophy patch for the first one? That will definitely get me back to playing it.

  • Can you guys please fix the latest firmware update? Since trying to update my PS3’s HDD I cannot install update 3.41

  • As much as I will enjoy playing this, I’m still really upset they didn’t release another on the PS3… I would even be happy if they just made some more add-ons/extensions to the original.


    XD BOOM! my brain fried… can you tell I’m excited?

  • ugh I HATE when sequels are on different platforms!

  • VC is one of my fav ps3 games (up there with demon souls, MGS4 and disgaea3). I am a Rpg and Strategy fanatic and was thrilled when I played the first game on PS3. Wish they put trophies on it though (that and mgs4). I can’t wait to play this game. I have had it pre-ordered for months now. Games like this is what made the ps2 so popular last gen… Real in depth unique style RPGS, something Sony itself seems to forget (look at the ps1 games that they release…and then look at the sales for the jrpgs that trickle out once a year).

    Don’t mean to rant, as psp has been on a role with rpgs and good games in general. Between Peace Walker, P3P, Heyx Force, Gravity crash and now this.. My psp has been on every day. Glad this game is getting finished up. Again I still think we need more rpgs (both western and eastern and strategy games) on PS3, stop with all the shooters and bring out more games like VC or Demon souls.


    Come to think of it you are right… Sega has released some of the best PS3 games this gen.

    VC1, Yakuza3, Rennosance of Fate, Phantasy Star Portable, Alpha Protocol (I loved that game, even though a lot of ADHD twitch gamers hated the stats…guess what, a real rpg has stats!!!) I am glad Sega is still sticking with the playstation family.

  • How are these controls going to work out, i’ve never played a Valkria game. You said 3rd person shooter controls…is that like FTB or Syphon Filter?

  • so when are we getting the demo ? or is it gonna be a demo in the first place? i mean i ask because the lack of psp support on PSN is really obvious , i mean we are Kingdom Hearts , Valkyria Chronicles 2 , God of War Ghost of Sparta , Parasite Eve : The Third Birthday demos? themes? wallpapers? anything ?

  • It looks great but I would much rather play it on my ps3. I’m quite disappointed that they decided to go psp exclusive. Valkyria Chronicles is my favorite game and now i have to play the sequel on a psp :(

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    We want a PSP2.

  • It took me like 2 YEARS!!!!!!!! to finish VC1

  • I really want this game but I don’t have a psp or any intention of getting one (sorry Jeff)

    I really hope there will be another PS3 sequel (or port of this one) sometime in the future!

  • I plan to put this in Blog.Share, but if it could be passed along, I’d LOVE to see a VC soundtrack released- Amazon, iTunes, PSN, I really don’t care where- the game had beautiful music. I expect the same from the sequel.

    Though… I do get kind of worried with how high the expectations for VC2 seem to be getting. Especially when you consider that one of the most enthralling parts about VC was its story, a category which is decidely hit-or-miss for many games out there. All the same, I’m showing my love for Sega here- I grew up on the Genesis & Game Gear.

  • Okay, this game sounds awesome, but I’m sold on it yet. I have to see some gameplay, and, even better, a demo.

  • I’m excited for this game! I’ll definitely pick it up after I get around to finishing the beautiful first one. :)

  • I absolutely LOVED the first game disappointed that the sequel isn’t on the PS3 but hearing the improvements they’ve made really makes me forgive them. And after playing the japanese demo i’m suprised at how well everything works with the psp controls. the only questionable thing i have with this sequel is the story i know nothing about it but i hear that it’s catered more to the japanese fans in the whole school drama setting, which i would personally find dissappointing because what i loved about the first game besides the gameplay was the accessibility of the story it wasn’t some super fantasy or cheesy anime melodrama it was actually very good.

    but we’ll see as the release date comes closer i might just have to buy it so i can relive the greatness and hope for a sequel on the ps3

  • I love how you two were so huddled together, like were you discussing something intimate and lovely. :P

    I’m totally hyped for this game, but I worry over how well it’ll sell, especially when looking at Peace Walker’s meager 54k (or whatever it was) in the US for its first month.

    I wish they brought over an awesome preorder bonus here like they did for Japan.

    Jeff, can we expect anything extra special for PS blog readers for Valkyria Chronicles II? Perhaps a DLC code giveaway?

  • I still can’t believe how badly VC1 sold.. I reckon most Western gamers probably thought it was just another crummy JRPG. I hope VC2 does better. I’m buying it as soon as it’s out! :)

  • @79

    and pretty much anyone looking for a demo. sign up for the JP PSN and they have a demo. It plays just like the PS3 version. Can’t seem to remember clearly but I’m sure there was a taste of some of the newer aspects of the game

  • It’s funny that the games I am looking forward to most are on the PSP. VC2 is my most anticipated game. Now if I can pry my hands away from SSFIV, I can start the VC DLC before VC2 is out.

  • RubyEclipse (Aaron Webber) is a cool dude.

    Valkyria Chronicles is one of my favorite games of the generation. Second only to LittleBigPlanet. It took me forever to beat the game, but it was a blast every step of the way. I’ll be sure to buy this one. If there’s a third game, hopefully it will be for the PS3.

  • I can’t WAIT for this!

  • I would rather have this on ps3, but im not hesitating to get this on my psp :P

  • After reading this forum, it seems like I’m the only person who beat the first game… Can’t wait to play the second one!

  • I wish I could play this, but I don’t own any portable systems. As someone who bought the original DAY ONE, that saddens me a bit. The least they could do would be to actually go with a trophy patch for it, but I guess that’s not happening either.

  • i whish this game was in ps3, i love the first vc, my fav game of ps3, epic game
    but i dont have money to buy a psp, and i wanna play this game

  • Played through the original. Really liked it. Would buy it again if it had trophy support. Oh well.

  • One of the best games I have and that’s saying a lot. Got all in-game trophies, but wish those were ‘real’ PSN trophies. Oh, well. I still need to get the expansions. Very disappointed to see the sequel on PSP instead of its true home on the PS3. Can’t say I’ll but a system just for one game and frankly I don’t need a portable system of any kind. Too bad.

    I’m not sure why someone would not finish this game. Crazy. It isn’t super hard. Even the ‘hard’ levels after you finish things the first time through aren’t too bad. Most levels can be won single-handedly by Alisha after her powers emerge. Gotta love that double move!

  • I’m surprised there are so many people that haven’t beat this game that level 7 was some bull though lol. Thats the one where you have to manage to kill selvaria but she dodges everything right. Pain in the a. I used the smoke bomb from the tank and then I ran my troopers on her. You have to be behind her even in smoke if i remember correctly.

  • I’d like to see more turn based Strategy games with this type of gameplay though. Its really fun.

  • They need an expansion for this game. On PS3 just up the level cap and work up some sub classes like the sequel did this game is definitely worth another go.

  • Played the hell out of the first, and have been playing the Jap version despite not knowing a word of it. Looking forward to this, I hope i have some friends with good taste so i can co-op with them.

  • I’ve heard that VC2 is unfortunately going to be English audio only. Any word on whether the Japanese audio will ever be made available? As a DLC perhaps? Although, from the videos I’ve seen, the dub doesn’t sound too bad.

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