Valkyria Chronicles II Coming to PSP Later this Summer

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Valkyria Chronicles is one of those hidden gems from the early-ish days of the PS3; a strategy-RPG with third-person shooter controls and stunning anime styling. If you’re into any of those genres (or World War II, for that matter), I highly recommend you procure a copy.

While Valkyria Chronicles didn’t top the sales charts, it inspired intense fandom among many who played it (be prepared to open your wallet wide if you want to get ahold of the detailed Valkyria figurines coming out of Japan). Like many of these fans, I’m particularly excited about the prospect of carrying the game’s sequel with me for most of the 2nd half of this year.

So I took the short trip to Sega’s US HQ to play an English build of Valkyria Chronicles 2 for PSP, and report back to you. VC2 may be shrunk down to portability, but there are significant advancements in this sequel, including multiplayer.

We’ll have more details on Valkyria Chronicles II soon.

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  • Nice, Looks cool.

  • I can’t wait!!! I never finished the first game but I loved it so much. I only got to chapter 3 but it was my Game of the Year. Day 1

  • Day 1! is there a PSN version instead of a UMD? i hope so

    • I’ll try to confirm. Aaron, who I interviewed in the piece, is in Europe right now. I’m not sure if they have the internet out there…

  • No download, no buy. At least not for a long time.

    I loaned my fatty to a friend after recently acquiring a PSP Go.

  • Hope this is easier that VC1, im still stuck on Chapter 7!

    *shakes fist*

    • That level was disproportionately hard. You’re going to have to sacrifice a few people to Selvaria in order to save your hide.

  • Whoa, very promising! Really excited for this game! Thank you very much for the video, Jeff! (I love exclamation points!)

  • I don’t know the last time I was so excited for a PSP game. Well probably Peace Walker, but that and VC2 are the cream of the crop. Can’t WAIIIIT!

  • the first game is the best ever (my fav game this gen with demons souls). but damn its a stap in the back making a secuel (direct secuel, not spin off) on a other media.. make the first get trophys and sega is forgiven :D

  • “Brings everything the PS3 game had and more!” .. except putting it on a non-sales, failing system.

  • Huge fan of the first game and I’m glad we’re actually getting the sequel stateside, my PSP has been needing some loving. Question though, any chance our friends at Sega will make a collector’s edition for us hardcore VC fans??? Please :)

  • Can you guys put the 1st one on the PSN? I didn’t get to play it, and it’s not exactly easy to find in stores.

  • Zombie Blognak!!! Please tell someone at Sega to add trophy support for the original VC!!!

    Buying VCII day one for sure!

    • I’ve brought it up a million times. I think that the team has moved on from development and, unfortunately, they don’t code themselves.

  • That is the most boring game I’ve ever played, aside FF series…my God those this are horrible!

  • Hurray to Sega for bringing this one over too. Very unique & beautiful series.

  • These PSP Games are the Business!!!

  • Valkyria is one of my favorite PS3 games, only edged out of ‘favorite’ by perhaps Uncharted 2 and Demon’s Souls (I just started replaying it again in preparation for VC2). It is surprising how attached you can become to characters that have very little dialog.

    I bought a PSP solely to play this game.

  • Please hurry up with this game.


  • How about we celebrate with a trophy patch for the first game? You guys missed out on so many sales by ignoring this request in the past. Just do it for cripes sakes!

  • Awesome video. Really enjoyed it!

    So you visited Sega… did you, perhaps, get an interview or grab any footage of Phantasy Star Portable 2?!

  • Someone told me that this game is overrated and most of the people that loved the first one never even finished it.

  • Glad to finally see this interview up! You did a great job on the interview, Jeff.

    I’m really looking forward to this game. Here’s hoping the Phantasy Star Portable 2 tie-ins to and from this game will be retained in their entirety!

  • Yea. But it looks like everyone is an anime trope.


  • Valkyria Chronicles is by far one of the best games I’ve played in the last decade. While I’m undeniably very very sad the sequel moved from PS3 to PSP, I’ll definitely be picking it up. Hopefully the series will find its way back to beautiful HD on the PS3 someday.

  • @15
    Wendy Cheslock is my favorite character.

  • Any idea on the PSN price for Valkyria Chronicles 2?
    I want to get this and PSPortable 2

  • Been looking forward to this. Any word on all the extra preorder bonus stuff that Japan got making it into the US version?

  • Why, why, why did you not put this on the PS3, VC is 1 of my all time favourite PS3 games, i was so looking forward to the next one..

    But i’ll buy it anyway ;)

  • Can’t wait.. Valkyria Chronicles (PS3) was an amazing game. It along with Demon’s Souls has been the standouts for me this gen.

  • Is it For PS3 Also?

  • Im tired of waiting LOL! I want it now

  • Somewhat related topic; What ever happened to trophy support for VC1 on PS3?

  • day 1 buy for me!

    but I have one question: can we have a trophy patch for the original VC? please?

  • Valkyria Chronicles is easily one of my favorite games of all time. I’m obsessed with it. If anyone out there reading this right now doesn’t have it, you need to fix that right now. Ever since the game came out, I’ve been on a campaign to get as many people to buy it (and soon its sequel) as possible! I have several of the random box sized figures and the Japan only “Gallian Chronicles” art book!! So yes, the blog post is right about that whole intense fandom thing.

  • Oh, and if its possible to get VC3 back on PS3, I would be very happy. HD is the only way to live . . .

  • Does VC2 still contain the japanese audio like the first game? Sega has been really good for that with VC1, Resonance of Fate and Yakuza 3, I hope they treat this the same despite it being a PSP title.

  • Dang im still stuck on Chap 7 of the first one!

  • I actually bought a PSP just for this game…

  • Sega, please do not price this game at $40 and make me hate you.

  • Got stuck on VC1 a long time ago and just never went back. TROPHIES must be added so that I get up the motivation to finally beat that ridiculously hard mission.


    Chapter 7? It was a bit tough I guess I managed though, pretty sure I got S rank or whatever the highest is.

  • They are probably only making it for PSP because sales were low on PS3 and its cheaper to develop for PSP, but I don’t play my PSP very much and would never pay more than $20 for a PSP game. I don’t know why, they just don’t seem worth more than $20, I will wait patiently for Peace Walker and this to drop to that price point.

  • Awwww yea!

    I absolutely loved the first one. Day one for me.

  • I think I was stuck on the Giant Tank mission, did really well the first time I played it, the game was bugged and I lost. All subsequent attempts were even worse performances on my part so I just gave up.

  • If there is a collector’s edition or preorder bonus, I will pay handsomely for it. I too want to secure the 3rd release on the PS3, so I’ll be buying this for sure.

  • DaY one!! But I have a pspgo…
    So u know what I need for this to b a day1 purchase for me!

    Also: loved the first game and yes I beat the whole game!

  • Dear Jeff, are we gonna have a “Games of Summer” type promotion like before?

  • Will definitely be picking this up. Still disappointed that it’s not for PS3 though, hopefully if a Valkyria Chronicles 3 eventually comes out, it’ll be on PS3 again.

  • I am so excited for this game. I am definitely going to pre-order it for all of the perks that will come with it, AND be able to get it on day 1. My best friend will get it too, and once I am done owning him, maybe I will help him out :D
    I am also happy it is coming out for PSP. I will now be able to carry around Valkyria Chronicles instead of being stuck in my room, unable to beat a level on my own. I can take it over to friend’s and get their opinion.
    All in all, too excited for this game!

  • man, I haven’t even gotten to the first game yet.

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