Coming Tuesday to PSN: Earthworm Jim HD for PS3

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Remember playing Earthworm Jim during the glorious 16-bit era? How about battling Major Mucus and Evil the Cat? Or saving Princess What’s-Her-Name?

PlayStation Network: Earthworm Jim HD

If you don’t recall ever playing Earthworm Jim, I can only shake my head with utter sorrow. Who else but an ordinary earthworm can transcend fleeing from crows and eating dirt to become a mutated superhero?

Cue the dramatic music.

Get your Plasma Baster ready for some trigger happy times in the sweet world of high definition graphics — thanks to the amazing team at Gameloft, they’ve given all the original levels in the single-player campaign a healthy HD face-lift. As an added bonus, you’ll discover three exclusive levels which you can now venture through in a never-before-seen setting.

Not one for solo adventures? Gameloft has you covered. Earthworm Jim HD offers local and online 2-4 player co-op gameplay in 15 multiplayer levels! You can also team up with your buddies to (you know) launch cows or madly whip space ships.

PlayStation Network: Earthworm Jim HD PlayStation Network: Earthworm Jim HD

Did I mention, launching cows?

Simply strap into the Ultra-high-tech-indestructible-super-space-cyber-suit™ (Super Suit for short) and be prepared to take down Psy-Crow!

Earthworm Jim HD will be hitting the PlayStation Network on August 3rd at an awesome price of $9.99!

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  • This game is a classic. I played it back when it came out for the SEGA Genesis. Awesome job Sony

  • Yo, besides earthworm jim I’d love to see Battle Toads. Another old school classic

  • I don’t see any mention of trophies for this game. What gives? Tell me there’s trophies Sony. You know how us competitive types

  • +1 for Toejam & Earl HD.. That and Jim were pretty much my 2 favourite games on the Genesis, and PSN already dropped 2 of my favourite arcade games in the shape of GTI Club and Final Fight… Now just gimme House Of The Dead and I’ll love you forever!


    hell mofo yea!!!! bring back the CLASSICS !! where is Turtles Tournament Fighters?

  • I like Earthworm Jim, but shouldn’t this version move more smoothly? For it’s time the animations were good but today they could be even better.

  • Nice. Some old Genesis flair comes back to PSN. Can u now please bring Flashback: Quest of Identity in HD to PSN. That would be awesome :D

  • The WORM shall twist & turn again!

  • Oh yeah ! I remember playing EWJ back on my old SNES and boy was it loads of fun ! Peter Puppy, Princess-What’s-Name, and Psycrow !

    Can’t wait to get this ! Now if we could get “Flashback: The Quest For Identity” “Fade To Black”, “Out Of This World” or “Heart Of The Alien” , I’ll be back in 16-bit heaven on my PS3 !

    Rotoscoped animation ! Yeah !

  • How nostalgic. Instant buy with the HD graphics. Not many games hold up that were in the 16 bit days but this sure does. I played it a year or so back and it’s just wonderful still. The new graphics should be a pleaser.

  • awesome I have it on my iphone but it’s definitely worth buying on the PS3, hopefully you’ll release EWJ2 cause I think it was even better.

  • i use to watch the tv show and ply the game on my Sega Gennesis, i needs to get this game.

  • Im sooo getting it!!

  • @46

    All u have to do is go to info for one of your games give it a genre u want i.e. shooter, zombie, Game Show, Misc. Then sort your games by folders. Real Easy

  • i bought it, im fan of the original and the HD edition works perfectly with adding new modes. all of them execute very well.
    i want more new bonus levels please,3 its not enough.
    also you should add an ultra hard difficultly setting.
    but overall its great edition and worth the price tag.

  • i have european account***

  • Can i just ask why playstations doing so poorly with psp and why do we have to wait so long 4 useless updates like being able to sort out files.And that their to focused on ps3 I realy think u can make playstation network a lot better than it is for psp.

  • Soon nintendo ds will become better than psp if playstation keep it the way it is now.Nintendos already doing better especialy with the new 3DS their developing.


  • uhh?? its tuesday wheres the game i just looked on psn no earthworm jim??

  • tried the demo earlier LOVED IT!!! im gonna buy this game..especially as its price is $9.99 lol bargain if u ask me

  • I am soooo buying this! Good times playing this game on SNES :D

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