Coming Tuesday to PSN: Earthworm Jim HD for PS3

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Remember playing Earthworm Jim during the glorious 16-bit era? How about battling Major Mucus and Evil the Cat? Or saving Princess What’s-Her-Name?

PlayStation Network: Earthworm Jim HD

If you don’t recall ever playing Earthworm Jim, I can only shake my head with utter sorrow. Who else but an ordinary earthworm can transcend fleeing from crows and eating dirt to become a mutated superhero?

Cue the dramatic music.

Get your Plasma Baster ready for some trigger happy times in the sweet world of high definition graphics — thanks to the amazing team at Gameloft, they’ve given all the original levels in the single-player campaign a healthy HD face-lift. As an added bonus, you’ll discover three exclusive levels which you can now venture through in a never-before-seen setting.

Not one for solo adventures? Gameloft has you covered. Earthworm Jim HD offers local and online 2-4 player co-op gameplay in 15 multiplayer levels! You can also team up with your buddies to (you know) launch cows or madly whip space ships.

PlayStation Network: Earthworm Jim HD PlayStation Network: Earthworm Jim HD

Did I mention, launching cows?

Simply strap into the Ultra-high-tech-indestructible-super-space-cyber-suit™ (Super Suit for short) and be prepared to take down Psy-Crow!

Earthworm Jim HD will be hitting the PlayStation Network on August 3rd at an awesome price of $9.99!

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  • man, Earthworm Jim is going everywhere

  • Looks like Socom 4 has been delayed until 2011:

  • Who cares XBL had this game over a month ago..Jeez always late to the party PS3..Please drop your price of $15.00..That’s a lot for a DLC game.. =(

  • Can you mix local and online players? (i.e. 2 local can play with 2 online)

  • launching cows?
    Yes Yes cows that fly!!!
    brings back memories of my teen years/ Bonus levels that I never goot to play too nice.

  • Awesome, free August game for PS+ users?

  • @53 it’s $9.99 not $15.00, doesn’t anyone actually read the article before commenting?

  • For the person asking about a demo, I’m going to guess yes since it came out in Europe yesterday. (If you go looking for it I also recommend picking up the “Aqua Panic” demo. It came out a few weeks ago and I still have never even heard of the game ;0)

    I’m also guessing this won’t be the PS+ game for August as Critter Crunch was the game for August. (If anyone from Sony could correct me on that it would be great as this weeks PS store update blog had over 300 comments about the subject but not even 1 single reply. Sad, so sad.

  • Thank you for pricing this at a sensible $9.99! I was expecting $14.99, this is much better.

  • i think i can beat the game now that there are better controls

  • Who needs a demo of Earthworm Jim HD? You either want it or you don’t.

  • “Groovy!” About time!!!!!!!!!!!!! Earthworm is back!

  • Like General Disarray from South Park might say it: “XBOX did it!”.

  • I can’t believe Microsoft Summer of Arcade Get 4 Exclusive Game like Limbo, Hydro Thunder Hurricane, Castlevania Harmony of Despair and Monday Night Combat that freaking awesome. Love Xbox Live and I already bought this game on Xbox live Arcade so I don’t have to buy this on Playstation Network Store.

  • Can ps+ subscribers get some sort of discount for this?

  • Another corporate “ps3 love, hey! buy our products” blog. I hope MS paid you well for that timed exclusive window, cause you’re not getting a penny out of me. I’ll just wait for a friend of mine to buy it and I’ll download it from his download list. Maybe a little hurt on your wallet will hopefully change your way of doing business. A shame cause I love EWJ.

  • Is it me or It’s looks better on Snes, also his original voice is gone apparently.

  • Thank you

    Wicked good, Can’t Wait!

    War Of The Monsters??????
    Do It!!!

  • I always appreciate when we get a heads up about when PSN games are going to be released, rather then finding out the day before or the day of. So thanks for that!

    Anyway, Earthworm Jim is a classic, I played it a LOT when it originally came out way back then. Probably be buying this on Tuesday.

  • Thank God.I was wondering if we were going to get this game.

  • EJ is an all time fav, i own so many versions…and now one more! will any of the old codes work? or is there more modern ways implemented for cheat codes?

  • I’ll likely be picking this up. Love classic 16-bit games.

  • Ok that’s way better $9.99 I would definitely buy this game but I won’t pay $15.00 Just hope you know it!

  • I think all games should be $9.99 for new release’s and no higher Sony!..

  • Any word on if PSN gets unlockables for Playstation Home? I know that XBLA gets unlockables for their avatars.

  • @snake eyes If your mommy wont pay for games that cost more then $10 that’s your problem. And F.Y.I Sony not responsible for 3rd party prices.

  • Groovy!

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you. Its time to light up some gold fish ladies and worms. I’m mad excited for this one!

  • About time I been looking for this game since July 1st but just like Sony it looks like gameloft could care less about their customers ignoring questions about it and missing deadlines and not giving a hoot about giving an explanation to loyal earth worm Jim fans smfh

  • Ps how come my blog share ideas never get approved ???? I’ve triple checked to see if they were submitted before and it wasn’t Sony is getting very complacent when it comes to their customers !!! definately getting an xbox when espn comes out

  • >.> Be honest- you got Bill from accounting to do the voice-acting, didn’t you?

  • Plasma Baster lol

  • Can not wait for this game! I actually was going to play it on my old SNES but realized that I loaned it to my cousin about 5 years ago and he never returned it. Well, at least now I can play it (he can’t seem to find my game).

  • Dear jen kye,

    To you and the Gameloft staff and crew, i saw my most awesome of thank yous for HDing and releasing this game. Some of my most fondest gaming memories were on the SNES with this game. As a kid, i remember the first three level because after that, i got decimated. but hey, i was like 5 or 6 lol. Thank you for taking the time and effort to release this game. this is most certainly a day 1 download for me. i wish you great success in future efforts. Id say this is a goldmine of sorts so keeping looking into other games that can go through the same treatment as earthworm jim (UN Fighter, Vortex, F-15 Strike Eagle, Air Strike Patrol, Cybernator, Metal Warrior, Robocop vs the terminator, Super battletank: War in the Gulf, wing commander T-2 the arcade game).

    Once again, thank you and keep up the good work.


  • it looks cool

  • About time I love Earthworm Jim I still fire up my genesis and play em. But whats this I hear about the voice acting being changed is that true, if so thats a bummer. Someone please tell me Jim’s voice ain’t changed. Heres hoping for Earthworm Jim 2 and 3 HD in the future.

  • UnholierThanThou

    SOLD!!!! Even my girlfriend is freaking out over this one! Looks like she’s gonna be playing a LOT of Earthworm Jim while laying here preggo on the couch! What a great way to introduce my child to gaming!IN VITRO! =D

  • UnholierThanThou

    Oh, by the way, VERY off topic, but this site is NOT working when using Opera, even if I identify or mask as Firefox or IE. This has been happening for months now. It sure would be nice if I didn’t have to switch over to crappy-old Firefox whenever I want to login or comment… Thanks! :)

  • YES!!!!!!! Finally, i was worried there thinking it was a xbox360 excluisve only! thanks gameloft for bringing it to PS3 :)

  • I have a FFVII DARK CLOUD PS3 running at 1TB HDD roughly cost at 700.00 off of PLAY-ASIA & EBAY and yes the HD gotta be sata 2.5 . TRUE X-BOX LIVE is better then PSN but in sum what for example , X-BOX has THE DISHWASHER exclusive , I want I buy , BUT F being a gold member just to play online and download free DLC but X-BOX LIVE has a better server , LOL , WHILE PSN , U dont have to subscribe to PS+ to download free DLC , HELL its free to play online and PS+ subscribe get free junk ,,,, NOW thats a good deal , But PSN server is sucks , And I have a strange feeling that PS+ subscribe gonna get eath worm jim HD , scott pilgrim , and castle crasher for free , at least one of those games ,

  • @20 dewd read the article its $9.99 >>>>> free

  • I hope those who have PSN+ will get some kind of discount on this game. This game brings back memories, I used to have a couple EWJ action figures.

  • since everyone going retro, I have 2 idea . killer instinct hd and mortal kombat hd . people still play and it is still talked about tell this day and yes I am talking about KI and since nintendo aint doing nothing for killer instinct since killer instinct gold for N64 then sony should take over KI …. MK series hmmm how can i say this , xbox live has mk3 while psn gets mk2 ,,,, hummmm I think that I rather play the first mk game and yep the game that started it all from esr chopping M rated games and a card board box and controversy after controversy and yep im talking about MORTAL KOMBAT ,,,,,, I bet most people reading my comment will agree with me that it will be epic to finely bring killer instinct and mortal kombat to the psn and to get it on hd…..

  • Sorry, I don’t respect companys that bend over for Microsoft.

  • I saw a trailer a while back… the music had been changed… the voice of Jim had been changed… is this still the same product?

    Quite honestly those things mean a lot to me in the experience of EWJ.

  • these original games r classics good to see the remake finaly make it to ps3

  • Didn’t Phil Hartman do the voice of Jim?

  • The demo is already out on the european store in case you didn’t know. You can download it from there if you know how.

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