Dead Space 2, Ignition, Extraction, Aftermath, and Salvage

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It’s been a busy few days for Dead Space fans; a lot of news has come to light over the last week. While Dead Space 2 is still on track for early 2011, the world of Isaac Clarke is spreading like necromorphs through a ventilation system.

In this interview from last week’s EA Showcase, Dead Space 2 Producer Rich Briggs answers your questions about Dead Space 2 and the PS3-exclusive HD edition of Dead Space Extraction, and details the forthcoming Dead Space Ignition (which will tie in to DS2).

Later on in the week, EA/Visceral Games made even more Dead Space-related announcements at Comic-Con. Here’s Dead Space 2 executive producer Steve Papoutsis with details for our readers:

Today is a very exciting day for the Dead Space franchise. I’m proud to announce 2 new fiction extensions for the Dead Space universe.

Dead Space Aftermath is our second animated feature. It tells the story of what happened after Isaac had his encounter with the red marker. We are working on this with Starz/Film Roman and will be released January 2011.

Dead Space Salvage is a new graphic novel featuring the talented artist Christopher Shy. It takes a peak at what happened to the Ishimura after Isaac departed.

Both of these additions will continue to expand the Dead Space fiction and we can’t wait to see what people think when they get to enjoy them.

If this stuff sounds cool please post a message and let us know. Thanks.

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  • Dead Space 2 is going to be sooooooo goood. Im getting limited edition for sure.
    and @ comment number 47. That is a good question. I would like to know also.
    Please get that info soon jeff. Thank you.

  • @46 the marker in the game was a replica from the one they found on earth, thats the storyline at least. But the movie took place on the Ishimura so theres a loophole unless Im forgettin somethin. Maybe the og marker was transported off before Isaac came or hidden.

  • Okay that’s fair enough. We have no way of knowing who works full time and who doesn’t.

    Maybe it means they need to dedicate more resources to the social media program and give you more full time employees.. Possibly to work on Playstation Share? o_O

    Earlier this month, regarding idea submissions, you said that pretty much all of them would get through and you were removing the mystery from the process.

    Has that changed? Or are you just really backed up?

  • Deadspace was an impulse buy for me since it has become so cheap, and I was totally surprised. Now I’m keeping a close eye on DS2 and looking to pre-order it to ensure I get Extraction. I’m glad that DS:Ignition has some level of interactivity to it, but are the puzzles enjoyable? Also what’s this about unlocking stuff in DS?

    I also hope they’re leaving some room for a potential Move upgrade for DS2, seeing as how people who bought Resident Evil 5 early on can’t use the Move unless they buy the gold edition.

  • Im looking forward to Dead Space 2 release! The graphic novel and animated feature sound awesome

  • WOO! DEAD SPACE RULES!!! i hope there are other ways to get DEAD SPACE EXTRACTION for PS3 other than in the limited edition only.

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