Dead Space 2, Ignition, Extraction, Aftermath, and Salvage

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It’s been a busy few days for Dead Space fans; a lot of news has come to light over the last week. While Dead Space 2 is still on track for early 2011, the world of Isaac Clarke is spreading like necromorphs through a ventilation system.

In this interview from last week’s EA Showcase, Dead Space 2 Producer Rich Briggs answers your questions about Dead Space 2 and the PS3-exclusive HD edition of Dead Space Extraction, and details the forthcoming Dead Space Ignition (which will tie in to DS2).

Later on in the week, EA/Visceral Games made even more Dead Space-related announcements at Comic-Con. Here’s Dead Space 2 executive producer Steve Papoutsis with details for our readers:

Today is a very exciting day for the Dead Space franchise. I’m proud to announce 2 new fiction extensions for the Dead Space universe.

Dead Space Aftermath is our second animated feature. It tells the story of what happened after Isaac had his encounter with the red marker. We are working on this with Starz/Film Roman and will be released January 2011.

Dead Space Salvage is a new graphic novel featuring the talented artist Christopher Shy. It takes a peak at what happened to the Ishimura after Isaac departed.

Both of these additions will continue to expand the Dead Space fiction and we can’t wait to see what people think when they get to enjoy them.

If this stuff sounds cool please post a message and let us know. Thanks.

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  • Looking forward to this very much. Is the game MOVE capable?

  • Nice. Haven’t actually played Part 1 but heard good things about it.

  • I really hope they announce that DS2 has move support, that would be a terrific option! everything about that game looks fantastic, I cannot WAIT!

    Thanks jeff for supporting the community (as always)!

  • The more Dead Space the better!

  • Not fair that we have to buy the Limited Edition disc for the extras!

    • If you buy the game at launch, it *is* the Limited Edition, just like with Dante’s Inferno PS3. No extra cost.

  • I love this franchise. I don’t know how I’m gonna do but I need to have all the goodies for this year in preparation for Dead Space 2 yeee haaaw

  • Lol Jeff, “I’m not waving this paper because it’s hot in here.”

  • Sorry should have watched the entire vid before asking about Move support.

  • Here is a question, why are you guys pushing this 2011 game like its coming out next month? Keeping a game in the spotlight is alright but such aggressive push of an anticipated game that no one can play until next year has always come off as obnoxious to me.

  • I’ll miss Ben Templesmith from the comics but this Christopher Shy/Studio Ronin looks awesome! Are you doing motion comics again? Those were great although I wish they were all in one instead of broken into parts.

  • Okay so…Dead Space 2 LE with Dead Space: Extraction will cost $60 on January 25? Am i Correct?

  • Zinacef | July 27th, 2010 at 8:18 am
    Not fair that we have to buy the Limited Edition disc for the extras!

    Dude it’s exactly like Dantes Inferno. Everyone gets the limited Edition. There won’t be a separate version.

  • Okay so…Dead Space 2 LE with Dead Space: Extraction will cost $60 on January 25? Am i Correct?


  • Here is a question, why are you guys pushing this 2011 game like its coming out next month? Keeping a game in the spotlight is alright but such aggressive push of an anticipated game that no one can play until next year has always come off as obnoxious to me.

    Are you serious? Why do we get trailers of movies that come out a year from now? Do the math.

  • That is Dead Space 2 that made me play the first one, i’m still not done with it but its a very good game so far, i’m in chapter 9. Dead Space 2 looks awesome.

  • So right now move support for ds2 is a maybe, but sounds to most likely be a no since they’re focusing on support for extraction. Well I hope they can consider it. If they add it and get it to work well, i’ll buy extraction instead of Resident Evil 5 since I already played through RE5. If not, I hope they can add enhancements to extraction aside from a graphical upgrade. *crosses fingers*

  • Can someone at EA please clarify the following for me. How will the Extraction content be packaged. Specifically, will it be available to all SKUs, a separate SKU, only pre-orders? I’m curious because I went to the EA store looking to pre-order, but saw no indication the content was included.

    PS – Also looking forward to all this expansion. Great job guys.

  • I would buy DS2 if it had PSmove controls. I hope they do… please!!!

  • I can’t view video, so if anything is answered my apologies.

  • Excellent editing Jeff fits the game perfectly.

    • The editing is all down to our new teammate/video editor, Rey Gutierrez. I’ll tell him you liked it :)

    • I’m happy to hear you’re digging the new direction were taking with our video coverage!

  • Excellent!!!

    Cant wait till Jan!!!

  • I’m a BIG fan of Dead Space! The first game didn’t necessarily scare me, but it sure was a TON of fun to play! In my honest opinion, I think Dead Space is what the more modern Resident Evil games SHOULD have been like!

  • Awesome! I’m a HUGE fan of Dead Space, can’t wait to play all this. Jan. 25 can’t come soon enough.

  • Jeff, I liike the way you showed you were listening to us by asking actual comments and saying the persons name. Keep up the great work.

  • So much Dead Space stuff!! I’m lovin’ it

  • You guys really know how to take all my money, and I’m not quite sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing!

  • I wouldn’t want PSMOVE support for DS2 just because I would get to scarred and throw it lol I have 6 controllers…so controllers can be replaced ;)

  • Love Dead Space, it’s my favorite game to play. Just recently got the Dead Space Martyr novel and loving it as well. I have a couple questions regarding PlayStation Home. The first is will there be Home unlockables from Dead Space 2 (such as a cool suit for your avatar upon completing the game or obtaining the platinum trophy)? And my second question is will there be a virtual space in Home for Dead Space 2? Would be really awesome if that were the case.

    • I believe there was an Isaac outfit from the first Dead Space. If there will be something for DS2, it wouldn’t get announced for several months yet.

  • I NEED more necromorphs to dismember. That’s what the voices in my head tell me anyways. Thank you. :) *laughs nervously*

  • Jeff, I would like to thank you. This is because you are ALWAYS quick to reply and you dont stop at “2” replies. Heres to Jeff and his great work!

  • Should ask them if there will be real cinematic cutscenes unlike Dead Space 1.

  • Hmm… Still wanna know if Extraction is gonna be just an upscaled port or an HD remake?

  • wen is the demo coming out!? im psyched to play it even if i have to subscribe to PS PLUS

  • That is great, I can’t wait, all I think it is awesome that EA is bringing content from Wii to PS3 remastered in HD and with ability to use MOVE more accurately that is great.

    Dead Space is great, if you haven’t played it yet, don’t wait get it now, and get ready to be scared, and if you were not scared when you played it that mean your TV screen was too small and your surround sound was not working correctly.

    Each scream, whisper or any other noise I hear makes my hair stand up. Game ROCKS thank you EA, and thanks Sony for all the improvement and additional content that you bring us.

  • thispending release has me so stoked that i can hardly contain myself at this point.
    more over i look forward to more survival horror bloody and gory goodness. just the idea of eviserating necros is getting me excited enough, not to mention if it atleast has porions of the original formula i might spend a few sleepless nights working this game over to the best of my abilities.

  • Jeff, is the DS2 LE truly limited? As in, it will only be available the first few months and then be replaced with a regular edition.

    And if so, will Dead Space extraction be sold separately on PSN? It’d be great to have it on their regardless. Thanks

    • That’s what I’m told – that it’s truly limited. Don’t know what would happen with Extraction after that.

  • Jeff. Like @24 and @30 said. Thanks so much for responding to us. It’s awesome. If only your other team members could be more like you…

  • Ahh great interview Jeff, it answered all of my questions. This game is looking great.

  • I was very much disapointed when I heard Dead Space 2 was coming out early next year. thouhgt that it might be coming out later this year, but that is how it goes. I have recommended the first installment to alot of people and have been reading alot about the 2nd adventure coming early next year.

    I like that alot of the kinks have been rubbed out and that the controls will be so much more streamlined than Dead Space. PS Move is sure to make this installment way more enjoyableas well. Don’t get me wrong. I love Dead Space so much that I still play it and have yet to use the DLC for it.

    You have to admit that you have free roam of your flight in zero-g gravity levels, new weapons, monsters and tight control of Isaac, then who can complain?

    The remade HD version was not that apealing to me since it was on the Wii, but if it comes with the special edition, then my extra pennies are waiting. Bring it Briggs and keep the franchise alive Papoutsis! I will surely promote this like I have the first game.

    Just wish I could have been there to ask some questions Jeff, but looks like you covered all bases.

  • People are still asking about trophy support? Jeff, don’t waste time with questions like that when other questions could be asked.

  • Eeeeeee!!!!! All on one disc????!!! First day buy!!!!

  • Jeff you rock. those were great questions from viewers that you chose to ask. Good job.
    Anyway a bunch of awesome news. Can’t wait for January. I hope they really try to implement PS MOVE on DS2 a la SOCOM 4. The controls for aiming and moving with the nav controller would really rock for this game.

  • Where’s my MARKER replica? ***Hint*** ***HINT*** 8)

  • Hopefully they put Move support in Dead Space 2 as well. Still buying it though, loved the first game.

  • Question if I buy the “Limited Edition” how long will both the campaigns approximately last?

  • platinumd this game :)
    and am i the only one that was wondering why the marker in the game was so much smaller than the marker in the movie?

  • Will you be able to play Dead Space Extraction with the regular controller or is a Move controller required?

    • I believe the Move controller is required, but that’s a good question for next time I visit the Visceral team.

  • After watching that video, I think I have a Marker in my pants.

  • I just beat Dead Space for the first time the other day. I gotta say Resident Evil have been dethrone for best horror game. Capcom better call Marcus cause they need to “Step There Game Up”. I’m amp up for Dead Space 2.

  • To answer 47’s question, Visceral said at E3 that you could use a regular controller to play Extraction. Really, though, that doesn’t sound like a good idea, I have memories of renting Virtua Cop and a Saturn system in high school and it wasn’t pretty.

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