DC Universe Online for PS3: Full Comic-Con trailer

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We told you something legendary was about to happen! One of the hits of San Diego Comic-Con weekend was the debut of the full cinematic trailer (a whopping 5 and a half minutes) for DC Universe Online, entitled “Who Do You Trust?” In addition to being shown on Spike TV, the trailer also made its Comic-Con premiere at the DCUO panel discussion to thunderous applause.

In DC Universe Online, you’ll be able to team up with legendary DC heroes like Batman, Superman, and Green Lantern… or pledge allegiance to the Joker, Lex Luthor, and other classic villains to determine the fate of the DC Universe. During the struggle for supremacy, you’ll team up with thousands of other players online from your PS3, customize your own skills and abilities, and ultimately create the most powerful super-being ever depicted in a videogame setting

So now that we know that gamers can become the next great legend of the DC Universe, the next question is whether or not they’ll save it, or conquer it? Guess we’ll find out when the game hits the PS3 on November 2nd.

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  • OMG.
    i want them to make a movie or something…i love animated movies that are epic like this one. :D

  • are tos the graphics of the real game??? cuz DAMN! THATS THE NICEST GAME EVER! OMG I WANT IT NOW OMG IM GONNA DIE!! HOTL CRAP!

  • Holy Mother of Kal-El! I’m floored by that trailer! YOU GUYS AT SOE JUST SET THE EXPECTATIONS WAY WAY HIGH UP THERE for this game! CAN YOU TAKE THAT PRESSURE, and more importantly CAN YOU DELIVER AND DO THAT TRAILER JUSTICE -no pun intended but it fits nicely ;) – ???

  • Saw this Saturday morning, still havent tired from it:)

    Can you please add this to the Ps Store for download to our ps3 hardrives please:)

  • To those who think the game graphics will look like a CGI movie…up wake and smell the year 2010.

    Want some real information, go to the official website;

    Also chuckling at those who now want a game they know nothing about due to a trailer.

  • Looking forward to a blog post concerning subscription details. Like how much will it be, will I need a credit card or if there will be options through the PSN store. Also, confirming or denying the rumors of the PS+ subscribers getting it for free would be nice. Though I’m pretty sure that’s all they are…rumors.

    I normally hate pay to play games, but I have to be honest…this particular trailer pretty much convinced me to get the game.

  • Epic trailer

  • @Davenport~ Look up videos in youtube, there’s tons of gameplay footage. Pvp, and pve instances and some of Boss fights.

  • Idk…… Might Have To Choose Hero On This One Superman Surely Kicked [DELETED]

  • Sigh.

    People nearly all your answers can be found thru the link l provided…costs, release date, game play videos, etc.

    The only thing not mentioned is if we can play thru the PSN, but ld say its a pretty save and obvious bet.

    And no, ps plus does not cover the monthly fee…$50 a Year vs $180 year..really?
    Id say Plus already does enough…the a minor discount wouldnt hurt:)

  • Yay! Giganta!

  • Ok, it’s seems confirmed that it’ll cost $14.99 a month, I’ll never play this game, sadly, I’m not gonna pay for playin’ online when I give so much of my money to a company when I buy consoles, accessories, online games on PSN, DLC etc. I’m never gonna pay a monthly fee just to play a game, I buy a game, it’s mine, then, I play.

  • @DaveedY13..youve never played an MMO before l take it.

    Your not playing a game thats over in 20 hours..or 60 hours..etc, you might be playing a game that goes on for years…a slight difference.

  • WOW!!!!

    This is so EPIC!!!!!

    Day one for me!

  • I been reading all over online that this game will be free for Playstation+ members if so I’m buying plus tomorrow!?

  • Can you please confirm or deny that PSN+ subscribers will not need to pay the monthly fee? I’ve heard conflicting reports.

  • Holy jeebus, I think I just [DELETED] myself. That was an epic freaking trailer. I agree with #1, they should make a film!

  • When are you guys going to go indepth with the power system, and everything else? Right now when the release date around the corner it seems to me like your hiding something. When I first saw the game it looked over all great but the power system seems so simplistic as to be a mentally handicapped version of a full MMO. However I can’t judge it completely but based on the fact that everyone seems to have some sort of BUBBLE power, and that nothing appears different other than colors or effects. Am I to assume everyone actually has the exact same powers? For instance can everyone pick up a bus, everyone bubble each other, everyone have ranged powers?

    Stop hiding information. Most MMOs are hip deep with trying to tease info, DCUO seems to be trying to hide it.

  • I just Jizzed in my Pants!

  • lol fail graphics look really bad in the REAL version

  • This video was totally awesome! One thing I didn’t like was Superman, I cant stand that guy. On the other hand Batman is super sick!

  • Kevin Conroy FTW! I’m surprised to not see WW in her new outfit, though. Seems odd that they’d make all this hoop-la publicizing the change only to keep using the classic look.

  • I am still on the fence with this game.

  • Ok! You guys obviously only read and believe what you want to hear, and it’s ridiculous that the powers that run this site won’t directly answer your questions, so I will.

    1) DCU Online will cost $15 a month to play, and it has already been confirmed. To the gamer that talked about how the PS3 is “fundementally different for MMORPGs than PC”, all I have to ask is “What are you, 12?”

    1a) MMORPGs are subcription based. Good ones are, anyway. Trust me, if you want maintenence and content, DON’T PLAY A FREE MMO. Only the MMORPG failures turn free.

    2) The so-called rumour of Plastation+ members getting the fee waived was never even a rumor! Not even in the worse way. It was wishful thinking created AT THIS VERY SITE after the first person (in a long line many, many more) stated to make a post ON JUST ABOUT EVERY STORY hoping/wishing/asking/begging that PS+ can stand as a way not to pay for something.

    Honestly, how in the world can you lett a $50 A YEAR fee stand as an even trade for something that will cost $15 a month? That doesn’t even make sense. It sure-as-heck doesn’t make “cents”. What is the matter with you guys, lol?

  • Can that full length video be added in 1080p or at least 720p to the PS Store media section? It would seem a waste not to add it.

    Also I’m sure it’s been mentioned a thousand times already but DC should absolutely make a full length movie looking exactly like that, it would be their best selling direct to dvd/bluray movie ever, guaranteed!!!

  • Sorry for the typos.

  • That trailer looks awesome, but it tells me jack about the game because for one the game doesn’t look like that and 2 no MMO fights play out anything like that or even anywhere close to like that. Again amazing trailer but as others have said that gets me psyched for a DC movie but leaves me empty when it comes to seeing this is going to play out as a game…


    Superman is like the lamest superhero ever made.

  • The one question I have about the subscription plan is whether or not DCUO will be included in Station Access.

  • Jackson,

    I’m telling Superman you said that and he’s going to “kick your [DELETED] into low orbit” (see Justice League Heroes for PSP). Dude he’s an Alien-American hero, the original multi-cultural, politically correct hero. C’mon dude.

    BTW, I may have missed this but do we buy the disc for 60 dollars and then pay 15? If that’s true it’s rediculous. If it’s a free download and then subscription of $15 a month, that I will do.

    @ Odium…thanks for the clarity. Your right, they only answer thing like

    “I’m excited. Can I hook up my TV to my PS3?”

    “Answer: Yes, you can….stay excited. More to come”
    Any carity on the disc situation. I’ll go back and re-read for answer.

  • I’m Not 2 Into This Game, Especially If There’s A Monthly Fee But This Trailers Is Epic, Better Than The One 4 Force Unleashed 2…This Of Of The Best CGITrailers Ever, If Only The Game Was Like It…Deathstroke All Day Maggots

  • This excitement for this game is paltible(sp?).

  • I can’t decide whether it’ll be this or Final Fantasy XIV. Having mark hamill and other original voice actors is swaying my decision but I’m not quite sure yet.

  • PS3 Version needs a Collector’s Edition.

  • Ok, so please bring this trailer out on PSN in 1080. Pleeeeaseee. I’d love to have this video.

  • @Viglin :

    I’ll say you a little secret, I’m sayin’ “I’ll never pay a monthly fee for a MMO” and you know what? I’m the owner of a website with little online games that I do, I created all the games myself, little games like wordgames, quiz etc. It’s in french (Quebec). And…I’m asking to my player to pay a monthly fee of 10$ each 3 months if they want to play without a limited daily number of games, 40$ a year, and I’m working on it 10 hours a day, alone. quebec is a little place so I have more than 600 members so far and it’s not bad.

    So, I know what a game like this is asking for in term of server space and bandwich. BUT the difference is that I don’t sell a game disc 60$ to my players, and I don’t sell them a consoles, controllers, DLC etc.

  • @Viglin : (follow-up to my previous message, sorry)

    What I’m saying is that Sony could have done it. Companis have to think outside the box and not like PC devs 10 years ago. Sony now make some money on each PS3 sold, and they’re the publisher of this DC game so they make a lot of money with each copy sold. They could have afford it, it’s my point and my opinion and, personally I’ll never pay a monthly fee to play a game that I bought, especially on consoles. The sad part is that this game will not sell so well on PS3, if it was free to play, with some optional DLC to make more money with the game because some people always bought DLC, me included when I like the game, the game would have sold 5 times with a SUPERB TRAILER like this one.

  • Oh man … I wish they would do a Direct-to-DVD (I mean Direct-to-Blu-Ray :D) movie with this tech … It would be an extraordinary 90 minutes ride …

  • Not paying $60 and THEN another $15 bucks a month. Make the game a FREE DLC title and then charge $15 a month to play or just charge the straight $60.00 already!! So long, DC, we sure wish we could’ve known you. Too bad so many other great games are out there to be played because you could’ve been a contender!

  • The trailer definitely looks bad ass. I do hope there is some sort of trial period for the game before we commit to monthly fee.

  • No freaking way I’m paying for the disc and to play the game online that is absurd!!!

  • I would be okay with $5 a month. That way, SOE makes the $60 price of the game every year. And it’s a good enough price for the players to jump on and off at their own liking.
    You realize that $14.99 for a year comes out to $180? You could have 4 games instead of this game and a year of online.

  • i dont get it why superman says batman when he lands and then why does lex say adam as a reply ??????

  • @ilikepie123ja – use teh knoggin. Supes was calling for batman to join him, and lex did the same thing with adam, cept adam was still alive…

  • So, I’m confused. Will the game have cutscenes like that video? Or, is this video the sum total of the story, and leads into the gameplay?

  • You guys don’t seem to realize that PC players have been doing this for years. That World of Warcraft game you may have heard of? People paid $40 – $50 for the game and pay $14 a month to play it. It’s also not the first time. Oh, and all the expansions for it that come out every-so-often? They cost $40-50 as well.

    I know what you’re thinking, “What about my money for other games?” Here’s what you guys are missing:

    When you are playing an addictive MMORPG, you don’t need any other games. You just have to find the one you like.

  • I couldn’t care less if they’ve been doing it for years, i don’t pay for WoW why would i pay for this

  • Wonder Woman looks like a man. Everyone is WAY TOO STOCKY, including the men. I could see if it were based on 80s action figure design but geez even Playstation@Home has better looking people and that comes free on the PS3.

  • I’ve always been the type of guy who’s been against paying a monthly fee to play a game I’ve bought, but I’m gladly making the exception with this game!!!!

  • Ultimate_IronMan

    How can we pay for the monthly fee? Can we pay with a psn card?

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