DC Universe Online for PS3: Full Comic-Con trailer

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We told you something legendary was about to happen! One of the hits of San Diego Comic-Con weekend was the debut of the full cinematic trailer (a whopping 5 and a half minutes) for DC Universe Online, entitled “Who Do You Trust?” In addition to being shown on Spike TV, the trailer also made its Comic-Con premiere at the DCUO panel discussion to thunderous applause.

In DC Universe Online, you’ll be able to team up with legendary DC heroes like Batman, Superman, and Green Lantern… or pledge allegiance to the Joker, Lex Luthor, and other classic villains to determine the fate of the DC Universe. During the struggle for supremacy, you’ll team up with thousands of other players online from your PS3, customize your own skills and abilities, and ultimately create the most powerful super-being ever depicted in a videogame setting

So now that we know that gamers can become the next great legend of the DC Universe, the next question is whether or not they’ll save it, or conquer it? Guess we’ll find out when the game hits the PS3 on November 2nd.

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  • I’ve gotta say, that trailer makes me want to see the folks behind it do a feature-length film even more than it excites me for an MMO ;)

  • So, do ps+ users not have to pay for this monthly?

  • ****ing awesome. Can’t wait.

  • got my pre-order at bestbuy, but no code for batman character or bladed batarang! what the heck?! going back tomorrow for a refund! pffft!

  • PuppetShoJustice

    #2, of course PS+ won’t grant immunity to the monthly fee.

    The game developer isn’t making any money off of the PS+ plan.

  • Don t scold me for this, but what does MMO stand for?

  • PuppetShoJustice

    Massive-Multiplayer Online

  • Pretty cool but I’ll be busy playing Gran Turismo 5 on that day.

  • It’s beautiful! Can’t wait!

  • Don t scold me for this, but what does MMO stand for?

    Massive Multiplayer Online or something like that.

    Anyway will PS Plus cover the monthly free or is this just a false rumor?

  • when is the beta for DC Universe onlone?

  • @ 6
    MMO stands for Massive Multiplayer Online
    MMORPG same thing but you add role playing game

  • This trailer is awesome! I didnt follow this game at all, it would be nice to have something that gives us a good overall of the game. thank you

  • @7
    Thank you! I was thinking something like multiplayer multimedia online

  • Doesn’t this come out the same day as Gran Turismo 5?
    Now I have no idea what to get…
    But that trailer is awesome BTW I wish they’re were CG cutscenes in the game like that.

  • That trailer was absolutely epic. Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill seal the deal on it. Too bad they had to slow down the Flash to make Supes seem faster as he flew back to earth from the sun within mere seconds.

  • So awesome.This needs to become a full featured film

  • EPIC!

  • This is looking awesome. Will this be one of the Betas that Plus subscribers get first dibs on?

  • Amazing trailer! Maybe one day in-game graphics will look like that. Forget the game, make a movie like THAT!

  • This need to be a movie, thats what the trailer seems to be for.

  • This looks really nice.

  • Wonder Woman needs a better fit

  • Wait Konami ? are you guys publishing the game? or you’re just blogging out of excitement?
    PS Blog more often!

  • Day 1 purcahse for me been waiting on this for a longtime and i finally get to play it to play it on Nov. 2nd:)

  • WTF EVIL SUPER MAN!? why does he have red eyes? 0.o

  • Looks amazing! Would really like some new info on The Agency though. That game was announced years ago and we still know hardly anything

  • That was just………………. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When is this coming out?

  • Is it true that if you have psn plus you won’t have pay the subscription service?

  • I just dont see why they wont just make a movie.

  • Sorry, but i’m not paying $15 a month to play a game

  • @ killingspree

    I doubt it, but that would be awesome, i would subscribe in a heartbeat if that were the case

  • Superstrokey1123

    That was impressive, might even sell me on the game.

  • You’re releasing it on the same day as GT5?

    What on Earth?

  • Any beta codes you can swing my way wes?

  • cant wait for the beta

  • absolutely lame. is this a trailer for a movie?! zero gameplay footage equals no interest in the game for me.

  • @26 That wasn’t evil Superman. That was mega miffed Superman.

  • Why do people here assumes it will cost something monthly to play this? I know this is the “norm” to pay to play MMOs on PCs but this is PS3 and Sony is not playing the pay-to-play game with monthly fee like the other console so…

    We are in a new gen, they can try to sell us DLc instead, wich we are not forced to and just forget about a monthly fee.

    Anyway, if they ask us to pay a monthly fee, I’ll never buy this, and don’t say me games like this cost a lot and blah-bla, I kwno how it works but there is more than a way retrieve money and they already sold us a costly PS3, constly games and peripherals etc. I love Sony, I love their console and their way of thinking with PSN so far and I hope they’ll disapoints me. PS+ was a step in the wrong direction if you ask me but as long as they don’t force us…

  • Hi Sid Please let’s us know if there a monthly fee for plus users like us? :). This is reason why I got the PS3 gaming system for first place just for this game :). I think they should make a movie out this game? :)

  • getting it almost day 1..

    MMO on console = amazingness

  • I’m getting this regardless, been planning on it since I’m interested in playing an MMO and I don’t play games on PC too much. I just want to know how much the monthly fee is going to be first.

  • Suicide_Surfer | July 26th, 2010 at 1:50 pm
    WTF EVIL SUPER MAN!? why does he have red eyes? 0.o

    He’s not evil. His power for being directly in front of the sun for such a long period has increased tremendously thus the glowing red eyes. He should have been able to withstand that Kryptonite more. Oh well fantastic trailer. Should change the release date though.

  • wow, that trailer was awesome, im sure that the game will be great too.

  • Sweet trailer. Saw it on GTTV already lol.

    Definitely not the greatest ‘GAME’ trailer ever though, since… theres… no footage of anything related to the game in it. haha.
    But it was still cool. >.>

  • an epic 5 minutes thats for sure, although tough to pony up the 15 bucks a month for this without being able to try it first.

  • It would be great if PSN+ users didn’t have to pay the monthly fee… or at least get a discount on it.

  • Truly amazing, one of the best trailers of the year fore sure!

  • This video is FREEAKING AWESOME..i was wondering since the first teaser clip WTF was going on..lol..im like what are they fighting about NOW..and for ALL DC characters coming together..there must be something HUGE to fight for..and this 6 min trailer just answered ALL MY QUESTIONS..THANKS DC…and SONY ofcourse.I cant wait for this game to be release..1st day purchase for me..although i think the fighting sceens look very cheesy..but as long as i can create my own superhero..it wont bother me as much :p

  • Oh yes. Kevin Conroy. This is gonna be mine.

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