Scott Pilgrim vs The World New Comic-Con Trailer

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I really enjoyed Scott Pilgrim vs The World when I played it at E3, despite having zero knowledge of the source material. Now that I’ve read the first 5 Scott Pilgrim books in record time (and will be picking up the 6th and final one today), I’m in full on “DO WANT” mode. So too, apparently, are the folks over at IGN.

Fortunately, we’ll be featuring the latest build of the game at our Comic-Con event on Thursday (invites just went out for that, btw – check your email). And Scott Pilgrim vs The World’s (PSN-exclusive) debut isn’t that far off, either – August 10th.

In the meantime, and just in time for Comic-Con, take a look at the latest trailer.

We’ll have more on Scott Pilgrim vs The World shortly after Comic-Con.

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  • @42 thats totally my idea
    and this game looks fun reminds me of some games i had on my snes

  • Ah memories… can’t wait till Aug 10.

    lol @39, you got me as well. Kudos XD

  • I noticed Sneaky Dee’s in the background of one of the scenes. Will the game feature any other Toronto landmarks? I know that for the movie they shot scenes in Lee’s Palace, Sonic Boom and Honest Ed’s.

  • Day 1 purchase. Anamanaguchi is so good. I heard them from listening to a AWESOME podcast called TalkRadar.

    Super pumped for this game.

  • thanks post #42

  • I’ve been following this for a while, big SP fan and I’m a big fan of the art director, Paul Robertson. The man is great. People need to realize Retro gaming isn’t just in, it comes and goes in phases because Retro gaming is just that, Retro. It’s awesome and us nostalgic people who were born before 1990 will always remember these things. Kids need to realize just how amazing these graphics are, they aren’t lifelike, they’re DETAILED. They’re AMAZINGLY detailed.

    My only question (and hope) is, will it be downloadable for PSP as well? There’s my biggest concern, I don’t have a PS3 yet, but I’m damn loyal to my PSP. No ones said anything about that yet though, and I’m assuming it’s only going to be for PS3.

  • You can preorder it on ubisofts website for 10 bucks.

  • and get a shirt for PS home

  • I just pre-ordered it :D and it was weird, before I had to go to work it was $9.99 then when I got back to pre-order it, it was $14.99 which enticed me to pre-order it because I didn’t want it to raise more in price.

  • I have to say I am incredibly stoked for this game, day 1 buy for sure!!!!! LONG LIVE SCOTT PILGRIM!!!!

  • simply awesome. Several “old-schools” references… I saw Final Fight, Street of Rage, Pit Fighter.
    What more?

  • this has game will steal my wallet. makes me want to see the film even more

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