Scott Pilgrim vs The World New Comic-Con Trailer

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I really enjoyed Scott Pilgrim vs The World when I played it at E3, despite having zero knowledge of the source material. Now that I’ve read the first 5 Scott Pilgrim books in record time (and will be picking up the 6th and final one today), I’m in full on “DO WANT” mode. So too, apparently, are the folks over at IGN.

Fortunately, we’ll be featuring the latest build of the game at our Comic-Con event on Thursday (invites just went out for that, btw – check your email). And Scott Pilgrim vs The World’s (PSN-exclusive) debut isn’t that far off, either – August 10th.

In the meantime, and just in time for Comic-Con, take a look at the latest trailer.

We’ll have more on Scott Pilgrim vs The World shortly after Comic-Con.

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  • Is this really exclusive for the ps3? seriously?

    • It’s a timed exclusive. It’ll debut exclusively on PSN, and show up elsewhere, later. By which time I’ll have beaten it several times, I’d imagine :)

  • This reminds of River City Ransom I can wait to buy it.

  • Im definitely buying this. Will this game have online co-op as well?

  • i heard this game was coming out on 360 on august 25 by IGN was it a lie

  • Where did I hear this was coming to the XBLA as well?

  • River City Ransom is right. Cant wait for this to drop.

  • It’s not exclusive anymore. It’s coming out on 360. Wow, this game looks awesome! I didn’t know it was an old-school beat em up till now.

  • Nice, very nice. I’m glad that old-school style beat ’em ups are having a grand resurgence. This, “Castle Crashers” (hurry up and come out already), and “Shank” all look like phenomenal pick-ups for the PS3. I just hope these titles are better than the horrible TMNT game from last summer.

    Has the price been determined for this title yet?

  • Nice, picking this up day one, I was at the book launch party in Toronto last night, was absolutely insane, got my book signed by Bryan O’Malley. Got some posters a shirt and now all I need is the game! Great stuff Jeff!

  • This game looks embarrassing. Retro-style only works when you’re making a regressed sequel to an existing, long-standing franchise’s game, or you’re seriously putting effort into the game while trying to maintain an oldschool look. Doing this because you’re pretentiously thinking this is artistic is insulting and counter-intuitive for gaming in general.

    • As the people below have mentioned repeatedly, the visual style of this game totally fits the style of the comic upon which it is based.

  • Anamanaguchi FT fuggin’ W.

  • It was never exclusive, it was always planned for multiple consoles. What IS exclusive is the game’s debut on the PS3, since it’s coming 15 days in advance compared to the 360 version.

    As for the game, I’m really hyped, it looks awesome. The gameplay looks super fun, the graphics are nice, and the music by Anamanaguchi is just the icing on this cake of awesomeness.

  • River City Ransom is exactly what I thought of. AWESOME!

  • Man…..this brings back some serious memories….River City Ransom for instance. It looks like it plays really similar to it…even down to the purchasing of food to increase your stats and moves. This may just be what tides me over until Castle Crashers comes out on PSN….if there is as much to do as there is on Castle Crashers! Definite purchase for me….without a doubt!

  • This looks so EPIC!!! Cant wait!! :D Just one question, how much is it gonna be?

  • Simply Awesome! Seriously-this is the type of game i want to see on the PSN. River City Ransom BABY

  • @10
    It looks absolutely fascinating! What are you talking about? The game seems to be like an homage to River City Ransom, which was one of the greatest side-scrolling beat-em-ups released.

  • This game is awsome, i love the old school look and refrences.

  • looks good. Can we get an estimate of when castle crasher is coming?

  • I will definitely buy day one, however my question remains from the e3 post about this game: Are there weapons, money, and can you pick up enemies/other players?

  • @10 – so, is your logic based on fact or merely your own assumptions? Because your comment is dripping with elitism.

    @21 – did you happen to watch the trailer included with the post before commenting? Probably not, considering that your questions would have already been answered.

  • Sorry, just watched video all the way through… I see the stores and restaurants. I commend the makers of this game, and thank them for making it a psn exclusive. Charge whatever you like for this game, I, and many from my generation, will eat it up.

  • @theFrappman You obviously don’t get it, and have not read the comic.

  • @ number 10… clearly you were born after the year 1990.

  • The game is a time exclusive, so ps3 gets it a 2 weeks early. Anyways I can’t wait to try this game! I can’t get enough of that neo 8-bit music!

  • Looks really fun, will keep an eye on it

  • @23 – Haha, don’t go telling them you’ll pay anything for the title. I, also a huge fan of River City Ransom, am also planning to pick this game up, but I think that $10 would be a fair price for a beat ’em up.

    So please don’t give them any ideas, especially since it seems that $15 is the new $10… :)

  • Reading the books right now. Ridiculously funny and awesome. Definitely downloading this one on PSN.

  • The movie looks really f’ing stupid.

  • dam this looks good


    if you say so.

  • When I originally heard about this game, I thought it was some dumb watered-down movie based retail release because I knew nothing of the origins of the series.

    Now that I know it’s a downloadable 2D sidescrolling beat ’em up with 4-player action, I am PUMPED.

    Definitely getting this Day One!

  • Never read the books but it looks like a fun game, will probably get it.

  • When I was a young lad, one of my favourite NES games was River City Ransom. So, when I discovered that Scott Pilgrim – one of THE greatest comics of all time – was in the style of RVC, my cheers of joy could probably be heard all around the world. CanNOT wait for this game.

    But speaking of things on the PSN…it’s Tuesday. Are we not supposed to have our weekly PSN update? I’m curious to see what I got through Plus this week. *grin!*

  • Looks nice. Getting a River City Ransom feel from the trailer around the 0:48 seconds mark. Is the multiplayer local/coop? Splitscreen?

  • @cywulf21

    Given that there are DOZENS of RCV references throughout the comic, you can bet that the whole game will feel like RCV.

    I’m assuming no splitscreen. Like any other arcadey side-scroller – like Turtles in Time or Final Fight – it’ll be a big ‘ol 4-player on the same screen at all times. And I do believe it’s local AND online co-op.


  • I can’t wait until these old timers get out of the gaming business and we can move on from this nostalgic 2D crap. Seriously, the graphics and music are a total embarrassment to modern gaming. If I wanted to play a 20 year old NES game I’d steal one from my grandpa! This is awful.

    …just kidding, the game looks great! I’ll def check it out.

  • To those that are against the retro look of the game (not you, jimmyfoxhoud, heh):

    The comic, in many ways, is a love letter to old school gaming. Scott earns a 1Up, the enemies he defeats leave a pile of coins (like in River City Ransom) and the video game references are piled on.

    Since River City Ransom was CLEARLY the inspiration for the comic, then it goes without saying that making the video game like River City Ransom is a further homage.

    At least it’s not a horrible beat-em-up rushed game like most movie tie-ins. This one apparently also had the author of Scott Pilgrim helping with the game’s design.

  • @10. dude is u a kid cuz games now and days cant compared with games back in the days, for 1 zelda a link to the past. or metroid and super metroid and im not talking about metroid prime. but yep back on subject , first time i seen this on gameinformer i was like wtf but knowing its comeing tp psn . day 1 . river city , zombie ate my neighbor , drouble dragons and battle toads woowee cant wait for another epic game.

  • this video does now work on PS3 browser as u said in share blog as idea in action. look into this please… maybe it has something to do with that particular viddler video having option to watch in HD when I viewed from a PC. thanks loyal PS3 owner

    • Yeah, I’ve got no idea why that particular one isn’t working. I’ll see if Viddler can fix – the Kung Fu Live one from earlier today is working NP.

  • I like the old school music, definitely will check it out

  • im sorry does not work typo now work

  • This is a great example of a Hot Tub Time Machine on video games, I just took off to play this i can’t wait, is there a price on this yet?

  • this will be an instant purchase on day one. great looking game with the same feel as the comic

  • Um the video isn’t up for me. I’m using IE 8, and have been for a while now. The other videos on the site still work though.

  • Funny how it won “best PS3 exclusive” from someone and the exclusivity turns out to only be two weeks.

    katsuo7171: Perhaps you shouldn’t use crappy web browsers, it usually helps the Internet not be crappy.

  • Nostalgia FTW. Great job on snagging this one SONY…

  • reminds me of an old free pc game called Little Fighter 2

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