Hulu Plus Streams Its Way to the PS3

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Continuing our goal to provide the most content-rich entertainment platform in the living room to the PlayStation community, I’m excited to announce that beginning today, the preview of Hulu Plus is available on the PlayStation 3 in the U.S., the first and only console with dedicated gaming functionality that will offer Hulu Plus this year.

If you don’t know, Hulu Plus is Hulu’s new subscription service offering full current season runs of hit TV programs from ABC, FOX and NBC, adding even more premium video content to the more than 23,000 movies and TV episodes already available on the PlayStation Store.

So how do you get Hulu Plus? Well, starting today, a select group of PlayStation Plus subscribers can gain access to a preview version of Hulu Plus. All PlayStation Plus subscribers may download the free Hulu Plus application from the PlayStation Store and, within it, request an invitation to the exclusive preview. If you are accepted, you can access Hulu Plus for an additional $9.99 per month (the fee that Hulu is charging for all Hulu Plus subscribers) and start enjoying its library of television shows and movies from nearly 150 leading content companies streamed on demand in HD.

Hulu Plus for PS3

As Hulu Plus becomes generally available in the coming months, all PlayStation 3 users in the United States will be able to download and subscribe to the full Hulu Plus service and it will also be available on wide range of Sony Electronics Internet-connected entertainment devices, including select BRAVIA TVs and Blu-ray Disc players.

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  • So this IS NOT a ‘FREE’ preview?? Wow.

  • @xuipid “I’m not understanding why Hulu decided to do this in the summer.”

    Because it’s a trial. This way, they have all summer to nail down the final pieces so it’s ready for the public in time for the fall premieres.

  • @Jeff
    Thank the guys upstairs for making the decision to “eventually” make it available to all PSN users instead of limiting this just to PS+ subscribers. As PS+ Subscriber it makes me feel that sony is still keeping to it’s commitment of quality on the PlayStation 3 and hope to see the PS3 to continue to benefit its community that has supported it. Ultimately it makes me happy to be a PS+ Subscriber in how this was handled.

    Hopefully this will be expanded to PS+ subscribers to be able to view Hulu Plus and Netflix with friends within our PS Home spaces. PS Home Viewing would be a nice feature.

  • (Sadly, just because the service is “beta” doesn’t mean that the content owners are willing to give away “plus” content in the meantime — contracts are contracts. [See the beta for a similar situation])

  • PlayOn supporters forget that you hafta have your PS3, TV and Computer on to stream Hulu to your TV. PlayOn is not that good from my experience.

    Build a media server if you are ok having all three devices on at the same time, then you can just have videos on HDD playing over your network, far more movies and TV shows than Hulu or Netflix could offer.

  • I did not get an email but it was in the store, I am going through previews now, if there were no ads I would pay the $10, oh well, it will make some people happy!!

  • I live in the Bahamas, when will i be able to pay for a movies and watch them,or ps3 systems are not for folks like me?
    futher more, is the ps+ a service that i should buy, because of where i live?

    I await your response.

    A fellow Hard core gamer since:

    -The Adventures of Bayou Billy
    -Blaster Master
    -California Games
    -Bad Dudes
    -Captain Skyhawk
    -Super Marios 1,2,3 and pls dont forget duck hunt.

  • Wait a minute, so what you’re telling me is that if I pay for a subscription to Playstation Plus, I have the ability to pay $9.99 for another subscription before anyone else can?

    What a fantastic idea.

  • the streaming is ridiculously clear, LOV IT and i know they will teak with this small load test so it’ll be even better im sure its not the final build. WOW and no i didnt recieve a instant invite but did what it said to do, “request an invite”. :)

  • Can anybody confirm that Hulu Plus still runs adds? $10 a month for a service that still has ads? Find that hard to believe.

  • oh, make it remote playable pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ESPECIALLY IF IM A PAY FOR IT, an ap on psp perhaps?

  • susan panico you are on a roll today with all these announcements!

    in any case,like others are stating this service is flawed because you can watch it on your pc for free.its really a shame for hulu that they blocked the browser access to the ps3 to just charge later.anyways, i’m pretty happy with my netflix acc and i just wish that sony could make a music service and animenetwork type of service as well. i know that you guys rent/sell anime on your store but its just that i dont have access to the content because the store refuses to let me download anything due to the fact that i’m using my old “nickname” on the slim ps3 :0

  • This is bound to fail for anyone with Cable/Satellite and a DVR.

    I’ve already got a DVR and netflix. Why pay another 10 for this?? That’s what Hulu needed to show us.. with a “FREE” preview. It didnt have to be 6 months. It could have been 1 month, heck.. even just a week or weekend “FREE” preview.

    Essentially, they needed to show us some leg on the corner.. to get us in the door, and they’ve chosen to instead tint all the windows and charge a cover.


  • Checking e-mail now.

  • “streamed on demand in HD”

    Funny, Netflix said the same thing, yet it always comes through in 480 resolution on my PS3…which is just OK, not great, but it kind of defeats the purpose of owning an HDTV. If I had more of a guarantee that Hulu Plus would stream in HD, I might pick up a subscription, but for SD I might as well just stream it off my Netflix account.

  • Yes! U.S only!!! Oh wait… I’m in Canada.

  • I got a question.

    I got an US PSN account and buy games and things from that account. But im actually not from the US, so I was wondering if this Hulu Plus application will be region locked just like the video store for the PSN? Or I will be able to suscribe for it even when Im not from the US?

  • Lame! Lame! Lame! Not worth paying $10 per month. Netflix is all I need.

  • There are sample videos in the HULU App that are actual full episodes so for ppl who are crying for a free demo can watch those at no cost and when it’s available for non plus psn users im sure it will also have the full episodes and short free clips so chill..

  • Again… Only us. Nothing for us in Canada


  • After those d**chebags specifically blocked PS3 browsers, strangely I don’t feel particularly inclined to give them any level of support. I still won’t even use their service on my PC.

    And, yeah, I find it particularly ironic that it’s a “select group” of PlayStation Plus subscribers, when it was supposed to be a select group in the first place, but that’s not what concerns me. What concerns me is the prospect that Betas will be handled the same way. *That* would piss me off.

  • Also, I feel the pain of Canadian PSN members (again), but look on the brightside… you don’t live in the US. XP Whenever Americans go abroad, they all pretend to be you. (Less so since Bush left, but still.)

  • Please give us a Netflix app soon.

  • At first, I didn’t think I was going to get it because I already use PlayOn to watch my videos on my PS3. But this service does offer the videos in HD, which is something PlayOn can’t do. So I’ll probably try a couple months out to see how I like it.

  • With Netflix I get streaming shows, movies and DVD / Blu-ray rentals. Netflix is just a better deal.
    Maybe if PS Plus subscribers got a discount, I would reconsider, but I see no reason to have Hulu and Netflix, so I’m sticking with Netflix.

  • Sweet!
    Question though, will this be available in Canada.. probably NOT but I am very hopeful!

  • $10 a month?

    From free to $10 a month?

    When Hulu announced it was going to have a subscription service, I figured that wouldn’t be so bad if they only asked a couple bucks a month.

    But I knew Hulu wouldn’t ever do that.

    The result will probably be that many of us will just watch our television on (wait for it) the television.

  • Will there be closed-captioning available through the PS3 app?

  • it’s stupid that you have to pay for Hulu Plus even if you’re a PSN+ Subscriber. :|

  • “looks at sly cooper avi” hmm is that cris. I know that you cris, thats not jeff typing its cris lol..


  • I want in can I still be apart of it I’m a plus member

  • I think that it is an awesome idea. Dont think that I will download it for the simple fact of having to pay a $10 a month fee. What about charging for an app that would let you stream the free version of hulu to your ps3? I mean honestly with on demand, netflix, DVR, and the psn tv store I’m set for the shows that I watch if I happen to miss an episode.

  • Playstation Plus subscribers should be able to pay for Hulu Plus at a discounted price. Furthermore, Playstation Plus subscribers should be getting discounts off the prices of game add-ons of RECENTLY RELEASED games from third-party publishers – not only old Sony-published games.

  • no Canada? this better not be a prelude to US only betas and other advantages of being a Plus member!

  • A little confused. I’m a PS+ subscriber so I can go download it from the store right now and watch anything for free? or do i go to the store and pay 10 bucks for it to use Hulu? I thought THIS would be the reason why I would grin at those who haven’t subscribed to PS+, I thought Hulu would be free to us. But I guess not?

  • im downloading now

  • Yet again, being in Canada means getting screwed..but like Christian399 mentioned, torrents are the way to go and guess what?! They don’t cost a damn thing to d/l movies, tv shows etc. A whole lot sooner than some damn HULU service can offer or ever popular video store on PSN.

  • $10 a month & you still get ads, plus it doesn’t have stuff from CBS. I’ll pass

  • watch abc, fox, and nbc shows on my television that i have already payed my cable/satellite provider for that i already have access to or pay sony to watch the same shows on my playstation 3, hmmm decisions decisions

  • @27 your 50 dollars didnt buy you the world , as ps + subscriber myself , even i understood that . dont like it, dont buy it.

  • Looking forward to giving Hulu+ a go. I hope it does what I’d like it to do, Easily put Hulu on the TV in a “wife friendly” manner (which it looks set to do from the preview).

    I booted cable ~ a year ago saving over a $100 a month.

    Most of the shows I want are on “broadcast TV” and with a TiVo and an antenna are free. SOME of them are on Cable (mostly SyFy channel). If I can get access to THOSE, on the TV, with an interface the wife can use (hey, she uses the PS3 for Movies now), then its a Win-Win, versus trying to get her to use an HTPC. Even if its only the last 5 eps for most recent shows, it still serves its purpose just fine and still save a boatload over what I’d been paying for cable.

  • Why would you pay for Hulu+. These companies are crazy. People will buy anything.

  • For people complaining about it not being available in Canada, it’s Hulu’s fault not Sony’s. Go send them feedback here .

    There are different legalities with Canadian video content so its harder to bring it here, but if enough of us shout loud enough then hopefully they’ll get off their [DELETED] and finally make it so we can access their service.

  • @ 2 and Jeff Rubenstein.

    What if the email address you use is not in fact an email, but simply a sign-in account?

    This continues to be a concern for me as I on purposely use a non-contactable email address for my PSN ID. I do however have a contact email address that is setup to be protected to guard against spam. However, unlike Xbox Live I do not have a contact email address option that I can use that is Different from my sign-in email address.

    Please look into correcting this issue Sony, as I am not looking forward to temporarily changing my sign-in email address to only have to change it back a few weeks later.

    Yes, I know this may seem like a niche issue to some, but I am not looking forward to having something so sensitive(such as my sign-in email) leaked to a third-party because Sony thinks I may be interested in a product. I however am okay with the email I have setup for such promotions being sent to third-parties, if only I was able to attach it to my PSN account.

  • i don’t have cable or anything. i would consider paying for hulu. i have netflix, but netflix doesn’t have current seasons. i definitely want to take a look at the service before i decide though.

    i downloaded and installed the application without a problem. but when i launch it, i get this: sorry, there was an issue contacting the hulu plus service. please try again later.

    anyone else experiencing this?

  • My goodness.

    Everyone seems to be overlooking what this means for us PS3 owners with PSPs. Will these television episodes I am subscribing to be allowed to be transferred to the PSP for perusal? I mean I don’t watch my PSN downloads on the PS3, I transfer them to the PSP so I can kill time with them during the day while I’m out and about. So if I can do the same with the Hulu subscription I can see it being pretty awesome and well worth ten bucks a month compared to $1.99 per episode.

    So make the episodes transferable and I’m totally game!

  • ps – people should really stop complaining about the cost for psn+. if you sign up for the year now, a month is $3.50.

  • Why would anyone ever buy hulu plus. I would imagine most PS3 users have a laptop. Hook it up to your TV with a vga or hdmi cable and get hulu for free. Seriously Hulu $10 a month? Your website says “Watch your favorites anytime. For free.” There is no reason Hulu should restrict any internet device, namely a PS3 with a full featured web browser, from accessing the website. I think this is just a bragging rights thing for Sony,(look we have Hulu!) It’s always good to have that, but I think Hulu plus will be a flop.

  • No Canada support. still. This is starting to get REALLY old…

  • Please provide clarification on these topics:

    The app. is currently available to all PS+ subscribers but in order to actually participate in the preview you must receive an invitation AND pay for a Hulu+ subscription or already be a paid Hulu+ subscriber. Is this correct?

    Is the option to pay for said subscription through the Playstation Store via PSN cards being considered?

    Your timely response is expected and appreciated. Thank you.

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