Hulu Plus Streams Its Way to the PS3

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Continuing our goal to provide the most content-rich entertainment platform in the living room to the PlayStation community, I’m excited to announce that beginning today, the preview of Hulu Plus is available on the PlayStation 3 in the U.S., the first and only console with dedicated gaming functionality that will offer Hulu Plus this year.

If you don’t know, Hulu Plus is Hulu’s new subscription service offering full current season runs of hit TV programs from ABC, FOX and NBC, adding even more premium video content to the more than 23,000 movies and TV episodes already available on the PlayStation Store.

So how do you get Hulu Plus? Well, starting today, a select group of PlayStation Plus subscribers can gain access to a preview version of Hulu Plus. All PlayStation Plus subscribers may download the free Hulu Plus application from the PlayStation Store and, within it, request an invitation to the exclusive preview. If you are accepted, you can access Hulu Plus for an additional $9.99 per month (the fee that Hulu is charging for all Hulu Plus subscribers) and start enjoying its library of television shows and movies from nearly 150 leading content companies streamed on demand in HD.

Hulu Plus for PS3

As Hulu Plus becomes generally available in the coming months, all PlayStation 3 users in the United States will be able to download and subscribe to the full Hulu Plus service and it will also be available on wide range of Sony Electronics Internet-connected entertainment devices, including select BRAVIA TVs and Blu-ray Disc players.

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  • It’s not at all clear what all the complaining and whining is about. If you don’t want PS+, don’t pay for it. It’s as simple as that. If you don’t want Hulu Plus, don’t pay for it. It’s as simple as that.

    Myself, I’m looking forward to Hulu Plus because I hate my cable company and I am fairly certain I can’t get satellite. Being able to watch TV shows via my PS3 would make things much easier than having to connect my laptop to the TV every time I want to sit down and watch a show with my girlfriend.

  • Get CBS and CW on board and I’m there!!

  • This is cool and all but why is Sony chargeing people who spend money on “PlayStation +” more money to be beta testers?

    This PlayStation + is sounding more and more like a rip-off.

  • Wow at all the people who didn’t read the post.

    Massive amount of “the Playstation plus exclusivity is only for an early preview” posts incoming.

    I hope the day comes when everyone involved stop making excuses and find a way include Canada in stuff like this.

    Don’t see that ever happening though.

  • So we’re paying 170 bucks a year for both? Rip off.

  • Three points:

    1) So far the videos are streaming extremely choopy (and is not my Wi-Fi).

    2) Read the post!! “As Hulu Plus becomes generally available in the coming months, all PlayStation 3 users in the United States will be able to download and subscribe to the full Hulu Plus service…”

    It says “generally available” and “all ps3 users”, I think the users that have PS+ just get the early access like a beta(probably to check how things work in a smaller group). You pay the 10 bucks to Hulu not to Sony. The same way that you pay money to Netflix not to Sony.

    3) I know is not going to happen but any chance that the psp can stream Hulu? I don’t think is impossible right? right? (yeah I’m an optimistic).

  • sony, you expect us to pay 50 for plus then 10 more for this? bad form

  • $10 A MONTH for free television? Hmmmm I don’t think so. I downloaded the Hulu app on my iphone but I’m not paying 10 bucks for Tv shows that are free on TV already and on my web browser.

  • @12: And a heck of a lot more TV shows/channels. And, with a PVR, commercials aren’t much of a hassle anymore.

  • @53 Sony dosn’t make the $9.99 price HULU does and I dont’t think Sony get’s any of it.

  • Would prefer if there was the option to stream normal Hulu as well and upgrade to Hulu+ for those that want it. I see no reason to pay $10/month for what Hulu+ is offering since all I want is what they offer for free.

  • Is this for Canada as well?
    I’d disconnect my local cable company in a heartbeat if so!

    You expect there to be zero ads for only $10 a month? you can pay 20-30$+/m with cable or satellite and you get ads. Ads won’t go away, and for $10 you really should be more concerned about how much cheaper it is than local cable/satellite ;)

  • Has anyone with PS+ been able to download this yet? I am a yearly member and I do not see it anywhere… I know it said “select” so just seeing if anybody did get it yet and if so how?

  • You still have to be approved for the Hulu Plus beta, even if you have PSplus, that seems dumb. Heres the software for Plus members only…Hurray! now go get approved so you can use it.

    That being said I don’t really care :) I will continue to use Playon.

  • an gain access to a preview version of Hulu Plus. All PlayStation Plus subscribers may download the free Hulu Plus application from the PlayStation Store NEXT WILL BE CROSS GAME CHAT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emriu69 has a good question. Will it be remote play compatable?

    Doesn’t matter to me since I’m Canadian but others would like to know.

  • Some of you need to stop crying. First of all, all SONY is doing is giving you another feature. In no way are they telling you that you need to get it this service and pay money. It’s just an option.

    Now SONY is the one in charge who they give it too, and currently they are giving it to PSN+ members, which is NOT forever. Once the final product comes out they are going to let every [DELETED] & harry have it on the PS3.

    It’s up to Hulu what they want to do with it for example give a 1 month free trail or charge you $10 a month.

  • Since some of you(not all) lack reading comprehension the app is for hulu+ (notice the plus),which, is something you have to pay for on your computer also. they are not trying to charge you for a free service. Personally i will stick with netflix despite a lack of HD since someone else is paying for mine :)

  • You mean we have to pay extra for it? 9.99 a month, equals 120 dollars a year? Screw that.

  • @ 12 that’s not the point.
    hulu plus is just like the free service.
    with the exception of it being 720p. and no surround sound.
    This is just another bad idea.

    Yes hulu plus has been reviewed already.
    so it’s not worth $10.
    Bring xmb netflix, and google app store.

  • screw you, if this isnt part of playsation + then no thanks.

  • Hulu is the culprit here. $10 a month for commercial ridden tv/movies seems idiotic. Also Hulu is the reason its only available for select PS+ users. I say this as they are just testing there beta and it is like this on PC/smartphone/tablets as well. I am glad Sony is looking into including apps like this to the Playstation platform but this one is not enticing at all. Favorite is the MLB one but its too rich for my blood and blacks out my team until the game is over….

  • no tks i get hulu with play-on ,ps3 + not worth it

  • Jeff, Heard you on IGN podcast recently and you talked me into pre-ordering Move and signing up for Playstation Plus. Good work sir. Looking forward to checking out this Hulu plus

  • A few things people can find out by reading:

    1) Playstation Plus Members are getting early access to the Hulu Plus Preview. Early access to a new service. In a few months, Hulu Plus Player will be available to all PSN members.

    2) Hulu follows the Freemium Model (with ads). For free, you can access Hulu on your PC/Mac/Linux Web Browser. But for a price (one subscription price, not a per-device cost) you can now watch Hulu outside of a browser and with more content via “Hulu Plus.”

    For an added cost (subscription to Hulu Plus), you will have access to more shows and movies and on more devices (PS3, iPhone, iPad, Android, enabled Blu-Ray Players, net-enabled TVs, probably Roku devices, etc..).

    Furthermore, you will have access to the full season of current shows. Some shows let you do this without Hulu Plus, but a lot of shows pull episodes off-access after 3 episodes on normal Hulu.

    They also provide a lot more back-catalog stuff on Hulu Plus, like entire series collections (my wife can now watch the whole series of Alley McBeal, etc…).

  • “hulu plus is just like the free service.
    with the exception of it being 720p. and no surround sound.”

    Well, not really. The pitch is that Hulu gives you the last 5 (or so) episodes of current TV shows, while Hulu Plus gives you the entire season. Plus streaming to devices like the PS3, iPad, and some internet-enabled TVs and blu-ray players.

    BUT, there’s some content on Hulu that isn’t on Hulu Plus.

    And don’t hate on Sony for the limited release. That’s how Hulu is rolling out Hulu Plus; this isn’t a Sony product. If you want Hulu Plus for your iPad, you have to go through the same “selection” process.

    All that said, I don’t think Hulu Plus is worth $10/month… I’m not defending it, just clarifying some facts.

  • I think XMB Netflix is planned to come out this Fall when the speculated conditions of a Netflix agreement with Microsoft supposedly expires. So at that point in time, we can expect a Netflix for XMB and a Netflix Channel for Wii owners.

    But for sure, a Netflix exec even said an app on HDD will be released for PS3 around the end of this year.

  • I just want to know if Hulu will re-enable the PS3 browser :(

  • Btw, for the PlayOn supporters… PlayOn looks very cool ^_^

  • Well I hope it’s better then what I am watching right now.
    I don’t mind the commerical, the volume was at a good level, then the Top 10 Moments on Wipeout started and it got choppy, frozen, and there is no sound.

    So while it MAY be my cable line, doubt it since I never had any issue like this before, even when I downloaded movies from either the Netflix Trial I had, and from the PS Store

    The $9.99 is fair because it gives you unlimited access to ANY show you want to watch. And not just 1 episode, you get access to SEASONS. For example, if FOX signs on, and they add the Simpsons to Hulu, you can watch the entire 22 year collection of Simpsons episodes…for $9.99 a month. Now that’s a great F’n deal!

    Maybe you never watched one of the best shows ever, The Shield, now you have access if it’s there. I just watched the “What is Hulu” preview, and they showed scenes from many different TV Shows, but then it started showing the names of shows and the list is huuuuuuuuuuuuge, and, that is only from the networks they have signed up with.,

  • Will you be able to pay for your membership using a PSN card?

  • Region Free? only US?

  • ONLY US, sorry for the previous post!

  • If you compare this to all the shows you watch new or old you pay a crap load more than you pay for Hulu+

  • Been wanting Hulu A+. Now you need to get Vidzone and I’ll be all set.

  • Where can we make suggestions on how to improve Hulu on the PS3? Like “the PS3 remote does not fully work yet.”

  • @ 74 hulu has a free pc app that you download.
    It’s not via browser.
    Didn’t know if you knew or not.

    Also i know that netflix ceo said the end of the year.
    But sony has said nothing about it.

    @ 75 yeah but, this is why there is a dvr.
    fast forward, pause, rewind, and record.
    eventually every episode makes it in the free version.
    24 had every episode on the free version they appear 24 hours after airing.
    then their on for a limited time.

  • jeff got a ? and plz reply ok i downloaded it and if im already a sub to hulu do i just put my login info or do i have to wait till hulu plus becomes av since u said only a few ps+ sub would be selected

  • I would be all about this if it was commercial free. at least with my DVR I can skip through the commercials in a zip. Netflix, DVR, and Playon are more than enough.

  • i have a question if we pay 10$ a month for hulu on ps3 why not free, the computer has it free so why not ps3, and can’t we still get on hulu from the internet in our ps3s its still free

  • Thanks Jeff, I must have been one of the PS Plus members selected!

    From what I have seen so far I’m quite impressed, I’ll have to decide whether the $9.99 a month is both justified & if I can afford another $10.00 per month on my outgoings.

    But thanks for the preview, very clear picture, very sharp & the colors are very vivid too, over all it looks good.

  • psn plus for canadians is a damn joke
    you got me

  • funny how on a Playstation blog so many people complain irrationally, yet on Joystiq and Kotaku everyone is excited. $170/year instead of $1000/yr with cable/satellite sounds a lot better. Thank you for releasing this week because I cancel my cable on Friday.

    Sounds like most complainers live with their parents though, “its free anyway” – so are torrents! “Why get this when I get TV for free?” – you get HD Cable for Free?

    The $10 is in the added value, I don’t hafta hook my computer up to my TV to watch it, for example.

    But like all services and products, we will see how it pans out.

  • @50 wifi sucks so get a connection, HULU Looks great on my PS#.. even better than netflix so i guess this is how netflix will also get clear like this when we get it on xmb..not that netflix looks bad now because its clear too just HULU looks clearer cus of xmb vs. disk… but HULU is very nice, thanks Sony. PS+/Netflix/MLB.TV/Qore FTW NBA AND NFL NEXT!

  • How many were part of the “selected” group? I assume those selected got instant invites?

  • @ 89 no we haven’t been able to use hulu site on ps3 for awhile.
    My guess is since to start of development of hulu plus.

  • Jeff,

    I’ve got a really important question that will decide if I subscribe to this or not…

    Can I pay the Hulu Plus subscription with my PSN wallet’s funds?

    Man, I downloaded the app into my PS3 and I’m amazed. It looks so good and runs so smooth. I wanna subscribe, but the only way for me to do so right now is buying a PSN card.

    Thanks in advance..

  • Can we sub to Hulu Plus with our PS Wallet or do we have to go through hulu for it

  • Hey Jeff –

    Will we be able to pay with the funds in our PS Store wallets?

  • How is the streaming so far for you? In my case not really good

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