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Let us introduce ourselves and our little project Landit Bandit which will be “landing” on the PlayStation Store on July 13th for $9.99.

We are five gamers, commonly known as “The Bearded Ladies,” that have been lucky enough (or mad enough!) to live our dream of making a game for the PS3. We never gave the low odds of success a second thought — and that’s just as good as we (two programmers from the auto industry, a janitor, a liquor store salesman, an expedition leader from Nepal) would never have made a PS3 game. We’ve included a picture so you know what you are dealing with here.

The Bearded Landies (Landit Bandit for PS3)

The game, Landit Bandit, is a wacky 3D helicopter adventure that pays homage to several old classics such as Ugh! and Crazy Taxi. The controls are intuitive and resemble Moonlander in 3D, but are deep enough to have you playing for hours to master them. The game is aimed at anyone that enjoys flight games or physics-based games in general, or anyone that wants to play something different…’cause we are confident you have not played anything like this before.

Landit Bandit for PS3 Landit Bandit for PS3

One of our goals was to vary the way the game is played, but keep the flight basics at the core of each level. We achieved this by both using the physics of the surroundings and even more by the fact that you gain abilities by picking up “wing men.” The wing men alter the ways you can control your helicopter and give you new opportunities to shave seconds of that online high score.

Since we are big fans of split-screen gaming, Landit Bandit features both drop-in co-op as well as six different split-screen duels.

Check out the preview trailer, read a full review, and go to for more info.

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  • Hey guys just had to to say, your game looks amazing. Looks simply fun and addictive, and I love small little titles like this. At the amazing price of $9.99 it is a day one purchase for me, possibly on both my psn accounts.

    Love supporting the little guys, hope you have plans for a new project for the psn after your nice little break. Also it’s always nice to see the devs drop in and respond to comments. It’s a shame that most of the bigger devs don’t do it that often, maybe just don’t have the time or maybe there’s just too many questions and comments. However it seems all the smaller devs are always very friendly on the playstation blog, and I love that about this community.

    • Haraldur Thormundsson

      This is so awesome! And it is totally a new experience for all of us. We have until now only been on gamers site of the forums so we do know what you mean.
      And we would love to keep on making games as we have two other IPs up our sleeve, that are waiting to become on the Network titles.

  • looks really cool! the water and ice surfaces look especially neat. did you write your own shaders and make all your own bump maps, etc?

    couple of questions:

    does the game render natively in 1080p?

    does the game have 24-bit HD audio assets?

  • Haraldur Thormundsson

    Yes, we wrote/created all the shaders and assets from scratch.

    However since this was our first time ever on the hardware we decided early on to keep the graphics simple. We wanted steady 60fps for the splitscreen. So we settled for 720p and dropped some effects that were in the pc version (sbao and shadowmapping for instance). Next time we know alot more about the hardware and we will start adding stuff back in.

    As for the audio it is all 16bit/48khz.

  • This one looks like a time sucker for sure, looks great! I’ll buy this game but you guys have to agree to give up Roman Polanski!

  • What are you doing holding an Atari ST when you SHOULD be holding an AMIGA!?!? There’s a C64, but no Amiga love!

    • Haraldur Thormundsson

      Sadly we didnt have an amiga at the office when we were going to take the photo. We will make sure to follow up with some hardcore 500 action next time around :)

  • I can’t wait for the update today, the more I read these comments the more excited I’m getting! This looks awesome, and I plan on telling all my PS3 owning friends about it :D

    • Haraldur Thormundsson

      We do appreciate all the help we can get in spreading the gospel, I hope you will like the game and recommend it after you have played it.
      And it will make the splitsceen duels so much more fun if your friends can give you a descent match ;)

  • Loved the reply Mr. Thormundsson. Thanks.

  • Any developer that posts a picture of themselves holding a C64 and has a chicken lips (Commodore sign for those too young to remember)sign deserves my respect.

    The C= computers were my favorites and since this is the type of background you all are coming from I can’t wait to give your game a whirl (pun intended :) )

    Any chance of any future projects maybe paying homage to some of the old games?

    • Haraldur Thormundsson

      Are you thinking whizball meets giana sisters in a supercars version featuring the green little monster from barbarian?
      Cause if you are.. ..we are like one mind ;)

      We do promise to keep looking in the read mirror for inspiration and try to innovate on older concepts when it is fitting. So im sure there will be some c64/amiga inspiration shining through in comming titles. We also loved these machines and many of the gameconcepts that were invented during that era.

  • Thank you for the quick response and giving me something else to look forward too.

  • Did you use the Pub fund?

  • I like this idea. It’s like if Crazy Taxi has Moonlander’s baby. You’re right in saying nothing like this has been done before, and I’ll definitely give it a try.

  • Hopefully we’ll get to see some of those shaders/effects added back in a future patch! and/or 1080p for non-splitscreen :)

    is the audio losslessly compressed? if not, what codec and bitrate did you end up using, and why?

    thanks so much for answering questions in such detail!

  • Haraldur Thormundsson

    I would love to give the graphics a polish in the first patch. So hopefully we sell enough copies to warrant that.

    As for the audio all the soundeffects are lossless while the soundtrack is mp3 (192 if I remember correctly) to save some memory and download size.

    I should also note that 5.1 and 7.1 support had to be removed for the initial U.S release because of an issue with the audio middleware that made it impossible to disable DTS (license issue). This will hopefully be fixed in a patch.”

  • looks as fun as God of War II Pegasus battles!

  • I just bought this game last night and really like it. I like the idea of advanced casual games. Most casual games are too shallow for my taste, and I rarely have the time to properly devote to many of the hardcore games I have. Games like this are fun and fit my schedule. Keep up the great work!

  • I love the game. It is a total Ugh! sequel. But please patch the ski jumping level. Please please please please. That it all.

  • @ jedbeetle (#64)

    The ski jumping level is fine. I love the difficulty there, it was immensely satisfying when I finally figured out the perfect way to pull off the jump and win (and score the 85m trophy).

    Also, now that I have 100% this game, I must say, I really enjoyed it. Great job guys :D

  • I’ve got to agree with the post(s) about the ski-jumping level. Perhaps this could be an optional mini-game or something, or at least the difficulty could be tweaked. Making it part of the main game has completely brought my progress to a halt, even though I’ve got gold on most of the prior levels. The penguin always seems to score in the 70-75 range, and I’ve only been able to hit 72 once with a “god-like” jump. Most of the time I’m in the high 60s.

    (BTW, I’m at Level 13 in trophies, so I’d hardly consider myself a gaming amateur) Yes, perhaps there is just a tiny sweet spot (between dropping the ballast, pulling the stick, and using the boost to avoid the ridge) that will take me a while longer to find, but after trying this same level over and over again, I’ve sadly lost interest.

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