Coming to PSN: Landit Bandit for PS3

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Let us introduce ourselves and our little project Landit Bandit which will be “landing” on the PlayStation Store on July 13th for $9.99.

We are five gamers, commonly known as “The Bearded Ladies,” that have been lucky enough (or mad enough!) to live our dream of making a game for the PS3. We never gave the low odds of success a second thought — and that’s just as good as we (two programmers from the auto industry, a janitor, a liquor store salesman, an expedition leader from Nepal) would never have made a PS3 game. We’ve included a picture so you know what you are dealing with here.

The Bearded Landies (Landit Bandit for PS3)

The game, Landit Bandit, is a wacky 3D helicopter adventure that pays homage to several old classics such as Ugh! and Crazy Taxi. The controls are intuitive and resemble Moonlander in 3D, but are deep enough to have you playing for hours to master them. The game is aimed at anyone that enjoys flight games or physics-based games in general, or anyone that wants to play something different…’cause we are confident you have not played anything like this before.

Landit Bandit for PS3 Landit Bandit for PS3

One of our goals was to vary the way the game is played, but keep the flight basics at the core of each level. We achieved this by both using the physics of the surroundings and even more by the fact that you gain abilities by picking up “wing men.” The wing men alter the ways you can control your helicopter and give you new opportunities to shave seconds of that online high score.

Since we are big fans of split-screen gaming, Landit Bandit features both drop-in co-op as well as six different split-screen duels.

Check out the preview trailer, read a full review, and go to for more info.

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  • Surprisingly… this looks fun. I may try.

    • Haraldur Thormundsson

      We would like thank your for your comments, it has been a great to see all your comments. They have been a great inspiration to all five of us.

      If you want to ask us about the game or have any other thoughts, we will be on Facebook where we will answer or reply to your comments

      The Bearded Ladies

  • I’m hoping I can one day make a PS3 game too. Game looks interesting. is there going to be a demo or special price for PS Plus members?

  • Looks interesting to say the least. I love games like this, so will definitely give it a try assuming there will be a demo. Otherwise, I’ll need to see a lot more of the game to convince me to purchase it.

  • Yeah I really hope there is a demo because I don’t really get it.

  • Aesthetic reminds me of something along the lines of Wakeboarding HD or Super Monkey Ball.

    I’ll have to give it a look if I have enough after DeathSpank. Hopefully there will be some sort of demo.

  • My dream and passion is to create a game for PS.

    • Haraldur Thormundsson

      Dreams are what makes us human, whether they can become a reality or not. Visions and dreams are like girls they need to be chased. But maybe that is just the Viking in me speaking.

  • Doooood this looks amazing. :D

    I’ll be supporting you guys. Promise. >.> Split-screen co-op…
    This is awesome.

  • I’m looking forward to this. The song in the trailer is catchy, too.

  • Never thought I’d see an Atari ST on the Playstation blog.. Any scene connection ?

    on topic: The game looks cool :)

  • Wow, there are a lot of exclamation points in that review! Haha. I’ll have to check out the videos, but a demo would obviously be ideal.

  • honestly this is only on my radar if it allows sixaxis support. Other than that you guys seem pretty cool.

  • This looks deliciously stupid, and I mean that in the Will Ferrell kind of way. Likely a day one for me.

  • Weird game. Going to get it then :D
    How long did it take to make this game?
    Glad to see more foreign companies head to the PSStore!

  • … none of them have beards in the photo.

  • Looks good. Love unique and weird games!!

    One question:
    This isn’t sixxaxis/motion controlled is it?

  • Yeah, I’m gonna need to get this. I wonder if I can get my wife to play this one with me…

    • Haraldur Thormundsson

      Yes we hope so as it has jump in coop splitscreen option as well as duel. Now that could be great way to decide who does the dishes?

  • great looking game, reminds me of Choplifter on the atari 7800. that was a fun *ss game, and this looks like it will be too.

  • Bearded Ladies??? Come on that’s horrible.

    • Haraldur Thormundsson

      Well that is you opinion, but I’m sure that you will always remember the studio that made Landit Bandit? One of the reasons picked The Bearded Ladies was because we wanted a name that would stand out and The bearded Ladies is an outstanding name. Cross-dressing is just a bonus!!

  • Looks great guys. I will always support start ups in hopes of me starting my own.

  • @14 hey it’s Greg from IGN, BEYOND!! Anyways this game looks pretty cool, I like how there is split screen not many games have that anymore.

  • Haraldur Thormundsson

    Hi board, one of the bearded here.

    Wanted to answer some questions.

    1 – First of all there is the question of a demo (which is more of a demand, really :) ). We are a very small team that paid for this title out of our own pockets. Making a demo takes time and needs to go through quality assurance as the full title. We are not writing off a demo in the future, but right now its just not feasible.. …we need some vacation.

    2 – Which brings us to question number two.. long did it take. This first part of this game was made for PC on our inhouse engine, and was actually meant to be a rehabilitation tool for stroke patients. This was about 18 months ago. We met the great 3rd party guys from sony at the nordic games conference just over a year ago, and they showed interest in our game. We recieved our first dev-kit some time in july last year and started porting what we had. At that time we locked ourselves in one small office room and withdrew all weekend permits ;) So the game as it now stands, about 12 months FULL FULL time.

    continues below..

  • Haraldur Thormundsson

    3 – Ofcourse we spent some of that time implementing a sixaxis support.

    4 – The Atari ST/C64 and VIC20 stuff in the picture and the scene connection. We are all from sweden and there is ofcourse a big demoscene tradition here. Some of us used to arrange demoparties and compete. We actually made a small 64k invtro under the name bearded ladies a few years back.. for that :).

    Seems to be a few people who want to start their own.. .here is our formal reply : DO IT! (here is step nr 1 :

    – The Bearded Ladies

    • Haraldur Thormundsson

      3 – Ofcourse we spent some of that time implementing a sixaxis support.

      4 – The Atari ST/C64 and VIC20 stuff in the picture and the scene connection. We are all from sweden and there is ofcourse a big demoscene tradition here. Some of us used to arrange demoparties and compete. We actually made a small 64k invtro under the name bearded ladies a few years back.. for that :).

      Seems to be a few people who want to start their own.. .here is our formal reply : DO IT! (here is step nr 1 :

      – The Bearded Ladies

  • Man, I really couldn’t care less about a full review. This game is clearly “different” and in an ever-homogenizing gamescape, that’s what we need. Much love from me to you. Blessed are the PSN-game-developers for taking the risks that (admittedly, understandably) larger developers just won’t.

    As an aside, I’m seriously grateful for the presence of online platforms like PSN: for years, people have been saying that the days of innovation were gone, along with the five/ten-guy-teams of the 80s and 90s working on whole games. This brings together the best of everything, from the insanely small (you guys, Jonathan Mak) to the massively large (MGS4, KZ2, FFXIII)

    (Though, very few have taken up the challenge of a PSN-budget full-fledged-RPG thus far like the original Final Fantasys or Shining Force. Any takers?)

    • Haraldur Thormundsson

      Our focus is to aim for a market segment now called “advanced casual games”.The game will land somewhere in between casual and AAA games, bringing the best of two genres. The visual and the physical experience of AAA on one side of the equation and the simplicity and instant satisfaction of casual gaming on the other. This of course comes with less content and hence less download time and a lower price. Any takers?

  • Don’t forget the part about how Sony charges developers/publishers for the bandwidth demos use and you need to factor that into the cost/benefit analysis.

  • This looks interesting. Reminds me of Ugh!.

  • Solid-Snake-Eyes

    Looks pretty cool, but one of the characters should be a hot babe.

  • So is the Sixaxis motion control just an option? Can I use just an analog stick? Thanks!

  • This looks really good!!!!

  • I’ve always wanted a game where I could land something, and now here it is. Bought tomorrow. Good job, gentlemen.

  • Great game. So, men from the north (also known as swedeland) any DLC planned or are you hard at work on the next project?

  • Thank you for answering my question. I’ll probably try out the motion control. Just want to make sure there is an option for an analog stick because sometimes those motion games don’t work out. Not against motion control. I like to stay “motion control open”.

    Looking forward to playing it tomorrow!

  • After reading the post and all of your responses, I’m gonna buy the game just to support you guys.

  • Are you Icelandic??

  • Looks good, and props on creating a game without any official education in a game art field! It takes a lot of passion to just band together and create something as awesome as a game!

    I’m a student studying to get my BA in Game Art & Design. Why would I tell you that? Because I’m going to need a job! ;) Even if you don’t want to hire me, I’m always up for contributing models/animations for free to try and get some credited experience! :)

    • Haraldur Thormundsson

      So now to answer the right post.

      Contributing models/animations for credited experience is a great idea.. .i will immidietly freeze all paychecks at the bearded.

      No but honestly that is the spirit you need to get it done. Not saying that you shouldnt get paid for what you do, but with the fierce competition you need to have the mindset that you will invest to get where you want. Keep it up.

      As for our formal education in games. The only reason we dont have it is that it didnt exist when we grew up. Hacking away in basic on your VIC20 instead of going to school was the way. Now there are all kinds of schools where even us programmers get to have a social life.. .im so jealous.

      Oh, and drop us an email ;)

  • Haraldur Thormundsson

    David the designer/programmer here. Yes haraldur is, he actually pointed that out in all caps over skype when i mentioned us being swedish in a previous reply. (We have to work shifts to cover you guys on the other side of the pond).

    If we could turn this into a iceland joke thread before he wakes up that would be hillarious. I’ll try to get it started “The last wishes of the icelandic economy was to get it’s ashes spread over europe”.

  • Haraldur Thormundsson

    Wow, i need to be faster with the replies to get them under the right post. I’ll grab some coffee and be back..

  • Seeing just the first half of the video, I see a lot of potential. Great work Bearded Ladies.

    @Figroti Funny you say that because I’m going for a BSc in Computer Science (tailored towards game design). It will give me much more experience on the programming side of things. Also, these guys are in Sweden so hopefully you are willing to relocate.

  • Oh now you’ve gone and done it. Even if you didn’t want to respond to my original comment (Number 32) you’re now obligated to respond! See, I know better though, it’s going to be a sympathy comment where you act all interested and nice when in reality you’re kicking yourself in the butt.

    Mmhmm, I know how it is!

  • Excellent work guys! It is nice to see fresh ideas come to life! Being a gamer for 25 years now, I got to the point were rarely a AAA game excites me anymore. Been there, done that kind of thing. Yet, here comes Bearded Ladies(awesome name by the way :)) with one of the coolest gaming concepts I have seen in a while.

    Keep them coming!

    • Haraldur Thormundsson

      Thanks alot pulseman. We will aim to do just that (keep them coming). I would love to share some info about the next game we are lining up (cause it will be quite different once again), but im sure that icelandic guy will wake up, see the post, and go all viking on me if i do.

  • LOL! Love your humor. That’s ok. I can wait! I will be busy playing your game along with Super Mario Galaxy 2! You see, your game is that high in my list. You should be proud! :)

  • TheFlyingToaster

    ha! you guys are awesome. I bought this game when it came out over here in EU a couple weeks ago. The game is alot of fun and I’ve still been playing it after getting my 100% which is a good sign!

  • Haraldur Thormundsson

    Well, now the sun is up in sweden and the US have probably gone to dinner. So i will be signing off. Hope you enjoy the game tomorrow, fly safe!

  • Haraldur Thormundsson

    P.S Will ofcourse check back in tomorrow so keep posting questions, demands or ransom notes.

    Also remember that it will probably be that icelandic guy who wakes up first. So feel free to leave something about those hillarious people (just dont say anything bad about björk. then it might get serious).

  • Wow, this actually looks like a lot of fun. With a title like “Landit Bandit”, I expected something really..I dunno…generic? But man, this game just looks so fun and addictive. DeathSpank is coming out tomorrow…but as much as I want it, I think I’m going to get Landit Bandit instead. Kudos on the graphics and style too guys, it looks really crisp and unique.

  • Where can I order up one of your office photos…with autographs? That pic needs to be on my wall!!

  • Just wanted to send good vibes to you guys. I looooove to see awesome indie devs do really outrageous interesting titles. I would really like to try this title, so hopefully will pick it up. Wish the best for you all.

  • I’m just going to throw this out there: I’m a fraction Swedish (my great-great-great-great grandfather). Discount? =)

    • Haraldur Thormundsson

      Oh man, as that makes us practically family and the bad news are that if the game don’t sell we had made a deal with our “loved once” to buy 10 copy’s each!

  • You guys made a 3D homage to crazy taxi and Ugh!? I freaking love you. Ugh! Co-op was some good times…

  • Groovy baby! I like how you can grapple a shark and throw it. More games should have that. You should patent that idea so you make a ton of money!

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