SingStar Summer Update: Online Battle Mode Unleashed and SingStar Dance

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Hi everyone, I wanted to introduce myself as the new franchise manager for SingStar with a new summer update that includes a whole array of new and exciting features for all you SingStar fans.


Along with the new support to detect your true vibrato that will have you singing like a pro, the update allows players to compete in online Battles against their friends. If you and a friend own the same song, get your mics ready, send them an invitation, and get ready to throw down for SingStar bragging rights!

Another fantastic new feature for all of you PSP owners is that you can now create playlists directly from your PSP with SingStar Remote, so that your SingStar party keeps on rockin’ without ever missing a beat.

Following its debut at E3, a lot positive buzz has been generated around SingStar Dance. My advice to all of you dancing machines is to start dusting off your best moves for its release this Holiday season! Many of you wanted to find out more about it, so we have included some frequently asked questions for you.

We’ll have more SingStar news to share with you very soon, so stay tuned! If you have any questions about the update or SingStar Dance, feel free to leave a question on this post for myself and the team to answer.

Will I have to buy all my SingStore songs again to play SingStar Dance?

You will be able to upgrade your existing SingStore songs to be compatible with SingStar Dance for less than the cost of a full song. We will be rolling out song upgrades in our regular SingStore updates. Pricing will be confirmed nearer to launch.

How many people can play SingStar Dance?

Up to four people at any time can play – two singers and two dancers.

Do I need to have the PlayStation Move motion controller to play SingStar Dance?

You can play SingStar Dance as a normal SingStar, with two microphones. You only need PlayStation Move controller for each person who wishes to dance, one Move controller per dancer.

Will SingStar Dance have the same My SingStar Online features as a regular SingStar game?

Yes, all the online features remain the same, including Online Battle. We can’t wait to see all those great videos and snapshots of the community dancing and performing, doing what they do best.

Can I buy the SingStar Dance disc and just play it like a regular SingStar game?

Yes. The foundation of SingStar is still alive and well in SingStar Dance, so players can choose to only sing.

When playing SingStar Dance do you only see the live camera feed or can you choose to have the artist video?

As with SingStar and PlayStation Eye, you can choose to display either a camera feed on-screen, or display the artist video in the background, so no change there. We have added a quick change button so that you can switch between the camera’s live feed and the artist video.

Will the features be downloadable or unlockable from the SingStore like the SingStar Video Editor, or will they be patched in?

We are always planning new features in the SingStore Extras section, so please watch this space.

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2 Author Replies

  • Welcome to the jungle David.

    Could you be the one who ends our suffering?

    Good luck.

  • Solid-Snake-Eyes

    Boo, Singstar was the worst purchase of the 80+ PS3 games I’ve bought. They did not live up to the claims that were made at launch (like providing disc-based content on the store as an alternative to buying additional discs) and the North American store is a joke. Too little, too late!


  • Welcome to the Community David, as you’ve seen its quite vocal, hope you take into consideration the Latin Community, there are several Sony BMG Latin Artists that maybe you can bring to the Store. Check the previous entries, you’ll see there are various potential customers for Latin DLC.
    One requirement for the developers, any chance of listing the music that is on the standalone discs ?, would make less painful the fact that you need to change discs, at least you’ll have all the listings of the music you own in a single place

  • Welcome David! – TROPHIES!

    I appreciate your musical background but what about your gaming background? Gaming is about enjoyment but winning run a close second and trophies are all about winning.
    A quick revamp is all that is required. Maybe a trophy for completing ALL the songs on a disc? It’s like extra trophies for DLC.
    BUT for the original trophies – one is, these days, unattainable. ‘THEY REALLY LOVE ME’ requires 1000 4* (or more) ratings for a single piece of media but, as the forums would support, this is almost impossible – thus making the platinum impossible.
    You get trophies for 100 & 200 viewings but ratings is another matter as alot of folk cannot be bothered to rate 4* or 5* when noting 1* gets the same result for the voter after a trophy.
    Maybe a reduction of this level to 200 4* ratings (which is still incredibly hard to achieve!) would be fairer.
    Also, PLEASE do not rehash previously released songs from ANY discs for the content on the Singstar Dance & Guitar discs. It leaves a bad taste that people will be required to pay again for content they already own without getting re-hashed material. Please give a bit of value to the franchise and release new material not on previous PS3 (or PS2!) discs.

  • hi David,

    a couple of questions now I got my own picture on singstar but when I play online battle the picture is different (think its a lion or something. now what I was wondering is how can I change this picture?

    2nd question is: When will there be Enrique Eglasias (I know I spelt his surname wrong but you know who I’m talking about lol) and when will there be Michael Jackson songs!!!!!!!

    Great job on the online battle by the way played it from about 3pm until about 1am! then was back on it from about 10am this morning lol

    If anyone wants to add me to play singstar feel free to add me will play anyone no matter how good or bad you are just when you send the friend request just write in the message box ‘singstar’ CHEERS

  • Dance Central from Harmonix was a major highlight of E3 for me, and I’m excited for SingStar Dance if it’s leg tracking is anywhere close to being as accurate. I think having an amazing tutorial and song “walkthrough”/slow-motion capability will be key.

    I’m personally more than happy to pay an “upgrade” fee for my existing songs if it means HD audio (preferrably 24-bit, but at least 16-bit losslessly compressed) and at least 480p video with higher bitrates. 24-bit audio is something only the PS3 can easily deliver, and I think it would make for a major point of differentiation to Lips, Rock Band, etc. I paid to upgrade almost all my iTunes-purchased tracks to iTunes+ a few years ago and didn’t regret it!

    I’d like to see more of the Blur, David Bowie, White Stripes, and post-1980s Duran Duran tracks already on the UK SingStore make it to the US.

  • Singstar Dance? More like Singstar Joke!

    Give us the wireless mics and all other PS3 Singstar titles released in other countries that was not released in the USA. And for crying out loud, stop giving us these bs no name talent artist in the mix. Give us real karaoke songs dude.

    Don’t nobody want to dance and karaoke dude, you should be fired already if you think that idea is gonna be a hit, more like a flop guy.

  • We just bought this week SingStar Vol. 1 and SingStar Latino we plan to buy the Vol. 2, Abba and Queen discs by next week. This game series is too much fun. I made an account for my mom so she can sing the spanish songs in SingStar Latino. I wish there were more Spanish songs to choose and buy on the SingStore.

    I am also extremely disappointed that Depeche Mode does not appear in the US SingStore. They are my favorite band. Heck I would pay full price for a “SingStar Depeche Mode “game disc.

    One of the reasons we held back on buying the games in the series was due to lack of Depeche Mode tracks. lol

    Also dying to see MUSE, Keane, Deftones, The Walkmen, La Roux, songs on the SingStore.

    BTW these tracks need to be added to the SingStore:

    Ultravox – Dancing With Tears in My Eyes.
    Judas Priest – Electric Eye

    Please feel free to saturate the US SingStore with hundreds of songs. :) My brother did end up buying $40 worth of songs from the SingStore…so far. Please give us more of the music we see on the awesome UK SingStore.

    Btw my mom is requesting 1950-1960s music. :)

  • Hi David,

    I’m glad there’s someone looking after SingStar now, because it seemed like the product was basically all but abandoned in North America for quite a while. Two years ago I played SingStar all the time, but as you likely know, Rock Band now satisfies most gamer’s music game needs. I think one of the ways SingStar could still shine is with pop music that doesn’t lend itself to the full band treatment of Rock Band.

    Aside from that, the SingStore really has a paltry offering for North Americans, as we don’t know most of the European bands on there. Adding the lack of a NA release for the wireless mics and no sign of Billie Jean or any other Michael Jackson music (a true no-brainer release if there ever was one), even though Billie Jean’s been in game footage montages at E3 for 3 years now, means that NA feels completely ignored.

    I have money for good songs that are fun to sing, known in NA, and aren’t appropriate for the Rock Band experience. It’s obviously too late from the comments here to get some of the players back, but if you support this market, we’ll support your game.

    cheers and welcome.

  • just queen singstar only one i own big mistake david

  • Yes, please add the ability to save songs from SingStar discs to the hard drive. Rock Band does it, why can’t you? Being forced to swap discs periodically is really annoying! I’m holding off buying a second (or third, etc.) SingStar disc until that features makes it.

  • can anyone help me i have just bought singstar volume 2 and pop edition for ps3 volume 2 works fine update etc but the pop edition update will not work and does not let me play the game either comes up with code 80029564 during installation

    it did however work without the update before i did the volume 2 update

    any help much appreciated

  • wassup david. i have a few issues with singstar. 1) old ps3 died, got a refurb. not able 2 retrieve content already paid 4. Y? 2) current artists and popular songs. not alot of to choose from. artists like MICHAEL JACKSON, DEF LEOPARD, SAM COOK, JOURNEY, NEW EDITION, ELVIS PRESLEY, NSYNC/BACKSTREET BOYS(yes i said it!!!LOL) not able 2 get. Y? greatest hits….. i would get them all. 3)RAPSTAR- if it’s the same as previous singstar, ima be pretty upset. 4) wireless mics- y is it taking so long? current technology (WIRELESS!) 5)genres of music: rap is rap, rock is rock, pop is pop. they shouldnt intwine. a lil more separation of genres. and finally… 6)LIST OF # 1’s to download

  • And for the love of all things good, can we get an update of what’s going on more than 3 times a year?

  • Hey David,

    It’s good to know we have someone dedicated to the game. I could make request after request, including begging for more Kylie Minogue, but I sort of have what I thought was a reasonable request.

    Can we have more George Michael?

    There’s none on the Singstore in any territory. I’ve got WHAM! on my 80′s disk, and it would seem every other GM song is only in Euro versions or the new Singstar Chart Hits. Any reason these are kept out of the US, and the Singstore?

    George Michael- Outside
    George Michael- Faith
    George Michael- Freedom ’90
    George Michael- Careless Whisper

    They’re all on disks in other territories. I think I even saw Club Tropicana by WHAM! on one of the disks. What are the odds of me seeing these anytime soon?

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