SingStar Summer Update: Online Battle Mode Unleashed and SingStar Dance

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Hi everyone, I wanted to introduce myself as the new franchise manager for SingStar with a new summer update that includes a whole array of new and exciting features for all you SingStar fans.


Along with the new support to detect your true vibrato that will have you singing like a pro, the update allows players to compete in online Battles against their friends. If you and a friend own the same song, get your mics ready, send them an invitation, and get ready to throw down for SingStar bragging rights!

Another fantastic new feature for all of you PSP owners is that you can now create playlists directly from your PSP with SingStar Remote, so that your SingStar party keeps on rockin’ without ever missing a beat.

Following its debut at E3, a lot positive buzz has been generated around SingStar Dance. My advice to all of you dancing machines is to start dusting off your best moves for its release this Holiday season! Many of you wanted to find out more about it, so we have included some frequently asked questions for you.

We’ll have more SingStar news to share with you very soon, so stay tuned! If you have any questions about the update or SingStar Dance, feel free to leave a question on this post for myself and the team to answer.

Will I have to buy all my SingStore songs again to play SingStar Dance?

You will be able to upgrade your existing SingStore songs to be compatible with SingStar Dance for less than the cost of a full song. We will be rolling out song upgrades in our regular SingStore updates. Pricing will be confirmed nearer to launch.

How many people can play SingStar Dance?

Up to four people at any time can play – two singers and two dancers.

Do I need to have the PlayStation Move motion controller to play SingStar Dance?

You can play SingStar Dance as a normal SingStar, with two microphones. You only need PlayStation Move controller for each person who wishes to dance, one Move controller per dancer.

Will SingStar Dance have the same My SingStar Online features as a regular SingStar game?

Yes, all the online features remain the same, including Online Battle. We can’t wait to see all those great videos and snapshots of the community dancing and performing, doing what they do best.

Can I buy the SingStar Dance disc and just play it like a regular SingStar game?

Yes. The foundation of SingStar is still alive and well in SingStar Dance, so players can choose to only sing.

When playing SingStar Dance do you only see the live camera feed or can you choose to have the artist video?

As with SingStar and PlayStation Eye, you can choose to display either a camera feed on-screen, or display the artist video in the background, so no change there. We have added a quick change button so that you can switch between the camera’s live feed and the artist video.

Will the features be downloadable or unlockable from the SingStore like the SingStar Video Editor, or will they be patched in?

We are always planning new features in the SingStore Extras section, so please watch this space.

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