SingStar Summer Update: Online Battle Mode Unleashed and SingStar Dance

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Hi everyone, I wanted to introduce myself as the new franchise manager for SingStar with a new summer update that includes a whole array of new and exciting features for all you SingStar fans.


Along with the new support to detect your true vibrato that will have you singing like a pro, the update allows players to compete in online Battles against their friends. If you and a friend own the same song, get your mics ready, send them an invitation, and get ready to throw down for SingStar bragging rights!

Another fantastic new feature for all of you PSP owners is that you can now create playlists directly from your PSP with SingStar Remote, so that your SingStar party keeps on rockin’ without ever missing a beat.

Following its debut at E3, a lot positive buzz has been generated around SingStar Dance. My advice to all of you dancing machines is to start dusting off your best moves for its release this Holiday season! Many of you wanted to find out more about it, so we have included some frequently asked questions for you.

We’ll have more SingStar news to share with you very soon, so stay tuned! If you have any questions about the update or SingStar Dance, feel free to leave a question on this post for myself and the team to answer.

Will I have to buy all my SingStore songs again to play SingStar Dance?

You will be able to upgrade your existing SingStore songs to be compatible with SingStar Dance for less than the cost of a full song. We will be rolling out song upgrades in our regular SingStore updates. Pricing will be confirmed nearer to launch.

How many people can play SingStar Dance?

Up to four people at any time can play – two singers and two dancers.

Do I need to have the PlayStation Move motion controller to play SingStar Dance?

You can play SingStar Dance as a normal SingStar, with two microphones. You only need PlayStation Move controller for each person who wishes to dance, one Move controller per dancer.

Will SingStar Dance have the same My SingStar Online features as a regular SingStar game?

Yes, all the online features remain the same, including Online Battle. We can’t wait to see all those great videos and snapshots of the community dancing and performing, doing what they do best.

Can I buy the SingStar Dance disc and just play it like a regular SingStar game?

Yes. The foundation of SingStar is still alive and well in SingStar Dance, so players can choose to only sing.

When playing SingStar Dance do you only see the live camera feed or can you choose to have the artist video?

As with SingStar and PlayStation Eye, you can choose to display either a camera feed on-screen, or display the artist video in the background, so no change there. We have added a quick change button so that you can switch between the camera’s live feed and the artist video.

Will the features be downloadable or unlockable from the SingStore like the SingStar Video Editor, or will they be patched in?

We are always planning new features in the SingStore Extras section, so please watch this space.

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2 Author Replies

  • Welcome to the blog David!

    I truly appreciate these extras, however, this game is dependent on its content, and I feel that the store is updated so infrequently that it is detrimental to the community. I know licencing issues prevent SOME songs from appearing, but the dearth of content a couple years after the game has already been out is, as a fan, very disappointing. I love, no LOVE singstar, but there needs to be more effort in putting the real star of the game, the songs, as a priority.

  • *off topic*
    SingStar is developed by Sony London Studio right? David Thatch, do you know if the London Studio is still working on 8 Days? We know the original trailer was CGI, but the leak “cover technology” video was pretty amazing.

  • Welcome, David. I look forward to these new features cominig out. I hope as new franchise manager you are able to inject live into the US SingStore as the UK SingStore king at the moment. I have some suggestions for the product: wireless mics not the in US?, Youtube uploading, ability to play the music videos outside of the game, and storing our favorite selections on the PS3. I love SingStar but main reason I don’t play it more is the lack of current Artist. I would love to see more of a broad offering of music such as music from Broadway shows.

    Good luck to you and I’ll keep waiting for the shine to shine again on the US SingStore. =)

  • nice, i hoped this was coming to NA

  • Hi, cool update, can’t wait to try out new features.

    I don’t play singstar ALL the time as i’m an all-round gamer, by my GF loves it.
    One major issue I see is when we go to purchase songs.

    I go to the “New” section and it only lists the latest update!
    If we haven’t played it in over a month, we have to go through EVERY song, looking for new ones, or got online and look at all the blog entries for SS.

    1 easy solution would be to keep the last 5-6 updates under NEW. And partition them by update date. With the latest update at the top, and descending to older updates.

    This weeks Update:
    Artist – Song
    Artist – Song
    Artist – Song

    Last Update

    Artist – Song
    Artist – Song
    Artist – Song

    Older, etc etc.

    Wouldn’t that make it a whole lot easier to find the newest songs that have been added in the last little while!?

  • Im a big fan of Singstar 19GB worth of Songs..

    Im all for innovation but it seams Singstar Dance is nothing besides an add on for the MOVE controller. (yes, im buy it). than having to buy songs already own at a reduced price. Not even Rockband does that.

    I hope your focus is still on Singstar, including bring better songs and features. When you think about it, Singstar Dance is just 2 extra people playing. From what ive seen so far, its an add on.

    besides that im excited over the VS online mode and the direction Singstar is going. -kudos David

  • I absolutely cannot believe you are forcing people to pay to “upgrade” their purchased songs. Why does Singstar have a crappier selection when compared to products like Rock Band AND worse licensing on top of that?

    It’s absolutely insulting to your customers and a terrible experience to have all this incredibly flawed song licensing. I already can’t upload 30-second video clips of song performances if the song is from a PS2 Singstar disc. Now you expect people to pay just to play the songs they already bought?

    I’m done with Singstar. You people just can’t get it right. Any other products we buy we’ll just be screwed over on eventually.

  • I refuse to ever buy another SingStar product until the wireless mics are released in the U.S. I don’t even care if the game doesn’t use a mic. Any way we could get SOME kind of answer as to why we don’t have them here yet?


    PS – No, I’m not going to import. They need to follow through with the support of their own product.

  • I excited about Singstar Guitar as I already have 2 guitars lying around and prefer Singstar to the other music games. More importantly, I hope these new titles bring new songs to Singstar (disc and online). I will only buy Singstar Move/Guitar if they contain all new songs (not songs from previous disc/Singstore).

  • i might start playing singstar again!

    i wish on singstar dance u could record the whole song not just 30 sec of it and upload it on the singstar online

  • I gave up caring about this game a lonnnng time ago, since North America isn’t worthy of selling your wireless mics to. Less money I have to spend at the PSN store.

  • Also like LokeSTL indicated;

    Please release the wireless mics here in NA.

  • You need to put the USA Store to the same as Europe. And make up compatible wuth up to 4 Mics.

  • I have always been interested in singstar but from all the negative feedback it consistently receives, I continue to refrain investing in it.

    I hope you’re listening David.

  • Hi David,

    I had all the Singstar games. When you refused to bring the wireless mics into the US. I sold them all to game stop including the MICs for $10. Best decision ever. It seems that you update the game quarterly with content, and frankly don’t care about the game in the US. I went with rockband and haven’t looked back since.

    Either support the product or take it off the market.

  • You’re actually making us pay more to buy compatible “Dance” versions of the songs we already own? I own over 200 SingStar songs, and making me pay more (even if its less than the full price) to upgrade those songs to the Dance versions just ridiculous. It definitely turns me off from buying SingStar Dance.

    If the songs we bought could be used for both games then that would get your fans buying more songs, not to mention build more of a community and an overall SingStar “platform” a la Rock Band. But with the system you’re implementing its turning me off from buying SingStar songs all together. After all the support I’ve given your game it feels like I’m being burned now.

  • Best news ever! Give me a track list and release date and I’m there!

  • And I also voice the same issue with the “New” section that Parapraxis mentioned. Some weeks I forget to check the SingStore, so I miss what was new the week before. Meaning you get less potential purchases in the end.

    It’s an oversight that I can’t believe hasn’t been addressed in the 3 or 4 years that SingStar has been out on PS3.

  • You should sell SingStar songs in Playstation Store. I read that you can’t re-download them if you have to. Add more EU songs to US, I want Snow Patrol :)

  • Unless this game is more than a Just Dance clone, I will not be upgrading my already purchased songs to be able to dance. I have a few questions that many people have wanted answered for months or years about this game.

    Will the US support for this game improve? When the UK update gets anywhere from 15-20 songs in an update and the US gets skipped or gets 5 songs it is ridiculous.

    Will the Singstore ever get artists that are popular in the US?

    Will the US ever get the wireless microphones that the rest of the world has had for a year?

    Can you change the way you handle songs being locked to the actual PS3 system? I have had my PS3 replaced twice and it is a headache to have to continually email to get songs unlocked and then have to wait a week or two for the process to maybe work.

  • This is HUGE!

  • Will we ever see wireless mics in NA?

  • A bit more info on this PSP thing would be nice. Does it mean my songs can go with me and be played on someone else’s PS3?

  • Im originally from Australia but my father has a house in California.. i use both PSN stores, I dont have any issues song related..

    for me to replace over 320 songs including AUS versions is a HUGE investment. Ive bought every singstar game from Chart hits, singstar 1-3, abba, Queen, Singstar pop edition and take that. rebuying songs you already own is turned off from buy SINGSTAR DANCE. Especially when its an add on in a disk…

  • Welcome David! We hope you improve the support for Singstar in the US… I’ve been playing Singstar since its US release… The new online battle mode will be awesome for the long time fans of the franchise… The only thing we need now is UMG songs… I know the process of bringing UMG songs for the US is different than in Europe… Could you update us over here about it? I think UMG songs and Singstar Dance/Guitar will be the reason for americans to buy the game… I believe in Singstar… Thanks a lot ;)

  • Let me know when you drop the charge to play old songs in the new game, and when you RELEASE THE WIRELESS MICROPHONES IN NORTH AMERICA.


  • Updated last night and this is fantastic! The PSP queue management alone would be magic if it worked. I followed the directions using my PSP go, remote play, Singstar and it froze my PS3 each time I tried. My screen would go black and then I had to restart the system. Is this a known issue?

    Is there any word on upcoming tracks in US. We currently have a poor selection and most of us Hardcore SS users pick up Cards for Europe to buy our Vids from there. (Thanks for the Paulina Rubio in DL btw! More pls!)

    Wireless Mics coming anytime soon?

  • The fact that you can play -Singstar Dance- by itself without the Move controller, seams like something you guys could implemented as an optional Add on from the PSN and not a disk.

    it defaults to regular Singstar mode without the move.. its basically another Singstar disk with move software added..

    the reason i point this out, is because almost every game company: Heavy Rain, Resident Evil 5 etc are adding MOVE support via a download.

  • I have bought every one of the singstar discs on the PS3. (Yes, even Abba.) The NA DLC is Dismal! The fact that we don’t have the wireless mics is a crime. The only reason I haven’t traded them in is because I will get nothing for them. Every time I see a post about singstar I can’t help but get a little excited. Ever have you let me down. Shame on you Sony for teasing me with something that could be great and delivering nothing.

    P.S. Do something to get Depeche Mode in NA. Please.

  • heXix
    nothing comes for free in this world and secondly you need to stop being judgmental and critical towards the ppl at Sony

  • @Aramis

    I’ll be the first to applaud and the first to be critical. It’s the best of both worlds. They need to have counter opinions to the people who would buy anything that Sony releases.

    They need a reality check. The product is broken and unsupported.

  • My husband and I really enjoy playing Singstar but we can’t sing together (we’re both terrible singers and are even more terrible when trying to sing together… so it’s nice that now the other person will have something to do!)

    Oh… and is it possible to play Singstar dance without singing? I used to love playing Eyetoy Groove for my exercise and this might be a good replacement game for that.

  • I wanted to assure you all that I *am* listening!

    The two big items I am getting from all of your comments are DLC strength and the wireless mics. Let me address those in order.


    We are definitely committed to improving the quality of songs on the US SingStore and ensuring that they are applicable to the US market. I am starting to spend a great deal of time and focus on this. A big part of the equation is securing additional licensing rights, which we are actively pursing so this can happen.

    Wireless Microphones:

    We are currently actively evaluating the use of the wireless microphones here in the US. Once I have any new developments on this, I will be sure to reach out to the community.

  • Love SingStar, really love the new Battle Mode but this along with the killer PSP addition really highlight a sorely needed change to the game.

    We really need the ability to move the songs from the discs to the hard drive while playing (even if it’s only temporary). I’d expect that for it to work with licensing and potential theft it would have to be temporary, but that’s fine. Perhaps SingStar can reserve some HD space like Home does. It could even be user configurable. Then, at the start of the game, the user could load up the discs they want to use for that play session. The data could be locked or wiped from the HD when the user quits the game.

    I currently have 10 SingStar discs and having people read off the back of boxes and constantly switch out discs kills the party atmosphere and brings everything to a standstill. With everything in the song rotation, the PSP functionality would be even more valuable. I don’t know if you’ve been looking into this but please! We need some sort of solution here.

  • @Phillip_J

    Why not have people register there singstar disk’s online and than pay a fee to transfer the songs onto the hardrive.

    Like how Lego Rockband and Green Day Rockband has a 1 time export code per disk…If you lose the disk and key theres no redownload. 1 key per disk and you have to have the same disk to export .

    that way people cant just rent the game, pay the fee and export the songs to the HDD and lock the songs onto that HDD.

  • no point of SingStar dance if theres wires all over the floor. Just saying.

  • im doing ur mom thats all im sayin

  • @shadowjin: My only concern is that the licensing folks with SingStar don’t seem to have the pull that Harmonix has with Rock Band so we’d probably never see that. It’s a good idea though.

  • @David Thach

    Thanks for the response. I respect that it takes time to make these things happen. It was a letdown that the bluetooth mics didn’t work out. The wireless mics are not the ideal option, but are a far cry better than being tethered in an already limited space. This alone would restore my confidence in the product.

    The DLC is also important, but secondary in my opinion. This should definitely be looked into to further support the product. Though making the initial product more enjoyable should be first.

    I believe that SingStar is a much better experience than its competition if properly supported. Please get those mics moving so that I can plan a party upon their release. Thank You.

  • @David Thach

    What are you doing different that the last people haven’t done to get SingStar in the US more relevant content?

    How long has this game been out and it still has very little to appeal to us. I bought this for my wife because she begged me for it but the song selection is garbage IMO and hers, she has since moved on to playing our neighbors Lips game which has way more content that appeals to people here. SingStar has been out for a few years now, it should have had something more than what it has in terms of content and features.

    Really Bon Jovi is available in the UK but we cannot get it here? You think the labels would be more than happy to give us our American rock bands lol

    • I think that my background as a musician brings a slightly new and fresh perspective to the franchise. I have a life-long, deep-rooted passion for music that, in may ways, defines who I am. My hope is that passion will translate directly into music offerings that will resonate deeply with the community.

  • Yeah I say if they can support the US better then they will get my money for this game I enjoy Singstar alot but absolutely disappointed every week when I look at US update and then see that EU got all the good ones. Also how come Harmonix has no issues with licensing song and they have amazing selection and awesome US support. For anyone getting ready to say to purchase with UK card I shouldn’t have to do that.

  • Welcome David. I wish you luck in better SingStar support. I do enjoy the games, and they are some of the best PS3 party games.

    My main concern is the Singstar DRM. I have bought over 100 songs in Rockband and about 3 songs in Singstar. The primary reason why I haven’t bought more Singstar songs is because I have 3 PS3s. With Rockband songs, I can download all the songs to all the PS3s (or any repaired PS3s) without an issue. I can’t do that for Singstar DLC. And I have to warn other people about the Singstar DRM. Please look into addressing this. (fyi, i haven’t bought anything from the PSN Video Store for the same reason)

    I also care about getting good wireless mics.


  • I agree with having better support for North America. And I can’t beleive that I can not find Singstar Motown in the USA. WHY?????????????

  • @Challen

    the reason they will never fix that is for game sharing issues.. you can have up to 5 PS3 systems registered under 1 ID and with Singstar it only allows 1 registered system for there content.

    Not everyone has 3 PS3 and most will take advantage of it and give there PSN ID/DLC away.. thus losing a sale on a potential buyer. The average user has 1 PS3..

  • @Challen

    and btw if you have 3 PS3’s and repair 2 you reached your limit of 5 PS3 registered under your name. If you repair another one or buy a new PS3 without deactivating another, you wont be able to download none of your purchases. If all 3 systems fail (which can happen randomly) there not deactivated in the repair process but kept active.. Sony will Only deactivate all 5 of them 1 time…

  • Why then does Harmonix not have problems with game “sharing”? It’s a crutch to support the bad DRM for singstar.

    Let us not lump everybody in with the gameshare crowd. Most don’t do it.

    You just proved how bad the DRM is with PS3. Sony does not give consistent information. Nobody not even them knows how many times they will wipe your account of PS3 activations.

  • @twindad

    “Most dont do it”

    thanks for your opinion…

    I never said i approve of Singstar DRM.

  • You don’t know how much I really appreciate any SingStar news.

    I am happy that there is someone new in charge. The last person was totally unresponsive and never got us anything. I hope you do better.

    My problems with SingStar are the bad updates for the US while Europe gets amazing songs. My latest disappointment was seeing that Europe got Aha’s Shadowside and Foot of the Mts. while we didn’t.

    I also feel frustrated that unlike Rockband, Guitar Her, Karaoke Revolution etc., SinStar does not allow me to download the songs I’ve purchased on both of my PS3s. And you see, moving one system around is a problem, since I basically bought two so I wouldn’t have this problem.

    Also, Wireless mics would sell at the right price. Especially if they are compatible with other music games.

  • I cant believe your making singstar dance when singstar itself is suffering by your lack in ability to supply decent dlc. You guys obviously dont want to make money or attract new buyers. Have you ever even heard of Lady GaGa? shes kinda a big deal in the music industry right now and yet you guys dont even have 1 song by her. Sony really should just stop making singstar games…there old.

  • First welcome david


    BUT……… Still to this day the songs selection is the worst in Karaoke HISTORY . KARAOKE HISTORY

    Its nice to see the old 80’s band some alternative but where is the new songs , rihanna , michael jackson ( sony artist ) , neyo , where are the all the recent music . its always some junk artist weve never even heard of ….

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