The Tester Season 2 Casting Opens Up for Community Voting!

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We’re only three weeks into our open casting for the second season of PlayStation Network’s original competitive reality series, The Tester. By now, you should have created a profile, complete with videos and pictures, for a chance to compete on the series to win a job as an official PlayStation game tester. Not interested in being a contestant? Well, you can still take part in the action by voting for your favorite casting submission. Remember, one lucky gamer gets voted onto the cast by you!

Beginning today, the online casting contest kicks off and invites the entire PlayStation community to vote for their favorite contender. For all of you contenders, it’s time to push your friends, family and friends of friends to vote for you at! Round 1 voting ends on Friday, July 16th, which also means you still have 10 days to set up your profile, submit your videos and drum up voting support.

There are already many impressive profiles from across the country. This is going to make a great Season 2, and you guys get to help decide who’s on the show. Take a look at a few of the video submissions and then cast your vote!

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  • Apokiliptic_Kaos

    Go 8 Bit Micky !!!!!

  • Im sorry, but I was under the impression that if you submitted an edited video it was an automatic dq…Ill put fireworks and visual effects in my backround had I known it was legal…….

  • yay. more of this crappy show.

  • Hi…where is my video? I dont mean in your video I mean on the site at all I spent over two weeks making it did not violate any TOS whatsoever followed the rules and regulations to a T and after over two days it still isn’t displaying on my site.

    On the top I am prompted I need to submit a video to be eligible for the next round. it doesn’t appear on my profile in any way but when I go to manage videos its right in front of me clear as day. I have tried the “contact us” link at the bottom of the official page 4 seperate times no one has responded back I have received no feedback.

    Please tell me what is going on in the meantime on my profile (which is doing quite well even without this technical error)
    has a link to where my video can be found in LQ.

  • So I’ve been trying to upload my video for 3 days and the webpage keeps giving me a redirect error message. I’ve tried 3 different computers in 3 different locations and can’t sign in to upload my video. Someone please help me understand… wtf!?!

  • Im surprised they put me in there lol and the part that they used lol.

  • LOLOLOLOLOL love this video montage, and all 3 seconds of me! Wo0t!

  • I signed up but it wont let me introduce myself or add any videos. This makes me very sad :(

  • @DA_SHREDDER It’s probably because the deadline for contestants to sign up was July 5th according to the official rules page.

  • please look at my profile, and vote for me

  • its nice that sony puts a link on the PS3 home page to the tester web site . but it would be nicer if they would make the site work with the PS3 . i filled out all the info to vote but NOOOOOO . the stupid join now botton doesn’t work (on the PS3 ) . how about makeing sure the site works with eveything if your going to put it on the home page . kind of pisses me off i wanted to post a vote but i can’t join .

  • voting for round 1 ends in 15 minutes your support would be appreciated but even if you don’t want to vote for me vote for the ppl you do want to advance NOW as in 14 minutes I …think? votes will reset!

  • Its round 2! The Tester Official Casting Call | delusionownzyou Please send some votes my way! Your support is appreciated =)

  • Im getting some good votes but I hope I can make it to round 3! please vote for me guys!

  • hey thes is solidnes i need all the help i can get please vote for me at the tester contest check my video my essay and pic. this is where my life begins the nexts game tester for playstation. thx for the support. :)

  • Im so glad I made it to round 3!
    vote for me!

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