The Tester Season 2 Casting Opens Up for Community Voting!

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We’re only three weeks into our open casting for the second season of PlayStation Network’s original competitive reality series, The Tester. By now, you should have created a profile, complete with videos and pictures, for a chance to compete on the series to win a job as an official PlayStation game tester. Not interested in being a contestant? Well, you can still take part in the action by voting for your favorite casting submission. Remember, one lucky gamer gets voted onto the cast by you!

Beginning today, the online casting contest kicks off and invites the entire PlayStation community to vote for their favorite contender. For all of you contenders, it’s time to push your friends, family and friends of friends to vote for you at! Round 1 voting ends on Friday, July 16th, which also means you still have 10 days to set up your profile, submit your videos and drum up voting support.

There are already many impressive profiles from across the country. This is going to make a great Season 2, and you guys get to help decide who’s on the show. Take a look at a few of the video submissions and then cast your vote!

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  • Good Luck to everyone. Wish I could enter but I won’t be 21 till later this year

  • Sweet! Thanks for the info, but were do we vote?

  • What’s up this is Fame Girl! Good luck to whoever is trying to audition for the show. Gosh it’s so surreal going back to the first open casting call for the first season back in September of last year and seeing my CarmenSanD13go PSN wishing people and myself good luck on trying to enter to be on the show.

  • Unfortunately, I have no interest of this show.

  • I see how it is. You don’t feature my profile in the article. I’ll just have to drum up votes the old fashion way so I can finally have a foot in the door to become a Game Designer. I can’t get a entry level position so I might as well try to win one so I can use my degree some how.

  • Oh you go to that website but here’s a faster way:

  • Well since surviving a Heart Attack in April with a Season 1 Tester character I doubt that I will be able to run,jump etc for what is needed so I am waiting to provide the votes to the deserving individual.

  • Man I was hoping to be in the video. Oh well, check out my profile! I’m still up there in votes too!

  • Man, I was hoping to be in the video. Oh well, check out my profile! I’m getting up there in votes too! Taggart451 on the site!

  • Barmy or bust!

  • @5 (SpeedRacer1955) I saw the article about you and Doc… what an incredible story! Glad to hear you’re doing better… might see you on BFBC2 soon!

  • I’m going for it. Please check out my video and bio and vote for me if you want me on the show!

    If this isn’t allowed, please feel free to remove my comment. Thanks!

  • So, is iconic casting a scam? They posted on Craigslist claiming to be responsible for casting for the new season of the tester. If they’re a scam, quite a few people may have had their info comprimised. Including my friend.

  • @Zantra No they are not, they used Craigslist to also find the host of the first season as well.

  • i wouldve tried but i dont see anything I can do in that tester being that i anm in a wheelchair, my chair in a hamstrball lol

  • Why am I not in this video?

  • Not even bothering signing up again. Tried before. Don’t think I’ll make it.

  • O…..M….G!!!!! The videos in the blog are working……………….ON MY PS3 BROWSER!!!!!!!! What did you guys do, THIS IS AWESOME! Thank You!

  • Looks like they’re hiring actors again for this.

    If you want a “legitimate” shot at actually working at Sony, it’s probably a better idea to actually apply at their career portal.

    Job # 01891

    Better have a four year degree though, as they’re going to filter out anyone without one.

  • so. . . i dont really care whos on the show. . . but id REALLY like to get to know that GoW chick

  • pick the cop

  • Yo Doc here!

    Keep the support up! and the ppl applying keep refining your videos and supporting your fellow applicants. Viva Home!

  • Yeah, B F and S represent!

    vote for him, being…me!

  • linebeginstoblur

    The video in my profile is still not working. I uploaded one two days ago, but I guess it hasn’t finished “approval” yet. I feel this is quite unfair, because a lot of people are getting votes simply for having creative videos, but I don’t have any chance of winning people over in that category as long as my video is being kept in limbo.

    • I’ve forwarded your concern to the admins. Hopefully, your video doesn’t contain anything against the rules.

  • @linebeginstoblur and on the other side of the spectrum there are people without videos getting votes. Maybe this wasn’t the best way to go about casting. Fortunately only 1 person gets ‘voted on’.

  • linebeginstoblur

    Yeah. I’m still going around asking for votes, yet I’m slightly discouraged knowing that I’m competing people who already had a huge online presence going into this, and had videos encoded and approved by the start of voting. If the only guaranteed spot on the show is ONE winner, the odds are against me.

  • vote for me, username is my psn

  • awesome..I’m not worrying about votes though..I’m just waiting for the casting directors to pick their top ten…feels good to know that they actually take the time to watch all of our videos…MUCH appreciated!

  • hey do we upload vids from the “upload pictures section” or? beacuse i can’t seem to find the tab or link to do it? also it won’t let me sign up as a contestant, it keeps making it a fan account, any help would be much thankful, thanks.

    • In your profile, to the right of the ‘Video’ text should be the ‘Manage Videos’ link. Click on that to access the upload screen. If you don’t see it, hit up the support email on that section of the casting site.

  • linebeginstoblur

    @Kevin Furuichi
    Thank you. If it helps you, my username is linebegins2blur (I had to fit the character limit lol). If you look at my comments, you see I posted one on my own wall and it includes a YouTube link of the video I uploaded, and you can clearly see that it meets all rules (yet I’ve seen some contestant videos pass approval that are borderline rule-breakers…)

  • VOTE for UPGRAYEDD cause a vote for me is a vote for FUN!

  • ok, so it’s suppose to be next next to the “video” link? or next to the “manage photos” link? also where’s the space to put in my bio/summary? sorry if im asking alot of stuff, thanks in advance
    im sending a email for the video stuff right now.

  • @19 (I3rand0) See that would seem the way you would think it would be done, but I have a 4 year degree in Game Software Development. I’ve applied to all the jobs I fit, including the entry level QA position. All I’ve ever got was the response that I don’t have enough experience in the industry for the position applied for. That includes the QA slots. You know, the job that is suppose to get you the experience to get the higher jobs. This seems the only way nowadays, or knowing people, to get anywhere. Hence why I’m still in the running to be on the cast. TheRealHades over there on the casting page.

  • @TheRealHades

    Sorry to hear that. It’s unfortunate, but given the current economic environment and job market, I am not surprised.

    It’s ironic they would pass you over for someone with less skills and training only because they appear on a reality show.

    I would urge all people who are seriously looking for employment to look elsewhere. There is no reason to degrade yourself to this level this just to get a job that only pays slightly above the minimum wage.

  • @Kevin Furuichi Hey, I love you man….in a manly,Gladiator way. You know, in a “good game” sorta way. I might have went too far, IDK. You rock bro.

    Can you validate my parking?

    Kevin –> u_u

    Doc –> O_o

  • @I3rand0 Oh this isn’t recent either. This was way back when I got the degree 3 years ago. I’ve tried other places too. Places where I had “ins” as well.

    When I had just a High School diploma, excuse was lack of education.

    With a BS, excuse is lack of experience.

    I’m at the point where acting like an idiot to get a solid in so I can move up the ranks is the only option.

  • @TheRealHades Damn bro you got mad skill and this is what it comes to?! Not right. I got your back for some votes…..but only if you Validate my parking :)

  • LOL FORK AND SPOON! Oh man, fork and spoon…. I’m totally voting for forkk and spoon. Just sayin.

  • @Kanedas_Bike Parking Validated.

  • Hey! It’s triplethreat77, the girl Kratos. Thanks for the airtime PLaystation! Love you guys and all the voters! See you on Season 2!

  • I didn’t make it in the video. But it’s awesome.. :D

    Good luck everyone! thanks for people who are voting!!!!


  • Okay — I have a serious question now. There are a lot of people on the site with videos that are OVER 2 minutes long. I do as well, but I specifically said “this is not my official submission.” Yet a lot of these people only have one video that appears to not meet the rules. Will they be disqualified from the OFFICIAL casting and still be allowed to get a popular vote? Or will they not make it past the first round for voting at all?

  • What he said!

  • oxskittlefreekxo

    Bahaha, love this. Thanks for putting me in this video! ^.^ and BTW, re read the official rules, I believe it says 3minutes now for your video!

  • To submit an entry for casting consideration, you must fill out the online form, provide at least 1 digital photograph of yourself, and an audition video. Videos should be no longer than 3 minutes and must be in one of the following formats: MOV, MP4, // Aspect Ratio: 16:9 or 4:3 //. File size should not exceed: 100 megabytes. SCEA and Producer are not responsible for errors in the transmission of your entry and not required to confirm receipt of your entry.

  • please take some time to look at my profile, and please vote for me =) happy gaming!

  • btw i mthe guy that says playstation is my life! lol =)

  • HAHA! Awesome! Thanks sony for letting me say, “Gamins is a burning passion”! The Tester is great! Check me out if you like pizza or fun times a plenty!


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