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As many of you have pointed out, we’ve been quiet on PlayStation.Blog Share since it launched on St. Patrick’s Day. We’ve been sitting back, allowing you to do your thing: over a million votes have been cast, and you’ve contributed a lot of great, often surprising ideas. We thank you for your involvement so far. Now it’s time for the next step.

The first thing we figured out (and quickly!) during the launch of Share is that you all have a lot more ideas than we have people to approve them for voting. So, starting today, we’re turning over the moderation reins to you. Did someone just submit the same idea you suggested months ago? Flag it for us. We’ll keep the original.

It’s a fairly simple procedure, but we wanted to explain a little bit here to eliminate any confusion. All you have to do is identify an idea and its duplicate. Click “Report as Duplicate” on the idea that you believe is the copycat (the one you think should be deleted and/or merged). Make sure to take note of the original idea’s ID number. You’ll need this in the second step.

Duplicate Idea 1-1

After you click “Report as Duplicate,” you’ll receive a pop-up window like this one. It is here that you will input the ID number of the original idea that is being duplicated by the idea you’re reporting. Once that number has been inputted, click submit.

Duplicate Idea 2

Now, to be clear, this process will not remove ideas from the site, rather it will flag the two ideas for our moderators. At this point, it will be up to them to make a judgment call about what to do with them. One of two things will happen: either the two ideas will be merged, combining the votes and comments, or one will be deleted in favor of the other. The former is most likely in the majority of situations.

Self moderation was actually an idea suggested by you readers – you’ll note that it, along with other of our ideas that we’ve acted upon have been sorted into a new category: Ideas in Action. These range from long-time fan requests like the Canadian Video Store, to more simple things like bringing Blog meetups to the East Coast. We’ll continue to keep this area updated as we roll out new requested features, titles, and policies. PS – this was another request.

The next step for Share will hit later this Summer: weekly programming. Instead of just continue to keep the floodgates open for ideas about anything, we’ll be looking for ideas related to specific subjects – things where your feedback could lead to an immediate impact.

In the meantime, please keep those ideas and votes coming – we’re reading!

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10 Author Replies

  • Thanks for the response Jeff. I guess I have to resubmit my ideas again

  • All I ask is that some of the other like 10 ideas I submitted get posted.

  • Question-
    As a general rule, do Ideas, after being approved, posted, voted, and commented on get deleted?

    mine did

    Also, I emplore my fellow PS3 users to do a search on Blogshare for Vibrating PS3.

    Any explanation how that one made it thru Moderation??

  • Hey Jeff, the vote and idea counter on the top of share still doesn’t work. It always shows zero for all three stats. Are you guys fixing that?

  • Great function as I just found a duplicate, interestingly they were listed right after the other with just on idea between them in the PSN idea category.

  • Stupid ideas like CGVC should not be at the top, ‘Fix the Internet Browser’ had over 5000 up votes a week or two after blog share came out, and now it has mysteriously vanished. Please do not give me the could shoulder, did over 5000 people really vote down the #1 issue, or is something else going on here?

  • Okay so here’s the issue I have with PSBlog Share..

    I submitted 3 ideas, the same week of the release of this program.. Only 1 of them has been ‘approved’.

    My ideas were unique and well thought out. I even searched the entire PSBlog Share thoroughly before posting to make sure it wasnt a duplicate (am I the only one who does that?). And STILL 2 of my ideas are not posted.. only 1 of my ideas.

    I will not be posting on PSBlog share until my ideas are posted, as I see it is a waste of time if my good ideas dont even get posted..

    Even after the front page assured us our ideas ‘arent going into the abyss, they are just being moderated’

  • Nice jeff

  • Honestly what is the point of this? There have been heavily requested ideas on these forums and the Blog Share for YEARS now that have been completely ignored by us. Luckily your competitor has listened and it shows in sales:

    -Context Sensitive PS Button. This old idea is so simple and would speed up checking messages, invites, trophies, and requests so much. Where is it?

    -Better web browser with newer flash. Where is it? Facebook and Youtube barely even work in the current one, and it freezes.

    -Cross game voice chat. PSN+ can’t even do it, I mean seriously?

    -Built in sofware like: Netflix, ESPN, Internet music streaming.

    Clearly no one at Sony is listening to the PS Blog Share or their outspoken customers like me, who like their PS3, but wish the overall experience made better.

  • Can you tell me why we can only submit one idea per day now? We use to be able to submit many more. I can get the restriction to prevent spam, but just one a day is not enough. I know when I visit and have ideas come to me, I share them immediately. Waiting a week to post all my ideas seems rather annoying and counter-intuitive.


    Playstation Share is a seriously INGENIOUS idea!!!!!

  • I see the wall of silence from Sony continues. What a joke.

  • couple that need to be added to the in action tab

    Idea 4406 – Dreamcast games on PSN store (announced)
    Idea 19975 – PSN + should include free subscription to qore
    (one of the key reasons why why i signed up for plus)

  • @ #58 I submitted one a day for 2 weeks, and not one got posted. I’m starting to think i’m banned from suggesting ideas. This blog post says to resubmit if it is necessary, but they also say to not submit an idea twice at the risk of being banned. So, i’m definitely getting mixed signals here. If i submitted an idea more than once it’s because it inexplicably didn’t show up after days of submission, and i already thoroughly checked for duplicate ideas.

    I like the idea of blog share, i just wish they’d add ideas that are a work in progress to the ‘in action’ tab. Otherwise customers are kept in the dark.

  • i posted an idea on july 5th and i was wondering why it isnt on blog.share yet?

  • what’s the point in even requesting ideas be put into fruition when they only look at things that seem to be in the negatives or double digits. it’s like the song from Michael Jackson was meant specifically for sony “they don’t care about us.”

    the sad thing is everything in my house is sony

    what a sad joke.

  • Can you name a single feature which has appeared on the PS3 which originated from (or was even listed in) blog.share?

    There doesn’t appear to be any correlation whatsoever between what customers are asking for using this system and what Sony actually develops.

    Is there actually a mechanism by which blog.share data reaches the relevant development staff, is discussed in meetings, and actually affects action items on engineers’ todo lists?

    Right now, it seems like blog.share was a good idea thought up by the blog staffers, but they don’t actually have any influence with the actual developers, so it doesn’t have any actual effect.

    No offense, but that’s the impression I’m getting.

  • I have a suggestion, how about being able to mark some friends as a favorite or have the system allow to keep certain friends at the top of the list.

  • Hey Jeff, isn’t Blog.Share built on top of WordPress MU? You could programmatically pull in the Idea ID# and avoid requiring the user to copy it down and type it in.

  • Oh and while you are at it, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see the ideas you shared but no action has been taken on them yet?

  • @phinnv8 i agree with you to the highest degree.i thought i was the only one that thought the blog.share was a waste of time because sony dnt give two flying f****.’we are watchin your ideas’ looool dnt make me laugh if you really are do sutn bout it u feel me?stop taking things off the ps3 that were originally their,also stop giving us s*** we don’t need or want e.g. sorting out of trophy’s,organisation of photo section loool waste of your time dudes.put in some work on things wee request for and i guarantee your sales will go up/more people will join ps network

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