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As many of you have pointed out, we’ve been quiet on PlayStation.Blog Share since it launched on St. Patrick’s Day. We’ve been sitting back, allowing you to do your thing: over a million votes have been cast, and you’ve contributed a lot of great, often surprising ideas. We thank you for your involvement so far. Now it’s time for the next step.

The first thing we figured out (and quickly!) during the launch of Share is that you all have a lot more ideas than we have people to approve them for voting. So, starting today, we’re turning over the moderation reins to you. Did someone just submit the same idea you suggested months ago? Flag it for us. We’ll keep the original.

It’s a fairly simple procedure, but we wanted to explain a little bit here to eliminate any confusion. All you have to do is identify an idea and its duplicate. Click “Report as Duplicate” on the idea that you believe is the copycat (the one you think should be deleted and/or merged). Make sure to take note of the original idea’s ID number. You’ll need this in the second step.

Duplicate Idea 1-1

After you click “Report as Duplicate,” you’ll receive a pop-up window like this one. It is here that you will input the ID number of the original idea that is being duplicated by the idea you’re reporting. Once that number has been inputted, click submit.

Duplicate Idea 2

Now, to be clear, this process will not remove ideas from the site, rather it will flag the two ideas for our moderators. At this point, it will be up to them to make a judgment call about what to do with them. One of two things will happen: either the two ideas will be merged, combining the votes and comments, or one will be deleted in favor of the other. The former is most likely in the majority of situations.

Self moderation was actually an idea suggested by you readers – you’ll note that it, along with other of our ideas that we’ve acted upon have been sorted into a new category: Ideas in Action. These range from long-time fan requests like the Canadian Video Store, to more simple things like bringing Blog meetups to the East Coast. We’ll continue to keep this area updated as we roll out new requested features, titles, and policies. PS – this was another request.

The next step for Share will hit later this Summer: weekly programming. Instead of just continue to keep the floodgates open for ideas about anything, we’ll be looking for ideas related to specific subjects – things where your feedback could lead to an immediate impact.

In the meantime, please keep those ideas and votes coming – we’re reading!

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  • nice work

  • at least we know your looking at our ideas, so thanks for that

  • This is nice feature.

    Will you guys ever put the PS share on the Playstation 3?

    It will attract a lot more people

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      It’s accessible through the web browser, but there are no plans to make a dedicated app for it. Submit the idea?

  • Thank you for the Update regarding Blogshare.

    I see you commented on some things that have been requested.
    Can you give any Feedback on some of the more requested items currently on Blogshare?

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      Not at this time, I’m afraid. We’ll continue to update the Ideas in Action section as more titles/features/requests become reality.

  • Sort my XMB Games by: Format / Name (alphabetical)

  • i dont think they are really listening
    i think they just pass their job to us

  • I like having a voice. Playstation brand you’re a real winner in my book.

  • I am not seeing this “Ideas in Action” tab.

  • Meh. Where the the feature to see all the idea you submitted and all that pass/fail the submission process? I submitted several ideas that hasn’t been approved as yet and I check and they were not duplicated to this day.

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      We don’t have FedEx-style tracking. Right now, pretty much all ideas will go through and be subject to moderation by the community. If your idea(s) don’t show up in the next 2 days, go ahead and resubmit. We’re removing the mystery from the process.

  • Liking the “Ideas in Action” section. Really shows that some ideas can go a long way, even if some were bound to happen at some point haha.

    I should probably suggest it over there (it’s probably been done already though…) but I wouldn’t mind an increase in character limit when submitting ideas. It is very limiting as it is and kind of annoying that replies can be bigger than the actual idea. To be able to explain your idea better would be awesome. I’d also like to know when an idea has been rejected (maybe a rejected idea section for a user’s profile)… and if possible, maybe even why.

    I’ll have to look over there to see if these were suggested though so I can “officially” submit them as an idea, haha :p But great job so far!

  • Love you Sony, but you still haven’t givin us what we’ve been asking for.

    Such a shame too. I just read an article talking about how much money Microsoft makes a billion dollars a year for xbox live. I wonder what feature the 360 has that justifies millions of people to pay to play their games online? Doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out, but lets count on good ol Jeff to be the one to get it done. :)

  • Why won’t anyone at Sony comment on the number one voted idea? What are you so afraid of that you can’t comment to your customers about the most requested feature?

  • Where’s the green thing for my Move the store update to Tuesdays idea? :(

    Also there is still the problem of noting new having even a remote chance of getting any traction. The top 400 or so ideas in terms of votes were posted in the first week.

    Nothing new has any chance of making it’s way to the top unless it was the last idea posted by you guys and you take a 3-4 day break from posting them, thus it has some time in the “new ideas tab” for a while.

    That’s the biggest problem with share now, everything gets lost in the shuffle.

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      If there are good ideas, they will bubble up over time. By all means, tell other people about your ideas to get votes. Internally, we don’t just look at the overall top votegetters, but also the ‘biggest movers.’

  • @Kenshin71

    They have commented on it, most recently with the release of the PlayStation Plus service. I think it’s safe to assume it’ll be part of that service, IF cross game chat ever comes.

  • Quick Someone suggest “Reveal what Insomniac is working on” as a share idea to get credit for something that is inevitable.

  • Why are my comments always awaiting moderation? I never do or say anything bad on here?

  • @Kenshin71
    At this point, it look like Cross-Game chat will not come until the Playstation 4 is release. Base on Sony actions and lack of actions, it seems that Photos and Facebook is more important to us gamers than new PSN features that will benefit gamers.
    At times, it look like the PSN is going backward. Just look at auto-syn trophy idea that was submitted. With update 3.4, it actually take twice as long now to syn your trophy from your PS3 to Sony servers.

  • You probably posted a link(to your share idea?). All links are vetted before posted.

  • I should get credit for allowing comments past 30 days. I got Jeff to change that policy before that share idea even got posted darn it!

    (I’m sure that idea was submitted around the same time I made the blog post)

  • New Community Controls !? why ?
    Sony didn’t make any of the ideas

  • I think it would be fantastic if there were a periodic (weekly/monthly) Post on the Blog from someone at Sony commenting substanatively on some of the more popular ideas.

    This would ensure the Consumer base that the Company is listening, and with meaningful Feedback from the Company, more informed requests can be generated from the Consumer base.

    Without some sort of concrete Feedback from Sony on many of the requests, Blogshare is not much different than anywhere else on the Internet.

  • Does anyone else find it funny that most of the ideas have more thumbs down than thumbs up?

  • I just wanted to say thanks to Sony for showing a huge interest in its product and wanting to back it and support in new and imaginable ways. In a long line of companies that just release and re-release products and give no real enthusiasm about the product they are making I feel that Sony is setting a new standard.

    Thanks again

  • It’s nice to able to help spot duplicates posts also it would be nice to be able to make corrections to typos and such in our posts.

  • Can we flag the joke ideas that slip through as well?

    “Pokemon on PS3”

    “Remove Divx and MP3 support” by “Copyright_Owner”

    and the like

  • Well, it’s good that some positive feedback is being given- hopefully more of the ideas are implemented soon!

  • i have posted more than 10 ideas and not even one of them has been approved y?.

  • I’m sorry Jeff but I’ll have to disagree with you. Nothing will bubble up over time.

    As I said before the top like 400 ideas in terms of score were posted on the first few days. Nothing new has any visability thus no traction.

    Good idea’s arn’t rising to the top. There needs to be a share idea spotlight where you guys handpick ideas and give them some time in the sun or something.

    Or maybe a share idea portable ID type thing for signatures.

    I’m full of awesome ideas Jeff, you guys should consult me earlier on in the decision making process:p

  • I guess I’ll flag joke ideas in two’s since you have to enter a vaild share idea number.

  • I posted an idea VERY similar to this but it never got posted. It was a whole IDEA PENDING page. New ideas go here and when they reach +100 the are ready to be posted. This is so dumb ideas dont overshadow great ideas!

  • krae_man’s got it right.

    The same three ideas have been on top since the beginning, and there’s NO WAY anything will pass them, since they’re always the things people see first. And the Leaderboard is a joke- the “Top 3” haven’t actually contributed anything to the PlayStation community- they don’t deserve any recognition whatsoever.

    Any renovations are irrelevant so long as these ridiculously obvious problems remain. All the same thank you for your efforts.

  • @3 Jeff’s reply
    People did a while back, they wanted a whole blog app.

  • Hey Jeff, can i expect to see you on BEYOND in the future?

  • So if PS3/PSP actually gets the feature that was posted will the post be deleted? For example if PS3 gets “Auto-Syncing Trophies” will that post go away?

  • Ok i have a question, here it goes. HOW COME THE MODERATORS LET JOKE IDEAS THROUGH, BUT NOT A LOT OF GOOD IDEAS? Please reply i you dont i understand.

  • O yea, is this why i couldnt get on this site this morning? Every other one worked but not this one. Maybe its my reliable PS3 browser!(see what i did there)

  • my last 10 ideas or so were not pushed through by the moderators, even though i checked for duplicates. am i banned from proposing ideas??

  • Great, now make those ideas happen my lovely Sony ;)

  • Nice to see some movement. Keep it up!

  • What about the #1 idea. Sounds like a good one to me.

    VHS add-on
    ZZZZZZAAAAAAPPPP!! Shocking controller!


  • Blogshare is a good concept.

    Unfortunately, as Jeff has said in response to my post (#4), we wont be hearing from Sony about important things; like the viability of ideas, current ideas being investigated, etc.

    Others in this post have pointed out some additional issues that hamper the effectiveness of Blogshare. I hope that things improve.

  • We need another section on the blog called “Playstation.Blog Share Ideas that have been implimented” but sadly it would be a pretty empty page. :) NOTHING of any importance has come out of there.

  • what’s the point of blog share.just because you’ve posted this does not mean your going to take any action on the best ideas on it.since the release of the blog.share you haven’t even added one thing from their to the playstation 3.couple months ago we got an update where the only thing we got was sorting of our trophies lmfaooooooooooooo.who really requested for this?a good majority of people didnt,y waste your time with something useless like that and not give us something we really need e.g. cross game chat,redesign of xmb.i think that update was usless because the trophy section is neat it does not need to be sorted out what a waste kmt.give us things we really want stop giving us listen to their users and even send them videos answerin their questions and problem sony do not do nothihng in comparison to this y because they do not care about us

  • Mlb t.v. had a score of -62 and it still went through. I dont understand the process for selecting what will be implemented. Does not seem to make sense. No cross-game chat, team ico, auto-syncing trophies, trophy room in home.

  • ile post a random idea right now and i guarentee you it will not be accepted just like the other 10 i is a waste of time if ur really watching our ideas do sutn bout it u feel me?

  • my ideas wont show up, and they’re cool too! =/

  • You guys need to understand that some of the “ideas in action” were stuff that were going to be done anyway and were in the works before the ideas appeared on share.

    “Playstation video store in Canada” is something that was already in the works long before share even existed. “Reveal what David Jaffe is working on” was going to happen no matter what.

    You’re going to suggest things Sony has already thought of from time to time.

  • yh they think about ti but to they take any action on it.that’s the question, and if they have thought about it time to time y hasnt this been proved in our firmwares

  • So now that we have a video store, can I start pitching ideas about a Blog meet-up in Toronto, although I’m not sure you would want to come up here during this weather. I stepped outside and almost melted to the sidewalk.

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