Qore Episode 26: Killzone 3, Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom, & PlayStation Move

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The July episode of Qore’s got action, adventure, motion, and Osaka!

First, the action of Killzone 3. The game’s only in a pre-Alpha state and already looks fantastic! Veronica Belmont spoke with Guerrilla Games’ managing director and co-founder Hermen Hulst, and senior producer Steven ter Heide, about how they’ll raise the bar for the sequel. You’ll definitely want to see how the jetpacks look in full HD.

Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom is a unique-looking action/adventure from the creative minds at Game Republic, the Japanese developer of Genji and Folklore. The developers sought inspiration from Czech and Russian anime, and blended aspects of many diverse cultures from around the globe to create a fantastic yet familiar world where teamwork is key.

With the PlayStation Move hitting stores in just a few months, Veronica got some quality time with its creator Dr. Richard Marks for an in-depth look at how the technology works. Dr. Marks also shows off some cool tech demos that will further illustrate how this will create new opportunities for innovative game play.

We also kick off a new feature this month exploring various locales around the world from a gamer’s perspective. We begin with Osaka, Japan – home to Capcom – to experience the modern urban vibe full of some surprising culinary traditions. Inspired by the unusual consumer package design found in Japan, the Qore team’s produced a hilarious interactive feature that allows you to create (and save) your own Osaka-inspired PlayStation 3 cover designs.

Audrey Cleo previews the newest Blu-ray movie releases, along with this month’s spotlight on “American” films in celebration of last weekend’s Independence Day.

All purchasers also receive a PS3 Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom theme.

Look for Episode 26 on the PlayStation Store tomorrow.

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  • dear playstation,

    i recently purchased PSN+ annual subscription, and i am an annual Qore subscriber. Now my questions is will i get exclusive features for being an annual subscriber to Qore, or should i not renew my annual subscriptions, since i get everything in PSN+.

    Please help. I love Qore and want to continue to receive exclusive content. should i renew?

  • I subscribed for the first year of Qore. I wasn’t able to afford Qore to resubscribe for the second year. I subscribed to the PlayStation Plus year service, I was wondering if you will be giving us access to download all the back episodes of Qore.

  • Wow Playstation really didn’t think this thing through w/ the whole “Free Qore” episode for Plus users. I’m enjoying that I get it w/ a PS+ subscription, but man, that is just highway robbery. Sorry Qore subscribers. And I’m even more sorry for those that already have Qore and are now PS+ subscribers as well. There should at least be some sort of effort to compensate…geez…

  • Man I just watched the little preview and when Veronica was holding the PS Move, it totally seemed like she was holding a…I don’t wanna say it, but it starts with a D.

  • Thank you for the replies Kevin.

  • i just want to know since there aint no post about it when call of duty: modern warfare’s resurgence map pack going to hit. If it aint this is some bull and i’m taking my business to xbox.

  • i really dont give a —- about any other post except for mw2 resurgence map packs. so since it aint posted every day imma leave a message on every post until u send me the info on it.

  • MW2 packs are ripoffs, they’re late, overpriced, and no trophies

  • I REALLY enjoyed the interview with the writer of The Book of Eli in last month’s episode. As someone who hopes to one day break into the film industry, I’d love to see this be a trend that continues throughout the series.

  • virgils_mustache

    Go Kevin! Ha. So it sounds like ps+ subscribers won’t be getting the bonus things that come with Qore annual subscribers? I’ve noticed they’ve made it clear that ps+ subscribers will be getting “individual” episodes each month.

  • xbox is better than ps3 where our map packs for resurgence call of duty: modern warfare 2

  • it’s 6 in the morning where our map packs for call of duty: modern warfare 2 resurgence

  • i can’t believe y’all call yourself a company

  • i hope xbox put yall out of business

  • For the record, I’ve always been a fan f Qore and getting to see hd footage on the same system thats gonna play the game is a huge plus for me. Keep up the good work.

  • @Kevin and the Qore team

    I believe QORE is a good service that offers a great diversity in content, whether it be exclusive trailers/interviews/themes/or even game demos all in stunning HD, I do believe it’s worth the what? $1.99 or $2.99 you pay for it?

    The fact it comes with playstation plus, has pushed it as a must get for me, looks like I will be subcribing to playstation plus. Qore is an interactive magazine, and like magazines, things “leak” well before its release, that’s how the internet works. Although I do agree that Qore would be better off with free PSone classics, or Free PSP/PSN games/Minis (all of this would get alot more people to get Qore), the content it offers right now is well worth the price for just an episode.

    That’s one man’s opinion, but feedback is feedback, those saying it’s not worth it well say it because they don’t feel satisfied with the service, all you guys can do is find a way to satisfy the consumer’s needs and there you go, but then again I am no marketing guy just a gamer with an interesting thought.

  • To all the PSN Plus subscribers asking for clarification regarding if you will be classified as a single episode purchaser or annual subscriber: It won’t make a difference.

    In the first two years of Qore only 3 things were for Annual Qore subscribers:

    1)The free game you got when you subscribed(Calling All Cars/High Velocity Bowling)
    2)MAG Beta
    3)Home Beta

    That’s it.

    Free games and Betas are now a part of PSN Plus. What are you afraid of? That they’ll offer a static theme exclusive to subscribers or something? :p

  • How about some 3D content, like the E3 trailers in 3D as an extra for us early-adopters :D

  • So if I understand this correctly, there is a Qore annual Subscription, and a Playstation Plus annual Subscription.

    You get Qore with Plus- what if any incentive is there for people to pay for Qore instead of Plus?

    It does seem a unfortunate that those who have chosen to subscribe to Qore (arguably the same group that would likely be subscribing to Plus) have been given no sort of aknowledgement about the double-dipping that Sony is doing if you subscribe to both Services.

    I would welcome a Company response to this issue.

  • Will this new episode of Qore be pushed to the PS3s of PlayStation Plus members, or do we have to go hunt it down and download it manually? Yeah, PlayStation Plus has me spoiled and has made me lazy-er.. :)

  • Qore and PS+ aren’t counted as two annual subscriptions?? are you serious????? I’ve been a day one annual Qore sub, i thought buying Qore and plus together would count as 2 annual sub’s.. WOW.. I smell a lawsuit.

    This is ridiculous. I paid $54.11 for PS+ at least give me a full year of this somewhat crappy magazine. Wheres the value Jack talked about??

  • ibought a few eps last year but now since I have Playstation + Im looking forward to seeing a lot more of Qore.

  • I’d love a Majin theme.

  • @mellosincd86: microsofts gaming division isnt well organized enough to put sony out of business yet. Sony is doing it themselves, and the worst part is their doing it to US!!

  • Two quick questions Kevin: I subscribed to PS+ so I’ll be enjoying my first episode of Qore today once the store updates. I’ve seen how in some months Qore has free games or extras (detuned for instance) for those that subscribed annually. Do those of us that got PS+ also get a chance to get those extras for annual Qore subcribers as well or are we basically just getting the show as if we had bough each episode separately?

    The other one has to do with PS+ as a whole but affects Qore as well: since I subscribed for a full year I’ll be getting an extra free 3 months, and so far I loved what was made available for the first month and since now I’ll also get Qore it is a great value for my money… so I was thinking about buying another yearly subscription to add on top of my current one month old subcription to PS+ and that way I would get Qore for more than two years as well as all the other extras for PS+. Would I get another 15 months added to my PS+ account or would I only get the full year? Having 30 months for $100 and 27 months for $100 is a huge difference to me.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Can’t wait to check out this months Qore.

  • Qore isn’t worth a renewal.

  • I dont know why everybody bashes qore like if your too lazy to go on pc and chek out the news qore is here to show everything in HD so whats the problem with that?

  • I think I’ll save my criticism AFTER I watch the episode. I never had Qore before so I’m kind of interested to see what’s it all about.

    lol at the people getting mad.

  • Hey all :)

    small question

    does Qore have advertisments in it like firstplay has in europe?

    If not i might be tempted to get Qore instead

  • 10:20am here in CA and no store update yet. Modern Warfare is one of if not the best games of the year, its made the money to back it up too, so sony not one post or topic on the new maps coming out today? or should i say coming out tonight? (hurry up!)

  • i need information o call of duty: modern warfare 2 map packs resurgence. when it coming out

  • Anyone ever notice the questions that need anwsers are always ignored?


  • Anything Qore subscribers get for free from now on will probably be given to PSN+ subscribers too.

    I wouldn’t hold my breath that Qore subscribers get anything more than themes and maybe avatars from now on, though. Sony has a new cash cow to promote.

  • The episode comes with the Store update like it always does.

    Store updates are inexcusably late in the afternoon/evening for East coast peoples like always.

    You’re just gonna have to wait.

  • hell its already 1135am here in Cali, and still no update, getting bored, come on sony what are you guys doin?

  • @134 I agree. Give us a new story already.

  • I would resubscribe, but PSN Plus won out. Its just as good.

  • They should learn from Nintendo and Microsoft. Once the update day comes around, they just flip the switch early in the morning an everyone can enjoy.

  • well, I subscribe to both of the Qore and the Playstation plus and have found it to be very cool. First off, the Qore subscription is an excellent to give you the goods and wants, one month at a time. The behind the scenes are very interesting to look at. I mean the 24.95 is pretty steep for a year price but, what comes out of it is themes and games…which is alright. Then the Playstation plus is another one with 49.95 is a start and really think that it will probably go lower as the years go on. The items that are given to you to play during the subscription is nice and the discounts are awesome. I have just one bug that keeps flying around to remind me that when is the Backward PS2s gonna be available? But, that’s it.

  • who u got to f to get the new maps really?

  • Kevin,

    I think the main questions we are wanting plain answers for are:

    1) Will all future Qore episodes be free with a PS+ subscription?

    2) Is there a way the time of the Playstation Store updates can be done earlier?

    2a) Could the expected time of an update be posted on us.playstation.com so we don’t sit for hours waiting based on rumors from third party sites, please?

    Thank you…

  • For some reason SEVERAL people have asked what compensation PS qore subscribers would get for also being members of PS PLUS. Obviously the service overlaps for many people like I and we should get something. Also not something across the board of course. Depending on the remaining months on your service what you receive should be smaller or larger. Maybe even the monthly value credit which in turn would be almost useless currency wise for some but at least a person would not feel as if they were being stolen from. Once again this message has continued to be ignored. When a comment is finally made I would highly appreciate it not being a run around answer that in the end tells me nothing and I demand an actual answer other than failing to respond or once again dancing around it and quoting facts that are not relevant to the question.

  • I was wondering whether to renew my subscription this month after 2 years of Qore. When you guys announced it would be part of Plus, it made my decision easier. So I look forward to 15 more months of Qore.

    One thing worth noting is that my original criticism of short interviews is being fixed. I’m satisfied with the coverage you guys are giving (especially the FFXIII episode was excellent), so please keep up the good work! And get Valve in one of the future episodes to talk about Portal 2!

  • haha, i just downloaded an update patch 4 MW2, now its got the resurgence maps on the playlist and it says “new available in playstation store” nice, only uuuuuuhhhh, the stores not updated yet. It would be better for everyone in the future if sony would have updates out at 12:01am otherwise having random update times hurts us, and them. Sony how many xboxs have you helped sell?

  • im not hating either, i love my ps3, but psn get on my nerves sometimes

  • Superstrokey1123

    I forgot about this being available to PS+, well thats an added bonus for me for sure!

    Thanks guys

  • so is MW2 RESURGENCE now in playstation store?

  • Hulu just announced that you will not require PLUS to get Hulu on PSN, but you will require Gold on Xbox. That on top of Hulu’s 10 dollar fee. I still don’t feel the hate on Sony for this Qore thing, except for the folks who just got Qore and were going to get Plus only to find that the money they spent on Qore was for nothing, since they were getting it through Plus anyway. I’d say a free PS1 game or 2 for your troubles, but that’s just me :)

    I love Qore and I’m glad it’s a part of the Plus deal.

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