Qore Episode 26: Killzone 3, Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom, & PlayStation Move

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The July episode of Qore’s got action, adventure, motion, and Osaka!

First, the action of Killzone 3. The game’s only in a pre-Alpha state and already looks fantastic! Veronica Belmont spoke with Guerrilla Games’ managing director and co-founder Hermen Hulst, and senior producer Steven ter Heide, about how they’ll raise the bar for the sequel. You’ll definitely want to see how the jetpacks look in full HD.

Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom is a unique-looking action/adventure from the creative minds at Game Republic, the Japanese developer of Genji and Folklore. The developers sought inspiration from Czech and Russian anime, and blended aspects of many diverse cultures from around the globe to create a fantastic yet familiar world where teamwork is key.

With the PlayStation Move hitting stores in just a few months, Veronica got some quality time with its creator Dr. Richard Marks for an in-depth look at how the technology works. Dr. Marks also shows off some cool tech demos that will further illustrate how this will create new opportunities for innovative game play.

We also kick off a new feature this month exploring various locales around the world from a gamer’s perspective. We begin with Osaka, Japan – home to Capcom – to experience the modern urban vibe full of some surprising culinary traditions. Inspired by the unusual consumer package design found in Japan, the Qore team’s produced a hilarious interactive feature that allows you to create (and save) your own Osaka-inspired PlayStation 3 cover designs.

Audrey Cleo previews the newest Blu-ray movie releases, along with this month’s spotlight on “American” films in celebration of last weekend’s Independence Day.

All purchasers also receive a PS3 Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom theme.

Look for Episode 26 on the PlayStation Store tomorrow.

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  • Thanks a lot for your steadfast dedication to Qore and PSN, Kevin – I for one really appreciate the new content that has consistently been added into Qore’s episodes; the content and video has really improved of late. I especially LOVE the insights and features on Japan, surely one of gaming’s birthplaces and where some of the best and most gorgeous games have been made (Ico/SOTC and hopefully soon the Last Guardian) – this brings great value to the program. I was just wondering though whether Plus subscribers would also get the Majin dynamic theme tomorrow when they download Qore?

  • I had Qore for a year and I did like it.
    My question to you is since I have Playstation Plus
    do I get the free goodies that the 1 year Qore subscribers
    get or do I only get the goodies that are free to the people
    that pick up the single issues.
    I paid for the full year Playstation Plus subscription if
    that means anything. xD

    thanks very excited to get this

  • @Kevin Furuichi
    Ever heard of something call tax and round up to a even number?

    “I hope you’ll download the show and check it out unlike BlooodyCow who hasn’t taken the opportunity to take advantage of his/her subscription.”
    Take advantage of what exactly? interviews with the same generic response we seen and read weeks before each Qore episode? Tell me, went has Qore had any kind of exclusive news/info that hasn’t been seen/heard before each episode of Qore? Themes that are average at best? Covering more third party halfass games instead or AAA PS3 exclusives? Early demo? When is the last time we had one of those for the PS3?

    Many of us understand the BETA and free game no shows, but Qore lack of interest in what the subscriber want/ask for goes unnoticed.

    Before you say it just my opinion, read the other comments above. Many of my fellow Qore subscriber feels exactly the same way I do.

  • Can’t wait to view this episode of Qore! Thanks for all the support and answering our questions and concerns Kevin.

    Also Kevin, one thing that is a bit off-putting about Qore is the long file sizes (same with HD trailers). I’d like to put in a request to have the option of streaming the content rather than downloading it. I think you’d get a lot more viewers this way.



  • OH YEAH!

    Kevin Furuichi is laying the smackdown on them Qore Haters!

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to Qore. I like that you added the screenshot feature to Qore. I hope games would have this feature when they provide artwork In-game.I’m hoping the Auto-update works and download all the updates tomorrow.

    I love you Veronica and Audrey!!!!!

  • Qore should be rebuilt into PSN+ as something you can stream right from the XMB. Then I would get into it.

    On a side note, Veronica is a hottie.

  • you guys are nothing but a bunch of ‘EMO’ high school girls… if you dont like the service u r paying for.. then dont RENEW! i’m pretty sure those guys at Qore pour their hearts and souls month after month for all of you crying babies.. but that’s still not good enough for you all! I HATE TROLLS! SPECIALLY THE EMO CRYING ONES! hey you guys at Qore keep doing what you doing.. there’s alot of of us mature adults that enjoy interactive news and info regardless of the freebies we get..
    PS. if you are a ps+ subscriber, you get qore for free.. LEARN TO READ MORONS!

  • @53 Mies2000
    “Kevin Furuichi is laying the smackdown on them Qore Haters!”
    How exactly? With his generic PR responses?
    As Qore Subscribers for 2 years (first year was good because it was the start of the service), but the second year has been horrible to say the least.

    Tell me, how exactly has First Play (European version of ‘Qore’) seems to have gotten what the fans want or what the fans are interested in, but Qore seems to be going the opposite route?

  • @55 evilDon
    I find it funny that you claim to be a mature adult, but here you are calling others morons and EMO high school girls.

    Sorry, but we have all right to complain about a service until our subscription is up. Once it up, you will not see me in any Qore discussions or blog post.

    I was one of those people that defend Qore for the first year, well because it was the first year and it needed a year under it’s wings to get things going. In the second year, I am eating crow because those people were right about Qore.

  • How come you only respond to the posts that you so vehemently disagree with? Don’t answer any of the legit questions, just keep defending the worthlessness that is qore. I swear, you guys are getting worse and worse when it comes to answering our questions. Qore sucks and the second year was a complete joke compared to the first, to even defend that is asinine.

  • Is PSN PLUS going to offer any more games in the next month.

  • It was 5 free games in the first year Kevin, not 3.

    Spyro, Syphon Filter, Linger in Shadows, Calling All Cars, High Velocity Bowling. 5 Vs 1 is a HUGE difference.

    The Eye of Judgement Demo was an afterthought most people probably didn’t notice, The God of War 3 demo arrived 3 months after it was available in multiple other ways. I can’t even remember what the other two were.

    I don’t see how you can honestly say that a t-shirt in Home, A hat in LBP and a free car in Gran Turismo PSP(not sure what the 4th one was) are on the same level as getting 2 $10 PSN games and 2 PSone Classics for free.

    It’s really insulting when you say stuff like “providing content is hard” the lack of free games wasn’t due to them being hard to get, it was a policy decision. Those were being saved for PSN Plus that no doubt got delayed a few times while being developed.

    Thank you for finally responding to my complaints but well you couldn’t be more wrong.

    I have still yet to see a specific statement regarding anything being offered to Qore subscribers looking to upgrade/migrate to PSN Plus. “Qore is not the main attraction of PSN Plus” is not responding to the issue, that statement means nothing.

  • He is handing out stats. Evidence on what Qore has given. BlooodyCow, what would you want different in Qore, beside free games and themes?

  • @BlooodyCow

    Amen BlooodyCow :) im glad someone gets it.

  • PSN Plus Qore should be a subscription.

  • well I did find the second season of Qore to be “less” then the first it really did hit my expectations. (BTW: what theme in 2nd season was Dynamic????)
    Since I subscribed both times for the year – my subscription ran out in June (just the same time E3 was on and announcing PS+ which had been rumored for 4 months at least before that) and I bought PS+ for July. I think they must have thought of that – if you did subscribe for 100% of the episodes so far your subscription would run out before PS+ began. You didn’t end up with extra episodes that cross over with PS+… just saying is all.

  • Look like a good episode, i personaly like Qore. could you give us an update on games that are coming from japan like:
    Atelier Rorona: Alchemist of Arland, Ninokuni or final fantasy versus ;D since there isn’t that much info on them, and keep up the good work. thanks

  • @StellviaRising

    There was a Heavy Rain dynamic Theme.

  • props to krae_man and BloodyCow for calling out the bs that is qore. Plain and simple guys sony is cutting content to provide to their new “Ripoff scheme” being PS+, which is already struggling with good content. I dont see how anyone is willing to pay for this when u CAN WATCH IT FOR FREE ON YOUTUBE!!!!!

  • Kevin Furuichi, your only making yourself look like a jerk. first, people have a right to their own opinions. if someone thinks qore is of poor quality, then so be it. i happen to agree with them. my husband has a subscrioption to qore and will not renew it because we are both dissatisfied with it. i love the idea of hearing about new games, but whats the point in having qore when you can get the same information elsewhere, and for free. i dont care if its hd or standard. picture quality doesnt matter to me, just the information i recieve. second, its extremely unprofessional of you to point out people in other peoples responses. Do they give you any sort of customer service training? i understand the need to defend your product, but you have gone too far. finally, the people defending qore. i may disagree with you, however, i believe you have that right.

  • Scuse Me Kevin but..

    I subscribed for a annual subscription to Qore on January and I just recently subscribed to Playstation Plus but now as Qore is being free to PS+ subscribers where does that leave me? I just want to know is did I just waste money? On something that I could just get for free in another great service? Please reply I’m confused

  • I think Qore is a very unique product, and like Kevin pointed out, offers game videos in HD that it feels like you actually have the game. Qore needs an XMB app, its own dynamic theme and avatar. So Plus gets monthly episodes but not access to sub bonuses, what about offering Plus users a discounted sub to Qore for sub bonus access? Say $14.95 for the year? I don’t want to miss out on Qore sub bonuses.

  • Will there be any content in this (or future) Qore episodes that will be exclusive to annual Qore subscribers? I just bought a 1yr+3mo PlayStation Plus subscription for $49.99. I’m wondering if there would be enough additional *exclusive* Qore content to make it worth paying an additional $24.99 for an annual Qore subscription.

    Thank you. PlayStation rocks :-)

  • I agree with comment #39 – Well said Jeigh. I am in the same boat. I did not care for it originally, but really want to support PS+ so I am in turn anticipating Qore like you are.

    If PS+ delivers on the content it is telling us on a month to month basis, great. However, I have purchased like 23 PSN games since I got my PS3 is Dec of 07. I know majority of the months, the free PSN game will disappoint since I know already own it. So Qore is a plus, but from what I’ve read in this blog post, sounds like those customers get the mushy end of the stick.

    Please don’t let down your $49.99 early adopters with your service that is competing with XBOX Live.

    BTW, I’ve played an XBOX 360 3 times total in my life. I’m not biased, but lets get real, this is a competition.

  • Kevin Furuichi: I think BlooodyCow did give Qore plenty of chances, and like so many Qore subscribers, BlooodyCow was disapointed.
    Maybe if you actually started communicating with your customers instead of shooting off this P.R. B.S. and being overly-defensive, you would know how your customers feel.
    Did you ever once think to ask customers if they were satisfied with Qore? Maybe ask them what they would like to see in future Qore episodes, or ask what kind of freebies customers might want?
    No. Instead, you promised quality and you delivered sub par, sales pitch-like interviews. You promised good freebies and you delivered non exclusive demos and low quality themes.
    This bait and switch tactic has alienated several of your customers, and you don’t even seem to care.
    Your communication skills are sorely lacking, and you have no respect for your customers.
    Kevin Furuichi, You are one of the many reasons why I did not re-subscribe to Qore.

  • Also, when it comes to refunds or anything money relations – call Sony. Blog posts are not proper places to talk about refunds and terms of service. I’m sure when you bought Qore originally, you didn’t read a big giant disclaimer. I never bought it, but am sure it had something important to read that was ignored. Quit calling a blog poster out for something you need to talk to Sony about, not a producer.

  • @61 Mies2000
    Free games? my complaints aren’t about free games or betas because I understand why we can’t get those are frequents as most would like.
    My problems are with Qore lack of exclusive information/news that we cannot find months in advance from sites such as this blog, ign.com, giantbomb.com, etc. All the interviews they do is nothing but generic questions and answers we seen/heard time and time again from various other sources.

    Qore lack of coverage with AAA PS3 exclusive before they are release. Look at God of War 3, they feature that a month after the game was release but feature Dante’s Inferno they month in which that game was release.

    Lack of time-exclusive PS3, not PSP, demos. When is the last time we had a PS3 demo that was time exclusive for Qore subscriber?

    As it is, Qore is nothing but a free ticket for Veronica Belmont and her crew to travel to different city/states/country with game as an after thought.

  • @Kevin Furuichi

    I have to agree that it is best to not get into a back and forth with people expressing their lack of satisfaction with your product. While I never invested in Qore for my own personal reasons you have to understand that people want everything their way ALL the time. If they don’t get what they want, well you get this. You should stick to just answering the questions at hand. Like what are PS users that already have subscriptions going to do now that they have PS+? Don’t tell me they are just going to get the shaft on that one. Sony is going to shoot itself in the foot if it doesn’t take care of the people that brought them money and trusted them to take care of them if things ever did go in a different direction.

  • PSN Plus is worth the money, I thought 5 free games for $25 plus other content is worth the money, $50 for 48 games and other content is even more worth it.

    The problem I have is the PSN Plus content is tied to the subscription and I’m afraid Sony will Do to PSN Plus what they did to Qore.

    If Sony is not going to do right by us now, how do we know we won’t get screwed over again?

    Year two of PSN Plus could be nothing but “re-runs” or considerably less then 4 games a month while a full Hulu/Netflix type service for PSN games is developed for all we know.

  • It seems every theme we get advertises something, give us a Veronica theme plz!!!

  • Honestly, I think Qore should just be merged with PlayStation Plus. Essentially, they are the same thing… you get exclusive content not available to other members. Having two monthly services on one console just seems odd.

  • disagree all you want, Kevin, if people are that vocally dissatisfied with the service, then the people providing the service are doing something wrong.

  • I agree with Ry-Tron… I love the Playstation Network but I feel as if the people running the service are very ignorant… I mean… how long have we been asking for cross-game voice chat? El oh el :P

  • I think we can’t really judge year 2 until it’s over, 25$ I think Qore alread payed for more than half of itself up tilk now (High Velocity Bowling + Detuned)

  • sorry about typos on my ps3, ftw

  • So many trolls. This is insane. Qore is worth the subscription price alone, and now with PS+, people who don’t subscribe have a chance to check it out with a PS+ sub alone. I bet most of these complaints aren’t even legit, and if they are, look at the comment above mine for lessons on how to ask questions without being a complete ***hole.

  • You know, I have to agree with #17. I just renewed my subscription to Qore not too long ago this year, probably around March 2010. Why wasn’t I offered a discount on PS Plus? The poster also made an excellent point about the lack of content released for it.

    In the first year the amount of free games I got justified it enough for me to go into a second year. With the second year all I see are themes I have no use or interest for. With PS Plus I don’t see any more reason to offer free games or betas. Did I waste $24.99 for nothing Sony?

    Why was I “rewarded” in this manner? Do I get a refund for my Qore?

  • Phoenix_Samurai

    So what’s the difference between an annual Qore subscription and getting the single monthly episodes for free with Playstation Plus? Basically what incentive is Sony offering that would warrant someone to have a subscription to both? If there is no incentive to own both, Sony should do the right thing and offer refunds or discounts to PS+. To me, if I’m getting the single monthly episodes for free with Playstation Plus, why would I want/need to pay an additional $24.99 to get the “annual” subscription to a service that has only gotten worse? (Not that I would waste my money with Qore anyway, Any info on Qore is easily available on the interwebs, HD content or not.)

    I did, however, paid my $49.99 for Playstation Plus which I’m hoping beyond hope will not be a waste, but I’m going to be very hesitant to renew. If Playstation Plus is anything like Qore I expect a decent – pretty good line up of content for the first year, but an extremely lackluster amount after that.

  • Kevin,
    I agree with you, the soundtrack recording at world famous Skywalker sound was amazing. I have commented on past blogs before to that effect. DO MORE STUFF LIKE THIS! When i pay for a service that advertises with “video features are original to each Qore episode”, how is it i find the exact same videos posted on the PS Network? As with Ratchet And Clank F.C.I.T. or with this last May episode, under Whats Hot/ mod nation racers, I find the exact same videos, SPOTLIGHT: TED PRICE and SPOTLIGHT: DAVID JAFFFE that were on the PSN weeks before. Riddle me this; if i downloaded qore from the psn and i download the exact same videos weeks before, How can you disagree? are you that oblivious to your product? And don’t even argue HD. I can download the exact same videos from the PSN store in HD.

  • meant Irj0k3r’s comment by the way.

  • I really like Qore! I’ve tried various episodes here and there, and now that I’m a Playstation Plus subscriber, I can enjoy Qore every month!


    I’m excited for this months content, I’m looking forward to learning more about Killzone 3, and that Majin Kingdom game… and it looks like fun seeing some of the cultural stuff in there too! Hopefully there will be some new facts in the interview about Playstation Move as well!

    Thanks for all your hard work on Qore! I can’t wait to check out this months episode!

  • Hey I’m also wondering what Sony is going to do to differentiate what full year qore subscribers get out of qore and what ps+ subscribers get from the single episodes because I have both and would like to know that at least something is being done so that I didn’t waste $25 on a full year of qore only to get ps+ in the middle of my qore sub and get qore anyway. Thanks if you can respond. I have both ps+ and qore and my qore runs out in november so an answer would be appreciated.

    Also to all the people on here complaining about stupid crap like the host should dress up so you can check out her legs or cleavage. The internet has better sites that will fulfill your needs you know don’t waste space here posting BS. Every person has there own personality and principles and what not. Quit acting so privileged like you deserve the world just cause you subscribed to qore. Anyway looks like a great update can’t wait to see and learn more about killzone 3 and the move controller. Also that majin game looks pretty interesting. Can’t wait to download the episode.

  • To bloodycow , krae_man and Matty PHATty and echogridlock
    If you don’t like Qore then cancel the Qore subscription plain and simple and secondly evildon never said you couldn’t complain, All he said was if you don’t like Qore don’t renew it.

  • Also caould you guys do something about the videos on your blog posts. I’d really like to watch them on the ps3 but they use a flash or java application that the ps3 doesn’t do and it’s be cool if you guys could post them in a format the ps3 could display thanks!!

  • Daaaaaamn Kevin. xD Way to take charge and actually argue back. Most devs just suck up, apologize, and say to check it out anyway. >.> Good job, sir.


    though, i must say- paying for my yearly subscription to Qore under a year ago and then having PS+ give it to me for free sorta bothers me. You TECHNICALLY just made me pay twice for Qore, and a refund should be made to everyone who still has episodes pending. Either that, or their Qore subscription should be paused until their PS+ subscription ends. It’s only fair…
    But hey, Whatever. Money grows on trees, right?

  • Yet another blatant example of the utter contempt Sony has for its customers. People with valid concerns are ironically called trolls by those who themselves are trolling.

  • I’ve been in qore since it began and while happy with it would like to see it become part of my playstation plus also since it started.

    The more all inclusive ps+ is the more sony can go head to head with live.

    That doesn’t mean if you aren’t in ps+ you can’t get an episode or even a year of qore separately you should be able to get qore like when it began but for the ps+ croud it should be included as a key

    Though i’m not thrilled that hulu + is sticking ps+ members with a 9.95 a month +internet in addition to ps+ i’d prefer it be all inclusive as much as possible though those without ps+ could pay for hulu+ and qore but really this would be designed to nuge every psn user to plus because qore annual and a year of hulu+
    would be way more than ps+ annually

    That’s my take anyway because as wonderful as qore,hulu+ and ps+
    are i know ps+ is just taking off and while live’s been here alot longer ps+ is back where live was with mechassault and halo 2 on xbox 1.

    Sony simply doesn’t have the luxury to take as long as ms did to build up live or wait til ps4 to really roll the real service out you have to catch up by next e3 at the latest.

  • LOL
    sounds like Kevin is getting a bit defensive. i am from au and bought a sub to this with my us acct and was deeply disappointed. now, considering i have bought plus in au will i be getting this or something similar in au? i paid AU$70 for plus and don’t want to be getting less than what others are getting.

  • “Let me be clear”
    My issue that Im paying for a service that has a history of coping exact videos from the PS store and the PS Blog. Just the facts. Videos Posted In Qore that were Posted elsewhere Before The Episode Was Released.

    Qore: May 2010, What’s Hot: ModNation Racers:
    SPOTLIGHT: DAVID JAFFE both originally posted on the PS Store

    Qore: Oct. 2009, Main Feature: Ratchet And Clank Future Crack In Time:
    TOP 10 WEAPONS. Originally posted on the PS BLOG April 17, 2009 Article: Vote now! Insomniac’s Ratchet & Clank Future Weapon Contest is on!

    Qore: Sep. 2009 Uncharted Magic:
    TECH OF UNCHARTED 2 Originally posted on the PS Store Under One of the Behind The Sceans Videos 1-11 not sure which one but its there.

    Issue #2
    Little fact some of my opinion.
    Also that Qore has had some of the same generic Dev/Producer/Director interviews that other sources such as the blog has had. This I do not fault the Qore for entirely for some Dev’s it seems have a spiel planed out for most of there interviews.
    Skywalker Ranch Amazing, The Filming of the Motor Storm 2 TV spot, short, but amazing. Do more stuff like this and all will be well.

  • im confused. As a new PSPlus subscriber, why am i not being treated like yearly subscribers to QORE? I paid the subscription fee and we will be receiving the entire years worth of QORE. That was the entire reason why i didnt renew my QORE subscription and instead signed up to the more expensive PSPlus.

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