ModNation Monday: Online Changes and Creators Showcase

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ModNation Racers: ModNation Monday

Greetings everyone! We’re back after a little E3 break with the latest and greatest news from ModNation Racers.

ModNation Racers Online Changes

To keep the racer in you having fun in ModNation, some changes where made to the XP Race and XP Series that we think everyone will like. Firstly, we’ve added all the United Front Games tracks to the XP race queue. In addition, we have created seven new XP Race Series, which brings the total to 14. Both of these changes are live in ModNation Racers as of today!

New XP Race Series:

Series 8:

  • Dire Cliffs
  • Rumble Jungle
  • Fracture
  • Crazy Crater
  • Citadel Heights

Series 9:

  • Modobahn
  • Sinkhole
  • Lost Temple
  • Rumble Island
  • Launchers Rush

Series 10:

  • Drift Paradise
  • Rickety Bridge
  • Craggy Hills
  • Market Run
  • Crazy Crater

Series 11:

  • Miners Rift
  • Island Dash
  • BoardWalk
  • Flaming Jumps
  • Sinkhole

Series 12:

  • Switchback Valley
  • Launchers Rush
  • Fracture
  • Drift Paradise
  • Marina

Series 13:

  • Alpine Drop
  • Boardwalk
  • Wild Run
  • Market Run
  • Crazy Crater

Series 14:

  • Miners Rift
  • Sinkhole
  • Craggy Hills
  • Sandstorm
  • Lost Temple

Patch Update?

Thanks for all the great comments and opinions on our last post. As UFG stated, we are listening to all your concerns and are hard at work on upgrades to make your experience the best possible. While we don’t have a date today, know that one will be coming soon.

Calling All Creators

Amazing ModNation creations are shared every day and we are playing a ton of them. If you are interested in submitting your “mod”-sterpiece, kart, or track to be a future “creation” of the week be sure to visit up on the official ModNation Community site. Who knows? You might see your handiwork on the PlayStation.Blog.

MNR Creators Showcase

Mod of the Week: Kaptain K9
Creator: RobynnDarcy

ModNation Racers: Kaptain K9

Kart of the Week: Mako Shark
Creator: Flippy71134

ModNation Racers: Mako Shark

Track of the Week: America, oh so beautiful
Creator Name: schwagman

ModNation Racers: America, oh so beautiful

Princess Mod and Princess Kart

Modnation Racers: Princess

Last week we released Princess Mod and Kart for all of our female racers in ModNation. Princess Mod and Kart can be purchased separately or as a bundle from the PlayStation Store.

ModNation Racers Community is Growing

While the official community site is on, there are other amazing MNR sites to visit who have cool contests, tips, creations on display, and more. Be sure to check some of them out. On behalf of the entire ModNation team, thanks for all the Mod love and support.

ModNation Online is an invaluable resource for ModNation fans. Here you can get the latest news, weekly features, and HD videos or jump in the forums for polls and discussions with the active and ever-growing community. ModNation Online also features a database of user-generated creations where you can browse, rate, or submit mods, karts, and tracks.

ModNation Racers Central is a forum-centric fan site that aims to provide all types of designers and racers a place to interact in fun and meaningful ways. Here you will find breaking news, user created blogs, and an active forum where members can discuss all things ModNation and promote their latest creations.

ModRacing Nation is a fan blog dedicated to delivering all news and media related to ModNation Racers. Gathered here you’ll find all the latest news, as well as a sleek archive of high quality screens and videos.

ModNation Racers Network is a fan forum where you can get recent news and announcements as well as a place to gather and discuss the game, critique creations, get feedback on your designs, or promote your latest work of art.

ModNation Podcast provides a weekly video podcast that wraps up the week’s news and spotlights user creations from the community. They offer a funny unique perspective on the world of ModNation, reporting on rumors, reviewing creations, and providing helpful tutorials.

ModNationRacersHQ supports the ModNation community by providing a place for
players to meet, share ideas, and enjoy all that is ModNation Racers.
Users can join in weekly creative contests, submit creations and creation
reviews, tutorials, and get advice and support from the MNRHQ Crew. MNRHQ
also works to help the community grow by supporting the many sites and
outlets within the overall ModNation.

(List courtesy of ModNation Racers HQ)

More news to come on the next ModNation Monday!

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5 Author Replies

  • Guys! I have a Question pls answer!
    How about more Items to trow? the one that are on the games are good but we need more variation of weapons! PLS!!! bc … c mon! we only have a turbo power up, missiles, boom wave, and thunder… I want more! :(

  • I bought this game and i must say its absolutely awesome. but i have a question and im hoping for a reply.

    I was wondering if in the future you guy would add support for series offline split-screen races or split-screen tournament modes.

    Besides that set back great game and looking forward to future updates on it.

  • Thanks for the princess mod. Being a totally girly-girl the first thing I decided to make with the pieces is a Sherlock Holmes era cab (…I tried to make Sherlock, but I need the hat. So requests:
    1. Sherlock Holmes Hat
    2. RCMP officer, ala Duddley Dooright, eh?
    3. Ability to rename creations without resaving them.
    4. Update your twitter occasionally.

    Thanks for the great game…I keep forgetting to play LBP and Heavy Rain…

    Q: I noticed none of the mod pieces really go much below the waist, eg. the princess skirt…is this due to the limits of what would fit in the karts without glitching?

  • can you please released a DLC pack that would unlocked all the costumes and items in the game??? the career mode is just too hard =T

  • Hey ramone,
    on the official modspot forum there is a thread going on about new themes. You might want to take a look at it for some inspiration for new dlc. People there are really creative, and it shows in some of the item descriptions.

    Also great game. I’m more and more starting to look past the flaws, and see them as merely extra challenges.

  • It may be a little too late to ask here, and I’ll try the forum later, but will there ever be a simple way to report inappropriate text and voice chat? There are a lot of kids playing and we have older people (18 and up) cursing frequently via voice and text chat.

  • My requests are simple:

    1) Work on the load times. The real confusing one is when you first start the game. I’ve NEVER seen a game sit there and load for 60 fraking seconds (if at all) before the title screen even comes. You can’t even skip the videos! Then it loads again for another minute before you can touch your controller.

    2) Fix the glitches and bugs I keep hearing about but haven’t seen for myself.

    3) Suggestion: In a future patch/DLC release a “vs. mode” like Mario Kart has, where you drive around a big area and can just blow each other up. Capture the flag and TDM could be awesome in such a game type. Make it real simple too like “Race online” and “Vs. Online” so as not to segment the players too much. If this is ever done that is.

  • I am soooo relieved to hear that you guys are working on updates for this game!

    I am loving the game, and a few of the hiccups have really been getting me down, most notably the region-lock! It is sooo aggravating to see my friends online and getting the “this friend is out of your region” message.

    I would also LOVE to be able to play XP races with people on my friends list, but would settle for casual-only is I could play with other outside of my region.

    and this may be a little too much to ask, but a Zamboni kart of DLC would be the best thing ever :) (which sounds perfect with UFG being in Canada!)

  • yah i really do love this game, but why do i need to wait for the logo to load? like 5 min just to start up the game..really need a patch for this

  • Thanks UFG for such an awesome game! Really appreciate all your hard work and dedication to your players. Thanks for the update to online races! Can’t wait to get online and race! ;.)

  • Really enjoying the game now 5 weeks in. I am eager to see more themes down the pipe and I like what you all are adding with the DLC. My only real complaint is Those two gold trophies, one of which you have addressed here today. Please fix that. Trophies should be a reward for doing things in the game not some goal that only the first person to make a good Mario or all spiral track should get (no offense Zod). Thanks for making the great game. Now just fix the missteps. Cheers.

  • My PSP question didn’t get answered last time. I love making Mods and making karts is pretty good. But without figure 8-style intersections and branching shortcuts, the track making is not so fun. Any chance of getting them in an update?

  • Just picked up the game on Sunday. It’s amazing!

  • I’m really glad you guys are working on fixes and are listening to the players for their comments. I’m from Holland so excuse me for my English. Here’s something I really love to see in MNR:

    I don’t know if this is already asked but, I’ve downloaded lot’s of famous characters and love to see them as bots in offline MNR matches instead of the 11 standard characters per race. Can you make that possible with an upcoming patch?

  • Just wanted to say thanks UFG for a great game! Definitely looking forward to the patch to cut down load times and fix the Star Creator trophy (hopefully). Also, thanks for remaining involved with your gamers and listening to our concerns. Gameplay, graphics and the overall fun factor for this game are amazing, I’m really hoping folks realize what a truly great game this is and can look past the (hopefully temporary) bugs. Thanks again.

  • @ response about the trophy…. Is it really a bug? Or is it that, who every is supposed to, did not double check the trophies, before the game was shipped?

    Also, “you’re welcome” is different from “your welcome.” Sony, please learn how to spell words such as you, and there. Geez……

  • offline split-screen races or split-screen tournament modes PLEASE

    Thank you

  • ok 250,000 is 2 much but 2,500 are u serious??? thats not a damn challenge -_- if u gonna drop it so low at least put it in 100,000 XP!!! n u ppl complanin over the AI wtf?!! theyre 2 easy they should put them harder -_- this game is easy n i havent got all challenges cuz my MNR save data got corrupted cuz the PS3 froze while playin MNR (plz make a patch) the loadin got faster but still needs patch, change the TOP 3 mods, karts, tracks 2 be like THE TOP 3 that were most downloaded the previous day, I LUV THE GAME but it needs sum patches tnx! 4 makin an awesome game

  • “The 250k create XP is a bug its supposed to be 2,500. Will have more info later.”
    That’s great! But yeah, it DOES raise two questions. First of all, I already have that much, will I get the trophy as soon as I start the game once the patch is live? Second, that doesn’t help the 500,000XP for level 30, which is insane! Maybe you meant to make it 50,000 XP or something like that! LOL. I have 15,000XP, and quit playing once I realized this. I am missing these two trophies and the 100 wins trophy. I’m not even gonna waste time in this game until it changes. If the total XP gets fixed, I’ll play more and get both those trophies and the Platinum. But until then, I’m not be stuck in a game when there’s many others I can play.

  • Honestly, the load times aren’t that bad. An improvement to the load times to make the game more seamless would be killer, though, but as it is, I can still enjoy the game. The racing is awesome, but I also love making tracks. It’s amazing how once you’re in the track creator, everything runs so smoothly and you can transition from editing terrain to laying track to testing all without interruption! I’ll take a long load time to start the track studio over waiting 15 seconds every time I want to change edit modes.

  • WOW!
    UF Games are doin a GR8! job on MNR
    ty god that they made it and not any other third-party dev =P (other than any of EA’s studios)

  • Would this patch be related to fixing the load times?

  • ALSO justa suggestion for DLC or mabey Modnation 2 ;D But battle arenas or the ability to make them would be a super cool addition to the game

  • When will the PSP version be getting DLC?

  • @buddykiwi

    Yeah, that would be awesome. Basically just a death match mode. Then you could play that mode on any circular track, and they could add the ability to just lay tons of overlapping pavement in the track studio so you can make arenas.

  • Quoting : Kchow23 @11
    “any possibility on allowing us to “remix” our own creations (avatars+karts) with DLC content? I don’t see why you guys chose not to”
    Exactly, totally agree, follow the same pat as media molecule, let us remix with DLC, THIS IS THE REASON I”M NOT BUYING DLC FOR MNR YET!

  • Ramone will there be a patch to fix the ai or some of the challenges? Some of them are just to impossible for me..

  • I hope the patch that will fix the load times could also fix the AI, its really ridiculous when every AI opponent decides to fire level 3 weapons at the same time. also any way to find out why the trophies aren’t listed on the us playstation site

  • Yeah the drop to 2,500 create XP is a little too easy. Maybe 10,000 XP or even 25,000 XP with a top downloads from the previous day or UFG Favorites of the Day for Karts, Mods and tracks.

    The 30 level at 500,000 XP seems way to high since it was relatively easy to get to level 22 and now extremely painful to get higher. Maybe drop to 100,000 XP and make it more gradual to level 30 and maybe even have higher levels for those special people (aka ZOD).

    Load times not really an issue.

    Some of the career challenges seem way to the whims of getting lucky. For some of the challenges, just the act to satisfy the challenge puts you out of contention for 1st place! This makes them highly improbable to get. Maybe lower the threshold for some (i.e. perform it and at least get 3rd or the amount of drift points from 70000 to 50000). Activating a devastator and actually getting a foolish AI to get crushed by it has been nigh impossible let alone getting 1st and that happening with a win is crazy impossible! No need to make difficulty settings if the thresholds to complete the challenges are lowered.

  • I wish there were several patches or improvements done for this game.

    1-The glitchers who finish XP races in under 10 seconds is making it difficult to achieve top 10% trophy.
    2-XP series that have 6 races instead of 5.
    3-Region locks stink, I can’t play with Euro friends or join their mod spot.
    4-Give others a chance at top 3 now, its the same creators since launch, they have their Level 30 and XP points. No one has a chance to catch them.
    5-The AI at times is too difficult, cheats even, get a level 2 weapon at the beginning of race and only past one set of pods.
    6-Waiting for 4 people to join a series or another for other races is annoying.

  • Hmmm can we see how many players are online in the game??? hope you answer me…

  • plz add a gas mask into the game

  • Well someone along the line has probably already touched on this but my two biggest problems with the game were the 250k create xp and the 500k to get to rank 30. I saw that the 250k was a bug and it will be changed which is good news. But lets be honest here. I’m not going to play this game for 350 hours (give or take) just to get 500k xp. I will be very disappointed if that’s not changed. There are very few games that warrant such a massive amount of playing time and MNR is certainly not one of those games. So why would you require us to race for that long to get that much xp? I think 50k would be a much more reasonable amount. That would put the time around 25-30 hours of racing (at least for me) which is the average amount of playing time you need to rank all the way up on online multi-player games depending on the gamers skill set. Again I implore you to lower the rank 30 xp. 500k is insane and unacceptable to me.

  • @Conrad_Max Maybe you were in the same race I was the other night. There was more than one player with voice chat so I couldn’t even figure out which one to report. And you can’t mute the voice chat during races or type chat to tell them to stop.

  • What a game. Love it. But as you are already aware its not with out fault. You know the probs so i wont harp on . Please sort as quickly as humanly possilble. Got all DLC to date but to be honest other than van man there a bit lame. How about carts inspired from the likes of rolls royce ,vw beetle, bugatti veyron, porsche 911,356 or 928, model t ford or other old skool classics,farm truck,beverly hill billies lorry,stock cars, hot rods,detruction derby cars with damage(trailing bumper,smashed lights e.t.c), monster trucks, space shuttle, concorde, f-15 , harrier jet, criuse liners, speed boats. More Helmet/Hat designs would also be good i.e American Football(Modern) , Nasa, Motorcross, trilby, stetson,bowler and a multi directional peaked cap would be good. anywhere i can find out what DLC is in the pipeline and when new DLC will hit PSN. THX for the great game please please keep up the good work.

  • Speaking of Top Mods/Karts, how about Mods/Karts of the Day? It will have a random mods/karts appearing everyday.

  • You need to tweak AI in story mode. It’s so cheap. You can be challenging without being cheap.

  • W4RG34R3D_SN1P3R

    The 500K Goal is ridiculous. While some may have gotten lucky, (Considering their mods were up for three weeks) some of us aren’t. Its not fair only a small portion sit back & enjoy the downloads while the rest of us put in incredible ammounts of hours & make no progress at all. While your patching everything else take this into consideration. The community is hurting, platinums will not be achieved & copies will be traded in. We can wait as long as problems are solved. Just earlier today I finished my Mortal Kombat Van, the logo alone took me 2 Hours, & I myself feel it will get no attention. Pardon my french, but thats BS.

  • Also, make it region-free online. I wanna race with an EU friend.

  • Hey Ramone, just a quick message to tell you i’m waiting for the patch to buy the game…
    Hurry up and you’ll get my money :)

    I’m 36, I have a little 2yo girl, I’m busy, I have little free time. I simply cannot waste it looking at a loading counter like that.


  • its so annoying i want to speak to united front because how do u customize the downlodable
    sweet tooth pack cuz i downloaded it and i have got nothing from it i ment bye that like i want to make my own mod and car with the stuff cuz if they dont tell me i so want a refund seriously im not kidding but by the way the game is a rip off i payed £40.00 for it on the first day out in TESCO and i could have bought it on ebay brand new for £28 im so annoyed

  • united front is a scam of little big planet in a way (EH NOT REALLY WELL IN A WAY)

  • @92

    The game isnt a rip off, tescos is.

  • I have some ‘wants’ that haven’t been mentioned much, if at all. I would like to see the ‘and’ sign (&) added to the alphabet. I would like to see a ZOOM. Please, for the love of Pete, put in a zoom feature. While you’re at it I would like to see a ‘fill’ function added. There are a lot of designers that make an outline and then have to fill it with a bunch of stickers, taking up their sticker count. A ‘fill’ feature should not be too difficult to do then if you’ve created an outline you just click on ‘fill’, pick the color and click where you want the color to go. Please consider a ‘fill’ function.

    A few more requests….. more track scene choices. Clothes, shoes, etc for girls, including skirts that go down to the ankles. Some ‘designer’ packages that have a wide variety of new pieces to design with. But most of all, I want that ZOOM and FILL!

  • Thought of something else…. some more textures. I’d like to see a frost, like you have over the ‘good grief’ guy.

  • I guess I’m just going to keep adding as I find things since I can’t seem to find how to edit my comments.

    I’d like the sticker limit raised by at least 50. With the detailed work being done, you can get something great on one side but not the other. Can you raise the sticker count?

    Do you guys really read these?

  • Here are a few additions I would like to see:-

    -The ability to create custom stickers by using photo’s on the PS3 hard drive or taking a picture with the PS Eye, and to edit the picture so as to remove part that are unwanted

    -More settings for the track, such as artic, lava/volcano, underwater (if possible), lab/industrial, castle etc.

    -Patch the game to reduce the amount of XP required to get Star Creator and Lv. 30

    -More character themed DLC i.e. Metal Gear Solid Characters, Disney, Sonic the Hedgehog, Resident Evil etc.

    -More tracks and track pieces as DLC, maybe get tracks from other racing games i.e. Crash Team Racing, Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing etc.

    If I think of anything else I’ll be sure to post them.

  • Where is the patch for creator star trophy?

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