ModNation Monday: Online Changes and Creators Showcase

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ModNation Racers: ModNation Monday

Greetings everyone! We’re back after a little E3 break with the latest and greatest news from ModNation Racers.

ModNation Racers Online Changes

To keep the racer in you having fun in ModNation, some changes where made to the XP Race and XP Series that we think everyone will like. Firstly, we’ve added all the United Front Games tracks to the XP race queue. In addition, we have created seven new XP Race Series, which brings the total to 14. Both of these changes are live in ModNation Racers as of today!

New XP Race Series:

Series 8:

  • Dire Cliffs
  • Rumble Jungle
  • Fracture
  • Crazy Crater
  • Citadel Heights

Series 9:

  • Modobahn
  • Sinkhole
  • Lost Temple
  • Rumble Island
  • Launchers Rush

Series 10:

  • Drift Paradise
  • Rickety Bridge
  • Craggy Hills
  • Market Run
  • Crazy Crater

Series 11:

  • Miners Rift
  • Island Dash
  • BoardWalk
  • Flaming Jumps
  • Sinkhole

Series 12:

  • Switchback Valley
  • Launchers Rush
  • Fracture
  • Drift Paradise
  • Marina

Series 13:

  • Alpine Drop
  • Boardwalk
  • Wild Run
  • Market Run
  • Crazy Crater

Series 14:

  • Miners Rift
  • Sinkhole
  • Craggy Hills
  • Sandstorm
  • Lost Temple

Patch Update?

Thanks for all the great comments and opinions on our last post. As UFG stated, we are listening to all your concerns and are hard at work on upgrades to make your experience the best possible. While we don’t have a date today, know that one will be coming soon.

Calling All Creators

Amazing ModNation creations are shared every day and we are playing a ton of them. If you are interested in submitting your “mod”-sterpiece, kart, or track to be a future “creation” of the week be sure to visit up on the official ModNation Community site. Who knows? You might see your handiwork on the PlayStation.Blog.

MNR Creators Showcase

Mod of the Week: Kaptain K9
Creator: RobynnDarcy

ModNation Racers: Kaptain K9

Kart of the Week: Mako Shark
Creator: Flippy71134

ModNation Racers: Mako Shark

Track of the Week: America, oh so beautiful
Creator Name: schwagman

ModNation Racers: America, oh so beautiful

Princess Mod and Princess Kart

Modnation Racers: Princess

Last week we released Princess Mod and Kart for all of our female racers in ModNation. Princess Mod and Kart can be purchased separately or as a bundle from the PlayStation Store.

ModNation Racers Community is Growing

While the official community site is on, there are other amazing MNR sites to visit who have cool contests, tips, creations on display, and more. Be sure to check some of them out. On behalf of the entire ModNation team, thanks for all the Mod love and support.

ModNation Online is an invaluable resource for ModNation fans. Here you can get the latest news, weekly features, and HD videos or jump in the forums for polls and discussions with the active and ever-growing community. ModNation Online also features a database of user-generated creations where you can browse, rate, or submit mods, karts, and tracks.

ModNation Racers Central is a forum-centric fan site that aims to provide all types of designers and racers a place to interact in fun and meaningful ways. Here you will find breaking news, user created blogs, and an active forum where members can discuss all things ModNation and promote their latest creations.

ModRacing Nation is a fan blog dedicated to delivering all news and media related to ModNation Racers. Gathered here you’ll find all the latest news, as well as a sleek archive of high quality screens and videos.

ModNation Racers Network is a fan forum where you can get recent news and announcements as well as a place to gather and discuss the game, critique creations, get feedback on your designs, or promote your latest work of art.

ModNation Podcast provides a weekly video podcast that wraps up the week’s news and spotlights user creations from the community. They offer a funny unique perspective on the world of ModNation, reporting on rumors, reviewing creations, and providing helpful tutorials.

ModNationRacersHQ supports the ModNation community by providing a place for
players to meet, share ideas, and enjoy all that is ModNation Racers.
Users can join in weekly creative contests, submit creations and creation
reviews, tutorials, and get advice and support from the MNRHQ Crew. MNRHQ
also works to help the community grow by supporting the many sites and
outlets within the overall ModNation.

(List courtesy of ModNation Racers HQ)

More news to come on the next ModNation Monday!

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