ModNation Monday: Online Changes and Creators Showcase

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ModNation Racers: ModNation Monday

Greetings everyone! We’re back after a little E3 break with the latest and greatest news from ModNation Racers.

ModNation Racers Online Changes

To keep the racer in you having fun in ModNation, some changes where made to the XP Race and XP Series that we think everyone will like. Firstly, we’ve added all the United Front Games tracks to the XP race queue. In addition, we have created seven new XP Race Series, which brings the total to 14. Both of these changes are live in ModNation Racers as of today!

New XP Race Series:

Series 8:

  • Dire Cliffs
  • Rumble Jungle
  • Fracture
  • Crazy Crater
  • Citadel Heights

Series 9:

  • Modobahn
  • Sinkhole
  • Lost Temple
  • Rumble Island
  • Launchers Rush

Series 10:

  • Drift Paradise
  • Rickety Bridge
  • Craggy Hills
  • Market Run
  • Crazy Crater

Series 11:

  • Miners Rift
  • Island Dash
  • BoardWalk
  • Flaming Jumps
  • Sinkhole

Series 12:

  • Switchback Valley
  • Launchers Rush
  • Fracture
  • Drift Paradise
  • Marina

Series 13:

  • Alpine Drop
  • Boardwalk
  • Wild Run
  • Market Run
  • Crazy Crater

Series 14:

  • Miners Rift
  • Sinkhole
  • Craggy Hills
  • Sandstorm
  • Lost Temple

Patch Update?

Thanks for all the great comments and opinions on our last post. As UFG stated, we are listening to all your concerns and are hard at work on upgrades to make your experience the best possible. While we don’t have a date today, know that one will be coming soon.

Calling All Creators

Amazing ModNation creations are shared every day and we are playing a ton of them. If you are interested in submitting your “mod”-sterpiece, kart, or track to be a future “creation” of the week be sure to visit up on the official ModNation Community site. Who knows? You might see your handiwork on the PlayStation.Blog.

MNR Creators Showcase

Mod of the Week: Kaptain K9
Creator: RobynnDarcy

ModNation Racers: Kaptain K9

Kart of the Week: Mako Shark
Creator: Flippy71134

ModNation Racers: Mako Shark

Track of the Week: America, oh so beautiful
Creator Name: schwagman

ModNation Racers: America, oh so beautiful

Princess Mod and Princess Kart

Modnation Racers: Princess

Last week we released Princess Mod and Kart for all of our female racers in ModNation. Princess Mod and Kart can be purchased separately or as a bundle from the PlayStation Store.

ModNation Racers Community is Growing

While the official community site is on, there are other amazing MNR sites to visit who have cool contests, tips, creations on display, and more. Be sure to check some of them out. On behalf of the entire ModNation team, thanks for all the Mod love and support.

ModNation Online is an invaluable resource for ModNation fans. Here you can get the latest news, weekly features, and HD videos or jump in the forums for polls and discussions with the active and ever-growing community. ModNation Online also features a database of user-generated creations where you can browse, rate, or submit mods, karts, and tracks.

ModNation Racers Central is a forum-centric fan site that aims to provide all types of designers and racers a place to interact in fun and meaningful ways. Here you will find breaking news, user created blogs, and an active forum where members can discuss all things ModNation and promote their latest creations.

ModRacing Nation is a fan blog dedicated to delivering all news and media related to ModNation Racers. Gathered here you’ll find all the latest news, as well as a sleek archive of high quality screens and videos.

ModNation Racers Network is a fan forum where you can get recent news and announcements as well as a place to gather and discuss the game, critique creations, get feedback on your designs, or promote your latest work of art.

ModNation Podcast provides a weekly video podcast that wraps up the week’s news and spotlights user creations from the community. They offer a funny unique perspective on the world of ModNation, reporting on rumors, reviewing creations, and providing helpful tutorials.

ModNationRacersHQ supports the ModNation community by providing a place for
players to meet, share ideas, and enjoy all that is ModNation Racers.
Users can join in weekly creative contests, submit creations and creation
reviews, tutorials, and get advice and support from the MNRHQ Crew. MNRHQ
also works to help the community grow by supporting the many sites and
outlets within the overall ModNation.

(List courtesy of ModNation Racers HQ)

More news to come on the next ModNation Monday!

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5 Author Replies

  • path still in the works? been waiting for it to get back to MNR

  • Patch in coming in a couple of weeks.

  • game rocks but I stopped playing after a week. The load times are just game killers to me. I refuse to trade it in though. I’m just patiently waiting for this patch. Either way awesome game UFG

  • fail.. how about twiting the creater exp to make the 500k goal more friendly?! or career mode AI!??!

  • Thanks for this Game UFG… really
    THANKS.. is just a lot of fun play splitscreen with friends!

    and check my creations…
    my Ickys

    PSN: javier_riquelme

  • So what’s the point of all those User Generated tracks? I still see none.

    You’re missing the point of your own game.

    I picked it up again yesterday, raced twice and shut it down. It’s just the same crap over and over.

  • I still enjoy the game a lot, but it would be nice to see different top 3 creations, and the patch better be released soon

  • I hope UFG will ever notice any of my tracks :P Spent lots of time on them, but still a low number of players, even though I’ve submitted them on MNR fansites. There really should be a better promotion system in the game to spot the unique tracks out there in a blink…

    Anyway, please try out my ‘Ghost Riders Tricks’ of ‘Submerged City’ tracks. I’ve put quite some unique things in there ^_^

  • I honestly haven’t played this game since launch… and still no patch release date? Please release it I want to finish the game, but don’t want to wait forever for every-single-thing to load. It makes the game unbearable for me to play. The game is fun, a little challenging with the cheap as AI but still fun. Patch it now please, its been like a month since release. Please let me justify paying full price for a game that has been collecting dust.

  • Really is a great game. I hate the loading times, but when a race starts it is pure fun.

  • any possibility on allowing us to “remix” our own creations (avatars+karts) with DLC content? I don’t see why you guys chose not to

  • Any word on the region lock being turned off? I am part of a pretty active videogame forum that has members from all over the world and the fact that we can’t play together is not only a bummer… but has stopped quite a few of them from even buying the game.

  • love both versions , i just wish the psp one had a party system so we can play with our psn friends just like the ps3 version

  • Awesome game, I’ve loved every minute of it.

    I’ll keep my suggestions/complains short and quick.

    -Want, skirts and dresses that I can put stickers on to make better female characters.

    -Posing characters/karts for their uploaded picture.

    -No one is ever going to beat the top three mods/karts with the current system.

    -250,000 Create XP? Really?

    Aside from those comments I am really loving this game. I honestly hope this sets the new standard for all karts racers because it’s awesome. Keep up the good work guys! :D

  • Great game guys but one key question:

    Is there anything that can be done with the load times? It’s really taking away from the gaming experience. Other than that -overall MNR is a great game!

  • Awesome. Simply awesome.

    Any news on the Region-lock ? Most of my friends are from the USofA, Can’t play with any of em :/ .. just in-game spammsg them !

    Thank you.

  • I will make you a deal, fix the loading times, and I will buy the game. I think it is a win win.

    or you can just send me a copy :P

  • So, can you please make a patch that works for not excellent racers like me from not finishing in first place in every track in order to unlock characters/karts/items? I’d like to finish at least third place and to unlock many characters/karts/items if I could. Requiring to finish every one of them in first place truly ruin my gaming experience for me. I stopped playing MNR and toss my game disc on the shelf and it has been sitting there for weeks now.

    I hope you can make this work with your next patch. Thanx.

  • “Time savers” DLC please!!

  • Great game and I hope it will sell well! It is Mario kart 10.0! Sooo fun but been busy whit MOH beta and RDR. Will get back soon. Even both a DLC to support you guys!

  • Will the career mode difficulty be adressed? It was mentioned as a negative in almost every review.

  • Haven’t played mnr in a while because of MAG’s double xp and I just downloaded COD classic but I might try the new game modes. Hey I still haven’t figured out how to get into a series race. Can someone tell me?

    Btw, MNR rocks

  • done all the races in career and still there is a seat locked?

  • Any chance of different themes DLC??, or maybe bikes :P

  • I appreciate what you guys are doing. The game is very fun. Just need a Patch for the Career Mode and load times. Thanks!

  • Oh I forgot something, the career wasn’t that hard if u saved the weapons and only used them when needed. I got 1st place in all of them and got 4/5 of the challenges and like 19/20ths of the tokens. I still wish there were new top mods in the top 3 because it is very annoying seeing them over and over again.

  • Modnation Racers ROCKS, keep it up guys and oh yeah, maybe you guys can add more stuff for our mods to createlike:a animal tail(I like creating animal mods), more clothes, more hairstyles,etc.

  • Since the Top 3 Mods and Karts don’t change very much, due to their popularity, maybe you could add a “Random 3 Showcase” or “Featured 3 Showcase” that would change frequently.

    Part of the problem is that the Top 3 downloads get a huge amount of “advertising” which encourages even more downloads, reinforcing their lofty position. The creators of those fine Mods and Karts deserve their spot in the limelight, but something should be done to make it easier for other creators to show off their work, too.

    Thanks for making such an awesome game. The upcoming faster loading patch will make it even better.

  • -Will the patch get rid of the Region Lock?
    -Any chance of changing the Top Mods,Karts,And Tracks?

  • When i first played this game in the beta i thought it was kinda weird and lost all interest in the game but then i played the game at E3 and the crew there showed me how to play and were very nice and gave out Tag figures right after that i bought the game and haven’t stopped playing! Thank You for the cool Tag figure and for getting me hooked on the game.

  • Dynamic theme and premium avatars please. Make it interesting with sounds and stuff. Will the preorder stuff become available soon? I’m not referring to Drake, Ratchet or Kratos. I’m talking bout the Mystery Mods and karts. I got em all except for two, Lil Tinker and Woody to complete my DLC stuff.
    Oh yeah, I too completed the Career challenges and I still have a seat unlocked?

  • there should be a drift-o-meter to see who can drift for the longest amount of time. i know i for 1 make donuts around the modspot circular ramp just as much as i actually race or create and share.

  • I love this game and so does my entire family, however my 11 year old brother made a track and found a glitch (i guess) and took it in an online race and then we got banned. He thought it was a shortcut. we called Sony and they said that they didnt know anything about it except that we were banned for cheating! then we emailed you guys at UFG and never got a response. If its a glitch, it should be fixed by you guys with this patch, and we should not have gotten banned if its your fault the game is faulty.

  • Hi Ramone or Will, I and many others have asked this question before in the forums, and on the last Modnation Mondays Blog, but I’ve never seen an answer anywhere. Is there going to be something done about the 250,000 create xp trophy to make it more realistic for everyone to be able to obtain? I don’t much care about the level 30 trophy, I’ll race and race and race and race to get that one. But sitting at about 7,500 create xp with my animal mods and karts, that were made in the spirit of LBP, and having played the game now for about 255 hours, it just doesn’t seem possible. I’ve run across someone’s post in the forum that said, you’ve stated that you don’t care, and it’s not UFG’s problem, it’s the players. Now, I’ve found no evidence of that being true, but it seems that the question is just plain avoided every time its asked. Coud we just get a definitive answer on this one? BTW, thanks for all the communication on the forum as far as updates are concerned, very much appreciated.

  • Hey UFG,

    I love your game I really do but I have a major problem with your decision making. For the trophy “Star Creator” you have to get 250,000 create XP. Yea that’s right 250,000 create XP. Now for every download your character gets its only 5 xp, for every race 2, and for every view 1 xp. How the hell did you guys think this was a logical trophy to implement into the game? Since the game was released ONLY 1 person has recieved this trophy, JUST ONE. I’m all for having challenging trophies but this one is just pretty much impossible with anybody who has a life. I was forced to do the taboo of creating other accounts to download my creations and hopefully get this trophy but it’s still a challenge due to how hard you have made this.

    *Solution in next Post*

    Recieved word press error(exceeded 1,250 characters)

  • Here are possible solution that the community has come up with that we hope you consider:

    1. Drop the requirement of the trophy to 150,000 XP
    2. Increase the amount of XP you give for downloads from 5 to 30, races from 2 to 15, views from 1 to 5.
    3. Add a multiplier to once you have gained 5 downloads, so that once a mod gets 5 downloads it gets 50 XP instead of 25.
    4. Add a check box for a page so you can download all the creations in one go instead of downloading each one individually

    Please any one listed would ease the pain in the process, and PLEASE consider it.


  • @32 same happened with me on a track and I was banned for a few days so don’t worry

  • Also please don’t ignore this. It’s too much of a complaint in the community to sit back and act like it’s not a problem. Cause it is.

    Thanks once again.

  • PuppetShoJustice

    Level 22 felt like a brick wall and XP Races lost their appeal to me; which was 100% of what I played after the Career was over.

    While the game is fun; the XP race format will not survive on the UFG tracks alone. Having to run things like Fracture and Modhobahn a thousand times to beat the career challenges had a nasty side effect of making me groan in displeasure every single time I end up having to see them again in XP Series.

  • I gotta echo everyone here. Please help load times, i wouldnt mind installing the whole game on my HD.

    it suchhhhhhhhh a good game !

  • The game is amazing…I have only entered one bad modspot with rude and annoying people so far…

    There creator community is starting to slowly mesh as well… making new friends and doing casual races in really fun..

    I am still waiting for someone to post a tutorial link with a track such a The Famous Flying Camel…or something..

    I have broken down and setup my laptop next to my gaming chair so I can pre-plan my latest cart Noobs!3 …It turned out well and cut down the time it took to produce the artwork…

  • 2,500? 2,500 XP?


    Thanks UFG, that just took soo much stress off of my shoulders. :D

  • UFG – Please get the patch out ASAP. I can’t even enjoy your game because i fall asleep during the loading times and waiting for a match of 4+ people.

  • Once you guys fix the load times, which are completely unacceptable, and fix online match making I’ll start to finally enjoy the game.

  • Ok so I was just playing a series race and I was in first and I got stuck outside the barrier and I couldn’t get out so I had to use the reset thing and I lost my weapon that I needed. I lost that race and barely won the series. So I am asking if you could give a patch fixing the auto reset so that doesn’t happen to anyone else

  • New XP series races??? Are you serious? This game has some pretty HUGE bugs, and you release new content (and not a patch)? Unacceptable.

  • PuppetShoJustice

    They didn’t release new content at all. It’s just the same old Career tracks placed in different orders.

  • I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the 250,000 create XP and also a response that it will be taken care of. However, I haven’t heard anything about the modnation star trophy. 500,000 XP is also a bit much.

    Glancing at the leaderboards, I found that only nine people (i believe) have achieved this. Since the Star Creator was a mistake and the xp from Star Creator was also meant for Modnation Star, does this mean that the modnation star was also a mistake?

    I’m on level 28 with 130,000 XP and I find it very strange that I’m not even half way to 500,000 with only 2 levels to go.

  • Well i hope this patch comes pretty soon(tomorrow) and comes with the loading times fix and not just adding the xp races. Funny, i was just thinking of selling the game, but you might stop me from doing it.

  • @ the response to 33… First, let me say thank you Ramone for responding to my question, and second, let me say THANK YOU GOD AND UFG, I’ll eat 2,500 create xp up with a spoon. I guess my only concern would be that the trophy pops for everyone who has surpassed the 2,500 create xp already, but other than that sounds great!!! Can’t wait for more info on the topic. Thanks again.

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