Late Night with Killzone 3 – Tonight!

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UPDATE: Here’s the video, and a story from Late Night’s website.

Got someplace to be early tomorrow morning? Well blow it off! You’ll wanna stay up late tonight to see Killzone 3 in action.

Killzone 3 for PS3

Video Game Week continues on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, as Guerrilla Games’ Hermen Hulst will be demoing KZ3 in gorgeous 3D. Jimmy stunk it up a little bit last night in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit; hopefully he’ll have better luck dishing out brutal melee attacks on the Helghast. If he does well, we can all forgive him for his role in the cinematic catastrophe known as 2004’s Taxi. Queen Latifah, you’re still on the hook.

David Spade will also be guesting, so stay up or set your DVR for 12:35 am tonight on NBC. You’ll be able to play Killzone 3 in February 2011.

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  • @Jeff Marvel vs Capcom 3 post? when can we expect it?

    • Next week – we’ve got a lot of posts going up, and I want them each to get enough time to ‘marinate’ on top of the blog, if you will.

  • Hey Jeff…. BEYOND! hope to hear you on there again soon!

  • @jeffrubenstein Hopefully it’s Allowing me to Post a Comment Now here goes Nothing.

    on Topic Ill have to watch the show on NBC :D

  • Awesome.. Thanks Jeff it’s Working again.. It could of been when I Changed my Email Address and password.. but the strange thing it was allowing me to signin but not post a comment Strange.. but Glade you got it working again.. its been a long stressfull process not posting my Mind and toughts and helpfully Comments :D

    PS.. We need to Have a Link on the Broken Videos to Watch on Our PS3’s to since it shows up as a broken Video.. and BIG TIP.. PS3 doesnt like HD very well

  • The [Add your own] Button Above Still Doesn’t Work how it should. I remember when you click on it and it would send you down to the [Leave a Comment] box so you can start posting your Comments really quickly right away with out having to scroll down the page to get to the [Leave a Comment] box.

    Checked 3 Browswers – Internet Explorer 8, Google Chrome, Firefox all do the same thing. Maybe it’s Me.. Can Anyone try this Test also and post to see if it works for you??

  • To bad I can’t buy a 3D tv any time soon :(

  • LOL at your first response Jeff!

  • Hohohoho, the box art looks Smexy!

  • I think they turned no-death mode on during the E3 stage demo. Whoever was playing then was out in the open so much and I was amazed that they made it to the end without dying once. Hopefully Jimmy knows how to play a game better than that person.

  • WTF here in Quebec, it is at 3:37 the morning!

  • Who wants a cookie? @<(*-*v)?

  • Otenko4,

    While the device is definitely a good piece of technology (I held it too), you need more than just that $50 controller and that’s the problem. 2 move controllers, a nav controller(people are not going to want to use the ds3/people are going to think it is necessary), the camera, and more controllers if you want more people to play.

    If Sony wants this to surge in the market, it shouldn’t be the cost of a Wii/360 arcade. You don’t believe me, well Pachter does and this was on Digital Foundry’s twitter page “If Microsoft can make an Xbox 360 for sub-$150 why should a PlayStation Eye with bonus depth sensors cost the same for them to make?”

    Also, I just brought up Oblivion as an example of a hardcore game that could show the potential of Move and differentiate it from the competition. Demon Soul’s, Star Wars TFU2(with my nav idea), etc.

  • Until I hear that they fixed the controls I wont get exited about KZ3.I mean that was the main complain in KZ2, guerilla cant be that stupid.

  • Just watched it. Great demo despite being so short. It was cool to see Jimmy’s bad aim still wreck havoc on that structure. Good show! As if this wasnt late enough for me the MAG double XP weekend starts in 2 hours. My wife is gonna kill me tomorrow.

  • He said he was wearing his sony 3d glasses to the club tonight lol.

  • Hahaha Jimmy Fallon has got to be the worst gamer of all time.

  • Just watched it – nothing really new, it was just the turret section of the e3 demo…
    Found it kind of humourous though.
    “This for kids?” “This is a mature game Jimmy.”

  • OMG! I THINK IT WILL HAVE CO-OP!!! If u watch the video Herment Said… “Yeah, actually u can play this with ur friends.”
    OMG! WOOTS! who will be Sev:player1 Rico:Player2 XD

  • Haha, was that a funny segment. Either was distracted by the prettiness that is Killzone 3 or he really sucks. Loved how he was tripping when they went into 3d. It was hilarious. You guys need to push this game real hard, and market the hell out of this game. This game can be your Avatar and really push 3d tvs and blu-ray and set the PS3 apart from the rest. I expect to see trailers of this game at every 3d movie I see now and commercials on every 3d channel (which I think thats only Espn3D right now).

  • Thought it was really short and yeah Jimmy was terrible but at least it was funny and it was all about marketing KZ3 and 3D not really new info

  • Way to go Jeff, insult the paying customers who PAY YOUR SALARY. Only at SCEA could someone so blatantly insolent & incompetant retain employment when dealing with the public in such a manner.

  • @70 You so .. /face palm. It’s people like you that make my day great/sarcasm. If your talking about his comment to DMprince it was so called for.

    Funny you guys whine and moan about how the guys from PlayStation are real or straightforward, but when they,are you whine about them being mean to you ?

    Last time I checked Jeff was a Social Media Manager. He responds to the community and can give his own input. Just because he has a job for PlayStation doesn’t mean he has to kiss your asses.

    If your the gamers I’m going to be making games for if I get my job for PlayStation/Sony. Then I might just work for a third party instead. Like Sucker Punch, least then I don’t have to put up with too much your whining and self entitlement. Also Yes I know Sucker Punch develops for PS3 but they don’t have to.

  • @70 – PirateHanock

    It was a joke, plain and simple. Quit being such a tool.

    Jeff is one of the BEST representatives on this Blog. He is pasionate about gaming and he will almost always stay and respond on his postings.

    I would rather he goof around with the community then say nothing at all.

  • The PS owner is in the same demographic that people thought would be watching his show. Yet this KZ3 short demo showed that he should be hosting Saturday morning cartoons instead. Disconnected.

  • His reaction to the game in 3D was priceless

  • friend of mine just got a 3d setup…can’t wait to see this running on it….lookin good guys

  • Heres a link to the video guys, and YES it works for us Canadians!

  • i preferred the KZ2 box art, oh well.
    i want to now about multiplayer???
    is it still class based?
    are there new classes?
    new weapons?
    how big are the maps?
    are they manageable?
    how many people online?
    are there new game modes?
    are there different grenades and knifes now?
    is there lag?
    will there be a beta?
    would the beta be exclusive to PSN+?
    is there co-op?
    is there split screen for co-op and multi?
    can i play with friends without them getting lost and thrown in different teams?
    how is move with killzone?
    how will we use sixaxis?
    can i connect to games faster?
    will there be a limited edition?
    is rico gonna die?
    why did sev put on a hellghast helmet?
    why doesnt sev wear a jacket?
    how long is the campaign?
    can i save from any point?
    will they rebalance the class’s?
    so many things i dont know… but one thing i do know : im getting this game :D

  • hah i saw it he went crazy wen it was in 3d i wonder if its that good

  • LOVE the actual artwork but then you butcher it with all the logos! Surely the GG logo is enough – then stick the Sony logo on the back and the random hideous 3D logo on the back too. The album art under the “only for playstation” banner should be pure art – not filled with logos, ratings and other rubbish :)

  • This is alll what jimmy said when he put on the 3d glasess:

    ( this continued for 3mins)

    then.: Even diesing is cooler in 3d

    man so wana get this game!!!!!!

  • That was pretty funny, 3D bubbles!!! lol

  • i want to see MP footage

  • i love the box art hopefully guerilla keeps it

  • Watched the segment…The best part. Jimmy playing the game in 3D. He saying this is like a view-master but you’re killing things. Classic.

  • lostinplainsight

    that’s some good box art two suggestions though shrink the logos a bit and move the 3d logo to the back of the box it really doesn’t need to be on the front cover. one more suggestion, if you change Guerrilla Games logo to just the yellow g and the name below with a black out line instead the black wall you clean up the the cover image. By using the negative space provided by the snow you still keep the most important logos(publisher,developer,and rating)on the front cover while making it look a lot less cluttered and busy. I guess that was more then two suggestions. cheers

  • @ lostinplainsight et al.

    I totally get what you’re saying, but they do have kind of a conundrum since the PS Move is a really big push for Sony, and clearly conveying the compatibility of it with many games is essential. It’s almost like an entirely different system- one that’s accessible to those unskilled with controllers. And you should SEE how casuals shop- they REALLY DO just take simple glances at the products, maybe even purchase based on how the box looks.

    My advice to Sony: place the PS Move next to the PS3 logo up top. After all, as I stated, it’s practically a new system.

  • Case: Jimmy Fallon
    Verdict: KILLZOWN3D!


  • Jimmy is such a noob.
    He didnt know about Killzone 2 or killzone 1.

    Sony, Its time to pump America with the realness.
    Your competitors are so weak and exposed right now.
    Give em the Killshot.

  • LOL You can clearly see that was the first time that apple nerd has ever played on a PS3.

    Welcome to the future Jimmy. No 2.99 touch games here.

  • thanks jeff for posting the video. I was tying to find a stream on it last night due to the fact that my ps3 was on, and I didn’t want to go to the cable box to tune in!

  • Did he possibly confirm co-op? I mean, I know he just said you could play multi-player with friends, but he also said it in the context of blowing things on the ship up in the campaign. I’m hopeful : )

  • lostinplainsight


    thank you for agreeing with me but I never said any thing about the move logo it’s fine where it’s at. what I said should be to the back of the box was the 3-d game logo. the buy in for 3-d gaming is still to high so to me it’s still a novelty

  • It was really funny watching him freak out when the he start with the 3D loaded up. I dare say for a moment, I was contemplating working a 3D tv into my budget…Sadly i diminished it pretty quick, maybe when they come down a notch or two.

    All in all though when he started to spaz out I couldn’t help but wish I will be able to experience it that way to. Having a guy like Falon, even if you dont enjoy his comedy, bringing our hobby to nation wide audience is a very cool thing.

    Lastly, Jeff it was cool to catch you on BEYOND! It was a great podcast and hope you can swing by again soon it sounds like you guys had a lot of fun in that room and there was some great discussions.

  • the 3d part was epic it should be a commercial “OH MY GOSH!!! OH MY GOSH!!! OH MY GOSH!!!” :D

  • lmao, that was epic! i can’t wait to get my hands on a 3d TV + KZ3

  • Can’t wait for this game.

  • FiremanLouvier21

    Jeff, you sir make me laugh and i thank you for that.

    But What i’m realy wondering is how much jimmy got paid to over act as bad as he did? But you gotta level with all us fan boys/girl(I know there is at least one girl on here *looks around*…..nope), does it realy look THAT great. Should we realy morgage our house just to get a 3D TV? And the morgage our house again to buy one set of the shades?

    P.S. I still love you either way.

    P.P.S. I might be lieing its hard to tell.

    P.P.P.S. I will buy that game.

  • “Even dying is fun in 3D!” hahaha that should be Sony’s new slogan.

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